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Found 16 results

  1. Has anyone heard back from Rutgers Newark regarding PhD admissions decision? I interviewed in early Feb and have yet to hear anything. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi everyone! I decdied to start this post for those who want to discuss thier storiews ans how thier applications are going for Fall 2021 admissions! Here's about me: African American applicant. I had a year of PREP at The Ohio State Univeristy and one year of a Biomed program at OSU. So thats about 2-ish years of experinces in several labs. I presented at several international conferences as well Woohoo! My GRE is 306, UGPA 3.7 and Graduate GPA 3.81. I left grad school first years because my mom was ill, so i am reapplying now. I have had interviews back in 2017 with: U Maryland Epidemiology, U of Utah Biomed, OSU BSGP and Penn State biomed programs. so if you have Q's, I got you Currently, I have interviews with Vandy, U Miami, Mayo, U of Alabama Biringham and CU Denver :). I'm waiting dor U Texas-Austin, Emory, UMass, Temple, Tufts (genetics), Wake Forest, MUSC and U of South Florida. My approach: Apply low, high and mid tier schools. Obviosuly some of these schools have already sent their invites and I totally did not get one :(. How about any of you? How
  3. Hi everyone! I am currently applying to PhD programs for biomedical science. I really just need an umbrella program because I have too many interests to confidently apply to a specific program. I have a lot of research experience but a 3.4 GPA , but my last two semesters is a 3.7 (adding that in my "additional information" section for applications. I have had the same mentor and advisor my full 4 years at undergrad. I have been in independent research with him since my summer sophomore year and currently doing an honors research thesis with him. He is writing my letter of rec, as well as the honors thesis director, and a professor I TA ed for. I don't have any "safety" schools that I'm applying to and honestly don't know where to look. So I was wanting some suggestions on biology umbrella programs. Also if there's even any chance of me getting into UNC chapel hill (advisor is an alum there), University of Arizona Tucson, or Vanderbilt. Thanks for your input and help!
  4. I have recently gotten into this program for the Fall of 2020 and was wondering how it is for those who are part of it, or the BME program at the Drexel's School of Biomedical Engineering? Are there research opps at any hospitals? I am currently in Baltimore and am wondering about the Philly/Drexel culture as well!
  5. Hi all! Is there anyone else that has applied for Biomedical Science/Biology/anything similar PhD courses for 2020 entry? I've applied to the following: NYU Sackler Institute (US) Johns Hopkins (US) ICR (UK) Imperial (UK) Where has everyone else applied??
  6. Ok I'm applying this cycle and panicking. So I'm really interested in neuroscience and research in biomedical science, MEANWHILE, psychopathology has always been fascinating to me but clinical psy is super competitive (more than biomed I think). Only thing I don't like about biomed is that most graduates go to academia/industrial and doesn't really work with patients. They are very different routes and I really can't get both. My gpa is not good (3.4/4.0) and I kinda don't think I stand a chance to get in a good clinical psy programs (Maybe master→phd?). Summarize: More interested: Clinical neuropsychology. Higher chance to get in: Biomedical Science
  7. I applied to two different programs at UCSD (Biomedical Science and Neuroscience) and was fortunate to be admitted to both. I've definitely decided to attend UCSD but I'm having trouble choosing which program. They're the same in terms of stipend/benefits and most of my labs of interest are available with either program. The core courses are slightly different but my options for electives will be pretty much the same. I also got a great vibe from both program's students and faculty. For a bit of background on me, I'm interested in studying neurodegerative diseases (including molecular mechanisms and translational strategies) and most likely will work in pharma or biotech after graduating. Pros of BMS: Seems a bit more closely-linked to industry, including an internship program. Core courses are more interesting to me (neuro requires some cognitive/behavioral courses that I'm less interested in). Cohort has a broader array of interests. Generally a broader education that includes biology outside of just the brain. Pros of Neuroscience: Seen as more "prestigious"/more competitive admission. Smaller, more tightly-knit cohort who all seem to be great friends and have lots of social events. Both programs seemed well-funded, but neuro is particularly so (I think they're #1 in the nation for NIH grants). More rotation flexibility (lab doesn't have to be affiliated with the program--this is a requirement for BMS but there seem to be mechanisms to get around this such as co-advisors). Any insight from others would be very helpful!
  8. I've narrowed my decision down to two programs: UCSD's Biomedical Sciences program, and UPenn's Cell and Molecular Biology program (I applied to the Gene Therapy and Vaccines track). Both are umbrella programs of sorts, because I'm not sure what kind of research I want to do. I'm just interested in hearing different takes on the two schools and programs. I'm from San Diego and I love it, but I'm not sure about Philly. I visited during the interview weekend and I'm not sure that was enough time to get a good feel for it. I'm confident I could find a great thesis lab that I love at either place, they both have tons of research that I find interesting. Opinions? What would you do in my shoes?
  9. I am having trouble deciding between a few school's Biomedical Science PhD programs and would appreciate any insights people may have about these programs relative to each other: UW-Seattle Northwestern DGP U of Michigan PIBS Somethings I am curious about are Placement after graduation Research quality and breadth I am not completely sure what I want to study but am interested in virology, microbiome research, and genomics Environment and culture of program Interaction with and quality of other students Reputation/Quality of life Some more background info: Interested in industry after PhD in Biotech, Biopharma, or even Life Sciences Consulting/Investing Already completed undergrad at UW- should I go to another school so it doesn't look like I just wanted to stay in the same place all my life? Tagging some people I have seen be active on the forums: @strugglebus2k17@siliconchins@Budeer@synapticcat@StemCellFan@devbioboy@JacquelineY@gaga1994@TrashPanda@BigPharma@eevee
  10. Hey everyone. I've applied to PhD programs at several universities for Fall 2018. After a number of rejections, I managed to get 3 interviews. So, I've interviewed with these programs: 1. University of Cincinnati - Immunology (interviewed on Feb 2nd) 2. Virginia Commonwealth University - Biomedical Science (interviewed on Feb 16th) 3. Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center - Biomedical Science (interviewed on March 2nd) I haven't heard back from any of them yet. Is that a bad sign? Do I reach out to them and ask about the status? Also, is there anyone who has applied to these programs? It would be great to speak to a fellow applicant. Let me know. Cheers!
  11. I have applied to PhD programs in biomedical science, and so far I have attended two interview weekends. One question that continues to be brought up in these visits by professors is "What other universities are you considering/interviewing at?" I was wondering if someone familiar with the PhD interview process could tell me two things: 1. Why do professors/interviewers ask this question (do they want to know what schools are they competing against for students, or are they evaluating me in some way?) 2. What is the best way to answer this question? (I have just been answering by telling them the schools I am interviewing with, but honestly is it really their business to ask or know where else I am interviewing at?) Thanks for any advice.
  12. Hello all, I will be applying to the following programs by mid November, but I was wondering if my GRE score are good enough to secure a position with full funding. 1. PhD in Biomedical Sciences in Public Health - Johns Hopkins 2. PhD in Environmental Health Sciences - Ohio State 3. PhD in Environmental Health Sciences - UCLA 4. PhD in Toxicology and Environmental Health - U of Maryland 5. PhD in Environmental and Occupational Health - University of Pittsburgh 6. PhD in Environmental Health Sciences - Columbia 7. PhD in Environmental Health Sciences - Duke GRE scores are Verbal - 151; Quant - 150 GPA (Undergrad in Genetics and Cell Bio at Washington State University): 3.8 GPA (Grad - MS in Environmental Health at East Tennessee State University) - 4.0 Have extensive research experience and completed a Masters thesis No publications yet but in the process of submitting a manuscript... Have considerable teaching experience as well Good LORs Recently completed an internship through the National Environmental Health Association, funded by the CDC. Also, should I be casting a wider net in terms of applications? Would appreciate any help! Thanks!
  13. Hi Guys, I know there are already a few threads on this but I couldn't find anything that is particularly current/relevant for my situation. I am looking into buying a new laptop soon after my coursework year at gradschool (in around 6 months time). Would mainly need it for office, running bioinformatics software, possibly for some data heavy work (genomics/proteomics work). I've been leaning towards an macbook air hopefully with an i7 and 512gb ssd or an asus model with similar specs. I've never owned a mac but have used some. My main reason for leaning that way is durability. I've gotten tired of my pcs slowing down after a year or so of use and I hear that macs work better for longer, with the sacrifice of better specs for the price point. I plan on waiting and discussing it with people in the lab I eventually join as well to make sure I don't have any compatibility issues. Would love to get some feedback from the older and wiser. Thanks!
  14. Anyone in any of the biology/biomedical graduate programs at these universities or with any insight about these institutes? I am an international so it's hard to know how these schools are viewed in the US. Rankings-wise they all seem to be mid-tier, with decent reputations. Any other insights on biotech industry and living standards in the surrounding areas would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi Everyone. Just wanted to find out how many international students have heard any good news, bad news or are still waiting to hear anything from schools this cycle. So far I got rejections from UNC-BBSP and UMMS(Worcester). Still waiting to hear anything back from UVa, U of Utah and Baylor College of Medicine.
  16. I am keen on applying for a top Biomedical PhD Program in a top University. I hope to apply to UCSF. My general profile is GRE: Quant 159 / Verbal 164 AWA scores not assessed yet. I have a BSc in Cell Biology and Genetics and an MSc in Genetics. I have appreciable research experience but I have no publications. I can get glowing reference letters I would like to know if anyone would strongly recommend I do the subject test. I know it would help but is it capable of swinging the decision in my favor or if it will be more or less redundant since I do not have more than 2 years research experience and no publications as well. I get the impression that publications are vital to the admission process and this is one area I fall very short. All advice will be deeply apprecaited.
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