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Found 35 results

  1. Has anyone heard from NIH- OxCam Fellowship program about interviews?
  2. Has anyone heard anything about interviews for the OxCam NIH Partnership program?
  3. so many questions about Oxbridge MPhil/MSt

    Hello there, so I am applying for Fall 2018 admission to both the MPhil in American History at Cambridge as well as the MSt in US History at Oxford. I come from a Top 5 US institution with a very high GPA, won a thesis prize/departmental honors in history. I decided to apply to Oxbridge about a month ago as I have been really on the fence about pursuing a PhD in history (given the uncertainty and the insecurity of the job market for PhD candidates) but thought it would be worthwhile to do a year's worth of graduate study to confirm for myself if I want to pursue further studies. I have a couple of friends who studied history who go to Cambridge now and have been asking for their advice, but so many of them applied at different times and did different things during the application season that I have been very confused on the whole UK admissions process. My questions are: 1. Would I be at a significant disadvantage if I am an Americanist from America trying to study American history in the UK? Would they question my motivations? (There are certain professors that I'd like to work with, and surprisingly both courses offer options courses in modern US history, which is what my research focus is.) 2. Was I supposed to have contacted a potential supervisor before submitting my application? How does this work? 3. I submitted my Cambridge app a few days ago and am planning to submit my Oxford one in a week, at least before the funding deadlines. Was I supposed to have applied way back in October to increase my chances of admission? 4. Luckily I am privileged enough where I can still attend and pay full tuition/fees if I don't get funding. Should I have indicated that instead of checking the box that says I'm interested in funding to increase my chances? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is all so confusing. Thank you so much.
  4. Something doesn't quite make sense to me about Oxford's admissions statistics. The GPA sought for programs such as MPhil/MSc Comparative Social Policy is 3.7 out of 4.0. Yet, in their graduate admissions statistics, the number of applications for the Social Policy and Intervention department (in which the programs are housed) is 247, of which 102 offers are made for an incoming class of 63. This means the acceptance rate is actually 41%. Are applicants to Oxford's programs so self-selected that every single accepted applicant would have a GPA of 3.7 and above? I've seen people on Gradcafe being admitted to Oxford's MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy (GGD) program with a 3.25 out of 4.00, despite the fact that the entry requirement is 3.8 out of 4.00. The MSc in GGD program is housed in the International Development department, which has a 25.6% acceptance rate. In other forums, I understand that Oxford and Cambridge are extremely strict about their entry requirements, and receive far more applications with GPAs near to 4.00 than they can accept. Can someone please set things straight?
  5. Gates-Cambridge 2018-2019

    Hi all! Thought I would start a thread for this round of the Gates-Cambridge applications. I just applied in the US round and thought this would be a nice place to update each other on notifications etc! If you want post a lil intro or something below or ask questions, etc. and a late congrats to the gates recipients of this year!
  6. Clothing

    Hi all! I have a stupid question about a matter that I don't usually care about: clothing. I am going to start a PhD in History at Cambridge (it doesn't matter where) and I was wondering if I have to start wearing different clothes to look more professional, to care more about what I wear. I don't dress in a bad way but usually, I don't put too much effort into it. From what I recall from my MSc in Edinburgh, people in UK seems more relaxed on the subject than in Italy. Any thoughts?
  7. Cambridge AHRC Studentship 2017

    I haven's seen a post about AHRC Studentship, yet, so I am starting one. I've checked the results page and I saw that someone got a rejection letter from the AHRC and I was surprised because I thought that they wouldn't notify unsuccessful applicants.
  8. PhD in History instead of Art History

    Hi! I'm asking advice about my PhD in History. I have applied for two programs in Art History (rejected from Toronto, accepted at St Andrews) and two in History at Cambridge and Oxford (accepted from both) as my research project involves both architectural history and history. My problem is that I've a MSc in Architectural History and Theory and a BA in History of Art and my dream was doing a PhD in Architectural History as I want to be an Architectural Historian. My MSc supervisor suggested me to apply for a PhD in History at Cambridge as there is a potential supervisor which has already worked on my research topic and the same in Oxford. With my surprise, I have been accepted but now I don't know what to do. I'm not worried about the supervisors who are expert in material culture (so both art and architecture) and really interested in the "architectural" part of my research. What I fear the most is that I wouldn't be prepared enough in History and that I wouldn't fit in the department and that I would regret not being in the Art History one. I can still accept the offer at St Andrews (with no chances of funding) but I feel really stupid in refusing the offers from Oxbridge. Is it true that I will be relatively free to shape my research regardless of the department? Can I attend courses held by other departments? My supervisor told me that a PhD in History (and from Cambridge) is more prestigious that a PhD in History of Art, Is that true?
  9. Hello, I am an undergraduate student in Canada and am planning on applying to UK graduate programs in International Relations in Fall (September) 2017. I wanted to ask what programs have the greatest prestige, best opportunities for careers in academia, careers in policy, and foreign service that I could receive entry into. I finished my third year with a CGPA of 3.78/4.00, have experience working in the Canadian embassy in D.C as a Trade Policy intern, worked in a Fortune 500 company, President of my university's Pre-Law Society, and was a Poli Sci instructional assistant at my university. I also have 3 solid reference letters. My top programs are: 1. The London School of Economics & Political Science - International Relations 2. University of Oxford - International Relations 3. University of Cambridge - International Relations 4. Kings College London - International Relations (War Studies Department) 5. University of Edinburgh - International Relations
  10. Hello all, After waiting for a relatively long period of time for the Board of Graduate Study to consider my application, I emailed the admissions office about the status of my application which is "Awaiting approval by the board of graduate studies". They replied saying they need some information cleared by the department. After that, I received an email from the Department explaining that admissions required an "academic case" for my application and they are working on it and that my admission is subject to final approval by the University's Graduate Admissions Office Can someone please explain to me what does this usually mean? Has anyone experienced something similar to this? Thanx
  11. Hi folks, I was admitted to the Mphil in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies at Cambridge but with ZERO funding (agh!!). I really want to go, but I don't want to put myself into debt for something that isn't "worth it". So I have a few questions for advice: - Does anyone have any advice on securing funding in alternative/creative routes other than just scholarship searches? - Does an Mphil line up with the goals of a PhD/JD degree? - Does anyone know how to tell how prestigious the program is? I'm having a hard time seeing where it's graduates are getting jobs. I'm considering the JD/PhD split because I really want to do Critical Legal Studies (most of whom are law professors) but i'm afraid of fucking myself over through accruing a ton of debt. I want to do a PhD but don't feel QUITE ready with my undergrad experience and would really like to have one big project (aka the dissertation) under my belt to set me up for a PhD. Also, I think I have a much higher chance of securing full funding once I have the Mphil.If anyone has any random advice around this I would really appreciate it! I'm super super conflicted over whether the Mphil is "worth it" or if I should wait and apply straight to fully-funded PhD/JD programs. I don't feel ready for that and would probably take time off, but love school so much and want to keep advancing myself in my academic goals.
  12. Cambridge UK

    Hi all! I have been admitted to the University of Cambridge (PhD in History) and I would like to ask some general questions about the city (how is life there, studying, where to rent rooms, which are the average living costs etc.). My college will be Girton College that I know is a bit far away from the centre and I was wondering if this will be really an issue or not. Thank you!
  13. Hi all, this is my first post, it's great to be here. I'm in something of a pickle: I've been accepted into two PhD programs (I didn't apply to very many this time around as I'm just out of the undergrad). I've been accepted by: Cambridge, for a PhD in Clinical Neurosciences George Mason University for a PhD in Neuroscience. Cambridge is far and away my top choice: I've been in contact with the PI and he seems great, their research is exactly what I want to be doing, it's clearly the place to be. Unfortunately, I still don't know about the possibility of funding and might not get it - acceptance doesn't automatically come with a stipend or tuition remission. When asked, the PI said that he thought I'd be a great fit and recommended me for funding, but of course, it's not a sure thing. George Mason was kind of a 'safety school' (although I know that doesn't really apply to PhD programs) - I'm interested in the work that's happening at the Krasnow institute and they gave me a very good package. It doesn't feel like as good a fit for me though -- the work isn't quite as relevant to my interests as the work I'd be doing at Cambridge, the University itself is less appealing, and I know GMU just generally has a reputation as something of a second-tier institution. So my quandary is this: I realistically won't know about Cambridge funding until after the deadline for GMU. So: Do I gamble on Cambridge and decline GMU's offer in the hope of getting enough money for Cambridge to make it worth it and potentially wind up with nothing OR do I go with the safer, less exciting option that I know will be stable? Advice from my olders and betters would be much appreciated. I'm leaning towards 'gamble on Cambridge,' right now, but I'm so uncertain. Lorel
  14. Hi, all: I have been offered a place on the MPhil in Public Policy at the University of Cambridge for the 2017-18 academic year. I am nearing a decision, but I am keen to get an honest, firsthand account from current students or alumni. Unfortunately I was not offered a place on the Oxford MPP, which was my preferred option. However, that said, the Cambridge MPP offers unique upsides, including a small class size (25), a strong STEM focus, and cross-department collaboration. The programme is also about £10,000 cheaper versus its counterpart at Oxford, which is a plus if I am unsuccessful in securing a Chevening scholarship (I find out in early June). I am very much looking forward to hearing from those that have completed the Cambridge MPP or currently enrolled in the programme. Many thanks! Mathieu
  15. Hello! I've been accepted for a humanities MPhil at Cambridge, but "the Faculty was not able to nominate [me] for Cambridge scholarship funding." I'm unclear if this means that I'm not eligible for all of the Graduate Competition / Cambridge Trust funding (I checked the box on my app) or just my department's funding. I've been rejected from the only separate scholarship I applied to, the Gates Cambridge, and I was also recently rejected from both colleges I applied to. I'd really appreciate hearing about the funding experiences of other American MPhil students at Cambridge; at the moment I'm feeling quite at a lost as to where to look for funding now. My dept has been unhelpful so far (although maybe I just haven't found the right person yet), and I've gotten no suggestions except the general cambridge/funding link. Where should I look next? All I can think of is to sit on my hands until I've been placed in a college, and then look at their options. Are there any other funding bodies I can look into at this time? Thank you for any help / advice!
  16. Dear community, I have applied to a couple of one-year programs (willingly and knowingly since I am still on the fence regarding future career) and have been accepted for the MAPSS (2/3 waiver) and MSc Sociology at Oxford (funding tbd). Obviously two different planets in some respects (for instance when comparing the two cities), but I was wondering what the most important differences are between the two programs? How do they rate if I would want to pursue an academic degree (either in Europe or the States)? What are the biggest differences I can expect in relationship towards professors etc? Any other things I should be aware of? Any thoughts would me much appreciated!! Also nice to hear from other students going either direction Kind regards
  17. I was wondering if anyone has gotten a reply on being shortlisted for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship for international students? Thanks!
  18. Hello all! I had applied to the MASt in Pure Mathematics (Part III) at Cambridge in December 2016, and my application status had changed to 'Awaiting decision by the Board of Graduate Studies' last week. I am not too sure if this is a good or a bad sign, and what makes me more anxious is my TOEFL score. I received my TOEFL scores a few weeks back and was gutted to see that I received a score of 24/30 in speaking. Although I have a decent overall score of 112/120, Cambridge requires that all applicants have a minimum of 25 in each section. I would like to ask you all whether I should take the test again, or if Cambridge would be willing to make an exception as I have only marginally missed out on the minimum cutoff (I have not sent my scores to them yet). I have also heard that only IELTS scores are considered while applying for a UK visa. So if I must retake a language test, it makes sense to write the IELTS right? Secondly, how long does it usually take for the BoGS at Cambridge to make a decision for Part III applicants? It's been over a week in my case so I was wondering if the delay is due to the unavailability of my TOEFL scores. Also, I have not been interviewed yet. Should I expect to be interviewed and if so, what kind of questions would they ask and how should I prepare? Thanks a lot for your time!!
  19. Hi! I'm asking advice as I received a conditional offer from Cambridge for a PhD in History. The problem is that I've a MSc in Architectural History and Theory and a BA in History of Art and my dream was doing a PhD in one of these subjects- However, my research project involves both architectural history and history and my MSc supervisor suggested me to apply for a PhD in History at Cambridge as there is a potential supervisor which has already worked on my research topic. With my surprise, I have been accepted but now I don't know what to do. Cambridge was my plan B (I know it sounds strange) and I haven't heard back from my first choice (PhD in History of Art at Toronto). In addition, I don't have news about funding from Cambridge. I'm not worried about the supervisor who is expert in material culture (so both art and architecture) but what I fear the most is that I wouldn't fit in the department and that I would regret not being in the Art History one. Is it very stupid to refuse an offer from Cambridge (obviously I will wait for the other notifications to come in)? My supervisor told me that a PhD in History (and from Cambridge) is more prestigious that a PhD in History of Art, Is that true?
  20. Hey, everyone. I am a applicant to Cambridge (MA) Today, I went into CAMSIS and found out my status has changed into " Academic case apporved by Board of Graudate Studies" Do you know what it is? My application process is like this. Dec 9: applied Jan 19: interviewed via Skype Jan 25: moved to 'awaiting decision by the Board of Graudate Studies' Feb 5: moved to 'application approval by BGS' Feb 10: moved to 'Academic case approved by Board of Graudate Studies" I think it is not 'an offer' yet. What is it going on on earth? I'd like to listen to other opinions about this.
  21. Anyone else applying? I interviewed two weeks ago and still have to hear a response...
  22. Cambridge applicants!

    I applied for a BBSRC PHD at Cambridge, and for a Gates-Cambridge about a week before the October 12 deadline. My self-service account still says my application is "Awaiting Consideration by Department." Does anyone else applying for a Gates-Cambridge still have this too? I feel like my application should have been viewed by my department by now, whether I am rejected or invited to interview. Is self-service not really an accurate depiction of what's going on in real time?
  23. Hallo! Currently working on a draft of my statement for Cambridge's Mphil in Health, Medicine, and Society. Does anyone want to look over it? The limit is ~600 words, so I'm struggling with cutting out fluff and including information that would make me an appealing candidate (they sadly don't look at CVs!). It's meant to be framed as a research proposal, so that is what I'm aiming for. I'd be happy to edits others' statements as well
  24. Hey all, Didn't see a thread for this so maybe it's not a busy application year (ha) but I could use some commiseratin'. Applying to the MPhil Public Policy program and really, really struggling with word count. The box in the initial application (haven't submitted yet - will submit follow up application with all documents after) limits you to 2,500 characters which they say is 500 words. I just got mine to fit, and it's exactly 400 words. That's so much less than I was anticipating and now I'm worried that I've sucked the life out of my essay. Anyone else struggling with this?
  25. I've lurked around this forum for a rather long time. It's certainly US-centric, but I was wondering whether someone has heard about the Doctoral Training Centres. Unlike regular 3-year PhD UK programmes, these centres require students to carry out rotation labs, take classes and whatnot, just like a regular doctorate in the States. They are still shorter, however: we are talking about 4 years. Are these kind of programmes well/better regarded in the USA? In particular, I've heard about people being rejected from graduate departments like MIT Biological Engineering, Stanford Bioengineering at MASTERS LEVEL!, Harvard SEAS and yet promptly accepted by Imperial College, Cambridge or Oxford (Synthetic Biology/Bioengineering). Does this mean that these top UK programmes are second tier?! Or are they well regarded?