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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I want to inquire about the application for bioinformatics phd. Any advice or comments is highly appreciated! my background: I got my bachelor degree in Biological Pharmacy in China, and my undergraduate GPA was really low, only 3.28.... I did many public health and pharmacy research and got some awards in public health domain. (I know my gpa is too low... I am a first-year master student in WashU med school, my major is biostatistics (actually the program length is only 18 months). I got all A/A+ in all courses until now. I have worked as a RA in a bioinfor lab since my program started. My major project is benchmarking and PI told me there would be a paper for my data (but will publish in late 2022). I also will get another chance to get a strong LOR from another washu professor. my aim: I plan to apply for bioinformatics/biomedical informatics PhD programs in US. Could anyone give me any advice like what kind of school I have high/medium/fair chance to be admitted? I am just really anxious and worrying recently because I certainly know my background is really weak.. Thanks again for your patience and advice!! This is my first time to post, so plz tell me if I post a wrong place.
  2. I am right now at that point in my career where I need to choose whether I need to take a thesis or project to end my Master's degree. I want to enter into the Industry side of Bioinformatics and I want to ask the recruiters what mainly they look in the candidates when they hire a bioinformatics student the technical knowledge or the research
  3. I am applying this year for Bioinformatics this year... Can someone give me a fair evaluation. Do I have chance getting into a good program. Worst international Asian male Undergrad school: Big state (I stupidly chose wait for 3 waitlists, I thought at least 1 out of 3, and ended up like this...) GPA:3.81 major GPA:3.95 Majors: Cell biology, biochem Minor: Math GRE: not taken yet, but will take soon, quant easy full score, verbal IDK, 145-150 prob Exp: 2 years research at UCSF couple summer research publications: Nth author on Nature comm 3rd author on median clinic journal 4th author on a field top journal 2nd on a paper under review for nature, quit big project Working on a (I think) very cool novel deep learning pipeline independently (code is done, result seems promising to my PI, need to finalize) Lof: big name in the field ordinary senior researcher somewhat big name prof in the biomedical filed honors: very competitive national honors for math, biology and physics in high school Putnam experience skills: python (very good, huge amount of projects on git), c/c++ (one project), R(fine, couple projects) , shell(fine, couple projects), cython (one project) and matlab (studied). What is my chance ? is it possible for a Big state international Asian male be accepted in good programs ?
  4. Hey guys. I am applying to PhD programs of Bioinformatics. Could you please review my statement and provide honest feedback? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! Statement of purpose 11.26.docx
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