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  1. I am a Chinese student and got admitted by CS Sc.M. Brown and CS75 UCSD. UCSD ranks higher in CS and has better location in CA (although not that close to SV), while it admitted too many students which may cause intense competition. Brown has better education quality and good-looking statistics for finding jobs, while its CS ranking and location might be problematic. I want to find a job in tech companies in CA after graduation, and I wonder which one is the better choice. Any suggestion or idea would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I am looking for some advice on graduate school choosing. I've narrowed my result down to Columbia MSCS, GaTech MSCS, CMU INI MS in Mobile and IoT Engineering and Brown ScM CS. I want to find SDE jobs, CMU got a good brand but its focus is on Mobile and IoT, which will include some hardware. However, the last semester of this program will be taken in Silicon Valley, which will be somewhat helpful for finding full time jobs I think. GaTech costs less and Columbia/Brown are Ivies. what are your thoughts?
  3. Hello. I've been fortunate to be accepted into the master's program in biostatistics at both Brown and at UWashington-Seattle. I was wondering if any of you have any thoughts or experience with these programs. They are both great schools, so I don't the quality of education at either place but I was more curious about the opportunities during/after the program and about the biostatistics communities at these schools. The Washington program costs about $10,000 less and is only a 1.5 years, while Brown is a 2 year program. But I like the fact that Brown is small and the Ivy name is really tempting as well. Anyways, any help in choosing between the two programs will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I got admitted into the Master of Science programs of these two schools, majoring in Computer Science... Any advice on which one to choose? 😃
  5. I've been accepted into two good schools. NYU : Masters in Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship at the Tandon School of Engineering Brown University: Masters in Biotechnology. I'm facing a very difficult time deciding between these two. I am also going to be an international student. Any advice on this regard would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Hello hello. Thought I would go ahead and start a thread for everyone planning on attending either Brown's DS or CS program starting Fall 2018. I'm down to start a groupchat if we get enough people. Might be worth looking into group housing, as well. There's some pretty nice places around the college.
  7. Hello I received an email from Brown Watson Institute and they stated that the Admissions Committee has completed its early action deliberations, and they had more qualified applicants than we could admit at this time. However, the committee recognized my record of achievement and would like to reconsider my application as part of the regular admission process. Has this ever happened to somebody and if so did anybody get in? Do I have a better chance to get in during regular admissions?
  8. Hey, I am unable to find much information regarding brown university's solid mechanics graduate program on the internet. Their webpage seems okay and prima facie the program looks strong, and I even spoke to a graduate student who said that the program is really good, but I was unable to find any other information otherwise. Can someone give me any information regarding this?
  9. So stuck here. I got an offer from Brown's MPA program. The program is a perfect fit for me, but it's not super highly-ranked. My other offer is from UNC (top 25). Is the Ivy League brand worth it in this case? Please note that Brown's program is only a few years old. Please help!
  10. Hi everyone! I am new to this site so excuse me if I'm not posting this in the right forum. I am international fulbright grantee, and I have been admitted to the following programs with the following financial aid: Columbia University, MA in American Studies, 50% tuition reduction Brown University, MA in Public Humanities, 40% tuition reduction The New School for Social Research, MA in Liberal Studies, 55% tuition reduction UChicago MAPH, $8,000 award NYU Gallatin MA in Individualized studies (waiting to hear about funding) NYU Steindhardt MA in Media, Culture and Communications (waiting to hear about funding) If NYU does not give me a better offer than Columbia or The New School, these two are my top choices. Right now I will have to get an additional $25,000 per year for Columbia or $10,000 per year for NSSR, which seems feasible considering there are two additional grants I can apply to, a great student loan I can apply to from my national bank (I have the funds but at the interest rate of this loan, it is way more convenient for me to take it) and University work. Considering my situation, should I risk the extra cost and accept Columbia or take less of a risk and go to NNSR instead? In terms of the programs, NSSR seems way more cutting edge and heterodox, with which I identify, but I am sure I can get solid knowledge at Columbia too, even if -as it seems to me- it might be more academic and orthodox. I'd really appreciate any input! Thanks
  11. Hello, all! I'm deciding on an MPA program, and I have it narrowed down to Brown and UNC Chapel Hill. I'm honestly totally split, and have no idea what to do. I'd really appreciate thoughts from others. The situation is that Brown is 1 year and UNC is 2, but UNC is still much, much cheaper. UNC is ranked a good bit higher, but Brown has the name and more of a global focus (which is my interest). I'm most likely interested in working in the nonprofit sector, and Brown's program would be better for that, but I'm having trouble reconciling that with the high cost of tuition. The problem is that I know i don't have a bad option and I have no clue where to go! Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  12. What should one do? Pay $50,000 tuition at an ivy league university, or pay $0 - $10,000 at some other university (say any US university with QS world ranking below 250)
  13. Anyone else apply to MCM this cycle? Thoughts on when we might hear back? The program is maybe not the best overall fit for me, but Joan Copjec is my idol, and it would be insane to study with her...
  14. Is there anyone hear some feedback from brown biomedical informatics phd 2018 fall?
  15. Anybody else here applying to Brown? I'd love to meet other hopefuls! I'm applying to the RCT program. What about you?
  16. Hello everyone! I have been applying to different PhD programs in Biomedical Engineering to a some schools including Brown University, Georgia Tech, University of Miami, George Washington, and VCU. So far I have only heard back from VCU and I am going crazy waiting for the responses, has anyone gotten anything from these universities?
  18. I've narrowed down my final two choices for a PhD beginning Fall '17 to Johns Hopkins University's Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (School of Engineering) and Brown University's Department of Biostatistics (School of Public Health). I've been accepted at both. I'm interested in applied statistics (I have work experience in data science and an M.S. already), so biostatistics sounds like a natural fit. I'm curious about the reputation of the Brown program. It seems small but mighty! My concern is that by going to Brown, I'm throwing away the opportunity to rub shoulders with JHU Biostatistics (they rejected me), but I suspect it's better to like the department you're in rather than the department you're near. I haven't heard much about JHU AMS. Thanks in advance for your $0.02.
  19. I need help Without question of funding(I haven't heard from Syracuse on funding yet), which would be more likely to produce the best job. I was accepted into Brown and Syracuse's MPA programs. I'm wondering what to weigh more in my decision, the ivy league name (Brown) or the #1 MPA program in the country(Syracuse) Any advice would be great! -Brittany
  20. Hi, I have been accepted by the following graduate programs: Columbia Stats, Cornell Applied Stats, and Brown Biostats. I have read carefully about each program on their official websites but I still cannot make a decision. So I sincerely want some advice. Are you willing to help? Thank you very much!
  21. Am I the only one who hasn't heard back from Brown (MCB)???? I was interviewed the first weekend and it's been a month since their second interview weekend. So I'm kinda just waiting around to make a decision. I got a offer at Washington State and they seem to be pushing hard for an answer but I don't want to accept without hearing back. Anyone else in the same boat?
  22. I've gotten an acceptance for what I'm pretty sure is my top choice school, among a few others, but I still haven't heard anything from Brown (MCB) or Yale (BBS MCGD). I didn't get invited to interview at either, but I also haven't gotten a rejection notification. I'm 99% sure a rejection is coming from both, which I am OK with, because I admittedly didn't put the same level of effort into their application processes (contacting PIs, etc.) as I did for others. But a few people are telling me this means I might be waitlisted or something, though I'm not sure why considering I didn't even interview. Multiple faculty I interviewed with/had significant contact with at the program I am interested in at my 'top' school have reached out to me both before and after the official acceptance email, saying they hope I attend. I don't know if this is normal but it seems that it didn't happen for the graduate students in my current lab. I'm feeling a ton of pressure to accept immediately although I don't think that is their intention -- I'm just anxious as hell with this whole process. I can't decide if accepting the offer now would reduce my anxiety levels, or if making the "permanent" decision would raise them exponentially. Super conflicted between just getting it over with and accepting in an attempt to calm myself down, or waiting it out. It feels irresponsible/premature to take an offer without having all of the official decisions in hand. I emailed the main graduate admissions offices at Brown and Yale this week, and got an automated form response from Yale directing me to FAQ, etc. The office at Brown responded directly and I will hopefully hear from the departmental administrator soon as well. Has anyone managed to get a decision out of either Brown or Yale before they posted it to the online application portal/sent the official email? Did you call or email them? And did you contact the main grad admissions or the individual department/program? Or, do you guys think it's a waste of time to chase it considering I wasn't invited to interview?
  23. Hello, I am a student from India. I have a three years bachelor's degree and due to a lot of reasons zero research experience. This pretty much disqualifies me from any really good Ph.D. programs. Furthermore, due to some really unfortunate events I have had to take two years off. This lead me to conclude that the best option for me was to apply to master's programs. While a few programs have funding, most don't. I had applied to Brown assuming I wouldn't get in, however, I did. The estimated cost for one year is $78000. This is obviously extremely high. I am curious as to a whether a master's from Brown is worth that cost. I have no student debt so far, I had aided undergraduate education. I also am considering it because I can apply for the Ph.D. program in December/January and because I am doing my master's there I may have a better chance? If you have any questions let me know. Hope this explains my situation. Should I go? Is it worth it?
  24. Hey guys! Anyone else going to Brown this fall? I'm going for the Fluid and Thermal Sciences PhD but I'd be happy to meet anyone in any Brown program! (I couldn't find this Brown topic for this year, only in 2016..So I went ahead and created one )
  25. I've gotten into my two top choice programs. I honestly never thought this would happen because my GRE scores were not great. So now I've run into this problem, I love both schools for different reasons, so I need your advice to see which one will monetarily produce the best results because that is what is holding me back right now. Here are my pros and cons, maybe you guys can see something I cant. The costs in this list including the present offers I've received. Brown offered me $3000 in scholarships, but I've asked for more and they said they would reevaluate and Syracuse doesn't complete aid packages until late March. Brown Pros Cons Ivy League/Name Recognition Cost ($86424) Would not have to move Fear of not fitting in 1 year program New Program Would not have to leave family for a year Strong Networking Small class sizes, more one on one experience Syracuse Pros Cons #1 MPA Program in the Country Would have to leave family for a year 1 year program Would have to move 77% in public sector of 2015 Graduates Not knowing anyone Less Expensive ($79454)
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