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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all! I was accepted into Baylor's online graduate program for speech-language pathology back in January. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone who'll be in the program with me! Not sure if there is a Facebook group page yet..
  2. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has gotten into Baylor's Masters Online SLP Program and how competitive is it. I just did an informational webinar for prospective students. I live in Dallas, TX so I know that the tuition will not be too much but still expensive. I currently go to Texas Woman's University majoring in Health Studies. I was going for Occupational Therapy but I have more of a love for Speech-Language Pathology. Also, could you provide your stats? I'm trying to see if I have a change. Thanks!
  3. I was accepted into Baylor and am looking for insight as to how people who are going there or have gone there like the program, and living in Waco. Any thoughts appreciated!
  4. Here's a space for anyone planning on going to the Texas Medical Center to meet! I'll be at Baylor in the biochem and molecular biology department.
  5. I am still waiting on decisions for Baylor, University of Virginia, University of Texas-Dallas, and Texas State. Is anyone else still waiting on any of these schools?
  6. Hello, I'm a recent Comm. Dis. graduate in Florida and I was accepted to both Baylor and UCF. I am not attached to anything and now would be the best time to move out of state if I'm going to do so. I'm honestly struggling with a decision, which should I choose? I'm not particularly drawn to either. UCF would be $27K total for a 2-year, six-semester program, Baylor would be $52K(they gave a 20K scholarship) tuition total for a 1-year, 4-semester program. I need unbiased responses, I'm struggling alot with this decision. Is the higher debt worth working a year earlier? I haven't heard the best things about the UCF program so I'm very nervous. Anyone with feedback on these two schools please respond!
  7. Has anyone heard back from Baylor? Are they going to be holding interviews? Have they held interviews? A few of my peers have shared that they have 2 messages pending on their message section in the GOBAYLOR GRAD portal but that they can't open them.. Anyone else? I don't, so I don't think that is a good sign.
  8. Has anyone heard back from these schools yet? UNT, TWU, TCU, Baylor
  9. Hey everyone! I figured I would start this thread for anyone who plans on attending BCM in Fall 2016. Maybe be helpful in making contacts and finding roommates beforehand as well! Post your name, program, and where you are from. Name: Ashley Program: Immunology Coming from: Massachusetts Can't wait to meet my future classmates!
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