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Found 17 results

  1. At what point did you find out if you have a graduate assistantship position? I applied during the school application process which was due in December, but my school is waiting until the end of this month (July) to tell us if we got a position when they originally said they would let us know in May. This feels like a bit of scam, is it normal to not know at this point? I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the pandemic, but I feel like the decision is being delayed for one reason or another. The school and department has not been very communicative... Or am I just overthinking this and I should just wait it out?
  2. Hi all, I am torn between two programs who both offered me Phd programs. I was offered a Phd in Biological Engineering which is the program I actually want to do but the stipend is much less than that for the PhD in Environmental Studies that I was given at a different school. My question is: what ranks higher when choosing a PhD program and why? Is it the stipend amount? The job prospects? The ranking of the school or program? The quality of research? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone ? While looking into universities for the specialization i want to apply for, i found johns hopkins university (although really tough to get accepted in!!!) having it... but the i found that the department, after mentioning that it offers graduate assistantship & health insurance & such to all its matriculated students, it says that international students however are not eligible for federal financial aid! ? does that mean that an international student is not offered an assistantship, covering their tuition fees & provided with a living-expenses stipend? 'cause i thought that assistantship is not related to federal financial aid! or what do they mean by federal financial aid?!!
  4. Hey all! I've just been informed that I received an assistantship at University A that I'm really excited about. It covers a fair portion of tuition and has me doing some really unique work. It's a great opportunity, but I'm still in the running for a similar assistantship/ scholarship at University B. Unfortunately, University B has stated that their decisions are slated to be released late April/ early May, and University A is asking for a decision by the end of this week (April 5th). Though I'm excited, I'm obviously extremely reluctant to commit to anything before I have all the information in my hands! Would it be inappropriate to contact University A and ask for a deadline extension? And, perhaps more importantly, has anyone had success with being granted an extension in a similar situation? Thanks in advance!
  5. So I am in a good yet bad pickle between two graduate programs and I don't know what to do. So I will give you all the run-down of everything to give you the whole picture. I have applied to Louisiana State University, Southern Illinois University, and University of Kentucky for a MS in Animal Science. LSU - I fell in love with and my POI seemed great when I visited. And his students had nothing but good things to say about him. Another benefit is I would be his only grad student come Fall. When it comes to an assistantship he never formally gave me an offer, but it was implied. So I applied and got recommended for admission by the department - without funding. I told the POI this and he was upset for me and is talking to the school director on my behalf because he has funding for me from what he's told me. I was also accepted by the school overall for admission! yay! I just can't accept until I know directly about funding as I cannot afford LSU as an out-of-state student without going into heavy debt. The POI said he's trying his best, the school director is a busy man currently so getting a hold of him is difficult. UK - I have heard nothing from them, but I am not really upset. my POI there said he would love to have me, but he's full on students atm. He seemed great. SIU - This was my fall-back school as it is in-state for me. The POI loved me from the start it seemed as I have research experience and she like my writing in my review paper. She gave me a partially funded offer (Summer, Fall) and I would have to cover the rest. But she gave me the added bonus of probably getting me defended and out a semester early to save $. But I would have to start right away after graduating with my BS this May. She seemed really positive and encouraging to me, I just think she is assuming I am coming there currently as she has "everything a go" for me to start this Summer. The pickle part is I think she forgot I applied to other schools, as she is/was aware of LSU, and she wants to do a phone conference with me soon to plan Summer right away. But I don't know how to tell her I am waiting on another school (specifically, my dream offer), or how to tell the LSU POI I need to hear ASAP and I am being pulled two different directions. I just don't want to give her false hopes, or hold out for LSU and wind up with no funding there then have nothing. I really do not know what to do. Like I said its a somewhat good problem as I am between schools, just not in a beneficial way.
  6. Hello all, For those of you who receive graduate assistantships while attending a SLP graduate program, how difficult is it for you to manage time? I know that many programs require 10-20 hours of work per week in exchange of tuition reduction, but considering the challenging level of graduate school, that's a lot of time taken off from study. How do you handle the work and study? I'm considering to apply for assistantship, but I'm more concerned with my academic success and wondering whether I should still apply. I hope to hear from your experience guys! Thanks!
  7. Currently, I'm a graduate teaching assistant which for my school means I teach the lab for the statistics course. There are currently 5 graduate teaching assistants, and we teach two labs sections each. I applied for this position at the end of last semester, and I was selected out of a pool of 10 or so graduate students. Things seem to be running smoothly, although I don't particularly like to teach. However, today I was speaking with a brand new professor for the department, and he said he wanted to take me on a research assistant for the Spring semester. If I took this position, he would have several papers he's working on and would be happy to make me first author for. He just needs some one to do the data analyses and writing. The catch is I would have to quit my teaching position and focus on working in his lab. This seems like a good idea because publications are really important. The thing is the professor in charge of the graduate teaching assistants and the one who selected might be offended if I just quit at the end of the Fall. I get along with her really well, and I've submitted a paper with her (plus I'm working on another). I can't afford to have her not like me or think less of me. Should I quit the teaching position? Do you think she would be offended? Is there a way I can handle this in which she doesn't feel offended? I need advice on the best way to manage this situation.
  8. I applied for a graduate or research assistantship for the program I'll be attending for my master's degree. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about inquiring about the status of my application. We were told awards would generally be given out by the end of May. Is it too early to check in and ask when I might find out? I would like to ask if it seems appropriate, but I also don't want to ask and seem too eager and therefore make me a less appealing candidate. I think a I have a pretty good shot because the school is small and they have a pretty good amount of graduate/research assistantships. Thanks for any feedback.
  9. I was accepted into a graduate program at UCSD without funding, but was told that I would have a good chance of getting a TAship at another department (linguistics) given that I have a BA from a Spanish speaking institution and that since I'll be entering as a PhD student that I will have priority over other candidates. This TAship, I'm told by my graduate adviser, will cover my tuition (including my non resident one), plus roughly a $20,000 yearly salary and that they tend to last a year. Does anyone have any experience with these types of assistantships? Are they doable for first year students? I know SD is expensive and that not having funding for some is a no go, but my poi at UCSD is my academic soulmate and he even called me to say how he was looking forward to having me (most of his mentees are finishing up their degrees). Any advice would be immensely helpful.
  10. Backstory: I was accepted to a Masters program a few weeks ago that said funding information would come soon, but didn't give any exact date or close time frame (despite requiring a decision for the program with in 10 days) and also didn't give me any idea whatsoever of how much might be available and how I'd find out. Wanting more information, I emailed the person who had contacted me and told me to respond if I had any questions, and asked when funding decisions might be available. In response I received a (no joke) nine paragraph response with the answer I was seeking in the first sentence then lots of being overly-defensive about the program, telling me that I needed to do this research myself because all other students do it themselves, I needed to seriously consider if this program was right for me because career-switching is hard (I'm not a career switcher . . .), etc. Thankfully I had been accepted to a more preferred program a few hours before receiving this response, so I was able to shrug it off. (Please tell me this attitude was out of the ordinary and not all grad program directors are so quickly put on the defensive when students ask a question?) "Problem": The school I very much wish to go to stated in the acceptance that "Decisions about financial support are made through a separate process. If selected for such support you will receive an offer directly from the program providing the funding." and said nothing more about funding or when I might hear back. I do not wish to bother anyone at all, because I don't want to make the impression I apparently accidentally made on the other program director, but my decision between this program and a much less desirable (bad fit) but cheaper in-state school will come down to if I am offered a TA position, and TA positions are only offered to 7% of applicants for this program. I'm unsure if I can express this fact without sounding like I'm making demands or asking for some special consideration (all applications are automatically considered for all financial aid) and, put it simply, I don't know how to approach programs about money. I need the TA-ship to make this doable, and it's the school I've always dreamed of going to. Do I wait and see where the chips fall, or what?
  11. Hello, I applied for my Ph.D. in CS department at ASU, and also interviewed with a professor for the same and I received an admission recently, (a do not reply mail) intimation mail saying I have been provided an admission for the same. However, the mail does not say anything regarding if I have been offered an assistantship of not. Someone said me that I will need to apply for TA-ship separately. Has someone been through the same or has an idea regarding this kindly share your advice, opinion or experience.
  12. Hi all! I am starting my PhD program at UNC this fall and was awarded a fellowship. I am confused as to how I write my job title on my CV as with assistantships often times people will put research assistant or teaching assistant. I feel like research fellow is of a more senior status? Do I write PhD student and leave it at that? Also, am I correct in saying PhD student? I read somewhere that PhD candidate is reserved for those that only have to complete their dissertation to obtain their PhD. I'm not even sure if I put this post in the right place on here, but thank you for your time and assistance!
  13. I recently have been accepted to two doctoral programs in Mass Communication: One from Bowling Green State University and the other from the University of Southern Mississippi. The BGSU assistantship comes with funding for 3-4 years involving full tuition coverage and $13,500 a year (two semesters). The USM offer is full funding for one year plus a $11,500 stipend. After the one year is up, I have to ask for a renewal. Also USM requires their doctoral students to have health insurance which means an even smaller paycheck. Despite this, I do not wish to go to BGSU again because I already did my undergraduate work there (B.A. received my M.A. in Michigan college), and USM seems like a far more exciting place to enroll, even though I know that the funding is not quite as good. What do you think I should do? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi All, I was recently accepted into a few graduate programs and offered assistantships. As my major is chemistry, pretty much all doctoral programs offer a full tuition remission and stipend of about $30,000/year as a teaching or research assistant. I have 3 charges from a VERY long time ago. Possession of marijuana from 2000, dui from 2001, and a 2nd dui from 2004. All are misdemeanors. Most of the applications I filled out did not ask the question about criminal records on the application, but because I have an assistantship I will be asked after I accept an offer, and will have to undergo a background check. In the 12 years since I was arrested for the second dui, I stopped drinking, went back to school, and have been teaching as an adjunct for 5 years now. All of my references are stellar, and my academic/criminal/employement history for the past 12 years is great. I was curious if anyone here had any experience with passing/going through a background check for an assistantship that was in a similar situation. I just want to get a general idea of how likely it is that I will pass the background check, and what it entails. My guy tells me that it won't be a huge issue both due to the amount of time since the charges, that they are relatively minor (compared to felonies/assaults/robbery, etc.), and what I have done since the last one. However I know it will take a long time to find out for sure because I'm not even sure how long the background check will be given after accepting the offer, and I have to give notice to my jobs about whether I can work in the Summer/Fall within a week or two. If I do accept it and then DON'T pass the background check 3 months from now, I'll be stuck without that position AND without the job I am working now or any way to get my job back until January of next year. Again, I'm just curious if anyone has been through a similar situation and how it went. Thanks in advance.
  15. I applied to and have been recommended admission for a top 20 engineering school in Mechanical Engineering. I focused my application on engine combustion research as that is what I am interested in pursuing. Today I received an email from a professor in Engineering Physics saying that he is interested in hiring one or two grad students this year and that he would like to talk to me. His research is on composites and vibrations. I have experience working with composites but it was only briefly mentioned in my application. What does this mean? Should I talk to him about working with him? Will that hurt my chances of doing research in the field that I am more interested in? Thank you for your help.
  16. I've been accepted to an MA program that automatically grants all acceptees a grad assistantship. Yay, right? Here's the thing - I also would really like to work as a tutor in this university's writing center while in grad school, but the English assistantship only allows for GAs as graders or research assistants - not tutors. I'm friends with the director of the writing program, and she was very enthusistic about me joining their team - went so far as to say I'd be given a leadership role in the center from the get-go (she's familiar with my previous experience as a tutor and attended my presentations at conferences). Se suggested that I may be able to swing a second assistantship (with my English GA position taking first priority of course). I'd be limited to 10 hours a week, on top of the 20 hours expected for my primary GA position, while also enrolled in 9 hrs of courses. Is this too much? Does anyone else have experience with concurrent assistantships in grad school? If so, in addition to the time demands, could you offer any insight about how that affects the financial aspects. Does it equate to an additional stipend? Thanks in advance for any suggestions :-)
  17. Since quite a few people have been admitted to MIT MechE S.M. for Fall 2012, it is probably time to open a thread. I am somewhat concerned about the funding situation. It would be great if someone has answers to one or more of the questions below. Has anyone gotten any guaranteed funding yet? When do we know? When are you planning on starting to contact the professors? Typically, what percentage of S.M. admits get funding?
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