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Found 6 results

  1. I had an underwhelming GPA in a difficult major from a top 10 but underrated public research university. I'm also in my late 30s - I've been thinking of grad/professional school for a long time, but I know it will be very challenging, and may not be worth it.For a while now, I'm been thinking of applying to the M.A. in Asian Studies at UC Berkeley and the M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies at University of San Francisco. I'd much prefer Asian American Studies, but very few schools offer an M.A. in that - the closest one seems to be UCLA, and I'd like to stay local and commute to school. There's an M.A. in Asian American Studies at SF State, but I know that SFSU doesn't have anywhere near the name recognition of UCB. My goals for those programs is to write, get published, be a "thought leader" (sorry if it sounds arrogant; it's not meant to be) in Asian or Asian American Studies, maybe lecture, and possibly teach in some capacity. My main goal would be to be a published author, whether through books, articles, journal papers, online digital content, etc. I just think of these master's programs as giving me a jumping point into what I want to do. I'd also love to go through the grad school experience - it would probably be very personally enriching. Also, like many people, I've always thought I would go to grad school, and it would be great to go to grad school at a top university. Any thoughts on the M.A. in Asian Studies at Berkeley, the M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies at USF, or the M.A. in Asian American Studies at SFSU? Has anyone gone through those programs, or know people who have completed them? How hard is it to get into those 3 programs? What is it like taking those programs, what do you learn or get out of it, what are the courses/students/professors like, and what do students do after they get their M.A.? Any other schools/masters programs you can recommend to me that are in the Bay Area, close to San Francisco? I'm also open to online masters programs, but there are hardly any offered in these fields, and they're from no-name and questionable schools.
  2. Thought I'd start a thread somewhat akin to last year's, since I can't find one I'm a 2017 graduate with a BA in Asian Studies (maj) and film (min) looking at phd/masters programs in film studies with a focus on east Asia, specifically Japan. As of now, I've contacted Harvard (through EALC, not film and media) Yale, and Chicago, which appear to be the ONLY schools with programs in my area of interest I'm a bit freaked out by the admission stats, for all three, though. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on other programs worth looking at?
  3. Any other people waiting on their Georgetown Masters in Asian Studies admission decision??! I’m struggling in the waiting game here, I thought decisions would come out today since they came out March 5th last year but nothing yet in my email. Trying not to check my email every 5 minutes but can’t help it!! Anyone else waiting?
  4. So I'm not sure how to interpret this. I am applying to several Asian Studies (Japan Studies) programs this fall for my MA. University of Washington, Stanford University, and the University of Chicago. I have received one acceptance (woo!) and one rejection from the two programs I've applied to at University of Washington. At least I'm going somewhere! During the last few days, though, I did not receive an e-mail from University of Chicago's East Asian Languages and Civilizations department, but, rather, my personal application page at the website changed. Suddenly it had an envelope icon that said "decision documents." My heart stopped. I clicked through and a message that said "there are no documents available" popped up. Confused, I continued to check the application page rather obsessively for the whole day. Next morning, the icon has changed. Now it's in bold and has a red "1" on it and now says "Unread Decision Documents." I click through and yet again it says "there are no documents available." After an hour or two I e-mail the people in charge of the application page saying what was happening and, within an hour or two, the icon and the contained message were totally gone. The page, back to normal, has no indication of decision documents or anything related to them. Note: I did not get a reply e-mail. Just silence. And the icon suddenly disappeared. I'm not even sure my e-mail is related to the icon's disappearance! I don't know how to take that. What does that mean? And how should I feel about it? I mean, I know I have to keep waiting now. I get that. But that was a hell of an emotional rollercoaster. Just wanted to share.
  5. I leave for Vancouver Canada on August 15th, 2012 at around 7:20 AM from Newark Liberty International Airport and land at around 10:30 AM local time. August cannot come soon enough. Everything is falling in place, and the more I get done, the longer each day becomes. Its just like how it was when I was six and it was 3 days from Christmas... the waiting game is a horrible one. I've been in contact with my school - The University of British Columbia - and my program - Masters of Arts in Asia Pacific Policy Studies - and I seem to be on track. I've picked all the classes I want to register for (discussed below), with registration only 3 days away. I have my loan approved from the US Government and I'm just waiting to finalize my scholarship with UBC that should pay for most of my tuition. I found an amazing apartment in Vancouver: a 4 bedroom 2 bath basement suite in a cute (but flat!) neighborhood which comes pre-furnished and has all new appliances in the kitchen. Its 500 CAD a month, utilities included, which is a great deal. I am rooming with one girl from my program - she actually found the apartment - which should be useful. The other 2 rooms are currently unoccupied, but I'm sure our landlord is trying to change that. There's a grocery store and a small strip of stores/restaurants/businesses just a few minutes walk away, including a bus stop which links me to the rest of the city. The commute from my apartment to school is about a 5-10 minute walk - depending on how lazy I am - to the bus stop and then a 40 minute bus ride (sometimes shorter sometimes longer) with a final 5-10 minute walk to the school building. Its basically an hour commute, which isn't that bad. I'm still #220 on the waitlist for housing (I was originally #440) and there are only 200 grad student rooms, so its pretty obvious I'm not getting an apartment there. Its fine, I commuted to school when I was in Tokyo, so its not like its anything new. All my classes have always been MON/WED/FRI and TUE/THURS, which sucked. But for UBC, my grad courses are one day a week for about 3 hours, sometimes 2 days a week for 1.5. This will make commuting easier, AND it will mean I can do fun things like attending school meetings, lectures, etc. Should be exciting. I don't want to list all my classes out of pure laziness, but basically I'm taking 8 courses for a total of 4 classes per semester/term. I'm taking 2 senior level undergrad courses because they're on interesting topics and the rest are all grad level. I'm taking things like Gender and Policy, Democratization in Asia, and a research class on China and Sea-Conflicts in South China Sea which should be really cool. There are some issues still: like how I want to take every course ever and have no room, but its fine. I actually have to run to my job, so i'll post this now and post another lattttter. Good luck to you all, and me too
  6. So now that I've been accepted into both the schools I applied for (Still in shock), its time for me to figure everything else out - like how to get to school, how to pay for school, etc. I went to a Seton Hall "Meet the Dean and Faculty" meeting, which was a big mistake. Since the beginning I was pretty set on going to UBC, but this meeting gave Seton Hall a fighting chance. After they introduced the faculty and staff and discussed what they were studying and such, they brought on the students. Those undergrads at the Whitehead school are so much better then me. They all had beyond-impressive internships at the State Department, the UN or even the Defense Department. And the alumni they brought in - AMAZING. Some where just three years out of school and had fantastic, high level jobs, and of course they all said it was because of Whitehead and their networking abilities. But I will not be going there >.< I hope anyway. I can live at home and go to Seton Hall, but that's the problem - living at home. My family drives me insane (in a good way, not in an abusive way) and I hate living with them. It might sound stupid, but I'll go to UBC and take on more debt just to get away from them and live on my own. I am 100 percent more happy when I'm in my dorm or apartment, and I think that happiness will really help me out in grad school. So, now that I'm set on going to UBC (theoretically, at least) I need to get everything planned. I know its still six months away (a little less), but planning helps me relax (and procrastinate, I'm suppose to be studying my Japanese). Again, this blog post is probably more for me and my brain then for you Things To Do Money Graduate Stafford Loan I have to sign up for and apply for the Graduate Stafford Loan so that I can pay for Tuition and Housing (and most likely food). Tuition, after scholarships, is costing me around $2000, and housing (if I get it) is around $9000, so I need at least $11,000 in loan money. I'm going to want extra for food, fun/living expenses, and internship money, so maybe I'll take out a total of $16000. Anything I don't use I can instantly put back into the loan as payment, or I could use it as 'moving costs' for after I graduate I'm not sure if my practicum/internship will be paid for, or if it will even be in Canada or the United States. So I need some money to pay for food/housing for 2 months in case this happens Just for fun, I already have $18000 in loans from Undergrad from the Federal Government and $4400 from the State of Vermont Pre-Grad School Costs + Job I have been looking for a job for the past 2 months and no one will hire me. At first I applied for "real jobs", like ones that require a cover letter and such. But since then I've been applying to everything, including cashier jobs and restaurants, and no one will even call me back. I also just got an e-mail from the Fed telling me I go into repayment on my student loans in 3 months, and I can't go back into deferral until September when I start school full time. This means I need a job ASAP so I can make the payments on my undergrad loans for July, August, and September (probably) Also, every dollar I make now is one less dollar I need to take out in Loans for grad school. Housing I officially applied for year-round housing at UBC. There's a huge waiting line, so its good I applied already. The top-choice housing I want is in this graduate only complex called Thunderbird located in the middle of campus. Its furnished, and has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and 4 bedrooms. I really do not want to share my living space with anyone (Japanese share-houses ruined that for me) but I'll suck it up. I really hope I get it, and it works out to about $650 a month, which is not bad in Vancouver. Of course I wouldn't mind private housing, but I'm worried about the housing contract. I cannot sign a year-round lease in case I end up getting an internship or practicum in another country. I'm sure if I explained it to my landlord or whatever they would forgive me, but it just complicates things. Most housing I've seen ranges from $500-$800, so my on-campus housing isn't a bad choice. Though I do hope it has a kitchen... Cell Phone My parents pay for my cell phone, but I think they're going to cut me off when I'm in Canada. I'd have to pay massive roaming charges, etc. if I use it there, so it makes sense to switch to one in Canada. I wont sign a contract with anyone, just get one of those pay-as-you-go ones. [*]Health Insurance [*]Canada has universal health insurance, and unlike Japan's it cost more then 10 dollars a month. I think my parents might take me off of their insurance, which would suck since I could still leech off of it when I move back to the states after graduation. [*]How the hell am I getting there? [*]Flying: I have no problem with flying. It doesn't bother me, especially after 15 hour flights from Newark to Tokyo non stop. My friend who I met in college in Japan (who is American) has offered to let me visit her in Spokane Washington, stay a few days, and would then drive me up to Vancouver, which seems fun and fine. [*]Driving: I do not have a car, but my father is hinting that he might give me his. I've been in college in a different country for the last few years so I could never buy one, so it would be a really nice graduation gift if he gave me his XD And I would really love to drive across the country, it would be great. He also might want to DRIVE WITH ME (and my mom) to vancouver. Which I wont do. I'll kill them. I have to explain to them that I hate being trapped in small spaces with them and would rather sleep in a dark room with 10 serial killers then drive cross country with them. Ah, love. And it would be really awesome to have a car in Canada and rive to Seattle or what have you on weekends. Though car insurance gets tricky... [*]Weight: [*]Gotta get thin and sexy for grad school. Or I could cheesedoodles. Yup. I know it sounds like a lot, but I'm good at getting shit settled. And I have 6 months. Plenty of time. [*]
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