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Found 5 results

  1. I have been invited to interview for 3 schools with no choice in the dates and unfortunately, the first interview is my first choice program (Applied Developmental Psych at Fordham). I feel like I have a fairly decent grasp on how to prepare and feel comfortable with the interview process itself, but I have no idea how to dress. I have read so many conflicting reports ranging everywhere from business casual to "it would have been embarrassing to not be in a suit". As a female, the breadth of outfit types is stressing me out more than anything else! Also, what can I expect from an open house (as opposed to an interview) and a department reception the night prior to interviews?
  2. Hey, I have an interview with Cranbrook Academy of art this week. Im going to be visiting their campus as part of the interview and I have no idea what to wear. Any suggestions?
  3. Hey Guys! So I'm going to an open house/welcome weekend for one of my potential schools at the end of this month. I come from a discipline that tends to be more casual in dress (not sure how my new discipline feels about this) and an area of California that also promotes business comfy as the look of choice. I'll be flying in one day, immediately be taken to a happy hour meet and greet, and then will spend the next day in classes, on campus tours, and talking to students/other admittees before flying back out the next day. My questions are: 1. What should I wear that will be comfortable for a 10-11-hour plane ride and also appropriate for the meet and greet that night? Keep in mind I'll probably have to do my makeup very quickly during my 1-hour layover. 2. What would be appropriate for the second day where there will be a lot of walking around and activity, but we still need to look put together? I plan to bring my snow boots for this trip, since it'll be winter on the east coast, and I figure I can just wear these the entire time (I hate heels and the only flats I currently own are pretty worn down). I bought my snowboots for a conference in Prague a few years back so they're both cute and functional. My issue is compounded by the fact that I've lost weight recently and have lost at least a pant size so far. I'm looking into tailoring my favorite grey slacks now, but I'm not sure how long that will take. I did just pick up a new cute sweater that I think could pair well with pants for a put-together look (just not sure how professional it might come across). I also have a dark blue (with white polka dots) dress that I really like and has done me well in business casual settings, but I'm not sure if pairing it with fleece-lined tights and 2-3 cardigans/blazers/jackets would keep me warm enough. I've already been admitted, but I still believe in leaving a good impression. In addition, my stipend will come from a TAship (pretty much wherever I go), and I intend to look at least somewhat professional and competent while doing my job, haha.
  4. Greetings, i have an interview for a clinical psych program. I am a male, and need some advice as to what I should wear. Thanks!
  5. So I might totally be overthinking this, but I have orientation coming up soon and my school didn't say anything about attire. I am so torn over what to wear, because it is a professional program but I don't want to be over dress or under dressed. Do you think the attire is business casual, such as dress pants? I don't want to show up under dressed compared to everyone else. What do you guys think? Thanks!
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