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Found 11 results

  1. At what point did you find out if you have a graduate assistantship position? I applied during the school application process which was due in December, but my school is waiting until the end of this month (July) to tell us if we got a position when they originally said they would let us know in May. This feels like a bit of scam, is it normal to not know at this point? I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the pandemic, but I feel like the decision is being delayed for one reason or another. The school and department has not been very communicative... Or am I just overthinking this and I should just wait it out?
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently facing a difficult decision as many of us are. I am choosing between two programs now . In one of the programs I already accepted 2 assistantships but I may be going for a separate institution. I was granted a scholarship that has put one of the schools back in the running. If I were to go for a different institution, how would I go about rejecting the assistantships if I built a small relationship with the people there?
  3. Hi, What does it mean if I ask a department I applied to a PhD program and then I get this response "We have received your application for the Environmental Science Graduate program. Your application will be held until all positions are filled. Thank you for your interest in our graduate program". I am assuming perhaps I am on a waiting list till but it is not explicitly stated. Thanks
  4. Hi, I received admissions from three different universities in the US but the admission letters came from the graduate school and did not mention funding. I received my first offer on Jan 17th, the second on February 18th and the third on March 3rd. How long is too long for funding decisions to be made? Is it normal that admission decisions and funding decisions can be made 1 month or 2 months apart? What is your experience with receiving admission offers and funding offers later? Thanks
  5. Hi All, I'm pretty bad at navigating this site so forgive me if this thread already exists for 2018 but I've been looking at a 2015 edition of this thread and it seemed really helpful so I figured I'd start one for this year. I'm currently trying to decide between: Rutgers: Interdisciplinary. 2 years. full ride. possibility of GA positions worth 7k a semester. #20 in US News Rankings (don't know how they do these but...) University of Florida: Arts + Technology. 3 years. full ride. 22k/year teaching fellowship (20 hrs/wk). #82 in US News. USC: New Genres. 2 years. Waiting to hear back on funding. #69 in US News. Florida State University: Interdisciplinary. 3 years. full ride. 8k/year teaching fellowship (10 hrs/wk) #69 in US News. I'm currently pretty stuck between Rutgers and UF. It's hard to ignore Rutger's stature and proximity to NY but it's also hard to ignore 22k/year in Gainesville, Florida (this would feel like a fortune) and the added bonus of a 3 year program with lots of individual attention. Any input on either the specific programs or just best modes of thinking for identifying the right school would be super appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi! I was accepted to UNH the beginning of February. In the acceptance letter they explain how they will be making decisions for assistantships within the month. So I'm assuming that could include the month of March too since they accepted people throughout the month of February. Anyways, I've been anxiously awaiting to hear back since I think that would be an amazing opportunity. Obviously, they only have so many spots so I was thinking to make this forum to see if people have been offered such a position/if they accepted it. I'm hoping I have a shot! Thanks! Good luck to everyone applying to grad schools!!
  7. Would really appreciate some advice on this: So I was accepted into one of my top choice programs, and I am still waiting to hear about final funding decisions, and I am also waiting to hear back from other programs still, so have not formally accepted the offer. However, the school I was accepted to just sent out assistantship applications for the coming Fall semester, and the deadline to apply is March 3rd. I would like to apply even though I have not accepted the offer, because I want to have additional funding options available to me if possible. Would it be unwise to apply without having accepted the offer, or to email the graduate coordinator to ask how I should handle the TA application while still waiting on other schools? I just doubt I'll have a response from every school by March 3rd.
  8. Hey everyone, good evening. I have a question regarding online graduate study pertaining to research assistantships. Can an online graduate student also be given a research assistant position? Thank you.
  9. Hello artists, I am now officially narrowing down my list of MFA programs, with a focus on painting/drawing. It is VERY important for me to get funding, and it is somewhat important that I like the location (my partner will be moving with me, and we both do not want NYC or Chicago). Adding to the list of complications, I'd really love to find a 3 year program. So far, most of my favorite choices on the list are 2 year programs. Does anyone know of 3 year programs that I might be missing? Or, if you know of any strong painting programs (that have good funding) to add to my list below, please write suggestions! So far, I'm looking at: U Michigan (2 yr) U Penn (2 yr) VCU (This is a high reach) (2 yr) University of Tennessee Knoxville (3 yr) University of Minnesota- Twin Cities (3 yr) UMass Amherst (Interdisciplinary) (3 yr) UC Irvine (3 yr) Thank you!!!
  10. I really want to go to Michigan State and am praying that i get in, but I have applied to an M.A program. There is a chance that through my program, I could get funded but priority goes to PhD students. Does anyone have any suggestions at all of places to look or ways a masters student could find any assistantship. I am just scared of waiting to long and missing out. Suggestions applicable to any institution if posters aren't familiar with Michigan State are much appreciated! Thanks guys
  11. I was wondering if anyone might have some insight... Last December I applied to a multitude of Student Affairs / HESA / College Student Development Masters Programs (Penn State, Michigan State, VATech, Syracuse, UConn) and was only accepted at three - and I was only accepted to those off the wait-list once they had given all the assistantships away so I was unable to accept their offers (Northeastern, FIU, UMiami). Come to find out - I thought I had done my research, but guess not - that I applied to top tier programs that get about 300 applications for 10 spots - and I'm honest enough with myself to know that I am not a top tier candidate. I did mediocre at best on the GRE Math/Verbal - but got a 5.0 on the writing. I Have a 2.99 (undergrad BFA Art- grading is subjective - I don't want to get into it). I also have TONS of experience with Undergraduate/Post-Graduate work in Student Affairs, even within several different aspect of the field (Programming, Multi-Cultural, Service, Greek, Counseling). I'm hoping that anyone might have some suggestions (or tips of the trade) for me re. my second round of applications to schools that have great/interesting programs that are flying under the radar. I'm not bound geographically to any specific region - I'm just seeking a great opportunity within a great community (with a cohort and opportunity for Assistantships for experience and to help set off the cost of tuition at least a fraction!). Not that these aren't top tier programs- but, I am now considering (haven't made final decisions - still investigating) the following schools for my next round of applications : North Carolina State U, U of Florida, U of Tennessee, Ohio University, University of Arizona, University of Southern California - I'm open to any and all suggestions, tips, advice, etc.
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