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Found 13 results

  1. I recently got waitlisted at an extremely competitive STEM program at CMU's School of Computer Science. I am an international applicant. I received the decision a few days after others got their waitlist and admit decisions. I'm not sure how this translates into where I'm situated on the waitlist "stack". I understand the chances of an admit from the waitlist are slim, but do you believe I could do anything in the next two months that will make an admit more probable? A few friends in their undergrad suggested I mail them once every few weeks to show my continued interest. But I don't want to cross the line between being eager and being desperate. What do you think?
  2. I believe many received MS Artificial Intelligence And Innovation admits and waitlist decisions last Friday, the 28th of Jan. I haven't heard back, does this translate into a reject? I had previously received two views on my video essay.
  3. Guys I'm really having difficult time choosing between these two schools. My area of interest is Control Systems I plan to continue to Ph.D right after completing my MS in one of these schools. What do you think? Which school should I choose? ((I don't care about the cost since i will be fully sponsored))
  4. Hi, I got admissions from several great schools for this fall semester, but I cannot decide yet. Where will you choose if you are in my shoes? I have 8 yrs work experience as ux designer and I have BFA in visual design. I’d like to work at FAANG as product designer later, and also I want to be a professor in my country(Asia) later. Here are the pros and cons: 1. CMU mDes + great name value in field/academia ? small cohort size (~10) - location (Pittsburgh) - no STEM 2. UW HCDE + great name value in field + location (close with tech companies) - location (Seattle = boring, rainy..) - low name value in my country ? Big cohort size (100~) 3. NYU ITP + location (New York!) + can experience physical computing - not focus on UX directly ? Big cohort size (100~) 4. RCA GID + double degree (MA in RCA, MS in Imperial College) + more innovative curriculum - location (London.. BREXIT.......) - not focus on UX directly If you have any experience or opinions about these schools, let me know! Thanks!
  5. Applied PhD track on Information Systemes & Public Policy at Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University Social Science, Big Data Analysis, ML, AI, HCI Any other Heinz applicants?
  6. Hi, need some advice! I really don't know what to make of my situation right now. Should I be elated or just downright sad? Am I being too sceptical, or just playing it safe? I received an admit from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California, Berkeley for my PhD (Direct Entry) in Mechanical Engineering. I was given a potential research advisor for both universities and told to contact him regarding my research domain and funding. It was only upon discussing further with the profs did I realise that both the offers were without funding!! I mean, who does a PhD WITHOUT FUNDING!? That too, being an international student from India, there is no way anyone can even consider these offers! Graduate studies in itself, is way too expensive. Now, upon explaining to the department regarding the current condition, they told me to approach other professors who would have a position available. I'm doing that right now, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I have applied to Purdue, UIUC, UTexas Austin and UMichigan as well, but I still haven't received any information yet. If my plan goes all south, I will be stuck making one of these mentioned things- I either choose to pursue my PhD in one of the universities and decide to search for a potential advisor and funding en-route (Very, Very risky). Or, I request the university to convert my admit to an M.S program (unfunded) and think of a PhD later on (Not sure if possible in the first place). Any advice?
  7. Here are my top choices so far: Harvard: -MDes (Technology) Carnegie Mellon University: -MDes -MS in Computational Design (partial scholarship) -MHCI Going to Harvard and taking classes at MIT (especially the Media Lab) would be a dream. I just cannot figure out where Harvard MDes will take me professionally. CMU is very transparent about the graduates' career statistics. CMU students seem to be doing well professionally and financially. Does anyone know how well Harvard MDes grads transition to industry? Also, one of my goals is to learn as much CS as possible during grad school. Also admitted to: Columbia University: MArch Rice University: MArch (full ride) TU Delft: Design for Interaction Georgia Tech: Master of Science in Architecture (Digital Design and Fabrication)
  8. Profile Evaluation. I have the following profile till 5th sem Engineering. College : Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. CGPA (till 5th sem) :7.6 GRE : 324(Q:170,V:154) TOEFL : 110/120 Internships : 4 weeks at National Thermal Power Corporations (NTPC) 4 Weeks at BSNL. Planning to do a RnD internship in Indian Institute of Technology this summer. Have a lot of extracurricular activities in college : ex. President of the official Student body of the electrical department of the college. Have been involved in 3 student bodies both academic and non academic, category head of the electrical department's category in the national level technical fest of the college. Was a campaign leader in Teach for India, an international level non governmental organization. Also have volunteering work certificates from Rotaract international. Planning to publish papers in IEEE conferences/journals based on the research I have done along with the professor since last year. Strong SOP since it will be backed up by research experience as well as strong internships and extra curriculars and volunteering experiences. Strong LoR from professor under whom I'll work at IIT and the professor under which I have worked in my college, plus from HoD. Shortlisted Universities. : (Ambitious to safe according to my research in descending order). 1)UCLA 2) Carnegie Mellon University 3) Columbia University 4) Pennsylvania State university 5) Texas A&M University College Station 6) University of California Santa Barbara 7) University of California, Irvine 8) New York University 9) University of Texas at Dallas 10) Arizona State university Kindly give your insight into how many of these are achievable and which are ambitious or moderate in this list. Also if you have any other good universities for my profile For Fall 19 EE which I should apply to then please suggest them as well. Please do help me out. Thank you in advance.
  9. CMU is my dream school and i have read a lot about its programs online but i was hoping if anyone can share from there own experiences what particular things should i highlight in my SOP for admission into MS Mechanical Engineering at CMU. My Profile is Undergraduate: 3.77 / 4.00 (2nd in Department , Silver Medal) GRE: (166 Q, 154 V, 3.5 AWA) 320 IELTS 8 3 years industry experience in Machinery Diagnostics
  10. I applied to an SCS PhD Program at CMU and even managed to submit my application by 1st Dec. Since then following up on LORs was my daily task and thankfully the last one submitted just hours before the deadline. Until Yesterday, I was able to log on to the system and view the submitted application. Now, when I log onto the system, I cannot see the application anymore and needless to say I am trying my best not to panic. Is this normal? How does one normally track their application status?
  11. I have admits for fall 2016 from 1. USC MS CS (Scientists and Engineers) 2. CMU ini MS in Information technology (Information Security track) (MSIT-IS) 3. University of Pennsylvania Masters in Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) I'm having a tough time in finalizing the university to attend. Currently I'm inclined towards UPenn's MCIT program because of the course structure. However I hear a lot of people say that Ivy league colleges have lost their charm and the quality of faculty and research is deteriorating. How true is the observation in the case of UPenn? Is it recommended that I don't join their program? Also Since I would be getting a degree stating Masters in Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) and not MS CS, will this be looked down upon by recruiters? Will the name of the degree be a hindrance in securing good jobs? It would be great if current students /alums could help me compare the three courses and shed some light on: 1. job scenarios after graduating from each of these universities. I wanna know what kind of roles are offered to the graduates from these programs. how useful are the career services at each of these universities? Specifically I wish to know what kind of help they provide when it comes to job/ internship search. How do students from each of the three universities normally end up getting full time job offers? 2. How good are the cs departments at the above universities and the quality of faculty and research? For a quick background about me and my reasons for graduate studies, I have an undergraduate degree in electrical and electronics. And I've been working mostly in web application development using Java. My main motive for masters is to get a solid background of core computer science fundamentals and to explore other areas apart from application development like artificial intelligence, systems engineering, cloud,information security etc.
  12. How are these programs and their respective schools different? What about job prospects? I got admitted to both. Although they are both part of CMU and will be pretty much amazing, I have not heard much about INI before so I am naturally inclined towards Heinz but I do not want to make a wrong decision based on my lack of knowledge. I do not want to go into too technical roles, but at the same time I have only 2.5 years of experience so purely managerial roles will not be suited for me. I want a mix of both, something that makes me improve my technical knowledge while making me more aware of the security decisions made at authoritative/managerial positions. Any help will be appreciated!
  13. Hi guys, Yesterday I got an admit for Masters of Language Technologies at the Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science of Carnegie Mellon University. I had applied for the PhD/MS program, missed out on PhD. In many admits/rejects posted on the Results section people have written comments as: didn't know LTI was so competitive, too many LTI admits etc. Is LTI considered not good enough ? Could you please give me some history about his program ?
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