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Found 8 results

  1. Innovation Info Conferences proudly announces the International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Development (IPSDD 2018) to be held during November 05-06, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. The IPSDD 2018 Conference is organized by the Innovation Info Conferences (IIC). The theme of the conference is "Embracing Innovative Technologies in Drug Development, Manufacturing and Discovery", will underpin the need for collaboration and cooperation of individuals from a wide range of professional, academic and technological backgrounds. IPSDD 2018 aims to bring together a wide range of active expertise, covering all stages of developments from lab to consumer: scientists, researchers (senior and young), academicians, clinical pharmacists, companies, investors and regulatory authorities. Moreover, the meeting is designed to serve as an effective international platform for all participants for networking as well as to contribute to the discussions on innovative technologies employed in modern drug discovery and delivery to promote development of efficacious novel drugs. Interested people can register and submit abstract here: Website: http://www.pharmascienceconferences.com Topics: Drug discovery, pharmaceutical ingredients, Pharma Conferences, Drug affinity, Genomics, proteomics and Bioinformatics, pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, , drug resistance, brain drug delivery, Nanomaterials, Polymer Chemistry, drug development, Drug Designing, Drug screening, Drug Carriers, Regulatory Intelligence, Pharmaceutical Market, Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacotherapy, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Nano systems, Pharmaceutical Nano systems, IPSDD, Pharmaceutical Nano systems, Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacy, Patient compliance, Pharmacology and Toxicology.
  2. Cancerbio1001

    MIT vs. GSK

    Hi everyone! I am so excited to start grad school next fall but am faced with a really tough decision!! I am really interested in cancer biology, and would study a wide range of topics within the field. I am deciding between gerstner Sloan Kettering and MIT! Both schools have lots of faculty I am interested in so its difficult to decide, and as you can see I can't seem to think of many cons to either- so I could really use some advice! Here are some pros and cons I came up with: GSK: More translational research, biomedical focus, Manhattan, awesome housing, clinical program, also has cancer immunology MIT: Its MIT, in the center of biotech, broader training, Boston, collaborative across many disciplines, I am interested potentially in doing a some what computationally related project and they have many cancer biologists who do this, an especially intense/intellectually stimulating environment Cons GSK: very cancer bio focused, newer program MIT: Lack of cancer immunology, kind of want to leave boston Thanks so much in advance!
  3. Cancer

    MD Anderson

    I am an international applicant. As I have applied for fall, 2017 for MD Anderson, I still haven't heard from them. Does anybody here applied to MD Anderson knows when we should expect an answer?? Thanks.
  4. I'm applying to Johns Hopkins, Northwestern University, Mt Sinai, Baylor College of Medicine and UC Davis. I currently have a horrible GRE score. I did not have a chance to study for it (collectively a week), but I had to apply this cycle given the fact that I'm in a research program that requires that I apply. I wanted to apply for MSTP programs next year, but my program advisor told me that I had to apply this year in order to receive funding until July of next year, so I took the GRE just in time for them to be received at the schools I'm applying to: V 150 Q 144 A 3.0 Do I have a chance? Any advice or support is appreciated. Thanks EDUCATION 08/2006 - 05/2008 Tuskegee University (Tuskegee, Alabama ) GPA: 3.89 Major: Biology and Nutritional Science 08/2008 - 12/2012 Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama) BS in Biomedical Sciences, BA in Spanish GPA: 3.43 Honors Thesis (2012): Immobilized transition metal complexes as macromolecular catalysts. ACHIEVEMENTS 2013 - 2014 U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program, Chemistry (Barcelona, Spain) 2015 - Present Hopkins PREP Scholar, NIH-funded Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. AWARDS 2008 Bill Ellard Memorial Endowed Scholarship, Auburn University 2008 Thomas G. Jones Scholarship, Auburn University 2010 American Chemical Society’s Regional Conference Travel Grant 2010 Dean’s Research Award for Undergraduates, Auburn University 2011-2012 COSAM Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Auburn University PUBLICATIONS 2010 Gichinga MG, Striegler S*, Dunaway NA and Barnett JD, Miniemulsion polymers as solid support for transition metal catalysts, Polymer 2010, 51, 606-615. Striegler S,* Dunaway NA, Gichinga MG, Barnett JD and Nelson AG, Evaluating binuclear copper(II) complexes for glycoside hydrolysis, Inorg. Chem. 2010, 49, 2639- 2648. 2012 Dunaway NA, Barnett JD and Striegler S*, Glycoside hydrolysis with sugar-templated microgel catalysts, ACS Catalysis 2012, 2, 50-55. Barnett JD, and Striegler S*, Tuning templated microgel catalysts for selective glycoside hydrolysis, Topics in Catalysis 2012, 55(7) , 460-465. 2014 Fan QH, Striegler S*, Langston RG and Barnett JD, Evaluating N-benzylgalactonoamidines as putative transition state analogs for β-galactoside hydrolysis, Org. Biomol. Chem. 2014, 12(17) 2792-2800 2016 Korangath P, Barnett JD, et al., Nanoparticles and their targeting: a study in preclinical models of HER+ breast cancer, (manuscript in preparation) RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: 05/2008 - 07/2008 Undergraduate Molecular Biology & Immunology Researcher (UNT Health Science Center) Research Topic: Abundant expression of novel gene C17orf37 in prostate cancer 2009 - 2012 Undergraduate Inorganic Chemistry Researcher (Auburn University) Topic: Analysis of transition metal complexes as macromolecular catalysts 02/2013 - 08/2013 Chemistry Research Associate (University of Arkansas: Fayetteville) Topic: Preparation and evaluation of polymer matrices for asymmetric catalysis 09/2013 - 08/2014 Fulbright Scholar (University of Barcelona) Topic: Synthesis and characterization of photoactivatable DNA-cleaving copper complexes 07/2015 - Present PREP Scholar (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) Topic: Effects of magnetic nanoparticle-mediated hyperthermia on DNA damage repair pathways in colorectal cancer cells POSTERS & PRESENTATIONS 7/24/2008 Barnett JD. Novel gene C17orf37 is abundantly expressed in prostate cancer: a prospective biomarker. Poster; Univ. North Texas Health Science Center (Fort Worth, TX) 02/19/2010 Dunaway NA, Barnett JD and Striegler S. Carbohydrate recognition by binuclear platinum complexes. Poster; Auburn University (Dept. Chemistry and Biochemistry) 12/3/2010 Barnett JD, Alonso NA, and Striegler S. Sugar discrimination by binuclear copper(II) complexes. Poster. 66th Southwest and 62nd Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society. (New Orleans, LA) 03/30/2012 Barnett JD and Striegler S. Transition metal complexes as macromolecular catalysts. Poster. 26th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) (Ogden,UT) 10/22/2015 Barnett JD. Effects of nanoparticles and nanoparticle-Induced hyperthermia on DNA Signaling Pathways in human colorectal cancer cells. Poster. Dept. Molecular Radiation Sciences, The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Baltimore MD). 04/13/2016 Barnett JD, Sharma A, Bunz F and Ivkov R. Effects of magnetic nanoparticle-induced hyperthermia on DNA damage signaling. Oral presentation. 2016 Int’l Congress of Hyperthermic Oncology (New Orleans, LA)
  5. Sorry this is SO long, but I REALLY appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this!! I am a first year Molecular Biology PhD student in California, and I am amazingly unhappy with how my program has been going so far (ie, I have been miserable and often anxious/depressed). I keep trying to keep a positive attitude, but it feels like no matter how hard I work, things still aren't working out (and I don't feel very supported or valued by my department). I'm trying to be proactive about my anxiety, and I regularly see a therapist. There have been a string of events in my personal life–had I known at the time of choosing at a PhD program–I would have NEVER chosen my current school/program. The biggest event was in October when my mom was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, across the country, in the rural midwest. She has gone through a great deal of chemo and multiple surgeries, and it has been difficult to put a handle on the metastasis. I have been traveling home for every holiday (spending an entire month between December-Jan as well as spring break), and I have gone home for each surgery (for long weekends). I have done this with the blessings/permission of my rotation professors/department head, but it has been truly exhausting. Because of my family's specific situation, I do not have any other family members that can care for my mom 24-7, when she is doing very poorly/right after a surgery (thus part of the reason I want to visit home). My parents tell me upfront that they don't want me to sacrifice my career opportunities (I am a first generation college student), but I know in my heart that they need me (and I need to be with them). I always have such a heavy heart, knowing that my mom and my family is suffering on the other side of the country; I hate being so far away from home. One of my close friends also committed suicide during my first rotation (and he sent me a package in the mail right before he passed away; which I never got a chance to thank him for, since I was "so busy" working in lab), which also gave been a heavy heart. If these personal-life issues were the only issues, I would consider taking a medical leave. I chose not to, however, because I thought it might complicate my NSF GRFP funding/I didn't have the money to keep paying rent in my apartment, without being paid. I powered through, and now that it is the time where we are supposed to "choose" thesis labs, I am finding out that none of the three professors who I rotated with want me to join their lab. It is very distressing to me, because I have tried *SO HARD* to keep everything together, slap on a happy face, and try my best. Despite everything, I still worked 8-16 hours in the lab every day, and I had data for each rotation. When I would go home for short trips, I would work extra hours in the night and entire weekends (getting only a few hours of sleep), to make up for lost time. I was extremely passionate about the topics of research in the labs I rotated in, in I would have been happy to join any three of them. I was extremely thoughtful in choosing my rotation labs. If nothing else, I hoped at least one of the 3 professors would have noticed and appreciated my grit and determination. But I got feedback from the department head that I should "seriously start looking for 4th rotation labs, because none of my first 3 rotation professors 'want' me in their lab." After meeting with each of the three professors, I confirmed what the department head said to be true (they either told me that they didn't think their labs were "where my interests truly lied" or that they thought I should go somewhere were I could get more mentorship). I don't really understand their comments; since I was very enthusiastic about their work and I was increasingly independent, especially towards the end of my rotations (once I had been trained–able to design, carry out, and analyze my own experiments, from scratch). I understand, however, that these are just nice ways of telling me they don't want me in their lab. Adding to this, I even had one professor called me "slow" (in regards the way I think and reflect on problems) towards the end of my rotation (which was a bit offensive, she I am registered with the disability office for being dyslexic–which honestly, I don't feel like greatly effects my work). I have NEVER been called "slow" before in my life. As a different scenario (but equally bothering), a PhD student in the last lab I worked in went out of her way to tell me that she strongly advises me NOT to join the lab, that I would have a very hard time being successful there, and that the professor doesn't even know or care that I exist (harsh!). She told me not to take it personally, because the professor is very busy and has nothing invested in any of her rotation students (in addition to not knowing who they are). She even encouraged me to not give a final lab meeting, because it would save everyone time (of not having to listen to me present); and of course this PhD student is the person who schedules lab meetings for everyone. The professor of course knows who I am, because I had met with her several times one-on-one, and I am still planning on presenting my data in lab meeting. I was so humiliated, however, that I cried in front of this PhD student (mind you this was a few days before my mom was due for another surgery, so I was already extra emotionally vulnerable). I tried my best to be hard-working in this lab, I would ask for help when I needed it, and I got some interesting data–I honestly have no idea what I did to deserve those comments from this PhD student (I didn't even ask for her opinion or indicate that I hoped to join the lab!). Of course, I did not want to join this final lab (especially after these comments/experience). I understand the easiest thing would be to find a 4th rotation lab, but so far, I am truly not interested/passionate in any other labs at the university (and this department makes me feel very horrible about myself). It is a huge source of anxiety for me to be so far away from my family at this time. I have my own NSF GRFP funding, in addition to 2 years of an NIH training grant (I really can't understand why none of the three professors will take a chance on me; they don't even have to pay for me!). I don't feel wanted or respected in my department now, and I feel so misunderstood. I don't expect to be liked by everybody, but I can't understand why I am liked by seemingly no one. I went to a good university for undergrad, worked in several research labs (with publications and good rec letters), did an international research fellowship, and I try to have good people skills/be very respectful, humble and polite (I know it must not seem like it in this post haha, forgive me; I'm just trying to give context to me situation). I have a new publication that will be coming out next year, for a project that I worked on as a senior in college. I don't brag/ever bring up these accomplishments here in my program; I'm just disclosing it here, because I am having such a hard time understanding why I went from being so well-received in my past research experiences to being so-poorly received here. Originally, in addition to this school in California, I was accepted into: UChicago, UWash Seattle (Genomics), Harvard, UNC, and Princeton. I am really kicking myself now, because had I gone to UChicago or Princeton, it would have either been a 2 hour direct flight home or a 3 hour train ride (whereas traveling to/from California takes at least 7-12 hours and is expensive, to get to my family). Is it possible to try to transfer another school (such as UChicago or Princeton)? Honestly, if it weren't for NSF (and the fact that I've dreamed of being a scientist since I was 14), I might consider leaving the PhD path altogether. But I'm not ready to ENTIRELY give up; it seems so stupid to do that, just because I am having such a hard time in my current program (and I don't entirely understand why). I don't want to do a PhD on a topic I'm not passionate about (or in a department where I feel not supported/not wanted), but I have hope that there might be other options. I wouldn't mind having to start entirely from scratch at a new school, since I'm only a first year now. I don't expect my PhD experience to be magically better at a new school, but at least I were to struggle, I would be struggling closer to home. If I were to attempt transferring, would I need to reapply in December, or is it at all possible to contact the department and somehow explain my situation (to transfer)? And out of curiosity: Has anyone had the experience before, where they had NSF, but had a horrible time finding a lab that wanted to take them? What are peoples thoughts? Thank you so much!
  6. Hey all, I'm trying to decide between enrolling in Tulane's Biomedical Sciences program and UMD - Baltimore's Molecular Medicine program for Fall 2016. I would like to focus on cancer genetics, but realize that people do switch their focus once beginning these programs. I liked the professors more at Tulane and was more interested in their research, but UMD is ranked higher. Do school rankings matter much in research? If anyone has any insight into either of these two programs, any advice would be welcome. Thanks
  7. FertMigMort

    Serious Medical Issues in Grad School

    Has anyone else struggled with medical issues in grad school? I was diagnosed with a "benign" tumor right and had to have radiation treatment. I'm super lucky that my amazing grad student insurance covered all of the bills and I got to go to the University's amazing medical school hospital for treatment. That said, I'm still struggling with some issues related to the tumor and am wondering how others deal with medical situations in grad school. Are there even others out there like me? Where do you get support from? Do you feel like you face a stigma from your department? How has your advisor reacted? ETA: If you don't want to come out with it on the board, maybe you would be willing to PM me? I know that some people are private about medical stuff and don't want to talk about it.
  8. ayeriaz

    grad school suggestions genetics

    Hi everyone! I am an international student and intend to pursue PhD in genetics (preferably cancer genetics). Can anyone suggest good schools in this field. My GRE score: verbal: 640, Quant: 690, AW: 4.0. My TOEFL ibt score is 116/120. I hold an MSc degree in Genetics which is equivalent to a BS degree in the US. I had graduated top of my class. Have teaching experience of 6+ years. Finished a one yr. research project, working on another one right now but the topic is different from my intended PhD research topic. No publications yet Applied for Fulbright, made it to the interview but will hear final word by October. Could somebody suggest good schools or programs matching my profile that I could apply to, preferably in NY, Michigan, Pennsylvania or Ohio.

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