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Found 2 results

  1. I am a Biology major / Statistics minor applying to programs in Statistics and Biostatistics. I received (flat) C's in both Cell Biology and Genetics (and the rest of the Bio grades were not all A's lol)...so I've been concerned lately about how admissions committees will view these. I've heard people say you're wasting your time to apply if you have C's in the undergrad courses directly related to your prospective graduate study. I guess what I'm wondering is... Is Biology considered DIRECTLY related to Biostat in this way? From my perspective, I consider these as somewhat irrelevant to my future interests. I've spoken with many graduate students in Biostatistics who told me their experiences have had far stronger focus on Statistics than on Biology course material (and the most Bio they took was Epidemiology). In my statement I emphasize that my specific interests are in clinical and pharmaceutical applications of statistics. I know maybe I'm just being silly... But I can't help but wonder constantly how admission committees will look upon my less-than-stellar Bio grades. Sorry for rambling, but thank you for reading this I know it's not fair to ask for judgments on my strength as an applicant on the whole with only this tiny bit of information, so I'm not asking for that--just about the strength of connection adcoms draw between bio and biostat in general >< I can tell that the C's certainly aren't helping my application, but how much do you suppose they'll hurt? Any brief input / insight at all would really be greatly appreciated!!!!
  2. Hello, So I'm currently taking a linear algebra course which is mostly doing proofs, which I absolutely suck at. I will be applying to one or two graduate schools for an Applied Statistics Masters degree which is a professional degree and different from a masters of science in statistics that focuses on proofs a bit more. Linear algebra proofs don't really have much to do with statistics, but it is a higher level math course and it is my senior year so I worry it will look bad to get a C during the fall semester and be applying to graduate schools in the spring. Please advise because I can take the course in the spring and will probably get a C, but it won't matter because they make decisions in March. It will just kind of screw up my class schedule in the spring because there's a lot of interesting classes I want to take, but it's not a huge deal. Thanks in advance.
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