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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, Got 80% tuition-covered scholarship from SAIC and had already decided to go there.. but this morning, CalArts offered a full prize scholarship. I feel like in a struggle to choose any one.. Any suggestions on their photo programs? Many thanks!
  2. Hello all, Starting the forum a little early this year. May the MFA gods be with us!
  3. Hi, I'm currently in the third and final year of my Bachelor's Degree in something totally unrelated to Graphic Design, in India. I don't want to do anything related to my Bachelors in the future and want to do something related to Graphic Design/Illustration after I graduate. I've always been into art and design since a child and I was seriously considering Graphic Design in school. I even got accepted at an Art School with a Foundation year but I chose to stay in India as I got into one of the best colleges in Liberal Arts here. Even now, I find myself doodling in class all the time, have big ideas in my head and volunteer for small college design stuff. I don't have much experience apart from art classes in school, winning a few small college level competitions and designing invites, posters etc for college events. I thoroughly enjoy design but lack any kind of formal training and don't know any technicalities related to Graphic Design. I simply use a cheap knockoff of Photoshop to design stuff, which I am really passionate about. People praise my work all the time and a number of people have told me to pursue design in the future. I feel like I have the potential but lack any proper education in Design. I absolutely don't want to study further in India as the Design scene here isn't too strong and want to learn GD from scratch. I researched a lot and found the following options, but am not sure if i'll be accepted for an MFA at my level, being only 20 years old. OPTIONS: 3 year MFA in Graphic Design (schools like RISD, CalArts, CCA) Post-Bacc at MICA 2 year MS in Communication Design at Pratt 2 year AAS in Graphic Design at Parsons 2 year AAS at Pratt where after the two year AAS, I can transfer to the 3rd year (Junior level) of the BFA in Comm Design) Second Bachelors in Graphic Design It would be amazing if I could get some advice about this as I am thinking about this all the time and really need some direction and clarity. Also, if someone could suggest a few schools in Europe, UK etc, it would be great! As of now, whatever schools I researched about in Europe/UK, they require a lot of experience to apply at the Masters Level.
  4. Hi all, TLDR: Does anyone have any firsthand experience with the Interschool Program at CalArts? Or any general secondhand information? Orrrr maybe you know someone who is attending/attended in recent years? Or maybe you also have questions about it, and we can discuss? After I was accepted (for Fine Arts & Creative Writing Fall 16) I was told that, because I would be an Interschool student, I would have to share my studio space with another student. And considering the fact that my tuition would be the same exorbitant amount as everyone else's I was a bit peeved, to say the least. Wondering how other people have dealt with this? There's a conspicuous lack of information available about the program tbh and admissions hasn't been very forthcoming, so I'm worried that it's perfect on paper only. Also do please reach out if you're going into both/either of the programs this Fall! Would love to know my peers ahead of time. Cheers M
  5. figala


    What have people heard from calarts this season?
  6. Hello people! I couldn't find a current forum for folks treading the process of applying/waiting for a decision from Film MFA programs. Let's get the discussion going! I know I have questions about when schools contact you with their decision, which schools give the most funding, and the interview process. Tell later I bid adieu...
  7. Let's face it; no matter how much you study, how much you obsess, or how high your grades are sometimes that's just not what it's about. I am a firm believer in passion and commitment getting you to wherever you want to go. I know if I keep trying and keep an open mind, I'll get there. Even if "there" happens to be Harvard, which in my case it is. I have never been big on "academia". The intimidating and inaccessible stigma the word holds is part of the reason I decided (at 12) that someday I would go into education and shake everything up. I don't know how many people on here will relate to my story, but hopefully someone will find it useful: I never got great grades. I skated through High School with around a 2.5 GPA, and didn't think about college until half way through my Senior year when I applied to 3 schools whose names I can't even remember. My High School guidance counselor looked at my transcript and told me that I should look into getting a job, perhaps in retail, and with some hard work I'd be manager in no time. Yes, he was serious; and yes he saw this as my only option. He did not, however, consider that I was overly active in Theatre and intended it as my major. I been involved in every aspect of the Drama Club for 4 years, was the Treasurer, and on top of that volunteered at a local community theatre. If he had looked at this and considered non-traditional possibilities for my education, life might have been much easier. I graduated High School with a strong 2.7GPA got a job (at Linen's N Things) and went immediately to a summer session at the local community college. I didn't know how, but I was determined to get out of Arizona. During the fall semester I started looking seriously at universities in Southern California. Cal State Fullerton popped up on a theater-friendly list of schools in Dramatics magazine and I booked a flight to check it out. While there they explained that only a small percentage of their students were out-of-state, and it would be better for me to move in-state and finish up the year at a Junior College in SoCal. Lots of loans and 500 miles later I found myself alone, not at a university, and sitting in another guidance counselor's office trying to register for the spring semester. "Well what exactly do you want to do?" He asked me, smiling. I had my previous bad counselor experience and hadn't wanted a repeat. I knew what I had to do, get in - take core classes - get out! "Eventually, I'd like to move on to a University and major in technical theater." "Oh, Theatre! We have an amazing theatre program here! We have one student who loved it so much he's stayed 14 years!" My face fell, and all of my dreams of getting a degree started slipping away. Despite my protesting, he signed me up for all theatre classes and 2 core classes. Knowing this was a big mistake I went online later and switched over to the core classes that were still open, in some cases having to sit in class week after week until enough people dropped. I did keep one survey of theater class where I heard about California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). The professor was talking about their experimental style of theater, and technical feats they accomplished. After looking at their web page I found out they were a PORTFOLIO-BASED program with conservatory style classes. I was furious. I spent a year raising my GPA when a school that might have accepted me based on a portfolio existed in the world. It isn't that CalArts takes people with grotesquely low GPAs. The school is competitive, but they look more at what you can do than what numbers you produce. I spent several months gathering my portfolio. It didn't include any overly-developed work, but as an undergrad I think they just want to see the willingness to learn. My portfolio for a BFA in Technical Direction included: Show Pictures (model/progress/finished) Hand Drafting (1 set design & 1 DDR homemade pad) Costuming Pictures (Renaissance Outfit I sewed) Resume Not much to it, but it got me in. My exposure to a school system built around participation and project-based worked changed my entire outlook on how I learn, and my application journey changed my outlook on what makes a good candidate for a program. I had been made to feel like a bad student through my entire educational experience, and now I'm on a mission to make sure other people don't feel the same way.
  8. I am pretty new to this forum, so forgive me if this question has been asked repeatedly. I am in the process of researching mfa programs for photography (starting Fall 2012). Does anyone have any advice as to what programs are good "fall backs". I am currently thinking about applying to 4 top tier schools, and 2 fall back schools. The 4 I know I want to apply to are Yale, SAIC, RISD, and CalArts. Also, any advice about interviews? (assuming I make the cut! haha)
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