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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, I need some help in filtering out collages that i can apply in the States and Canada. Can someone suggest me a collage which has a higher accepting rate and has a greater chance of accepting me as my profile is not so good.
  2. I'll be starting my master's this upcoming Fall and having a hard time deciding which school to attend. Here are some information about two schools that I'm considering. Northwestern Johns Hopkins Program Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science Location Evanston, IL Baltimore, MD Cost of living Evanston/Chicago's cost of living is little higher Academic system Quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) Tuition Similar tuition rate Funding No funding available from the department. However, I can look for TA positions in lower-level courses. Duration 5 quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) 3 semesters (Fall, Spring, Fall) AI/NLP faculty Big names. Ex. Ken Forbus, Kristian Hammond There is no NLP-specific lab Quite a lot of NLP papers published and two NLP-specific labs Curriculum All AI-related courses. No algorithms, theory, systems and software courses, which I think is both pro & con. can & must take most CS courses (Theory, Applications, Systems, Software, and Reasoning) Thesis MSAI is more of industry focused program rather than academia. So an emphasis on thesis seems very weak. But I guess it's up to me to contact a professor to conduct a research and write a thesis. No restriction on this by the program. Graduation requirements include: 2 additional (graduate-level) courses in Computer Science, approved by their CS advisor. An original, faculty-approved master’s essay, submitted to the Milton S. Eisenhower Library. A faculty-supervised research project including an approved project report that will be made publicly available. For students enrolled in the PhD program, a PhD qualifying project may be used to meet this requirement. A student must fulfill one of these requirements and I think I can use #2 or #3 to write a thesis. Class size 40 students per cohort Not sure about the exact cohort size, but expecting the size to be larger than NW's Things to consider as I'm planning to pursue Ph.D. in the future MSAI's program overview is somewhat clear that the program prepares its students to become a part of the industry rather than of academia. However, as I mentioned earlier, I'm planning to get my Ph.D. later on. So, I'm wondering if the program's purpose might hinder my plan for any reason. Because this is a Master's in CS, I will be taking most of general CS courses. However, I wish to focus on AI rather than taking general CS courses. On the other hand, when applying for Ph.D. I think having those CS background will be beneficial. Based on the information above, Is there anyone who can provide any thoughts on my concern? Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. I got accepted to Boston University's Artificial Intelligence program and Cornell Tech Master of Engineering in Computer Science this year. I am currently a full time software engineer (full stack and backend) who finished my undergrad in CS in 2019 and wish to transition into more data and ML related fields so Im pursuing a MS degree. During my masters I wish to try my best to put up a strong application package for PhD applications with more research exposure (RIP undergrad where I did not do any research). As I cannot make an immediate decision, genuinely asking which program would be a better choice for me?
  4. Education: B.Tech in CS, Jamia Millia Islamia (9.31/10), M.Tech in CS, IIT - Delhi (8.39/10) I have following publications, please suggest some moderate and safe universities / Profs. for PhD in ML (NLP/CV/Speech Processing): Published / Accepted 1 Interspeech (Tier-1), 2 CICLing (Tier-2), 1 IEEE AVSS (Tier-2), 1 IJCAI Affective computing workshop (Workshop in Tier-1 Conference), 2 NAACL WASSA workshop (Workshop in Tier-1 Conference), 2 NLDB (Tier-2), 1 IEEE Indicon (National Conference). In Review: 1 WACV 2020, 1 IEEE Transactions, etc. Scholar Profile: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=-so8Wi0AAAAJ&hl=en My main concern: Weightage of Tier - 2 Conference papers for PhD in ML Thanks and Regards
  5. Hi Everyone, I'll be graduated in August 2019 from my engineer degree in computer science. This engineer degree is a study of 3 years in apprenticeship. I did the first year as a software developer, and since september 2017, I continue as an artificial intelligence engineer with IBM. After that, I would like to apply for another master of research degree with a major in computer engineering (Machine Learning). So, I need your advices. Thank you in advance for your help. Regards Zoumana KEITA
  6. Hello everyone. I am currently a Psychology major/Business minor. I was always fascinated by Artificial Intelligence & cognitive psychology, so I am trying to find out if I could get into the AI field with a non-CS major. Some AI programs only accept CS majors and some others accept people from other disciplines too (including psychology) as long as they have good CS foundations and some basic programming knowledge. My psychology major covers a big part of the cognitive fundamentals and has some statistics courses and my business minor has some extra quantitative courses and a course in information systems in Business. I was thinking that I could cover my lack of knowledge in CS somewhat by adding a minor in Information Technology (IT) to increase my chances of doing well in that field and maybe meet the requirements of more AI programs. Some others have advised me that I could do something a bit closer to psychology, like the MSc in IT & Cognition in University of Copenhagen, or even a Cognitive Science masters. What are your suggestions? Is anyone of you in a similar program? Or does anyone know somebody with a psychology or social sciences background getting into the AI field eventually? Thank you all in advance!
  7. Hello all, I have applied to UBC, UofT, UAlberta, UOttawa, Queen's, Mcmaster for MS in CS programs. I am hoping to get admits from UBC and/or UofT. Here is my profile. I have no publications. Strong academics (8.65) from a good college from Gujarat,India. IELTS 8.0 bands. No GRE. 3 internship stints and 2 technical training stints. (2 of the internships were on Java and Cloud/ML) Strong leadership skills and extra-curricular activities as well. I have formed a strong SOP mentioning my clear vision and broad interests in the field of AI, ML , DL and CLoud computing , along with a few professors and their research groups. Any one admitted from UBC of UofT MscAC program if available to comment on my chances , Please do So! Also, I have heard that UBC and UofT conduct interviews before giving acceptance offers. What is asked in those interviews? If anyone experienced is available, please throw some light on the matter and please rate my chances if possible. Thankyou. Sagar Parikh Resume.pdf
  8. Hello, I have been awarded the Fulbright Student Award (up to $35k for first year of Master's in the US) and at the end of the week I have to send the list of universities I prefer applying to. My problem is that I don't know how competitive I am and thus how high I should aim in selecting universities. Qualifications I have obtained a BS in Computer Science from one of (if not the) best universities in my country (Romania): University of Bucharest. I have about 1.5 of work experience as a Data Scientist (at Adobe Romania, then at Bitdefender). Unfortunately I have no pure research experience, let alone publications. My stats: GPA: 3.85 (converted from 9.6/10) undergrad GRE*: ~160Q, 167+V, 5.0A (estimated from latest practice tests) TOEFL: ~110 (estimated from latest practice tests) Personal Statement Study Objectives CV / Resume Letters of Recommendation: I can provide them if someone is really interested in reading them *I haven't taken the GRE yet because at the end, I should provide the list of schools I want to my scores sent to and that is precisely why I am here — I haven't settled on the schools yet. School Selection I want to pursue a research-oriented Master's of Science program in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Data Science. I do not have a requirement for a sub-field (NLP / CV / DM / IR). Interdisciplinary opportunities (HCI / Data Visualization / Social Computing) would be a great bonus. University preferences, in this order: CMU UW Stanford Cornell Georgia Tech These preferences are based almost exclusively on the high university rankings (taken mostly from here) and the presence of strong ML faculty. I do not want to fool myself into thinking I can get into even one of these top schools. I would be very grateful if I could get some advice / evaluation on where I stand, what my chances are and what is the approximate range of schools I am competitive for — what I should realistically aim for. Also any advice on what I am lacking / I can improve is greatly appreciated. Notes: because my application process will be partly handled by the Institute of International Education, I cannot customize my essays for each university. Also I am limited to five schools to send my application to. The scholarship is offered for pursuing a Master's Degree only. Thank you!
  9. I'm applying to MS Computer Science programs this fall. Wanted some feedback on what I could consider safe and reach schools. My undergraduate degree was an unrelated field at a fairly small liberal arts school in Washington, but I've taken a lot of foundational CS coursework at my local community college (all my relevant course work has been an A and one B, but some C's from 5+ years ago that are completely outside my major at this school bring my overall GPA down). GRE Scores: GPA: My CS coursework will include Calculus 1-3, Java and C++ Programming, Discrete Math, Elementary Computer Organization and Architecture, and Data Structures and Algorithms with a a few other elective CS classes.I graduated with my BA in 2015 and have some research experience in Cognition and Learning Labs with rats and risk behavior research, but no publications. I also have a minor in Studio Art. Project-wise, I made a third person maze game for a mobile game class (group project), but don't have many other side projects. I'm involved in my community college's robotics club this year which will complete in NASA's Swarmathon in spring and I'm doing a Hackathon which I assume will give me something for a resume, but I don't have any work experience in the computer science realm and don't have any non-school related solo projects. I am a tutor this year in my school’s CS department. I have some vague interest in Human Computer Interaction fields (knowing that my art/psychology background connects), but I don't really feel like I am familiar with all of the options to rule any thing else out. I'm also vaguely interested in AI and Data Analytics if I'm a good fit, but I'm sure there are other interesting areas I could connect with. My current school list include Georgia Tech (reach?), University of Wisconsin Madison (reach?), and University of Colorado Boulder (?). I have a lot more schools I'm researching, but I would appreciate any suggestions for schools to look at more closely if I would stand a chance of getting in or could qualify it as "safe."
  10. Which is better : UCLA vs UCSD vs Columbia for MS in CS. Also my area of interest is Machine Learning and AI. Please help...
  11. Hello, I'm currently studying Mathematics and Econometrics, and I am very interested in pursuing a PhD and research career in the mathematical aspects of data science (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning). I have a decent amount of coding experience in R and Python, but I have not taken any CS classes. Is Operations Research a discipline that would allow me to pursue my research goals? Are there any other types of programs that I should look into? I am currently applying to OR programs, and NYU's Data Science PhD program. Any help you can provide would be a huge help. Thanks!
  12. Hello, I'm currently studying Mathematics and Econometrics, and I am very interested in pursuing a PhD and research career in the mathematical aspects of data science (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning). I have a decent amount of coding experience in R and Python, but I have not taken any CS classes. Is Operations Research a discipline that would allow me to pursue my research goals? Are there any other types of programs that I should look into? I am currently applying to OR programs, and NYU's Data Science PhD program. Any help you can provide would be a huge help. Thanks!
  13. Hello, Could someone please evaluate my profile and suggest a couple of things? GRE - 336 [Q: 170, V: 166] TOEFL - 117 [R:29, L:30, S:28, W:30] CGPA - 8.78 [Department topper's CGPA - 9.4] Undergrad Institute - IIIT-Delhi (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi) Recommendations - Moderate to good, all 3 from professors at my institute. I am actually confused between the fields of specialization, most of my work can be aligned with AI/ML, though i am also considering HCI. I have done 3 research (independent) projects - one on modelling algorithms for distributed systems, one on face recognition with deep learning, another on text analysis (NLP). Research papers - none yet. I might be able to submit one by the coming week, not sure though. Question - Is getting into a plain CS program more difficult than getting into a CS program in a specific track? Chances of getting in the following universities? (Please rank as mod/ambi/drop if possible.) 1. Stanford (I am assuming this would be a dream university for me, should I even consider applying?) 2. CMU 3. GeorgiaTech 4. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 5. Columbia 6. UC Berkeley? 7. USC Viterbi 8. Caltech 9. Cornell 10. UPenn
  14. Hi Guys, It’s so inspiring to hear everyone’s stories. Good luck to everyone! I wanted to introduce myself to see if anyone is making a similar journey, or has any opinions. I’m a 25 year old medical doctor from Australia, and just finished my internship 4 months ago. I’m planning to apply to Masters of Science / professional masters programs this year for 2017 mid-year entry. I’m considering bioinformatics / computational biology, or computational neuroscience, or some field in computer science. Since high school, I’ve done a Bachelor of Science degree (3 years, accelerated into 2) majoring in Biomedical Science, and a post-grad Medical Degree (MBBS) (4 years), both from a University in the top 50-100 globally. I’ve finished my internship and received general registration in Australia. The Dream: I’ve decided I want to become a data scientist and work somewhere in biotech / med-tech / genomics / machine learning. I’m inspired by Google's DeepMind, and their work with Atari games and AlphaGo - designing incredibly sophisticated AI algorithms. I think this heralds an era of disruption by AI of many professional industries that depend on thinking skills. I’m also inspired by Craig Venter’s work creating synthetic genomes for viruses and bacteria (the ‘first synthetic life’) and I’m excited about the promise of using synthetic bacteria to process pollution, create cleaner fuels and sequester carbon. I think the two fields - artificial intelligence and synthetic life, will redefine the human condition within our lifetimes. And I think the key nexus of them is data science. I would love to build a career in this area, and work in tech startups in the bay area in San Francisco. The Reality: I currently have no research experience, minimal stats / data science and minimal computer science understanding (and no tertiary study in the area). My Plan: This year I’m working as a doctor about 30 hours per week and: 1) doing a bunch of courses in coding, machine learning, and data science 2) saving money to pay for the masters 3) get some experience in research in biomedical science I’d love to hear any thoughts on the following: Is a Computer Science MS realistic? I’m more interested in AI than biotech. Would I be a realistic candidate for top CS schools, with no tertiary experience in CS? I had strong marks in high school advanced maths and physics, but I’ve spent 7 years studying and working in biology and med. I can do 10-20 hours per week to up-skill in this area (roughly 6-7 months before applications are due and 16 months before the 2017 class would start) How much scope is there for CS electives in bioinformatics? I figured bioinformatics may be a realistic way to sneak into CS courses (like AI and robotics). Converting GPA: My GPA in science is 6.0 and my medical degree, 5.46 (both out of 7). 6 is a distinction average, and 5 is a credit average. I haven’t been able to work out how my GPA converts to the US though. What schools should I aim for in CS and bioinformatics? My list after limited research looks like this: Stanford UC Berkeley MIT Carnegie Melon Caltech Johns Hopkins Cold Spring Harbour Harvard Georgia Tech Oxford Cambridge Princeton Imperial College London UCLA UCSD Then a bunch of others in the top 50-100 Again, best of luck to everyone! If you’d like to discuss anything further, please reply here or PM me!
  15. Hello, I am studying Electrical and Computer Engineering, in a not well-known university, in Europe and I will graduate in three years (one more term cause of some problems I had). After my graduation I am thinking of going for a PhD, and I would like to get in one of the best universities like MIT/Stanford/Berkeley or in another top university like CMU/Cornell/Princeton/UIUC/Caltech. So, I have some questions (that I think will help other students as well) about what to do to have a chance on being accepted to one of the MIT/Stanford/Berkeley and being surely accepted to one of CMU/Cornell/Princeton/UIUC/Caltech cause I am not seeing myself graduating with 3.9 GPA or more (I will succeed though to get at least 3.7 GPA and I hope a little more – and I think more than 3.8 in major). Also I don’t know the specific area that I want to study (I like though control systems/robotics, artificial intelligence (/machine learning), algorithms and theory, computer architecture). I have joined a software engineering team in my school where PhD students are members too and I will ask them if I can do research with them in machine learning/data mining (cause that’s their fields of study, and also trading agents) and I want to go for a summer internship in European Space Agency during my last year’s summer. Apart from that I will ask another professor about research in computer architecture and another one for robotics. But I don’t know what else to do cause my university doesn’t have that much research so my only chance is to go for internship research at summers. Another thing I would like to do is to participate in Google Summer of Code this year or next year. But I don’t know if that will count enough for those universities, or should I spend my time in something else (do some more research myself, study a little more for better grades or find a research internship position somewhere). So, my questions are: Should I apply to Google Summer of Code this or next year, or do something else? (Also I have exams from 11 to 30 June and that will be a kind of problem) Do you know any summer research internship (Europe or US - preferred EU) for ECE (not a specific area)? Because I am trying to find anything but I don’t get much results. Does anyone know if I can go (in any way) to any good university (EU or US) for the summer to do research, or to study there? (for example is there any way to go to CMU for research in robotics?) Any other way to do research as an undergraduate? Do you have any other ideas about how to spend my little free time? Should I contact any professor from another university to ask him about how to do research? (I am not in the mood of doing this right now, cause I don't know how he will see that) And some questions that are not for now but I want to know how things are: After finishing my studies, if I won’t get accepted to any of those universities listed above can I do something to strengthen my application (in terms of research/work experience) and reapply next year? If I go first for MS (at one of those universities or any good EU university), cause I think is a little bit easier to get accepted, will I have better chances to get in one better university for PhD? I also need to study English a little more because I am not fluent enough. I didn’t knew where to post is (Engineering or Compute Science). Please move this thread if it is in the wrong place and sorry for my English. I am not expecting for anyone who applies to answer me all questions, but your opinion in any of my problems/questions will be appreciated and helpful. Thank you!
  16. AIM: 2013 fall, master program in computer science or statistics CURRENT GPA : 2.68 GRE: 156+167+3.5 ToEFL: haven't tested yet MAJOR : statistics MINOR: computer science FROM: China, top 5 departments of statistics I am actually in my junior year, so the reason for this post is asking for what I should do to increase the strength of my profile. There are a lot of reasons for me to get only 2.68 in GPA, different ways of calculating and stupid courses like Marxism, but it's now a fact and I have nothing to do to change it. Even I got all A's in this semester, it's still about 2.8 or so the time I applying. I study at another university in free time to learn computer science, It will give me a minor degree in cs, and that university is more famous than mine own, it's china's top 3 engineering schools. My major is focused on mathematical statistics, so I learned analysis and other high-level math courses than other university's stat students. With this multi-background, I wish to study machine learning or artificial intelligence. I know it's sometimes in the cs department and sometime in the statistics, and I think my undergraduate-level statistics is already enough to me, so I wish to apply for some cs master programs and take more cs courses. What do you think I should do to fix the problem of GPA? I think my statistics and cs background is sufficient for a machine learning program, but the low gpa will restrict me to those 50-80 schools. If I want to be more competitive in applying, what should i prepare? Thank you.
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