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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, Has anyone heard anything from this program? It was the hybrid online-inperson at the El Segundo location? The advisors that I spoke with at ASHA had no idea it was happening. I saw another thread somewhere saying they rotate the location between CA and Oregon. Just wondering if it really is happening......Feels like a ply to take my money at this point.
  2. Hi everybody! I recently graduated from college with my BA in Liberal Arts. While I loved my education, I also am very interested in pursuing a career in chemical engineering. I'm taking several classes at community college so that I can apply to graduate programs in CA. My question is what programs are good in CA for ChE? Do I have a shot into getting into these sort of programs? Which ones are good coming from a non-engineering background? Is there any place like BU, which has the LEAP program, that makes it easier to transition? Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone, I am a CA resident and I've applied for both UW Seattle and Tacoma MSW program. I heard very much about UW Seattle Campus but not so much about Tacoma. Any thoughts about the campus? the program? financial aid? anything! Thanks
  4. Anyone attending Chapman University this fall? Bonus points if you're in the MFT program
  5. Hi everyone! I see that there are a bunch of SLP forums for applicants from other states but none for California applicants, therefore I decided to start one for all of us applying to schools in CA! For myself personally, I am applying to CSUS, CSUEB, UoP, SJSU and CSULA. My GPA is pretty high but I am extremely concerned about my low GRE score and lack of experience in the field. I have not heard back from any of the schools yet but I am hoping to hear back from them soon! Feel free to comment on which schools you have applied to, your stats and any questions or concerns =).
  6. I've recently been admitted to UCSD for a PhD in an engineering major, Fall 2016. International, but US citizen. No mention of financial support in the congrats e-mail. When asked, they said funding decisions are made at the end of March. Rumors are, schools in CA are sparing in funding? Anyone have any information on what chances I have of actually getting funded? Definitely can't afford school & life in La Jolla on my own.
  7. Hello everyone! As a recent graduate (from California) with a Bachelor's in Speech-Language Pathology, I have decided to take a year or two off to gather some experience and build up my confidence in the field before applying to graduate school. My goal is to become a certified SLP-A but I'm a bit confused about how to meet the minimum qualifications. I have a B.S., however, I do not have all of the 100 supervised hours required. What are my options in order to complete the 100 supervised hours? Do I have to enroll in a program? Or where/who should I turn to? Thanks so much! Feel free to correct me if I put out any wrong information. I may have misunderstood the ASHA requirements.
  8. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this program? http://www.miis.edu/ Just looking for observations or first-hand experiences.
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