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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I am new here, so I apologize if there is already a thread about this that I missed, but I was accepted into my first-choice reach school, The London School of Economics. They gave me a persoalized letter and the department said they would really like to have me, however, I was not offered any funding at all (the department itself has no funds to offer). I am an American student and I could take out soul-destroying American student loans, but I would really hate to do so if I do not have to. On the other hand, I would also hate to turn down my first-choice school for monetary reasons (I did the same thing for my undergraduate degree--- turned down my first-choice school in favor of a school that was cheaper). I have been saving money for 3 years here in Japan, but my family fell onto hard times and so I gave all of the money that I saved for graduate school to them. I am slowly rebuilding, but I definitely won't have enough to cover everything. I think I could probably save enough to cover living expenses if no big problems comes up between then and now. Does anyone know of any LSE scholarships (or scholarships for Americans who want to study at LSE/the UK) aside from the graduate support scheme? For everything that I've found either the deadline has already passed or filling out the online form graduate support scheme was sufficient. I want to exhaust all my possibilities before I give up on my dream, so if you know of anything, please help me. I was accepted into other programs that offer funding, but they aren't quite as specific and they aren't a perfect fit for me like LSE's program is. Thank you!
  2. Hi all, I wondered if anyone had any useful thoughts on a number of questions I have! I'm from the UK (where I did my undergrad), though am now teaching at a University in the US. I'm in the process of applying for PhD programmes here (though I'm only just starting the process, which I realise is quite late - do you think its unrealistically late?!). I haven't taken the GRE yet so not sure how I'll fare on that - which is my first question. How long before an application deadline do you need to take it? Keen to put in as much practice as I can... I also wondered if anyone had any idea on how schools look at International degrees and how they 'convert' to a GPA? I have a 2.i (67) from Cambridge in Politics. Its hard to know how well this will be looked on and what kind of level school I should be pitching myself at. I guess when I have a GRE score this will be easier. I also have worked for a politician in the UK, but have no publication or research experience (I am teaching at the moment, though not in Political Science). I also was wondering if anyone had any tips on the best way of narrowing down school choices. So far, I have a list of about 30(!) schools narrowed down - I've eliminated ones in locations I couldn't bring myself to live in, ones without any name recognition at all (which you might think unwise, but I may end up returning to the UK and not working in academia, in which case, however good a Political Science department it is, it will damage my chances of a good job etc.) and ones where I already know their area of specialisation doesn't fit with my interests. In case anyone with lots of experience in all of this is feeling extra generous and wants to recommend some schools: I have fairly broad ranging interests at the moment (is this a problem do you think?), but I'm interested in Democratisation, Political behaviour, Nationalism/ethnicity and its part in politics, and Security & Development issues, China and International politics. Also, how many schools do people generally apply to? Would really appreciate any help that you can offer! Grace.
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