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Found 13 results

  1. Has anyone tried to negotiate for more scholarship money at the Lynch School at Boston College? I was recently accepted into their Mental Health Counseling Program but am hoping there's some wiggle room in my funding package. If you've tried, were you successful? What'd you do?
  2. Has anyone tried to negotiate for more scholarship money at the Lynch School at Boston College? I was recently accepted into their Mental Health Counseling Program but am hoping there's some wiggle room in my funding package. If you've tried, were you successful? What'd you do?
  3. I am a prospective MSW student applying to the Boston College and Boston University Clinical program and considering the Children, Youth, and Families concentration. I have been doing my research, but would love any insights, options, or thoughts on the pros and cons of each program. Why one program over the other? Which one has a better field placement program? Which one is more diverse and practices cultural humility? Thanks in advance! In solidarity, A Fellow Prospective MSW
  4. Hi all! Apologies if this has already been asked and answered, but I am wondering if anybody knows how common it is for departments to automatically consider rejected PhD applicants for their masters programs. I came across this while perusing Boston College's English PhD program, but I can't find other institutions that share this practice (or at least publicize it). Is this often done at other universities? If so, where would one look to find out this information? Short of directly emailing program directors, I can't think of a quick way to know whether or not an institution does this. Is there a list out there of programs that automatically consider 'promising' PhD rejects for an MA in the same department? Thanks in advance for reading
  5. Hello, I have been accepted to a partially funded MA at Boston College, a PhD at UConn with full funding, and a PhD at UOregon with full funding (all in English Literature). Would it make sense to take the MA as a way to up my chances at a better school for a PhD later? What do you think of the placement records of UConn and UOregon? How much do you think ranking matters in this process? I see the UO is ranked higher, but to me, it looks like UConn might have better placements. Any advice is greatly appreciated! thank you, Lindsey
  6. My classes aren't due to start until August 23rd (orientation) and I'll be in Boston. However, I'd like to fly into LA to meet my girlfriend before driving across to Boston to get her car etc. out there and enjoy the road trip! We would take about a week as her job will be starting. My question is this: Can I arrive in LA on my F1 Visa if I'm going to school on the opposite coast? Will customs/immigration be funny about it? Do I have to show evidence of a return flight to the UK say, for Christmas, even though I'm taking part in a 5-year course? Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  7. Hey everyone! I've seen a whole bunch of area and school specific posts and decided to go ahead and start one for Boston so we can all keep each other updated. I applied to Simmons, Boston College and Smith (which is a ways outside of Boston but I figured I'd give it a mention anyway). Simmons sent me an email that they made a decision and placed it in the mail on Friday. All of this waiting is driving me nuts!
  8. I am taking a look at social work programs and Boston College seems to have everything I am interested in. Certificate programs like the Latino Leadership program and the Refugee and Immigrant program are ideal for me. But I feel as though I have taken a look at a few students who shared their profiles and I may not seem up to par on paper. Here is the general gist of my experience: -Bachelors degree in Spanish, no minor with GPA of 3.2 Summer semester abroad with 4.0 GPA at that university. -Volunteer at a clinic called Centro Latino for a year. I translated, interpreted, provided support to immigrants with everyday processes such as going to the dmv, apartment issues, attending doctors visits ..etc. as well as helped to organize a camp over the summer for latino children that catered to more impoverished families. -Paid internship as a legal assistant for an Immigration attorney for a semester and worked primarily with the latino population. -Volunteer at an orphanage for 3 weeks in Cochabamba, Bolivia - Spanish teacher at a private pre-school for a year. taught 3-4 yr olds spanish in two separate classes, each once a week. (would this be relevant??) -I am also moving to Spain for the year to be an assistant teacher where I will provide students with knowledge and understanding of my culture while also teaching them english. -I am in contact with an organization called Aliento that I will be volunteering for while I am in Spain. They have an orphanage as well as other facilities that I will help with. I am in direct contact with their social worker and will try my best to work closely with her. - I plan on taking the GRE and really really hope I get a decent score! I did fairly well on the SAT years ago so I am sure I can get a decent score on it. - I wish I had other experience as a volunteer or intern but I couldn't consistently volunteer as I had to work full time to support myself through college. I did volunteer at a pharmaceutical clinic that offered hugely discounted or free medicine to those in need and a homeless shelter but I did not have enough time to do them consistently. I worked maybe 50-80 hours at the clinic as well as approx 30 hours at the homeless shelter. Any advice? I really want to pursue a career in helping the latino community internationally as well as domestically! I am half mexican and I am among the first few on my fathers side of the family to graduate high school, get my bachelors, and I will be first of this side of my family to get my masters degree. Because my parents were divorced, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to grow up within the latino community with my fathers side of the family, but also to grow up in a completely americanized italian family with my mothers side of the family (great-great grandparents are from italy). I see the common struggles many of my mexican family members face that I avoided growing up because I, like my mother, was very americanized. I havent been able to find a college that catered to the latino side of social work like BC on the east coast! If you know of any others I would love to hear from you! And if you have been admitted or rejected to BC, what kind of profile did you have? What was/is your experience there?
  9. I was accepted to both the JHU MS Finance and BC MSF programs but am unsure of which would provide me with more opportunities. In the future I want to work in the field of healthcare, as a business analyst or analyst of something (I do like numbers), but I am unsure which school would be better. At first I thought Hopkins, but then I noticed that the Carey school is lacking accreditation from the AACSB. And then I realized that a high number of the applicants BC offered admission to accepted. Yet, I cannot find statistics for other schools online? Any thoughts from current students, alums, or those affiliated in some way with either program?
  10. I recently got accepted to the University of Virginia's Curry School of Education, University of Maryland's program, and Boston College's Lynch School of Education. I have an interview with Johns Hopkins this week. For secondary ed, UVA and Maryland are both ranked highly for secondary ed, but Johns Hopkins is ranked as the #2 school of education in the country. The programs are pretty much the same in terms of coursework and internships, they're all one year teaching programs. How much does ranking matter? Johns Hopkins has the best name, but should I be concerned of a lack of secondary ed ranking? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi! This is actually my first post on this forum, so. Sorry if I'm awkward or something. But my name is Hayley. I graduated from a DC school with a degree in history. I'm an early North Americanist, and my thesis was on the commutation (or not) of execution sentences for pregnant women convicted of witchcraft. My favorite thing in the entire world is Star Wars, and I'm a writer for Onyx Path Publishing. I've been admitted to BC and UMD--College Park for an MA. My undergraduate adviser, for whom I also TAd, got her PhD at BC, and I've emailed her for guidance, but I wondered if current students or other applicants had anything they could share for me to help make my decision. Does anyone know how the departments operate at these schools? Are there any lingering animosities or department battles I should be aware of or consider?
  12. Hello fellow BC-ers! My name's Liz, I just got accepted in the the Boston College Lynch School of Ed's M.Ed program for Moderate Special Needs. Now comes the insane search for an affordable apartment with easy access to the green line and 2 bedrooms...
  13. Hey everyone, which do you think is a better master's counseling program? I've been accepted to Loyola University Chicago's M.Ed community counseling program and Boston College's MA counseling program.
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