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Found 9 results

  1. Fellow applicants of this year or previous year, how long did it take for your application to get accepted? I applied to MSc Computer Science program at Carleton back in November 2019. Got no any updates from the university ever. After April 20, my status changed to "Recommended for Assessment" from "Review in progress by department". According to their website it means my file has been sent to admission committee. Now, I am totally confused. - Since my status updated after April 20, isn't it already too late for admission committee to look into the applications? - How long does this status remain before it changes to "Review in progress by Graduate office" or something like that? - How likely am I to get acceptance now? Can I keep my hope?
  2. I have applied for Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering for Winter 2020 intake on July 7th. My undergrad % is 74% with IELTS score as 7. But my application status still shows 'Priliminary review required' Does this mean I must leave hopes on this Carleton University?
  3. Hi All - From the website, Carleton U's MSW program sounds competitive. I want to apply to the two-year program with foundational year, as my background is psychology. I meet all the standard requirements. I have WELL over the recommended hours to be considered competitive - I've been working in human services full-time for almost 6-years. However, I am still nervous to apply to a competitive program after being waitlisted for Laurier U's MSW program. I would expect Laurier's program is more competitive because it's distance education, but I'm still wondering if anyone could weigh in on this? Carleton also asks for reflection on personal identity and how it helps understand self and society... does this mean they give special attention to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and persons with disabilities? (To be honest I HATE writing about my personal struggles because it always leads me to question if my struggles or identity are significant enough...) Right now, I'm thinking I want to apply to Carleton and University of Manitoba's distance program. I am hesitant to re-apply for Laurier, as I was told I met all requirements, just needed more experience. Thank you all in advance for your input and experience!
  4. Hey everyone, I have been admitted into the Graduate school of public and international affairs at Uottawa, and the Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration at Carleton University. I am not exactly sure which school offers better job placement (heard carleton might be stronger with COOP), and also how reputation plays a factor. I personally am interested in International Affairs, but after hearing that Uottawa has a french requirement for one of its courses and that only the top 20% of the class gets a COOP placement, it has really made me rethink what is the best choice moving forward. I aspire to work for GAC or an NGO so i'm not sure if having an MPPA will help me or not! Any advice?
  5. I have applied for Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering for Winter 2020 intake on July 7th. My undergrad % is 74% with IELTS score as 7. But my application status still shows 'Priliminary review required' Does this mean I must leave hopes on this Carleton University?
  6. Hey guys! I was recently accepted to the MA in Development Studies at York University (Toronto) with a pretty decent offer of financial package (fully covered with a bit extra for other expenses). My top choice program, however, is Carleton University's MA in Political Economy. That application is still under review, but I only have a limited amount of time to respond to the offer from York. Does anyone know if it's considered really inappropriate to contact Carleton (if I don't hear soonish) saying that I'd like to go to their school but I need to know whether I'm in before I respond to York? Or if there is an appropriate way to go about this? Really appreciate any help anyone can offer! And congrats to others who have gotten acceptances!
  7. Hi! Can anybody give me some insight as to which program would be the better choice at Carleton University in Ottawa: Norman Paterson School of International Affairs vs Masters of Public Policy and Administration? 1. What is the MPPA program reputation and experiences people have had? How does that compare to those who've gone to NPSIA? 2. Any differences in co-op placements? 3. What would be the best choice for future career prospects? I'm not completely settled on a singular career path but the prestige of having a degree from NPSIA seems to open doors, whereas an MPPA may give me more career options and flexibility. Any advice/insight/experience sharing would be so great right now. I've got a limited time to respond to offers. Thanks
  8. Hey Guys, I recently noticed that my Carleton University application status had changed from "preliminary review required " to "recommended for assessment". should I be happy or panic ? Anyone??
  9. I am applying to the Master of Public Policy at U of T and also the Political Management program at Carleton. My GPA is not amazing 3.35 with a joint honours BA in history and poli sci. I have pretty good references though as well as resume and background experience (including extracurriculars) in terms of volunteering. My professional experience is alright. I've yet to write my letter of intent. What are my chances of getting into either? I was also thinking of applying to Carleton's Public Policy and Admin program but don't know if I'll bother as I won't have enough time to write a good letter of intent most probably.
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