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Found 7 results

  1. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! I'm a US-based student with a BA in English and several post-bac History and Art History classes under my belt. I'm planning to apply for an MA in one of those two fields, with the ultimate goal of writing academically-informed literary nonfiction. Given my interdisciplinary interests, I’m having a hard time deciding what kind of program to aim for, and I’d be thrilled to get any advice! I hope to research both the evolution of cities over time (shifting street morphology, social classes of citizens, etc.), and evolving conceptualizations of history over time (examining both the texts of historians and material culture). I realize these sound like two separate topics, and I understand that my thesis will need a more precise focus (perhaps one city from the Late Medieval to Early Modern periods). Before that, though, I would like to study a range of eras and disciplines as I integrate and narrow my topic. I’ve tried to get that broad range as a post-bac student, but I’m finding both architectural and intellectual history classes hard to come by, and it’s getting a bit expensive to keep this up without working toward a degree. In my thesis, I hope to interpret my research according to aesthetic criteria. I’m particularly interested in the concept of the sublime, though there’s a lot I have yet to learn about aesthetic theory. My sense is that this method lends itself more to Art History than History – is that accurate? I’m also curious if either History or Art History is more nurturing to aspiring literary nonfiction writers. I’m excited to do scholarly writing and research in the program, but some support for my later career goals would be wonderful. Thank you!
  2. Ahhhhh. To any art historians out there, I need help!! I am desperate. I am finding this book a little bit challenging to read. I am not an art history major. I took the class: Methods in art history as my final history class to graduate. I am finding it really challenging to get through the readings and understanding the material. I am seriously having a difficult time. I really want to understand the subject but every time I go to read the book, I am taking more time defining words than retaining the information. It doesn’t help that some of the essays are from the 18th and 19th century. It is really frustrating and discouraging to continue. I try looking on YouTube but I don’t really know what I am looking for. I am not a strong writer and it takes me a really long time to read and retain the information. Please help!! It would be greatly appreciated if you can send any resources or Books that are similar to this title. I am also reading Methods and Theories of Art History by Anne D’Alleva. I like the book and need something similar to this reading level. I just want to understand the subject and in desperate need of help. Pleeeeaase and Thank you in advance!!
  3. I've been looking into the MA programme at John Cabot University based in Rome, and I was wondering what people thought of it? If anyone has been through the programme or is looking into it as well? And if anyone disapproves then for what reasons?
  4. Hi to all~ I am an international student applying for MA degree in art history. And I have received offer letters from three institutes: - Courtauld MA in History of Art (option: Continuity and Innovation: Reframing Italian Renaissance Art from Masaccio to Michelangelo); - Warburg MA in Art History, Curatorship and Renaissance Culture; - Warwick MA in History of Art and Visual Studies Additionally, I am still waiting for MSt in History (Early Modern History:1500-1700) at Oxford. I’m stuck among these institutes and wondering which would give any advantage in applying for PhD program and jobs in art institutions. Thanks for your attention and welcome any advice about their courses, professors, future careers and more!
  5. Hi to all~ I am a Chinese student applying for a MA in Renaissance art, and The Warburg Institute (University of London) just sent an offer letter to me. But I am wondering about Warburg’s reputation in this field nowadays.
  6. Hi, I have research interests pertaining to both contemporary and older art history. Columbia has two great programs, but I also see that they only have about 4 contemporary/modern faculty. Any insights into if one program is more competitive than the other or any experience with in either of the programs?
  7. Has anyone heard from UCL History of Art yet? Submitted application in October and now it is still "Application under assessment." There is also no post results on the results forum.
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