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Found 6 results

  1. Going into my 5th year of Honours Economics, with a minor in Maths. Planning to apply for MA in Economics at UofT, Western, McMaster, Laurier and McGill. First and second year GPAs aren't the best: A in intro and intermediate Micro, B in intro and intermediate Macro C in Calc 1, F in Calc 2( but retook and upgraded it to a C-), C in Lin alg 1, D in lin alg 2. Grades got gradually better in upper years, and took more advanced Econ and Math courses: A in Advanced Micro Theory 1, 2 and all other 3rd and 4th year Econ courses(Research methods, Intl trade, Monetary) B+ in Econometrics 1 and 2 C+ in Calc 3 A in Calc 4. Professional experiences: Worked as a Research Assistant this summer with a Professor in the faculty of Economics. Had 2 summer internships as a financial analyst for a tech firm in Toronto. Extracurriculars: Research analyst for a student - run investment club in the university. Representative with the Economics society. What are my chances of getting into these schools, given my improvement in the final 2 years?
  2. i have a low GPA of (2.5) and i want to study Preferably Business analytics or information system. finding schools is really hard and has become really annoying. i feel i can handle the course well as it is something i have developed an interest in because of the business i am building. Any advice for me or can someone recommend schools i can look at that could accept me?
  3. Hi all, i am from Pakistan, belong to a financially struggling household and persecuted minority group, attended a prestigious liberal arts college here and graduated with undergrad degree in English Lit, and MPhil in International relations.Now i intend to apply for MTS program at Harvard Divinity School in coming session, but i have really average gpa in my undergrad which is 3.07 only. Even though i started and finished that degree under intense pressures, and weirdest circumstances that caused me severe depression. Not to forget, i was working even before starting my degree, due to challenging situations couldn't start my university degree till 24 years of age. Do i stand a chance? Is there someone accepted with similar gpa? I want to specialize in Islamic studies and have intensive research on the subject. Also, i don't need to submit GRE score as i already hold a masters degree and eligible for GRE waiver, even though grad degree is with similar gpa, as the situation wasn't altered much. Shall be grateful for any kind of guidance.
  4. Tawkir

    Low Cgpa

    Hi, I am currently studying civil engineering but my cgpa in 2.75. Have i any opportunity to do masters in the USA??
  5. Hi everyone, My cgpa is average, its 8.25 on a scale of 10. It's alright but not that good. My first sem CGPA was around 7.8 so I have improved. I was wondering if I should talk about that improvement in my SOP? Will it help me or will it hurt my chances or will it not do anything? Thanks!
  6. Hi All, If you are an Indian you would know the struggle to convert your university gpa (or cgpa as it's popularly known) to a 4-base gpa. According to some formulae I converted it to 2.6 (mine is 7.93 on 10-base) and on another I found it was 4.0! My university is IIIT Bhubaneswar, a very young university (we were the second batch to pass out). So I am not sure how my gpa would be evaluated as even other private universities in our neighbourhood reward nothing less than 9.0 to almost 90% of the undergrads.
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