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Found 5 results

  1. Hey y'all! Is anyone else applying to the NSEP/Boren this year? If you are, how far along in your applications are y'all? What language/country are y'all applying for?
  2. Hey everyone! Is anyone planning on applying for the Boren Scholarship/Fellowship for the 2017/2018 year?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm headed to the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT Austin this fall after accepting a full-ride scholarship offer. I applied to their MGPS program because I'm interested in working for national security. A huge reason why I wanted to go back to school was to take advantage of the multiple critical language scholarships available only to students, such as Boren, CLS, FLAS, etc. Based on my personal interests, I've narrowed down my language learning selection to two languages: Russian and Persian. My questions/concerns are: 1. Is it feasible to learn a new language during graduate school? Especially a mission-critical language? For my first two semesters, my course load will be relatively normal at 9 hours each semester. Also, for what it's worth, I'm currently trilingual (English, Spanish, and French). 2. In terms of my career, which language -- Russian or Persian -- would offer the highest prospects of aiding me start a career in national security once I graduate in approximately three years? UT offers intensive courses for each of these languages, which means I can cover two years of coursework in one year. I also intend to apply to Boren, CLS, and UT's FLAS programs, which expedite language fluency through intensive language and cultural exposure. My study abroad choices are in Odessa, Ukraine for Russian or Dushanbe, Tajikistan for Persian. I've also considered learning Arabic or Hindi/Urdu, as UT hosts Flagship programs for both Arabic and Hindi/Urdu. 3. Alternatively, should I instead just focus my time on learning more technical skills? For example, a GIS certificate or a certificate in data science? National security is my passion. I want to be a suitable, worthy candidate. Any advice is appreciated! Especially in terms of which critical language I should learn, since it's a life-long commitment. Thank you!
  4. Well, it's about time that this thread started! How's it going, fellow Boren-hopefuls?
  5. I've applied for the Boren and Fulbright ETA scholarships, which are both very prestigious. From what I've heard, the Fulbright does have a very good name while the Boren is less known outside the government or academia. I've gotten into the final round for the Fulbright, and I'm still hearing back from the Boren. If I am blessed and receive both, which one should I take? Fulbright Pros: Teach English to university students, connect back to my native culture, increasing my own Vietnamese language skills, talking to the people to get a deeper insight into the health and societal problems of the people of my host environment Cons: It's an ETA and not a research grant, once I get a Fulbright ETA I won't be able to get another grant, it'll just be one bullet point on my resume/graduate school application Boren Pros: Finish my B.A. in Mandarin Chinese in addition to my B.S. in Biology, achieving fluency/proficiency in the language (currently, I'm at the advanced level), experience a new culture/language, it'll be a great addition to my resume if I've studied abroad and is proficient in three languages (English, Vietnamese, and Mandarin) Cons: Many people have a double majors so I won't have an edge, it's not a Fulbright, the scholarship won't pay for all of my fees so I'll need to take out more loans (unless I get the other scholarships I'm applying for also) Either way, I think I'll be able to incorporate a health aspect to it to go towards my future aspirations to develop a career in Global Health in China and Southeast Asia. Please help! What do you think would be the best? Thank you GradCafe community!
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