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Found 9 results

  1. Need some advice. Would appreciate insight from people who have applied for the CGS-M. I'm planning to apply for the CGS-M but I don't have that much research experience. I didn't do a thesis but I have one publication in an undergraduate journal (nothing too rigorous). I am currently doing some research with a non-profit (supervised by a prof) but still haven't completed the ethics review so very preliminary. My GPA in the last 2 years of undergrad is nearly a 4.0. I have a prof who is willing to take me on as a master's student and she is helping me develop the proposal, which will be very strong and impactful. Do you think I have a chance to get the CIHR scholarship at Western University, a school that only has 19 CIHR awards? Please help.
  2. Hey everyone! I saw one for the doctoral level but not one for the MA level. Didn't know whether to include the other agencies (CIHR and NSERC)? Feel free to join in or start your own thread. Let's all wait it out together
  3. Hello everyone! I thought to start this SSHRC-M thread for UofT. Feel free to join and let's wait it out together...!
  4. Hello everyone! I`m applying to Vanier CGS 2016-2017. Is there any other applicants here? If we could count with the help (some tips, guidelines, etc) of those who are already accepted that would be great. Thanks!
  5. I have a question about the CGS April 15 Resolution and I am looking for advice. Both school A and school B are members of CGS. I am just wondering if it is legitimate to accept school A’s offer and defer school B’s offer? The reason is that I am not very certain if school A is a right fit but want to give it a try for one year. School B has a defer option (but says you need to get a departmental approval for the deferral and the deferral will be considered again together with later year's applicants). Thank you in advance!
  6. Hello everyone, A few days back, I received an offer from a US university after a professor with similar research interests interviewed me and then decided to admit me in his group as a PhD student. The department also sent an offer letter mentioning the funding. However, the professor would like to hear about my decision regarding his offer within 10 days, I received the offer on 26th Jan. 2017. Although, the official offer letter does not mention any date by which I need to accept but the email sent by the department asked me to reply about their offer in 10 days. The professor already had informal discussion about this with me earlier. This puts me in a difficult situation because I would ideally want to wait for other application results before deciding. I was expecting atleast one result notification from any one out of the 8 other universities that I applied to by this time, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen for me any time soon. So, it is highly probable now that I won't have any other offer before the deadline for this offer that I have received. So, would it be okay to bring up the CGS resolution about April 15th deadline date with the department and/or the professor to request them to change the deadline to April 15th, because clearly this early deadline is only their informal deadline because they want to hire other candidates in case I reject? I would really appreciate any suggestions in this matter and any other advice that you might have! Thanks!
  7. I'm currently in a one-year MA program. I am also receiving a Master's SSHRC. I have the option to take a summer job, which is full-time. According to SSHRC: "You may not hold full-time employment during any period of time in which you hold the SSHRC award." Here's my question: Do I do the job and inform SSHRC? Do I quit the job, take SSHRC and concentrate on school? Has anyone here ever done both, and what were the results? Thanks!
  8. Hello, Anybody heard anything from NSERC in regards to PGS/CGS ? Many thanks,
  9. Hi all, I am applying for a CGS award, but I am also intending to start grad school in Sept 2012. Is there anyone who is familiar with writing proposals while not enrolled in any particular grad program? I understand the general structure of the proposal when enrolled in a specific program; but how does this differ for my situation? Any help would be great! Cheers, Nick
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