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  1. I'm considering applying to some Canadian universities for a Master of Science (Applied) in "Speech and Language Pathology" to start September of 2021. I noticed a thread hadn't been started up yet. 👋 😷 📚
  2. Hello! This message is for the candidates/applicants that got accepted at Dalhousie in S-LP and Audiology for fall 2022 and confirmed their acceptance. We created a group on facebook if you would like to join just send me a private message!
  3. Hello, everyone! I'm waiting on applications to the following Master's programs in Canada for Fall 2023 intake: Master of Design at Concordia University Master of Visual Communication Design at University of Alberta Master of Digital Media at York University Master of Digital Media at Centre for Digital Media/Simon Fraser University Has anyone heard from these programs? I'm still waiting on updates on all of them
  4. Hello! I thought I'd start this thread for students who are applying to any post-degree Bachelor of Social Work programs in Canada! I applied to the Dalhousie U distance delivery BSW, and will apply to others next year if I don't get accepted. My stats are as follows: Grades: 3.1 cgpa, 3.665 L60 (not sure if it will be rounded up), 3.8 L30. I'm currently in the last year of my undergrad, set to finish in April. Experience: multiple volunteer positions with nonprofit organizations, response teams, harm reduction and advocacy roles. I've had a few internships as a research intern on the topics of social determinants of health and LGBT. I'm currently working two jobs: 1) research assistant for a lab on my campus and 2) family services worker. All together, I have around 3000 paid hours and roughly 500 volunteer. Dalhousie is very competitive and I'm so nervous! I spent two weeks on my personal statement alone due to revisions.
  5. Hi! So I applied for a bunch of mph programs in Canada for 2022 and one of my references was taking forever to send me his professional email address so I submitted his personal email address as that’s our primary mode of communication and he claims not to check his professional email as often, he has since submitted the references and now i’m starting to panic because I noticed that some programs state that references from personal email addresses are not acceptable. I’m wondering what to do now, do I send an email to the program or have my reference email the program using his professional email to let them know he’s a legitimate person??
  6. Hi Guys! I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread in, but I couldn't find any similar thread anywhere. So here it goes! All the Masters/PhD in Computer Science people who applied in Canadian universities converge here! Share your heart out, how you're dealing with the stress of waiting it out (Canadian universities are super late in sending decisions). Last I heard, SFU and UWaterloo extended their deadlines to February 15 and February 28! Man this is gonna take even more time!!!
  7. Hey everyone! Anyone thinking of applying to MPH programs in Canada for 2021? Share what schools you are interested in, your stats + experiences! And we can discuss!!!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm applying for ms cs this year in the following Canadian universities. U of T Waterloo McGill UBC McMaster I have GRE scores of Verbal 163 Quantitative 165 Writing 4.0/6.0. I have a 3.33 GPA from a top 3 university for CS(also known for grade deflation unfortunately) in the USA. How likely am i to get in to these universities for their Masters programs in computer science (non-phd)?
  9. Hey everyone. I had trouble finding an Audiology forum for Canadian universities so I decided to make one myself! I am from Newfoundland and originally I was only going to apply to SLP programs, but I figured out that I had all the pre-reqs for Western's AUDI program so I thought I would apply there Ideally, I would like to become an SLP, but an audiologist is tied for first as well so either one I would be quite please about! Good luck to everyone!!
  10. This is june , so application for 2022 would be open by October. What schools are you applying to?
  11. College: IIT ( ranked among top 3 in India ) GPA: 7.8/10 ( 3.12 on a scale of 4 ) BSc in Maths ( 2021 graduate ) Minors in Machine Learning: Courses - Data structure algorithms (B grade), Intro to Machine Learning ( A grade ), Bayesian ML (A grade) Minors GPA: 9.2/10 (3.68 on a scale of 4) GPA in last three semesters (out of 8 sems) : 9.3 (3.72), 9.5 (3.8), 9.2 (3.68) I am confident that I can get a good score in GRE and TOEFL which I will give this year. I also have perfect grades in CS and Economics elective courses ( Database systems, Cryptology, Financial economics, Intro to economics) My GPA is low mostly because of compulsory abstract math courses which I hated and few stats courses offered by my maths department I don't have any publications but I have done some research projects in my courses related to machine learning. I will be starting my job as a data scientist in a startup in the next few weeks but I want to pursue higher studies abroad. What different programmes can I consider in the US and outside US (Canada, Europe, Singapore, Japan)? I don't think I have any chance in any of the top 25 universities. I am searching for Data Science programmes or CS or Statistics programmes with the freedom to choose core ML electives and good career opportunities. Will my good GPA in the last few semesters or minors in ML give me an advantage in some universities? Also, none of my professors knows me personally but I might be able to get one academic LoR and one recommendation from my corporate internship.
  12. Hello! This is a forum for all of the applicants applying to clinical psychology MA/PhD programs in Canada to begin in Fall 2021 (applications will be due in Fall of 2020)! Hope this is useful for many and good luck to all :)!
  13. Hello, I have two questions, haha First, I’m wondering if it would be worth upgrading my GPA for a masters in counselling psychology m.Ed. at the University of Alberta. I completed a psychology with honours degree in 2019 with an 81% (3.3 gpa). I have a lot of applicable volunteer and work experience earned during and after my degree. I know that for most programs 3.7 is the competitive average. So I’m concerned that this could effect my chances. Second, if I were to upgrade my gpa by taking some more psychology courses, would it be better to take them through the U of A or at the institution I completed my undergraduate degree? Thank you for any feedback!😊
  14. I applied for Uottawa's Fall 2021 CS masters program (concentration in applied AI) on the 15th of January. Recently, I found out that my application status got updated to "Second Evaluation" on the 9th of this month. I wanted to ask how long this takes or if anyone finds themselves in this same situation.
  15. I've got offers from all of these schools and I'm trying to decide where to go. I'm more leaning towards Waterloo or McMaster since they are much closer to me than UBC which is the other side of the country. I'm interested in algebra/number theory mostly. Another thing is that I received an NSERC CGS-M at McMaster so my funding is better there, and I would feel kind of silly turning that down. But I think that overall Waterloo is a better school for math. There is research at both places I find interesting though. Any thoughts?
  16. Hi Everyone, I created this thread for all of us applying to Canadian Audiology programs. This is a nice way for all of us to support each other throughout this application process! Good luck everyone!
  17. I plan on applying for msc in Rehabilitation sciences in canada in the fall of 2022. Any inputs on profile building and applications will be helpful
  18. Hello, As Public Health applications will be opening soon (depending on when you're applying to of course) and being the thread for last year was already released months before this, I jumped the gun and thought a thread for us to discuss, share our thoughts, feelings, fears, and the trials and tribulations of Public Health applications would be helpful. I also find it helpful to know who's applying where I'm excited to start this journey and I'm hoping we all see acceptance letters/emails in under a year! Schools/programs I plan to apply to: UBC MPH UBC MSc in PPH (already have my eye on a supervisor though) SFU MPH U of Manitoba MScPH
  19. I recently received admits from the University of British Columbia for a Master's in Physics, and from ETH Zurich for a Masters in Quantum Engineering. I am really happy with my options, but there are differences between them which have made this choice a tough one: At UBC, I'll be fully funded, and have also secured an additional scholarship that would entail more funding and an internship at a Canadian company working in quantum computing (QC). From what I have read online, the job prospects in physics in particular(industry or otherwise) are much better in North America than in Europe. At ETH, I couldn't apply for the ESOP/ETH-D scholarships in time, and will have to bear the gigantic living costs (the tuition fees at ETH is very affordable)in Zurich on my own. However, I will be applying to third party sources for fellowships, and am anticipating some respite via them. The program will also allow me to pursue an internship in QC for a semester, which will help my finances as well. I am torn between which uni to choose. UBC is ranked between 30-50 in physics from what I have seen, whereas ETH is consistently ranked within the top 10. Both institutes are doing very good research in the areas of my interest, and I have found supervisors I am excited to work with at both. I see myself pursuing a PhD in atomic/molecular physics in the future, with the end goal of working in the RnD divisions of quantum computing startups and companies, or if I get lucky, getting tenure track in a related field. I would really appreciate any inputs that help me make an informed decision. Edit: I will be graduating with a bachelors degree this June, and will start my Masters at either institute in September.
  20. The Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) scholarships are facilitated through institutional collaborations and student exchange agreements between Canadian and Latin American or Caribbean institutions. These agreements are created between colleges, technical or vocational institutions and universities. I am JuanD (Colombia) and I successfully obtained an ELAP scholarship on 2014. Now I would like to help all the interest one in order to get this great grant in Canada. Please don't hesitate in contacting me. http://www.urosario.edu.co/Home/Principal/noticias/Internacionalizacion/Beca-ELAP/ https://www.semana.com/contenidos-editoriales/especiales-regionales-canada/articulo/universidades-canadienses-ejemplo-de-calidad-academica/530518 Best,
  21. Decided to start a thread for those of us applying to Canadian international affairs programs this fall/winter. Post stats, advice, or anything related to this topic!
  22. Hello everyone! This space for people who’ve applied to/are interested in the joint graduate program in Communication & Culture at York/Ryerson. Priority deadline for Fall 2021 admission was on 15 January. Feel free to share your thoughts, updates and questions!
  23. Hi! I hold a 2 year SSHRC that pays me well in T4A income. Along with T4 income and my wife's income our household income is large enough for a mortgage. However, I'm aware that most banks etc aren't familiar with SSHRC or guaranteed funding. Have any Canadian grads had success obtaining a mortgage that takes into account SSHRC or other T4A scholarship income? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi! I need some advice please. So I have an offer from a Canadian University - Master's program and the course will be commencing in Jan 2021. And now that Canadian unversities have come up with a quarantine plan for internationa students it is possible to travel to Canada. I also have a PhD offer from an Australian University - not an offer exactly but my prof has agreed to accept me as a PhD candidate and I've also been working on related work. But the only issue is that with the current situation my Australian prof has told me that they are not quite sure when international students will be able to apply again as the borders are currently closed and that I might have to wait until mid of next year. Would it be worth waiting it out for the Aus PhD offer? or should I just give it up and go for the Canadian one. Please any kind of advice is appreciated. There might be even downsides of travelling to Canada given the prevailing situation. FMI - I haven't applied for my Visas yet. Thank You!!!
  25. Hey everyone, Who else has applied/is applying to public policy programs in Canada for this fall? So far, I've applied to just the MPPA program at Carleton since I'm based in Ottawa. If I don't get in, I can always work for a year and then apply again. I also have the public policy programs at Dalhousie and maybe UOttawa as backup options. I considered applying to Queen's though I've decided against it for now. That's where I went for my undergrad and I'd like to go somewhere new.
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