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Found 13 results

  1. Hello! I've recently accepted an offer from the University at Buffalo for their MFA in Studio Art program. Anyone else accept any grad offers from UB? I'd love to get connected!
  2. I am currently an undergraduate at SUNY New Paltz and applied to numerous schools. I have only heard back from a little more than half. I got into the program here at New Paltz, along with Mercy College, Hofstra University, and the University of Buffalo, and am waiting to hear back from the College of Saint Rose, CUNY Queens, Lehman, Hunter, and Brooklyn, which I have an interview for in a week. After taking into consideration price, I think I may turn down Hofstra and Mercy and so far try to decide between the University of Buffalo and New Paltz. I won't do so until I am sure, but still have much to take into consideration. For anyone who knows anything about these schools, their speech language pathology programs, their communities, or any other pros/cons, I'd be more than happy to hear and take any recommendations or advice. Also, when deciding between programs, should the number of semesters (weather 4-6) be taken into consideration? I'm not sure how much of an effect choosing a school with a longer program will have on my overall experience in grad school. I was also wondering if the programs rankings are based primarily off of research, or their program as a whole in regards to its reputation and if this should at all be considered in deciding between one or another? (for example, the program at New Paltz is ranked #188 and Buffalo's is #30) Any help or advice from anyone at these schools with experience or anyone with an idea of these programs would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  3. Hi all, This is my first post on here as I am just getting acclimated to the application process. I was wondering for those who have applied and gotten accepted to either neuroscience or molecular biology PhD programs, what was your gpa, gre scores, and other stats when accepted? I feel I am more behind then other recent applicants when I talk to them so I wanted to know my admission chances based off of my stats. I have an associates in engineering science from SUNY Broome with a 2.7 gpa, I will be graduating this coming year with with a bachelors of science in biological sciences with a minor in statistics from the University at Buffalo. Currently my GPA at UB is a 3.15 but I have another semester before I submit my apps so there is room to improve. I have almost 3 years of combined research experience in the two molecular biology labs I've worked in, a conference presentation based off of research, and I have been a TA for the advanced molecular biology class at UB for almost a year. The PhD programs I plan on applying to so far are: UB - Biological Scences, UB - PPBS Stony Brook - Genetics Washington U - Neuroscience UMich - Neuroscience And a few other similar programs... would anyone be able to help me with what my admission chances would be? Thank you!
  4. I just received my acceptance letter to Buff state and was wondering if anyone else here will be attending? I don’t see much on here about them and can’t find a Facebook group.
  5. Hi everyone. I got into both of these and would like to know the general perception of both of these programs. I would love to have comments on - job fairs, ease of finding internship, and overall reputation on both the coasts. My preference would lie in the program that is best revered by industry and would help me with finding internships during breaks. Thanks you!
  6. Hi guys~ I'm going to go to the University of Buffalo (UB) for grad school, and it will be my first time being away from home for so long. I chose to live on-campus for my first year, but I've been having trouble finding on-campus roommates online. I don't have any close friends who go there, only acquaintances (I've asked them if they know anyone needing a roommate) I'm applying to the inclusive housing (not graduate housing since it's super expensive), but most UB undergraduates party, and I want to find upperclassmen or graduate students who are more serious in their studies. UB doesn't provide any roommate surveys. I've tried some Facebook groups, but most upperclassmen and graduate students live off-campus. Thanks for reading and helping a sister out in advance!
  7. Hi! I am wondering how much weight do y'all put into the PhD stipend and location while making a decision. I am confused between offers from UConn (polymer science) and UBuffalo (biomedical engineering). UConn's offering 9k more than UB for first year, 10k more for subsequent years. Personally I won't care about stipends so much, but 10k is quite a lot of extra money for grad students. But then again I will be thrown away in the remotest of of villages in UConn while with Buffalo, I will be living in a major city. I have lived in major cities all my life and moving to a place like UConn scares me a bit. As far as department and my research fit are concerned, I believe I have a better fit with Buffalo biomed. But then it is a seriously low ranked program while UConn's polymer program is one of the well known polymer programs. I feel like choosing Buffalo would really make me question my career decisions (due to the low repute), but then choosing UConn would basically kill my personal/social life and I might not feel as much at home as Buffalo. It's all so confusing right now, I wish I got an admit from my top choice right now so that all of this confusion becomes irrelevant. Anyway, I would really appreciate inputs on these topics from you guys.
  8. Hi all! Does anyone have any insight on University at Buffalo, Buffalo State, or Fredonia State? Trying to decide between the 3 and any info/ insight would be helpful! Thank you!
  9. I'm currently trying to decide between two different programs. I have the option of either going to the University at Buffalo for Social Work or Syracuse University for a dual degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Social work. Syracuse is practically double the cost of going to UB because it is a 3 year program. I really want to work with couples and practice therapy and I am afraid that Social Work is too broad of a focus. Can anyone give me any insight into whether a dual degree is considered when entering the workforce? And comments on Syracuse University? I went to UB for undergrad so I already know the campus and the area. Syracuse would be a new world for me.
  10. Hey guys, I figured it would be nice to start a thread for University at Buffalo. I recently accepted my offer to UB and will be attending in the Fall. Just wanted to see if there was anyone else here who has committed? Maybe we can get a FB group going.
  11. SUNY Buffalo or Binghamton for MSW? I just got accepted to my top two choices, and now must decide between the two. I am looking for a small program that gives a lot of individualized attention. Having discussion based classes (15 or less students) is very important to me. I am hoping to hear from people who have attended either school who could perhaps give me an example of their field placements, and tell me a little about jobs they have had post-graduation. Thanks!
  12. I was wondering if you guys could give me some information about Buffalo's various programs. It seems to be a very popular school on this board, and I am not overly familiar with it. What is the English Department's specialties? The Comparative Literature Department? How is it to be a student in either program? Are they reputable? If I were to attend either as a partially funded Comp Lit MA would my chances at a top tier PhD program increase? Would I be allowed to take English classes? How do PhD programs know to what extent the applicants with MA's are funded? Any information about the programs there would be most helpful. If any current students there would be willing to talk to me, that would be ideal.
  13. So, I'm entering UB school of social work this fall of 2011 && I am wondering if there is anyone on here who will be doing the same. I'm very excited and look forward to the experience! I am still waiting anxiously lol for the location of my field education has anyone received their site?? What do you think?! Also, any graduates of the program...what are your opinions of your experience at Buffalo?
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