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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! I need some advice. I want to apply to schools in the US, Canada, and UK, but there's an issue... In the US, students must commit to a grad school by April 15th. In the UK, it seems as though schools may not be releasing decisions until June/July (specifically DClinPsy programs). Does anyone have advice for navigating this timing issue? I want to apply in both countries, but that's pointless if I have to either turn down all US programs or commit to one US program before even knowing if I have a place in a UK program.
  2. I got accepted to two of my top choice programs and am over the moon about it. I honestly don't know I will pick between the two and decided not to think that much about it until I visited both schools (I have been to neither before) and see how I feel then. However, the two visit weekends conflicted. I was able to get one of the schools to reschedule me to visit april 3-5 with other students. I am glad I have the opportunity to visit both schools, but now I am soo worried that I will only have ten days to make a decision. Also, more than a month will pass between when I visit both schools so I am nervous about forgetting things/not making accurate comparisons idk. Does anyone have advice on making a decision on a limited time frame??? I am so nervous about picking wrong
  3. I had a lot of trouble deciding on a PhD program (direct admission to lab in a STEM field) and thought about it until literally the last minute of April 15 (both schools part of CGS). I was totally split between two choices, which represented very different lab environments, mentorship styles, department cultures, prestige of programs, and funding opportunities. I had previously preferred option A, but was going back an forth, and switched to option B at the end. About a week out from the decision, I am still having serious regrets, anxiety, nerves, etc. and feel I may have made a wrong choice. In general (and even with previous big life decisions), I am good about just accepting a decision and moving on, which makes me think maybe there is some substance to my doubts beyond normal nerves. Is it possible (legal?) to change a decision after 4/15? Is it possible option A would take me back? How worried should I be about burning bridges? Has anyone ever done this before?
  4. I've been waitlisted for 2 schools (JHU and Michigan). One since January and other since March. Both schools have told me that they have no updates yet at the end of March. It's past April 15th... does that mean it's game over? Or will admissions work through the applicant responses this week and give me a response? I've emailed the committee on Monday, but no responses yet. Not sure what to do.
  5. Hello, I have been accepted into both UCSD's and NYU's Master of Public Health programs, and I have to make a decision by April 15th. These are both new programs (I believe NYU's MPH is in its fourth year and this fall will be the first year for UCSD's MPH), and I'm having difficulties deciding between the two. I'm interested in epidemiological methods, environmental health, and especially climate change impacts on health. Does anyone have any suggestions or have any useful information on either of these programs that could help me out? Thanks in advance--I appreciate it!
  6. I decided between 2 PhD programs on April 15. Hardest decision of my life. The choice was between a prestigious program where I could continue working with an amazing advisor who I love, but not many others in the program showed interest in working with me; or I could move cross country to another prestigious program where my advisor seems like they will be amazing and everyone in the department really wanted to have me there and work with me, and many more professional opportunities are available there. I chose the one located across the country. In the end I think both were great choices, just very different ones. My issue is that I am just so, so sad to leave, despite the new opportunities that seem great at the place I chose. Did I make the right decision if I am this sad about it? I love the city I live in now, have built a community here and my advisor has been so great to me. The school across the country is in a totally new place that I only visited once and now I am having fears, i.e. what if my new advisor isn't as great as they seemed? what if I hate the new city? what if they were dishonest about the number/quality of professional opportunities? etc. I know I probably can't go back on this decision as it would alienate key people in my field. Any words of wisdom or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello everyone, A few days back, I received an offer from a US university after a professor with similar research interests interviewed me and then decided to admit me in his group as a PhD student. The department also sent an offer letter mentioning the funding. However, the professor would like to hear about my decision regarding his offer within 10 days, I received the offer on 26th Jan. 2017. Although, the official offer letter does not mention any date by which I need to accept but the email sent by the department asked me to reply about their offer in 10 days. The professor already had informal discussion about this with me earlier. This puts me in a difficult situation because I would ideally want to wait for other application results before deciding. I was expecting atleast one result notification from any one out of the 8 other universities that I applied to by this time, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen for me any time soon. So, it is highly probable now that I won't have any other offer before the deadline for this offer that I have received. So, would it be okay to bring up the CGS resolution about April 15th deadline date with the department and/or the professor to request them to change the deadline to April 15th, because clearly this early deadline is only their informal deadline because they want to hire other candidates in case I reject? I would really appreciate any suggestions in this matter and any other advice that you might have! Thanks!
  8. Hi I've recently received a fully funded PhD offer from University A, which is (for now) my top choice. I also have an on-campus interview scheduled for mid March in University B, which I'd really like to attend before making my final decision. The program at University A is very small, and their website explicitly states that they aim to admit a maximum of two people in the program each year. However, I've learnt that they sent out five offers this year. Now, I'm aware that programs typically send out more offers than they have spots. I'm also aware of the April deadline, until which we're free to accept or decline offers. My question is the following: what will happen if, say, two or three people accept their offer sooner that me? Will the university rescind the offer of admission and/or funding, given that all the spots are filled? Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'm an international student, unversed in American academic culture. In my country, it's not uncommon to admit students on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  9. I get that April 15th is the deadline for accepting offers with aid, and more generally applied as a deadline for acceptance of all offers of admission. However, it's consistently described as "BY" April 15, and this is where I'm meeting uncertainty. To me, "by" something means BEFORE that date, therefore "BY April 15th" means, to me, before 12:00am April 15th. However, others have interpreted this as meaning before the END of April 15th, i.e. by 11:59pm on April 15th. Does anyone have a definitive answer for this??
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