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Found 21 results

  1. Hello all, I have received admits from ASU and University of Colorado Boulder(CUB) for MS in CS program at both universities. I am going through a hard time in choosing the right college between the two of them. If anyone has insights/suggestions about these university, it will really be useful for me. About myself: 1. I did undergrad in Computer Science and Engg. in a Tier-1 college in India 2. I have 2 months internship experience only 3. I focus on improving my knowledge and skillset and do meaningful research and projects 4. I'm looking towards a career in fields like AI/ML/NLP after my gradation. So, someone please tell me how good are these two universities in terms of their coursework, faculty, job and internship prospects, part time on campus job, getting a RA/TA. Both are well renowned schools. Also, ASU costs lesser than CUB, but is CUB worth the cost and surviving through the extra cold? Does CUB is better than ASU in any aspect? I am very confused, so I am need of suggestions and inputs from GradCafe Community. Also, I have received admits from UTD and UBuffalo - SUNY for MSCS. But, I am focusing on ASU and CUB as their better. Should I consider UTD and UBuffalo also? If so, why? As per my research, ASU and CUB seems far better in terms of curriculum, research aspects, faculties, job prospects. Someone who faced a similar dilemma/someone with knowledge about both the universities, please share your insights. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi! Wanted to start a thread for those who were accepted to CU Boulder! I was accepted and will be attending in the Fall. I AM SO EXCITED. Is anyone else pretty sure or strongly considering Boulder?? I will also be at the open house! Anyone going to that? I know for people flying in it's a holiday weekend. For people applying to Fall 2019 who might end up reading this thread : I attended a very early information session in Oct where the presenter gave a TON of helpful information. I worked very very hard on my personal statement that had a decent amount of personality and voice and was by no means dry. I had a ton of people read it! I think out of everything my personal statement was my strongest. Good luck to all who apply next yr!
  3. Has anyone who has applied to UC Boulder's physiology program for Fall 2019 (master's or PhD) heard back yet?
  4. Has anyone who was waitlisted to cu boulder heard back yet? They said they would text us (weird right) on April 15th or soon after if a spot opens up but I wonder if they’ll let us know if there’s not a spot for us...
  5. It's already past 4/15 and I haven't heard back from the program I applied for... I got an interview around March mid, yet, no news came back. What should I do... It's killing me to wait, and wait, and wait...
  6. So, like many of you, I have a big decision to make. I need to choose between two Classics MA programs: FSU and Boulder. As of right now, FSU is offering me full funding. I'm on the waitlist for funding at Boulder, but I've been told I'm near the top of the list so getting funding is possible. I haven't been able to visit, but Boulder's program sounds amazing and they have two faculty there who are very closely related to my interests. One person in particular sounds like she would be an obvious choice to be my thesis advisor when the time comes. Boulder is also a very liberal place, which is important to me since I'm gay and very politically active. Howvever, I know it's also a very expensive place to live, and I've been told that the grad students there are very stressed and not very friendly. I'm not sure what the culture of the program is and I don't know if the stipend they offer is really enough to live on. On the other side of things, I visited FSU recently and I got really good vibes from the faculty and other grad students. Most of them seemed very friendly and personable, and also very willing to help you find jobs and experience even if you decide academia isn't for you. They also have a Museum Studies certificate that I would continue to be funded for for the extra year it would take, and their program has a strong emphasis in gaining teaching experience, which I think is important. I can also take a elective course to work on my Greek a little more before I would dive into graduate level reading courses, which I think I need. It's also a much cheaper place to live. There are some cons here though. I'm worried about living in the South (for obvious political reasons, but also because I don't handle heat very well), I've heard there's a lot of crime, and there isn't really anyone in the department that's working on exactly the kind of stuff I would be interested in. Also, it's a serious pain in the ass to get to and from there from basically everywhere. Overall, I think FSU has a strong program with great people and I would likely be quite happy there. However, if Boulder does come through with funding and it is enough to live on without getting another job... I don't know which one I should choose. Does anyone have any information about either program that might give me some insight into what I should do?
  7. Did anyone else apply to their Ph.D. (or Masters!) programs? I was invited to the "finalist weekend" yesterday and am really excited.
  8. Has anyone heard back from the MCD Biology PhD program at CU Boulder yet? I've checked out the results page but there doesn't seem to be any info. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, I am currently in the process of applying to PhD programs in sociology. My interests are mainly in crime and deviance. My top school is CU Boulder but I'm having a hard time locating their GRE requirements. What would be defined as "competitive scores"? Has anyone here gotten in there- what were your scores?
  10. Looking for any insight in what people think is important for success both academically and personally. Both places are great in terms of research fit and are funded. The major differences are listed below. Boulder: Amazing location/fun to live POI seems excited for me to join lab Princeton: Slightly better fit academically and culturally (I am strongly considering staying in academia and the department seems very tight nit.) Closer to home plus more money. I'm moving with my fiancée and family is important to us. The extra money and proximity for Princeton would make it easier to travel home. However, her job is one that greatly benefits from having local activities and her day to day would be much more exciting in Boulder. My primary question to y'all is if you had a similar situation what school you would lean and why? I'm just looking for outside perspectives so any insight could be helpful.
  11. I need your help... I am figuring out which option is better:A. Master of Engineering (professional master) in Mechanical Engineering at UIUC. Dream school!! very expensive B. MS Engineering Mechanics at Virginia Tech. Awesome program and affordable.C. MS Mechanical Engineering at Colorado Boulder (non-thesis). Great program. Affordable. Plenty of job opportunities and nice location. I am not sure how the job market is near UIUC or VTech, but I would need a job to complement my scholarship and pay for tuition...Any advise? Thanks!
  12. Hey all, Was lucky enough to be accepted to Atmospheric / Oceanographic Sciences PhD programs at a few great schools. I've narrowed it down to two, and visited both, but am really struggling to pick a favourite from here. I even made a huge spreadsheet, tried to weigh this up quantitatively and one scored 72.3/100 and another scored 72.7/100. Some basic personal details: Primary field of interest is polar science, particularly sea ice and climate modelling British, with British undergrad and master's Likely (~75% chance) looking to stay in academia following the PhD Girlfriend will be trying to get a job and move to same location after around a year Roughly weighting my decision as 50% academic factors and 50% quality of life factors Academic factors: Washington is slightly better in terms of ranking and has a large number of polar scientists. Boulder has a number of research institutes in the area such as NCAR and plenty of polar scientists too. Advisers at both places seem great. Washington project fits well with my research interests and would be very flexible. Boulder project does not yet have confirmed funding and may not until a little into my second year. Is more or less my ideal project. More TA requirements at Boulder, as advisers aren't confirmed until end of 1st year. While both departments seemed great in this respect, I really liked the culture of the Washington department in terms of student/faculty interaction and from a general social point of view. Non-academic factors: Cost of living is probably fairly similar when compared to stipend, possibly slightly worse in Seattle. Boulder has pretty perfect weather (in my opinion). Seattle has weather seems like England, which other than an awesome few months in Summer would be nice to get away from. Particularly seeing as I plan on cycling as my main transport. Girlfriend would likely have to get a job in Denver if I went to Boulder, which is a decent commute. However, Seattle commutes are notoriously bad too. Both places are great for outdoor activities, but they're closer and drier in Boulder. Seattle is a big city, so seems better for nightlife/cultural things. Might have to drive/bus to Denver for some of these otherwise, but really liked Denver. Colorado has some awesome Mexican food. Big fan. For the sake or argument lets say girlfriend has no preference between place. If you made it through all those points then thanks for reading. Not sure what I'm looking for in terms of advice as I know this is a very personal decision, but any insight on the programs or locations anyone has would be really appreciated.
  13. Can anyone who has been accepted into/attends Boulder for lit give me any indication as how close to April 15th they are cutting off the waitlist? Also, are any waitlisted applicants ever offered funding?
  14. I've read through a few of these threads, and the common theme seems to be people who clearly (from an outsider's perspective) already know what they want coming to that realization on their own by hearing input from others. So...here I am. Possibly already decided, but certainly don't feel that way. I've been accepted to UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, Northwestern, and CU Boulder for CS PhD programs. As far as I can see, here is how things breakdown. Stipends are comparable at each school: UC Berkeley Area: I don't love NorCal (I lived in the area for ~7 years so I'm pretty familiar), but there are a TON of opportunities to get involved with startups in the area. Research fit: AWESOME, I'd work on super wacky stuff the likes of which I haven't seen at other places. I also love the prof BUT he can be EXTREMELY difficult to get in touch with. That's been a problem for me in the past - I'm independent, but I don't like to be completely abandoned. Prestige: Super high obviously. Long-term prospects: Name recognition through the roof, plus I'd likely already develop relationships with awesome industry companies. Focus: Developing new platforms. UC Santa Cruz Area: Again, NorCal, not my fave, but off in the woods seems like a better fit for me. Still plenty of great access to the startups and so forth in the area. Research fit: Also AWESOME. I'd be working with a professor who does super wacky stuff that's right up my alley. I've felt the strongest "gut fit" with this prof. Prestige: Not so great? Long-term prospects: I'd develop some strong relationships that could take me far, and doing research that I'm super interested in sounds excellent. Focus: Playful technology / user-centered design / games CU Boulder Area: My absolute favorite place by far, hands down. Living here would be a joy every day. Some tech startup activity in the area, but probably not much compared to the Bay Area. Research fit: EXCELLENT. Very interdisciplinary campus, new program ramping up (I tend to thrive in slightly chaotic environments like this as long as I'm given the power to change things). Prestige: Not so great? Long-term prospects: Craft technology / schools Northwestern Area: Chicago, big cities just aren't my thing. BUT, they do have opportunities, and I'd do work in museums, and possibly with some amazing performing groups there. Research fit: Great, I think? I'm questioning my commitment to the focus here, but until super recently I was way gung-ho about it. Prestige: Excellent. Long-term prospects: I'd build relationships with museums, since that's the main focus of the lab. Anyway, there's no clear winner here to me, at least. I...I'm not even sure what I'm asking for... I guess I'm just hoping that if I type this all out, someone will be able to hold up a mirror to what I've said and help me see my own hopes and dreams more clearly. Here's a question I guess: How does CU Boulder rank as compared with Santa Cruz or Northwestern?
  15. I've gotten into the schools mentioned above for chemical engineering PhD (leaning bio centered research) and would appreciate input regarding all of your opinions on these schools (if you've gone there, applied, heard anything etc.) At this point my ultimate goal is to head toward academia though this largely could change depending on how the PhD process ends up going. I know the ranking changes every year (if anyone has an updated list of top 20 I would appreciate it) but I believe santa barbara is around 7, delaware 10, michigan 12, and boulder around 17. Since these are all top 20, is there a large significance between say santa barbara and boulder? There are a few teachers in each schools department which interest me, and I assume I will have a better idea after visiting, regardless I appreciate any input!
  16. I've gotten into the schools mentioned above (UMichigan, CU Boulder, U Delaware, UC Santa Barbara) for engineering PhD and would appreciate input about living (cost, quality of life, socialness, parking) from anyone who has attended these schools. Any input helps! Thanks
  17. Has anyone received an offer from Cu Boulder Physics department ? My application summary shows that it is still being reviewed by the committee .
  18. Hi all, I just wanted to start a topic on CU Boulder's PhD Applicants. Has anyone received an offer of acceptance yet? Post when you have! PB
  19. Hi everyone, Anyone else got admitted to the PhD program? From Southeast Asia.
  20. Hi all, After a dreadful application season, I want to start my searching early and have been reading up on University of Colorado at Denver and Boulder, along with U of New Mexico. I'm interested in the Applied Math graduate program and more specifically into Biomath. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments about these three schools?
  21. hello fellow members. I am wondering if anyone has any expereince with Naropa University? I just applied for their M.Div for fall 2012. I am currently at Loyola Chicago doing an MSW. I am not happy here so I applied to Naropa. Any experience or anything at all undergrads or grads in any programs would be great as far as interviews, class size, contemplative education, jobs after, etc. thank you. Namaste.
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