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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all! I am in dire need of some objective insight into a decision between Hopkins BME and Yale BME. I know that Hopkins is the top BME graduate school, but I also happen to be a current student there and am not quite settled on the idea of being there another 5-6 years. Ideally, I would like to start somewhere different, which Yale would give me the opportunity to do so. Additionally, I got an additional fellowship (Gruber) at Yale that would be helpful with paying off student loans. The tough thing is, is that I didn't really get to visit Yale in person due to the Corona virus, but the virtual visitation was nice and I enjoyed talking with everyone. With Hopkins, I was already a little familiar and had a great time interviewing also. Hopkins is also the closest program to my top choice (HST MEMP which I unfortunately didn't get...) My interests are leaning towards molecular imaging applied to psychiatric disorders and am trying to discern which program is better because there are some cases to make on both ends. But I am also thinking about life outside of my time as a student, living in Baltimore for going on a decade. It isn't my favorite city to be honest but not the worse place. Just want to know others' thoughts on this predicament, don't know if I'm overthinking too much...
  2. Hi guys, new here and didn't see many posts about imaging informatics/radiomics (like applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning to biomedical images for automatic disease detection and uncovering biomarkers for elucidating pathologies).. So I wanna start this thread and seek some advice about my choice of programs (I know it's kind of late but I just know there is this gradcafe forum 😭). Thanks guys!!! Undergrad Institution: Top5 in China Major: Chemistry (B.S.) Overall GPA: 3.32 / 4.00 Grad Institution: Columbia Univ. Major: Biomedical Engineering (M.S.) Overall GPA: 4.0 / 4.0 Demographics/Background: International Student GRE Scores: 321 (V152+Q169+3) TOEFL Scores: 116 (But can be waived for most schools as having a MS in the US) Research Experience: 1. Undergrad Summer (2017): 2mo. Microscopic image deconvolution. 2. Undergrad internship at a start-up (2018): 5mo. Developed computer-aided system. Machine Learning in classification of low-grade glioma and prognosis prediction. structural MRI images. 3. Grad Summer (2019, starting from May): 2.5mo in the summer and still working on it. Deep Learning in age prediction. structural MRIs, functional MRIs. 4. Grad (now): Starting from Sep (around 2mo). Deep Learning in classification of schizophrenic patients. PI says I could have a first-author pub (but it by no means could be submitted before Jan or Feb 2020) 5*: Course Project: 2mo. This is not like a real research but a project for "deep learning" course. Electronic Microscopic image segmentation. LOR: 1 instructor from Machine Learning course (I am the TA this semester and did a project for this course at that time) at grad school, received A. 1 from 3 above and 1from 4 above (should be both strong... not sure if very strong, but at least strong). Publications/Abstracts/Presentations: Basically no (I don't think 4 above counts). Have presented 1 above in a technology forum at undergrad school. During the this forum, have done poster and oral pre (got "excellent oral presentation" award) and my reports was collected in the proceedings of this forum (but this forum is a very very small one run by the Chemistry department... 😭) No pub. But I have written journal-style reports for almost every project that I have completed. I got a website and these reports and other info can be viewd on it. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Like some outstanding student scholarship etc. in undergrad. Grad no. But in Grad School (May 2019), participated in a Health Challenge and was in the 3rd place (very very very small competition... I think no one will have any idea about it). Fellowships/Funding: NO (International students cannot apply for like NSF....etc) Pertinent Activities or Jobs: TA as described in LOR section. Anything else in your application that might matter (faculty connections, etc.): I think I have illustrated my passion and drive etc. well in my SoP (basically a good SoP). Also emailed profs to ask if they have positions for PhD. 1 interview from UPenn/Bioeng. 2 "encourage to apply" from Stanford/EE, Yale/BME. 1 casual talk from Vanderbilt/CS (not very academic) Research Interests: Biomedical imaging, image analysis, machine learning, deep learning, biomarker, radiomics, imaging informatics. Institutions/Programs: Columbia / BME Yale / BME UPenn / BE Emory-GaTech / BME Uwashington / BE WUSTL / Imaging Science JHU / BME Vanderbilt / CS Stanford / EE Comments: These schools are like all top schools and I am therefore very concerned I would be rejected for all. I guess I could phrase my questions like 3 points Are these schools too high for me? Should I change or add some safe schools? My interest is not related to biology, like cell culture, tissue engineering etc.. It's more like about coding and image analysis. I heard Stanford EE is like highly highly highly competitive. But there is a EE professor just answered my email and he looked like highly encouraged me to apply (but he is not in the committee so he doesn't have a say in admission). I was so like not sure if I should apply... Any other suggestions considering this is extremely late (some schools are due on Dec 1st). Many thanks guys!! 😭 Shane
  3. I am really confused in selecting a specialization course for my graduate program. What is the difference between a M.S. Biomedical engineering and selecting any specialization courses. Can i do specialization course by selecting M.S biomedical engineering? Please help me with the doubt...
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