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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I'm starting a phd program in the US this fall and I am exploring FRQNT and NSERC doctoral scholarships opportunities for 2021-2022. My understanding is that you cannot hold both the awards. However, the FRQNT has an exception for students outside of Quebec whose tuition fees are greater or equal than the award itself but must not be covered by other organizations. My tuition fees are higher than the cost of this award but are usually waivered by my university as I hold a TA/RA position. However, I did some research online and from a few LinkedIn profiles it seems that some people were awarded both (although they could have declined it). This is rather unclear and I was wondering if anyone been in that situation and is able to give me some advice? Thanks.
  2. Any good recommendations for credit unions in NYC? I'm starting at Columbia in May and would really like to find a credit union with good customer service, helpful staff, decent fees/rates, etc. I'm currently a member of a credit union at Wisconsin, but would like to be able to visit a branch in person when I need to, so I think it's time to switch. If anyone is a member of a credit union they really like, let me know! Thanks for the help!
  3. AkinnaW

    AuD costs

    I am applying to 4 AuD programs. Cost is a huge influence for me, and so I have been calculating all the costs for the different programs. This has been challenging since every school has a different way of breaking tuition down, and I am finding some to be much more clear than others! Is there anyone else out there that is doing this for these schools and could verify I did this right? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Also, I am calculating resident costs, since I am applying to schools only on the Western Exchange Program (since I am from Colorado). The schools I am applying to are: University of Utah (Salt Lake City), University of Colorado (Boulder), University of Northern Colorado, and University of Washington (Seattle) Here is what I have so far! · University of Utah: Cost if resident: o First year Fall semester (13 credits): approx. $4,519.34 o First year Spring semester (12 credits): approx. $4,270.31 o First year Summer semester (9 credits): approx. $3,505.74 o Second year Fall semester (11 credits): approx. $4,021.28 o Second year Spring semester (11 credits): approx.$4,021.28 o Second year Summer semester (6 credits):approx.$2,732.43 o Third year Fall semester (11.5 credits): approx. $4,270.31 o Third year Spring semester (10.5 credits): approx.$3,763.51 o Fourth year Fall (9 credits): approx. $3,505.74 o Fourth year Spring (9 credits): approx. $3,505.74 o Total cost for resident= $38,115.68 University of Colorado Boulder First Year: resident, using estimator · Fall Semester: 13 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o fees: $927 · Spring Semester: 10 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o Fees: $927 · Summer Semester: 1 credit o Credit costs: $1,860 o Fees: $780 Second Year: · Fall Semester: 15 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o Fees: $927 · Spring Semester: 15 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o Fees: $927 · Summer semester: 8 credits o Credit costs: $4,960 o Fees: $927 Third Year: · Fall Semester: 15 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o Fees: $927 · Spring Semester: 15 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o Fees: $927 · Summer Semester: 4 credits o Credit costs: $2,480 o Fees: $808 Fourth Year: 9 credits · Fall Semester: 4 credits o Credit costs: $2,480 o Fees: $808 · Spring Semester: 4 credits o Credit costs: $2,480 o Fees: $808 Total Cost: $57,433
  4. Hi there, ANyone else applied for either the AAUW international fellowship or the Margaret McNamara Fellowship and heard back from them yet? I am anxiously waiting for the results. Going a bit crazy ;(
  5. I am starting a new program in the fall in a different state, and I think it's time to switch to a different bank. I have been using the state employee credit union of my home state (NC) for years, and it's a great bank, but I want to be able to walk into a branch in my new home when I need service. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows any banks that have accounts that are grad-student friendly. Basically I don't want to have to worry about balance minimums and that kind of thing. Interest rates aren't super important at this point because I don't think I'll be able to save a whole lot of the monthly stipend anyway. I'd rather go with a major bank like Wells Fargo or BoA, but open to any suggestions (new university will be UMD-CP). Thanks!
  6. I am currently a first year student in a 3 year accelerated PhD program. I accepted the offer last year to come to this school based on the fact that they guaranteed funding in some form (TA/RAship, etc) for the duration of my research here, and at the bare minimum, they stated that they guarantee that I will be getting a TA/RAship at least 1 quarter per year for the 2nd and 3rd years. I got an email from the department last week, telling me that they are not going to fund me at all next year. I have been TAing a specific course for the last 2 years I have been at this university (1 during my MA, and 1 during my first PhD year), and asked them whether I can expect to get at least that gig. They told me not to expect anything from the department. Are funding package award letters legally binding? I mean, if they "guarantee" me funding, can the department renege on this guarantee without any explanation?
  7. I am looking to go back to school this upcoming year and have been looking at my options to pay for school. I really should have thought about this prior to obtaining my undergraduate degree and was curious if anyone had experience in this area? My parents funded my first undergraduate degree, and as for my second I had to take out loans on my own. I was wondering what are my options in terms of graduate study? How can I pay for school? I do not want to have more debt that just accumulates interest in the future. Anyone have any thoughts in this area?
  8. Hey guys. So I am only 23 but have been married for a little over 2 years. The job market has been tough so my husband and I are being completely supported by my family. While my parents arent complaining I do feel very guilty for not being able to find any job that pays more than a waitress (I have a History BA). My question is, am I the only married person completely dependent on their relatives? I'm asking because I am being incredably hard on myself for not being able to find a job and feeling incredably guilty for accepting their hard earned money.
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