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Found 23 results

  1. Fellow applicants of this year or previous year, how long did it take for your application to get accepted? I applied to MSc Computer Science program at Carleton back in November 2019. Got no any updates from the university ever. After April 20, my status changed to "Recommended for Assessment" from "Review in progress by department". According to their website it means my file has been sent to admission committee. Now, I am totally confused. - Since my status updated after April 20, isn't it already too late for admission committee to look into the applications? - How long does this status remain before it changes to "Review in progress by Graduate office" or something like that? - How likely am I to get acceptance now? Can I keep my hope?
  2. I have applied for Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering for Winter 2020 intake on July 7th. My undergrad % is 74% with IELTS score as 7. But my application status still shows 'Priliminary review required' Does this mean I must leave hopes on this Carleton University?
  3. I want to do a joint JD-MA Int'l Affairs but I want to go to NPSIA but not Ottawa Common law (lol) so I'm thinking of doing NPSIA 2021-2022 then go elsewhere for law. I noticed that one need 5.0 credits (10 one semester courses) to finish without co-op. Can this be done in one semester? Is it a bad idea to try and take that many classes at once? Any advice is great
  4. Hi everyone, I'm intending to re-apply to the M.A. Program at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs for the semester starting in September 2021. I've previously applied for the semester starting in September 2020. My application was recommended for assessment but was eventually rejected. I've contacted the office of admission asking for more details so I can improve on my second application, but the answer was very vague (we have limited spaces, the program is very competitive, etc.). They did mention that in some cases, people took additional undergraduate level courses related to international affairs to strengthen their application for a following year. I was wondering if anyone has experience re-applying to NPSIA and can give some pointers or suggest some undergrad courses to take? Thank you so much!
  5. I have applied for Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering for Winter 2020 intake on July 7th. My undergrad % is 74% with IELTS score as 7. But my application status still shows 'Priliminary review required' Does this mean I must leave hopes on this Carleton University?
  6. Does anyone have news on admission for 2019 session?
  7. Hey yall- I'm starting this thread for those applying to NPSIA for 2018. Feel free to post any questions or comments here. And as offers roll out too dont be afraid to share your acceptance or decline comments here Just curious, in regards to the MA, are people limiting their statement of intent to a certain number of words? is it research focused (with citations and all) even if you aren't planning on doing the thesis or MRP? The instructions on the website are quite vague, so i'm curious what people are doing (especially word count wise).
  8. Hi Guys, I have been working in telecommunications as an engineer and looking to do my Masters or MEng. to be exact in Ontario. Instead of an M.Eng.in Computers etc. i am interested in Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship kind of a program. I have seen McMaster, Ryerson, UoT, Carleton and a few others with such a program. Please guide what would be a better choice looking at employability later on and other factors. Appreciate the help.
  9. I'm starting this thread for everyone applying to Poli Sci MAs for 2018! Feel free to add your acceptances as they come in. Good luck everyone! For a bit of context, I applied to Carleton, Queens, Western and Laurier. Where did you guys apply to?
  10. The title pretty much explains it. I wanted to open up a new post on the pros and cons and overall verdict of each school that is up to date. I believe the last time this was posted about was in 2015. Open to input from current applicants: Which are you choosing? and alumni: Did you love/hate your choice and why? Looking forward to this!
  11. I am currently debating between UofT's MPP program and Carleton's MPPA program, however I am struggling to find someone who has completed either program. Does anyone have an opinion on either school's policy program? Does anyone know if UofT's program is heavy on the math/econ side?
  12. Dear All, I am considering applying for an MPA in Canada for next year and have been reading this thread for quite a while to better inform myself. I am a Canadian citizen with a BA in Psychology, an MA in EU Studies (this was abroad) and more than 10 years of experience in international organizations. I would like to return home and work in government in either health, social or education policy. Is there a discernible difference between the Ryerson and Carleton programme's when it comes to these areas of interest? Also, what are the possibilities between moving between federal and provincial ministries or does the fact that you attend one school rather than the other assign you to a certain segment from the start (e.g. Fed govt in case of Carleton, OPS or City of Toronto in case of Ryerson)? Would be grateful for any inputs from anyone here who has attended either of these two universities or has spent a considerable amount of time researching them. Good luck for everyone applying for this year.
  13. Hi everyone, I created this discussion page to share our application results for NPSIA PhD program. Please feel free to submit any information regarding the decisions. Cheers!
  14. Hi all, I thought I'd start a thread specifically for those of us applying to Munk and other Canadian international affairs programs for fall 2017. Topic name begins with Munk simply because that's my first choice lol Applications haven't opened yet but I figured, why not Here's last cycle's thread:
  15. Hey guys, I'm going to be starting my application for my Master's program soon. My first choice is Carleton's NPSIA. I thought I'd start a thread this year so if anyone else is going to apply as well, we can go on this tumultuous journey together. I'm an international student, so the processes and such may be different and requirements more extensive, but I'm sure we can all find some commonality. And also benefit from discussion.
  16. Hi! Can anybody give me some insight as to which program would be the better choice at Carleton University in Ottawa: Norman Paterson School of International Affairs versus Masters of Public Policy and Administration? 1. What is the MPPA program reputation and experiences people have had? 2. Any differences in co-op placements? 3. What would be the best choice for future career prospects? I'm not completely settled on a singular career path but the prestige of having a degree from NPSIA seems to open doors, whereas an MPPA may give me more options. Any advice/insight/experience sharing would be so great right now. I've got a limited time to respond to offers. Thanks
  17. Did anyone hear back yet from Carleton, Ryerson, or McGill University for the Masters in Architecture?!
  18. Hey everyone! I applied to Ryerson, McGill and Carleton for the Masters in Architecture! I haven't heard back from any so I'm pretty nervous! Has anyone any idea when I should hear from them? Also has anyone heard back from them? Feel free to reply!
  19. Thought I would create a thread for ECE applicants to Canadian schools. The major competitions are coming out soon (both for students and professors) and I imagine that many people will hear shortly. I personally have had 3 interviews in early Feb from UofT and one POI let me know he would not be extending an offer, at Waterloo I have POI that I have been in contact with and their admin indicated that professors have until April 1. I am anxiously waiting to hear back. I have heard back from one university with OGS award, and a very generous financial package. A lot of people seem to be waiting, I wanted to see who else has been waiting for MASc/PhD?
  20. Hi guys! I got accepted to a couple of journalism grad programs in Canada and I'm torn which one to choose. So, I desperately need input and advice to put things in perspective and hopefully, make a logical decision that I won't regret. Anyway, I got in to the Master of Journalism program in UBC, Western, Ryerson, and Carleton. What are the pros and cons of each program? Which one is better? Should I attend the one that offers me the most funding or choose the one I really want to attend? Feel free to response! I'm just desperate as deadlines to accept/decline offers are coming up. Thanks!
  21. Hi, Just wondering if any international applicant to uoft's MPP or carleton uni's MPPA has received an offer from them. The wait is nerve-racking, i wonder why its taking them this long to make a decision. I'm aware offers have been made to domestic students about a month ago and that uoft noted that offers will be made to international applicants the week of march 28, however no updates since then as to whether the offers were made or not, their response to my email enquiry was just generic. If you have any info, kindly share. Thanks
  22. I am applying to the Master of Public Policy at U of T and also the Political Management program at Carleton. My GPA is not amazing 3.35 with a joint honours BA in history and poli sci. I have pretty good references though as well as resume and background experience (including extracurriculars) in terms of volunteering. My professional experience is alright. I've yet to write my letter of intent. What are my chances of getting into either? I was also thinking of applying to Carleton's Public Policy and Admin program but don't know if I'll bother as I won't have enough time to write a good letter of intent most probably.
  23. Hi all, Has anyone heard anything from Carleton or Ryerson Canadian Masters of Journalism Programs? I was waitlisted for Carleton and just wondering if anyone has gotten in and what the deadline is for letting them know, or if anyone applied for Ryerson. I haven't heard anything from them yet. Any info you can share would be helpful!
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