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Found 133 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Thank you in advance for all of your help! I am really perplexed as to what lab I should join. I have two very distinct labs that I am interested in joining and both have fatal faults which makes me very unsure of my decision. I am leaning towards either joining Lab 1 alone or Lab 1 and 2 as a comentorship however they are not buddies (nor are they enemies) and have very different personalities so, while they are currently collaborating on a project, there is no telling what a comentorship would be like. I am considering a comentorship because Lab 1 is so young I have no idea if he will get good publications or be a good mentor and I believe he is overwhelming himself by taking on 3 grad students all at once. Additionally, Lab 2, while adding credibility, writing expertise, and a focus on my favorite cell type, also allows me to do some awesome research techniques which are uniquely their own and rarely shared. Plus the both of the labs' research very nicely compliments each other and adds a burgeoning part of the field to each lab's repertoire (and mine o.o). I have yet to talk to either lab about comentorship as I want to solidify my decision before I do. Thank you for all of your help! Lab 1: a very young PI who is likely taking on way too many grad students this year, including one I don't particularly enjoy as a colleague, but whose overall lab and research is a better fit. Personality = reserved Pros Tons of funding, niche area that's very unique but "hot" right now, plays to my experience more Great lab environment Very open to following your research ideas More bioinformatics (something I want to learn) Cons Very young PI--would be his first grad student and he has no last author publications. Already busy and hands off, kind of isolated from the community Will likely be taking THREE GRAD STUDENTS all at the same time (with no previous mentoring experience) -- I don't think I would like one of them as a colleague for the next 5 years He asked one of the students to join (the one I don't enjoy working with) without asking anyone in lab about them -- if they have their own funding then it seems lab environment is sacrificed--could this happen again? Maybe a bit too clinical in its focus Lab 2: a PI of 10+ years who has an established publishing record (important to me!) but also way too much on his plate (large-ish lab, 2 companies, etc.) and VERY hands off/not very collaborative. Overall still a pretty dang good research fit and a good lab environment but you only meet every other month or so. Personality = Talkative/Get it done type of person Pros Funding, high tech and more unique techniques, more basic biology than Lab 1 Good lab environment--very social I would be the only new grad student More well known, will be easier to publish better/get fellowships/get a high postdoc Work focuses on a type of cell type that I am more interested in and Lab 1 doesn't work in at all. Cons Primarily wants to follow his ideas, not yours Not very collaborative, if at all (doesn't seem to be working with almost any labs) Extremely hands off OLDEST lab equipment I've ever seen I know neither the individual labs nor the comentorship are ideal but please let me know any thoughts or questions you may have! I have been talking and thinking about this for almost a month now and can use all the help I can get.
  2. Hey guys and gals, I've come close to the end of my first year at BCM, passed all my courses and such. However one of the PIs I was considering joining is leaving to Scripps in CA. I have been given the option to transfer programs, but I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on the program at Scripps, or any opinion on BCM vs Scripps as institutions, programs, environment (supportive vs competitive), cost of living and how far a scripps stipend goes in CA. Any general advice on what its like to transfer and after transferring programs is also appreciated. Thanks!
  3. CancerBiology

    PhD in Cancer Biology

    Hello everyone! I am new in this Forum so I don't exactly know how it works... But anyway, I am going to explain my situation and see if I can get any help (which I would really appreciate). I am planning to apply to my PhD this fall as an international student. I am from Europe and I did my bachelor there. It is my first time ever applying to an American university, so any advice would be helpful. - Bachelor/Masters in Pharmacy (I put Masters because it takes 5 years, it is considered Bachelor+Master in Europe, and I have a paper that gives it the academic equivalence to Doctor of Pharmacy in the US, if that works). My GPA is 7.1/10. I know. Everyone is going to think that is really low, but in Europe and in pharmacy school, nobody has a GPA of 9/10, for example. So mine is pretty good at my university. I also have honors in my final thesis (cancer-related) and it is considered the best thesis of my promotion. - Research experience: one semester as an undergrad (around 25 h per week), 6 month as an exchange student in America (no classes, just research), currently doing research in one of the Top20 Universities in the U.S. (not an Ivy, but ranked better than most of them). By the time I apply my experience in this last university will be of 1 year but by the time I start my PhD it would be of 2 years. - Other experience: 1 year as a retail pharmacist, 6 month internship as a clinical pharmacist in a Hospital in Europe. - Publications: 3 posters (2 Top European conferences and 1 at the university that I am working in right now) but no PubMed publications... - Speaker at one conference. - Lots of volunteering in Heathcare. I also just got a 6-month fellowship (cancer-related) from a really prestigious foundation, only 27 people in the U.S got it and it was one per institution. TOEFL: I took it a while ago and I got a 104, the minimum required is 100 in most Ivys, maybe I will retake it if I have time. GRE: Haven't taken it yet but I am currently studying for it, I am planning to take it in one month. GRE Biology: is it worth taking it? I wanted to apply to Ivy leagues and high-ranked universities for my PhD in Cancer Biology, but I also want to be realistic and know honest opinions as if I stand any chance to get in. Thank you!
  4. genefan

    Biology GRE old test papers

    Does anyone have old test papers for biology subject test? I'm having a hard time finding them online.
  5. Hello! I couldn't find a thread for postbacc options, so here we go! Im graduating early, so decided a postbacc would be a great way to spend the year before applying to PhD programs. Ive applied to the NIH PREP program at Yale, Northwestern, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Brown, and possibly one more!
  6. Stuck choosing between my top 3 picks UCSF, UPenn, and Johns Hopkins for a PhD in Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Biology (varies by school/program). From what I've seen, heard, and read, all three schools have amazing programs, I think my decision will more likely come down to quality of life in those three places. San Francisco - I'm from the Bay Area, so family is nearby, easiest move and probably safest of the three cities. BUT expensive af and I don't get the experience of moving to a new place. Philadelphia - Had great interviews with faculty members there, but didn't think the grad students I met were as outgoing or fun. Cheaper than SF for sure, but more expensive than Baltimore. Safer than Baltimore, but still more crime than SF. Baltimore - I really loved the city and students that I met here. In terms of cost-of-living, in Baltimore you get the most for what you pay. However, everyone keeps warning me about the crime rate in the city. Any advice is welcome, especially from current students at any of these schools or students who considered these places.
  7. I've narrowed my decision down to two programs: UCSD's Biomedical Sciences program, and UPenn's Cell and Molecular Biology program (I applied to the Gene Therapy and Vaccines track). Both are umbrella programs of sorts, because I'm not sure what kind of research I want to do. I'm just interested in hearing different takes on the two schools and programs. I'm from San Diego and I love it, but I'm not sure about Philly. I visited during the interview weekend and I'm not sure that was enough time to get a good feel for it. I'm confident I could find a great thesis lab that I love at either place, they both have tons of research that I find interesting. Opinions? What would you do in my shoes?
  8. vickieyang0303

    MCD Biology at CU Boulder

    Has anyone heard back from MCD Biology at CU Boulder? I have interview with the admission committee and they said they will notify me in 1-2 weeks cause they need to interview with other top international candidates. But it's already been two weeks and I'm still waiting... Does this mean my chance of getting admitted is also getting lower? Should I send them an email and ask about the result? It's pretty annoying when you can't do anything but nonstop checking your email boxes
  9. anberry15

    Research experience while working

    My goal is to earn a PhD in ecology with a focus is either estuarine ecology or biological oceanography. However, I am a Naval Academy graduate and did not get much research experience there, unfortunately those opportunities don't really exist at Navy. Now I am working as a Data Analyst in the Boston Area and trying to figure out if there is any way possible for me to get research experience part time while I work, or any other suggestions that could help propel me towards my PhD goal. Thank you for any suggestions!
  10. mochamocha73

    MIT or Harvard?? Biology

    I realize this is the definition of good problems to have, but it's really stressing me out so any help is appreciated! I got admitted to two great programs, Harvard and MIT, and I love both of them for different reasons. I'm applying for a PhD in the general field of biology, specifically microbial ecology. Harvard's program is a direct admit into a lab, and the lab I applied to seems awesome. The PI and I seemed to get along, and he's really pulling for me to attend there. There's a lot of flexibility in terms of projects, but the PI seems to be very busy and other than his lab, there aren't a lot of other people in the department that do similar work, so if something were to happen I would kind of be out of luck. At MIT, the program is a rotation system, with heavier coursework requirements the first two years. There are a number of labs I'm interested in, but none where I felt the same kind of rapport as at Harvard (maybe because I only met like 2 of them for 30 minutes each). I like MIT as a school, but this program is a little more industry-oriented and while people have told me that grad school is different from undergrad, the rep of MIT concerns me a little. The research fit is great, though, and I might have more options. So what should I do?? Please help, I have been thinking about this issue for several months now, but I just received MIT's offer so now it's getting a lot more real!
  11. Regswilson

    UNR Biology 2018

    Hey everyone! Has anyone heard ANYTHING from UNR for the Biology master's program? I check this website daily, and the only acceptances as of now are still PhD. The PI I spoke to mentioned that in the past, their graduate students would visit the campus during their Spring Break. Mine is in 2 weeks, and I haven't heard a single thing regarding this program. UNR is the only school I applied to, but I'm not sure that matters in this forum! But seriously, has anyone who has applied for the Biology Masters heard back?
  12. emmazeee

    Picking a Program

    Hi, everyone! I am currently a third year undergraduate student majoring in neuroscience who plans on going to graduate school and getting my PhD when I finish my undergraduate education. I have been looking at schools and different programs, but am having trouble picking which ones would be best for me. I know that I like research, but part of my problem is that my research interests are very broad. I believe that I am most interested in differences in behavior and the biological reasons/mechanisms behind these behaviors. I have mostly considered getting my PhD in either neuroscience or in psychology, but have more recently been considering that this may fit a biology PhD, too. What type of program do you think I would find the most relevant labs focused on this? Or does anyone have any advice that would help me to make the distinction between what type of program would be a good fit for me? Thank you!
  13. I am having trouble deciding between a few school's Biomedical Science PhD programs and would appreciate any insights people may have about these programs relative to each other: UW-Seattle Northwestern DGP U of Michigan PIBS Somethings I am curious about are Placement after graduation Research quality and breadth I am not completely sure what I want to study but am interested in virology, microbiome research, and genomics Environment and culture of program Interaction with and quality of other students Reputation/Quality of life Some more background info: Interested in industry after PhD in Biotech, Biopharma, or even Life Sciences Consulting/Investing Already completed undergrad at UW- should I go to another school so it doesn't look like I just wanted to stay in the same place all my life? Tagging some people I have seen be active on the forums: @strugglebus2k17@siliconchins@Budeer@synapticcat@StemCellFan@devbioboy@JacquelineY@gaga1994@TrashPanda@BigPharma@eevee
  14. I got accepted to Washington University in St. Louis DBBS and UT Southwestern medical center for biomedical sciences. Which one should I choose?
  15. Has anyone heard from NIH- OxCam Fellowship program about interviews?
  16. Hey guys, I am Sushant from Bangalore, India. I have applied for a PhD program in the Biology department at University of Arkansas, Fayetteville for Fall 2018 start. I have not yet received an acceptance letter from them. Before I write to them directly, I just wanted to ask whether anyone have received acceptance letter already? The application deadline was on January 15.
  17. I'm currently deciding on PhD programs in cell biology. There's a lot of different factors making this decision difficult for me, and the Google machine's answers aren't making my head spin any less. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Some background: My undergrad is from Johns Hopkins University in molecular & cellular biology. I've really enjoyed my undergrad experience here, and Baltimore is a great place to live! Overall, JHU really launched my specific interests in research and I wouldn't be where I am (interviewing & accruing offers to PhD programs) without the fantastic people at Hopkins. This past December, I applied to a bunch of PhD programs in cell/stem cell/developmental biology all across the US. About half asked me to come interview, and I'm sitting here now with offers from JHU CMDB and University of Colorado Denver CSD. To be brief, I had fantastic interview experiences with both of these programs. Overall, I felt like University of Colorado was the better fit in terms of what I want from a graduate program (good work/life balance, emphasis on mentorship, 3-4 POIs, professors eager to work with me, etc), but Colorado doesn't stack up to JHU in terms of prestige. I could certainly see myself at JHU's program, and there's one POI I could see myself working with, but I am feeling serious reservations about staying at JHU. I've garnered a lot of advice against attending the same school where I did my undergrad, and I agree. I'm definitely looking for a chance to step outside of my comfort zone, meet new people, and diversify my skill set. Along the same lines, it pains me a little bit inside to imagine myself sitting in on seminars in the same building and interacting with the same people for the next ~6ish years. tl;dr Hopkins has a much better reputation than U of Colorado, but I really see myself at Colorado much more than Hopkins. So, here's where I'm stuck. I'm looking to pursue a career in academia, and I really want to be in a program that will set me up well for post-doc. How much should I weigh prestige against other factors? Should I ignore the same-place-as-undergrad rule? Pros/cons of choosing a lower-ranked institution v.s. a higher ranked one?
  18. can anyone help with this homework question? Your project is focused on the studies of interactions of the mouse protein tyrosine kinase XYZ with other cellular proteins. Here is what you know about XYZ: It is a cytosolic protein, which is approximately 750 amino acid residues-long. It phosphorylates a wide spectrum of cellular proteins. XYZ is phosphorylated itself on several tyrosine residues. The phosphorylation of XYZ is essential for the functions of this kinase, although details are unknown. There are also reasons to believe that XYZ is glycosylated. Your goal is to identify as many proteins interacting with XYZ as possible. Design the optimal and the second-best experimental strategies for achieving your goal. Be specific about what you are going to do without describing minor details of the proposed experiments. Explain why you have chosen these strategies and not the others. (12 pts) Would your strategy be different if your goal was to determine whether or not XYZ interacts with ABC, a well-known cytosolic protein? (3 pts) (TWO pages is the limit for your answer, including all figures, if figures are used.)
  19. So I have gotten into University of Chicago, University of Michigan, Baylor College of Medicine, UCSC, and UCR... How do I choose the correct grad school?
  20. Lele93

    CU Boulder MCD Biology

    Has anyone heard back from the MCD Biology PhD program at CU Boulder yet? I've checked out the results page but there doesn't seem to be any info. Thanks!
  21. Tony12390

    Scripps (TSRI) CA vs. FL

    Does anybody know the difference between Scripps CA between FL, I prefer to CA campus but POI is on FL campus. heard FL campus will shut down (I don’t know the accuracy, just a rumor). Also found FL campus increased open house time. Welcome any information about that.
  22. Hello everyone, I currently a third-year undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in biochemistry with around a 3.0 GPA and the intent of obtaining a doctorate degree in the biological sciences upon graduation. What are my chances of entering a great graduate program? Science Activities: Three years of research experience (1.75 years at a top-20 institution and 1.25 years at an ivy league known to be a STEM superpower). One research course focused on advanced functional genetics. Honors including McNair E. Scholar, several Undergraduate Research Fellowships, and the Best Poster award from several conferences. Given a poster presentation at six conferences, as well as an oral presentation at one conference. Held an Undergraduate Teaching Assisting position for a Functional Genetics lab for three semesters. Will potentially complete a Senior Thesis. Have two publications (First Author + Third Author papers) Non-Science Activities: Drumline Founder and Instructor of a public middle school Website Developer of a public city park Note Taker at top-20 institution Additionally, I am a First-Generation, Hispanic, Low-Income student.
  23. taylorelocin

    Genetic Counseling: Fall 2018

    Hi everyone! I am an applicant for Genetic Counseling at the University of Pittsburgh. My application is officially being reviewed as of a few weeks/a month ago and I'm basically just playing the waiting game. A few stats about me: 26 years old, graduating with a BS in Biology April 2018, 3.34 GPA, 5 years pharmacy experience, GC shadowing experience, bereavement counseling volunteer, research experience, and personal GC experience. I only applied to UPitt -- kind of scary, but hoping for the best. Anyone else applying to GC programs for Fall 2018?
  24. Hi All - My spouse wants to attend the interview weekends/recruitment events with me. I am in total support of that because they will also be moving to our new home whenever I choose a school! Should I ask the administrator about providing us a single room in hotels, or should I even tell the schools that my partner will be coming? Obviously they won't be coming to the interviews or the social events with me, but they would like to see the city that we might be moving to and meet locals. It seems silly for me to even ask the administrators these types of questions because we are full-blown adults, but I just don't know the etiquette! Any input would be extremely helpful.
  25. Not sure if this is the right place to post my question, but if there are any biomath/math/bio people hanging around your help would be very appreciated. I am a second-year undergrad at a large state university trying to plan out a course of study that will prepare me well for graduate school for biomathematics. I am considering doing a double-degree in math and biology. I am also involved in undergraduate research. I'm trying to make sure I take all the classes I need, and also that I graduate in a timely manner. I have heard that five years is ok as long as they don't think you're doing it to reduce your courseload (I'm not, but there's only so many STEM courses you can take in one quarter... ) What are some class recommendations that you have? How few credits is too few?

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