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Found 3 results

  1. I recently got waitlisted at an extremely competitive STEM program at CMU's School of Computer Science. I am an international applicant. I received the decision a few days after others got their waitlist and admit decisions. I'm not sure how this translates into where I'm situated on the waitlist "stack". I understand the chances of an admit from the waitlist are slim, but do you believe I could do anything in the next two months that will make an admit more probable? A few friends in their undergrad suggested I mail them once every few weeks to show my continued interest. But I don't want to cross the line between being eager and being desperate. What do you think?
  2. Is it only me who was misguided but Carnegie Mellon recently changed their deadline of application? I made a google sheet of all the universities along with their deadlines about a month ago, and came back yesterday after the final exams. Back then Carnegie Mellon listed their deadline as December 18, I checked their website last night and their deadline was Dec 1, which fortunately was moved to Dec 4 because of a system outage. I submitted the application in rush as I had most of the materials ready but I do not know when my references will submit the letters. Their website says that the letters need to be processed by the deadline. I just wanted to check here if I misread the deadline last month or was it moved half way through November. If it was changed, I wanted to email them and ask if they can extend the deadline for my letters for a week. But I do not want to embarass myself if the deadline has always been Dec 1.
  3. I am looking at both the Computer Science masters program and the software engineering program. I have 5-6 years of development experience Software Engineering Pros: - I want to be a professional developer and work towards software architect - Professionally focused program - work on real life problems Cons: - I don't want to take classes on Agile and other methodologies because I have taken several trainings on it and use it everyday. - It sounds like a lot of team work, which doesn't bother me but I would like to do individual work as well - I don't have a computer science undergrad so I want to take some algorithms, data structure, and ML courses, which I am not sure how possible that is - The application will be a little more work cause its different from other programs I'm applying to Computer Science Pros: - I will get to take algorithms, data structure, and ML courses - Lots of individual work - more flexible course structure (I think) Cons: - More theoretical, isn't focused on making me a professional developer or architect - I might get buried with the course work because I don't have pure Computer science background If anyone has thoughts or insights into the programs I would love to hear them
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