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Found 11 results

  1. Hello! I have applied to both UW and York for BSW, but I'm currently doing a pros and cons list of whether I should wait for UW's response for my application (comes our mid June). I have already been accepted to York, but the deadline to accept the offer is early May. I'm at a lost- I graduated with a BA in UW so I would definitely be more comfortable going back, but since I have applied to part time, UW will take 3 or less years to complete while York is 2 (with a chance to lessen based on the transfer credits). Any thoughts on which school might give a better overall experience?
  2. HI all so like most people I am stuck. The future is calling and I am stuck. Social work seems to be this glorified field on paper but I need to know the realities of this field. I've seen lots of post talking about macros\micros (((wtf))) of social work!!!!!!! LISTEN "i gots" no clue what any of that means..... Go to school they say....be something great they say.......get an education they say.........well sh***t I say I'm lost!!!!! ok background time.... moved to Montreal 5 years ago on this illustrious path to find great wealth and 6 figure job....ha! welp in Montreal when you are from certain countries you have to start over your schooling from scratch... any whoooo... 3 years later an I finally have a Quebec high school "the struggles" well now I'm looking into going to university because I'm no spring chicken and CEGEP is just not it for me I'm mind boggled that you have to do 3 years of cegep ""quebec form of college" just to go do another 4 of actual university studies "WTF""WTF""WTF"... send help asap...
  3. I am a recent BSW graduate. I was hoping that someone could help me figure out something about the licensing process. In order to obtain the LSW license in the state of Massachusetts, three references are required and all three must be "qualified to evaluate the applicant's social work experience." I am confused as to how a recent BSW graduate would have three references that could evaluate his/her social work experience. My former internship supervisor would count as one reference, but where do the other two references typically come from? The only "social work experience" I have had was my BSW internship. There was only one social worker (my former internship supervisor) at the facility. Based on what I have seen on job boards, most organizations in my area want you to already be licensed...so if I cannot work as a Social Worker without having my license, how can I gain social work experience (and be able to have three references who can evaluate my experience ?) I am not sure if I am missing something here or if I am right to be confused by this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  4. hi guys! I was taking with some friends starting their masters programs at other universities and they were discussing how they all had Facebook groups as support, so I started one for Master of Social Work grad school at FAU regular admission program! Join here!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/624041944614564/
  5. Anyone else who applied for the BSW at Dal (Im)patiently waiting for the acceptance news?
  6. Hi everyone! I couldn't find any forums dedicated to BSW applications for the 2017 cycle. I thought I'd start this as a place to discuss. I graduated with a Bachelors in Criminology from SFU and have applied to several schools, including UBC, UVic, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Dalhousie. I've been accepted into UVic for the May entry but I'm waiting on the edge of my chair for the decision from the other schools. Anybody in the same boat? Please feel free to introduce yourself!
  7. Hi! I am currently completing my BSW at Dalhousie university and am debating applying for my MSW at Dalhousie.. it says that, "Applicants should have at least two years of full time employment in a social work position, following the BSW degree. Social Work employment gained prior and during the BSW degree is also recognized" ... I do not have 2 years experience as I entered my BSW right after finishing my BA. However, I have been working as an access supervisor through the court system since November (13 months experience by the time application is due) and have relevant volunteer experience. I am wondering if anyone has a similar experience and/or knows people have applied directly after their BSW with not enough work experience and have been accepted? Or if I am wasting my time. ANYTHING HELPS. Thanks, Natalie
  8. Hi everybody! Although I know this is for grads, I have read a multitude of threads pertaining to BSW on this before, so I wanted to chime in. Is anybody else waiting for uVic BSW acceptance May Entry, Distance Delivery. The anticipation is killing me. Would love to talk to anybody else who is waiting to see what their application status is. Has anybody received a reject letter? I swear I'm just waiting for that rejection letter. Thanks everybody, hope to hear back soon.
  9. I am an undergraduate BSW student applying to graduate school for advanced standing. One of the schools I am applying to requires that applicants have a "recommendation for advanced standing" form filled out by the chair of their undergraduate program. Not a letter, a form. It is listed separately from the LOR section. As a satellite student, I have only met the chair of the program once but we have not crossed paths since then. They are almost 3 hours away at the main campus. I am not sure if I should email the chair directly, introducing myself and explaining the situation or if I'm supposed to just straight up put their information in since it's a form and they would probably need to reach out to my site coordinator to fill out anyway. Any comments on how to address this or format the email?
  10. I just had a quick question about course selection. I'm going into my second year at a Canadian university. My goal is to ultimately obtain an MSW and become a social worker. However, I was uncertain about what to minor in. I was stuck between legal studies, psychology or sociology. Would any of these be more beneficial than the other? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you
  11. I am a new college freshman after taking a few years off after high school. I have done alot of research and decided to pursue social work. However, I have many questions that I cant find the answers to. 1. Would a degree from Ashford University Online look good to employers? 2.Ashford university offers a B.A. in social science, sociology or psychology, which would you recommend? Or would it be better to actually find a bsw program? 3.Do you know of any online BSW programs that offer a more nontraditional approach such as offering a single class every 5-6 weeks (like Ashford University) vs taking a full course load in the more traditional fall,spring, summer setting? Thanks in advance and any advice or recommendation are totally welcome.
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