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Found 5 results

  1. So I’m sure this is may be a stupid/silly question and may not matter at all but when a program says the deadline to accept is April 15th is that right before midnight on April 15th their time or would it be by 5pm or by midnight on April 15th wherever you currently are? Thanks in advance!
  2. Applying to Environmental Engineering MS (and later PhD) here. I got an acceptance from Carnegie Mellon Feb 1st (funding but not full ride), and an acceptance from Montana State University March 27th. I still have not heard back from the other two schools, (Oregon State University and University of Minnesota). Minnesota is my number 1 pick because of their Bioremediation focus (which is my focus). But I don't know what to do because the April 15th deadline is this Sunday! Also Minnesota seems to be avoiding me because the professor I have been communicating with for the last year is suddenly unresponsive and the admissions department is also not responding to me... Do yall think I should just accept my number 2 (Carnegie Mellon) and withdraw if I get a good offer from Minnesota? I would rather not tarnish bridges and be out a $100 deposit if I don't have to. But I will if I need to. Carnegie Mellon said they would give me another week past April 15th if I need it, I just don't know how long to hold out and I am going crazy. Also, does anyone know if University of Minnesota Civil and Environmental Engineering Masters offers have gone out yet? I suspect a first round went out a while ago but don't have any information on that. Thanks! GPA: 3.69 Major: Biology , Minor: Chemistry GRE: 159 Verbal (83%), 160 Quantitative (76%), 4.5 Writing (82%)
  3. Hello! I am panicking. Does anyone know what the deadline is for accepting an acceptance offer from Sarah Lawrence? I assumed it was April 15th, but could I be wrong? Their application portal says: Please note the enrollment deposit due dates below:MFA Writing Program: March 15th (If for any reason you would like an extension, please contact Paige Ackerson-Kiely, packerson@sarahlawrence.edu) March 15th (TODAY!) is crazy, right?? I haven't even heard back from all my schools! And they're on Spring Break right now, so I can't seem to get in touch with anyone. HELP.
  4. I've been admitted to Northeastern's PhD in CS program with a fellowship offer that I need to accept by the 15th by paying a $100 deposit by that date. The problem is I'm still waiting to hear from USC and NYU Tandon. NEU has also asked me to send an email confirmation by the 15th. I'm really unsure as to what to do. I don't want to wait past the deadline and lose the amazing offer that NEU has made but I also don't want to commit to NEU and then find out I got into one of the other two (I know it's unlikely to receive funding this late but you never know). If I pay the deposit and confirm by email (I can send the corresponding signed official offer acceptance documents later), can I then change my decision? If anyone has been through similar experiences, please help! Thanks.
  5. I've recently been 'provisionally admitted' to UCSD in an engineering field PhD, as in admitted but not funded yet. I contacted the department graduate coordinator for information on funding several times, only to be told to 'wait until early April for fellowship disbursements.' Last time I heard, they were still working on fellowship disbursements and were hoping to be done this week. Now that it's Friday, and April 15th being just around the corner, I'm getting extremely nervous. Although its a provisional admission, I do have to accept or deny the offer until April 15th. This is my only admission, and I really want to go! With funding of course! Does anyone have any information on whether I have an actual chance of getting funded? Thanks! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Undergrad GPA: 3.47, TOEFL: 117, GRE: 158(V)/170(Q)/4.0(AW), 1 SCI publication as co-author, 1 year research experience
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