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Found 2 results

  1. I got a 315 (159V + 156Q), I don't have my AWA score yet, but I expect it to be really high 5.5+ like in practice, which is the average or median scores of the current students for the schools I'm applying to for a Master's of Public Health or Public Policy, that is, Harvard, Columbia, and WUSTL. It's not the score I wanted, but after taking the real GRE for the first time I can't imagine doing much better than +- 1-3 points. I was, and still am terrible in quant, and my score of 156 on GRE Quant was the highest I've ever received outside of a practice exam, meanwhile my GRE verbal was slightly lower than my practice GRE verbal of 160-162. I studied both the Kaplan Premier and Math Course books, took 3 or 4 practice exams, and a Kaplan GRE course about a year before I took the real thing. My real score is around the average of my practice exams. Should I retake on score alone? Especially since I probably won't be able to test into a scholarship? Holistically I'm a well-rounded student, a GPA of 3.5 in Natural Sciences( Pre-Med degree) & Africana Studies with minors in Global Health (Graduate Epi and Public Health intro courses) and Chemistry. I have four years of Public Health Research and professional experience, with paid work at the CDC, at a local health department, a National Human Rights Organization, a children's hospital and on a USAID project and volunteering experience as the Head Bio UTA for my school, Diversity committee chair for my school, a tutor to refugees locally, and Americorps for a year. Lastly, I got a partial fulbright to go do research in Tanzania, apart of two honors organization, and I am a FLASF receipient. Lastly, I have demonstrated skills in Qualitative Analysis, and Kiswahili language, and I'm currently learningfrench. Does the rest of my application round out my GRE scores?
  2. Hi! I'm going to be a senior undergrad and was wondering how competitive of an applicant I am to get into a (behavioral) Neuroscience PhD program. I was also wondering what I should do to improve my application. Some stats: Major: Dual- Psychology (honors) and Neuroscience Minor: Fine Arts Overall GPA: 3.6 (will rise to about 3.65 by graduation) In-Majors GPA: 3.75 Research: 3.5 years Grants: URA (undergraduate research award) GRE (not taken yet...assuming I score average) Extra Curricular Activities: Biology Tutor (1 semester), Resident Assistant (RA) (1 year) Presented at a URC (undergraduate research conference) Will also have a Senior Honors Thesis in which I will have conducted my own experiment I would really appreciate constructive criticism; anything to improve my application will help!
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