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Found 42 results

  1. Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Undergrad Institution, Top 5 for Statistics - USNWR Major: Statistics GPA: 3.1/4.0 cumulative, 2.97/4.0 major (No excuses, I wish I had worked harder. The students here are very smart and talented) Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male Undergrad Courses: Calculus I-II-III (B, A-, B+), Introduction to Computer Science I-II (C+, B-), Computer Systems (B-), Regression (B+), Probability (B), Time Series Data (B+), Statistical Theory I-II (B, C+), Linear Algebra (B-), Discrete Math (B), Algorithms (B) Graduate Courses: Machine Learning (B+) GRE: Q: 170V: 163 W: 4 Mathematics GRE: N/A Programs Applying: Statistics MS Research Experience: Spent both summers as a Research Assistant. Built a large scale data visualization application first summer in a CS institute. Working at a Data Science Institute for this summer. Both are a part of my university. Recommendation Letter: Two with senior researchers that I RA'd for; one from a well-known CS professor that I've taken two classes with. One from a Stat professor that I got along with and may do research with this summer. Coding Experience: R, Python, C/C++ Other experience: Software Engineering Intern for a large consulting company. Worked in their IT Department. Awards/Honors: N/A I have no clue which schools to aim for. Would love MS program recommendations.
  2. Hello Everyone, I'll be applying for the Fall 2019 admission cycle for a Masters in US for the streams of Public Policy/Public Administration/International Development/Migration Policy. Can any kind soul assess my chances of getting admission and FUNDING. Here are my details: GPA: 3.2, Honours in Economics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh Work Experience : - 1 year in Innovations for Poverty Actions (a US based research organization) working in a project to assess the rate of financial inclusion of garments workers in the suburbs of Bangladesh. - 2 years in a up and coming internationally ranked think tank as a Senior Research Associate. - Wrote a journal article with a professor from Duke University on SDG 13. -Co-authored two G20 Policy Briefs on Forced Migration. -Currently co-authoring a paper on SDG-Fourth Industrial Revolution to be presented at SDG Conference by Columbia University. - Have organized numerous expert and academic panel discussions and written reports. Supervised interns and juniors. - Have written funding proposals with UNDP which was submitted to UAE government. GRE - not given. Core Strengths - excellent writing skills and capability Core Weakness - not a math person Whoever assesses this, thanks in advance.
  3. Hi guys! I’m applying to grad school this fall for next year (Fall 2019). Any advice is appreciated. I realize that no one can tell my chances, but I am curious about my chances based on some things. My major is currently English Literature, Language, and Criticism and my concentration is Linguistics. My school isn't heavily linguistics based and the field falls under the English department. I did discover my passion for linguistics a little late in my college career. I'm currently ending my junior year this spring and I discovered my love of linguistics in the second semester of my sophomore year. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and just received an undergraduate research fellowship for my senior year (2018-2019). Unfortunately, I won't be finished with my research project for the fellowship until Spring 2019 so I wouldn't be able to submit that as a sample. I am thinking of doing an Independent Tutorial this fall and perhaps using whatever comes of that. My top schools for a PhD in Linguistics (particularly sociolinguistics) are the University of Chicago, Georgetown, UC Berkeley, U of WA, and U of Rochester. However, I don’t think I’ve written an amazing research paper for any of my Linguistics courses that would be good enough to submit as part of an application. I also haven’t taken the GRE yet but I plan to this summer. Any thoughts on how a mediocre paper would look with a (so-far) perfect GPA for these schools?
  4. I'm applying to grad schools next year and I'm going to be the first in my family to pursue a PhD so this is honestly kind of nerve wracking. The reason why I am posting here is because I have good academics but mediocre research and recs. Here's my stats: Major: ChemE (top 4 of ~25 students) GPA: 4.1/4.3 Rank: Top ~12 out of ~240 students GRE: 167V/170Q/4.5W Research No peer-reviewed publications in refereed journals. Freshman year research published in school journal Sophomore year research in new lab wasn't very good or productive Junior year research in same lab presented at an AIChE conference Working towards a publication in same lab (but I don't know whether I will be done by grad school applications) Did work study in a psychology lab sophomore year as a work-study student, nothing really came of it Recs Probably will not be great. Not sure what to do about this. Freshman year research adviser expects us to write our own recs, it usually never works out for undergrads because we don't know how to write recs Sophomore + Junior research adviser barely knows me, other than the research I've produced (which only recently started working out) Most profs only know me from class Awards Large institutional scholarships (financial aid) Two summer research grants at university Speaking prize at AIChE conference Orgs AIChE Tau Beta Pi Teaching Teaching assistant for two undergrad courses and one grad level course
  5. Hello! I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I've been feeling extremely anxious about my application due to my less than stellar undergrad GPA. I went to a decent public university for my undergrad and graduated with a GPA of 3.05 in... , I had a very personal, traumatic experience occur to me in college which affected my ability to perform to the best of my capacity. I also was majoring in Economics, but was not interested in the topic at all. I took a few courses in the computer/information sciences, which I ended up enjoying a lot more. Eventually I became involved with research at the Information Science School at my university during undergrad, got an internship working as a user experience research intern for a student learning mobile app, and had my independent project during my senior year published in a relatively well known journal for Human-Computer Interaction as an extended abstract. All these factors, a relatively strong GRE, and a sensitively handled personal statement that disclosed the personal issue that I was confronted with, allowed me a chance to pursue a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at a pretty great school in the field. With a fresh start, I ultimately graduated from my master's program with a 3.89 GPA. I worked as a research assistant for the full two years, was a co-author in a publication produced by the lab I was assisting with, as well as a successful master's thesis which was also published in a respectable journal. I also interned as user experience researcher at a major social media company in the summer during my master's. Since graduating, I accepted a full-time offer as a UX researcher at a reputable video games company (think EA Games) and plan on working full time for two years. This means I'll be applying for my PhD next application cycle (Fall 2018). I retook my GRE and got a 163 V 163 Q and 4.5 AWA. Given this list, will my low UG GPA keep me from getting into a PhD program at a top tier school? (Indiana-Purdue University, Indiana University, UT Austin, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of California-Irvine, University of Washington, Northwestern University, Cornell University)
  6. freakaleke

    MPH Chances and Advice

    Hey all, I was just looking for some candid feedback regarding my application. I am about to apply for the Environmental Health MPH program at Harvard School of Public Health. I will have almost 5 years of international work experience by the time I would enroll next fall. I worked for the Peace Corps in Africa, taught in Asia and have been doing Agriculture research in Latin America. I graduated from small liberal arts college with a degree in Political Science I received a 3.29 GPA. I took the GRE and got a 161V/ 158M/ 3 AW I know that the writing is egregious but the other two scores should be ok. I do not have a ton of full-time experience doing health-related work. I work in the agriculture sector in Peace Corps and did some health education. I did a lot of nutrition based planning regarding farm preparation. With the exception of teaching my work experience has been tangential to health which makes me somewhat nervous about admissions but I think that I pull together my Ag work nicely with Health in my personal statement. My LORs are very strong and I have advanced proficiency in two foreign languages. What are my chances at admissions for Harvard's MPH program? What do you think that I should do to increase my chances if I would reapply next year? Recap: GPA: 3.29 small lib arts GRE: 161V/158M/3AW 5 years work experience; peace corps (agriculture, Africa), teaching private school (English, Asia), research (agriculture, Latin America) program: Harvard MPH Environmental Health Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi All! I am a recent graduate (c/o 2016) interested in pursuing a Masters and/or PhD in Urban Planning in Fall 2018 (Interested in merging Public Health and Analytics - Using City/Regional data to create healthier spaces) Undergrad Major: Global Health and Environment, 3.39 GPA (3.76 major GPA) GRE: Haven't taken it yet, but I'm a decent test taker and will probably score in the upper 70s or mid/lower 80 percentile) Programs: Columbia GSAPP's MSUP (Urban Analytics), UC Berkeley, I have spent the past few months interning at public health organizations (domestic & internationally) Here are my questions: (1) Do I have a chance at getting into Columbia and/or Berkeley? Are there other graduate programs that focus on data? (2) Considering more competitive applicants with higher marks, is it possible to receive a scholarship or RA-ship funding for a graduate program with my grades? How can I become more competitive? I don't know anyone in real life who is in UP, which is why I'm here. Anything is better than nothing, so please please impart some knowledge! Thank you! **Also please do the poll above to help me be more competitive,
  8. Jeffsorcerer

    Chance of SLP grad school

    Hello all, So, I have a tough decision to make. I have struggled to find out what I want to do as a career then I came across SLP. I researched it and learned about it from my sister, who just passed her PRAXIS for SLP. I knew this would be something I would enjoy doing. I love the idea of it, it is very interesting to me, I love working with kids, and I would like to work in a hospital or school. However, I do not have a very good GPA and I am nervous about being screwed in life if I don't end up getting into a masters program for SLP even if I reapply and don't get in because I don't want to be reapplying for years and years. My GPA is 3.04 right now entering my spring semester as a junior, it is low due to me starting out in biology and figuring out that is not for me, I also didn't have good study habits and didn't try as hard as i could have. My first semester of this junior year I did get a 3.8 GPA and took a language development and communicative disorders class and got an A in that. My current university does not offer CSD major, so I am trying to decide if i should transfer to university of Minnesota Twin-cities and further pursue this or find something else like Athletic training which I am also considering as my other choice if I choose not to go the SLP route. Also, if I did transfer it would be 4 semesters of work to graduate with a Speech language hearing sciences degree which is the same as CSD. Is it possible for me to get into a program? I am a male by the way, so I don't know how much of an advantage that gives me in the selection process because I see there are few males in the profession. I have read posts like mine where people have gotten in with low GPA's with bolstering other things like GRE and experience but I am just nervous because I feel like that is only a couple people and that doesn't mean it would happen for me. Any help or suggestions would be great!
  9. I'm trying to narrow down a list of schools to apply for but I'm having a hard time figuring out which schools are reaches and which I have a decent chance of getting into. My stats break down into SLP GPA: 3.65, Cumulative GPA 3.75, GRE I haven't taken yet but I'm assuming based on my test taking ability that I would score somewhere around 150 on both sections and around a 4 on the writing. I will have completed my undergrad program in communication sciences and disorders in 3 years and am adding another year to work on 2 minors (health promotion and adapted physical activity), I have done some observations and done a lot of volunteering, but no research. I will be applying in the Fall of 2018. I'd love some advice of schools I can realistically get into.
  10. I'm entering my second year of my MPH at a top 5 program and I’m planning to apply for PhD admission for fall 2018. My biggest worry is that my lack of research experience is going to be a glaring problem with my application. If there’s anyone out there who wouldn’t mind looking at my stats and weighing in on whether or not I have any shot at all, it’d be much appreciated! Ideally, I’d like to aim for a top 20 school and have chosen several that closely match my research interests (health communications and substance misuse) UGPA (Honours): 3.00 Post-bacc GPA (at a top 5 school): 4.00 MPH GPA (at a top 5 school): 3.84 GRE: 165 V / 155 Q / 5 AW (I'm taking this again in September in order to raise my quant score) Experience: I’ve done several internships in the areas of health communications and community health. I also spent a year working with drug users as a harm reduction worker. Starting in September, I’ll be TAing for 3 classes in the area of public health interventions and communications. Research: I completed an UG research thesis, which involved independent qualitative research and I completed a short research internship at a pharma company. I’m also starting a year long GRA position - directly related to my own research interests - in September, which will involve a lot of independent work. Do I have any shot at being accepted? Or is it worth waiting until next year and finding a full time research job after I graduate from my MPH program next May? Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. Ninjadude1357

    Unfunded MS

    This is my profile: GPA = 3.1 (at top 5 Chem E undergrad school) GRE = 168Q/158V/5W Research = Did ~ 1 years worth research in pollution control and sustainable biofuel production LOR = 2 should be very solid (did research and took classes with professors) and 1 should be above avg SOP = showed to all 3 professors and they said it was solid will apply for unfunded thesis based MS at the following programs: GTech, U michigan, USC, (env eng) U washington, UIUC, UCLA, UCSD, U delaware (chem eng) cornell - cheme/env eng w/ focus in earth and energy systems thanks
  12. historynerd97

    Just Getting Started...

    Hello world! I guess this will be relatively long, but I'm interested in getting my masters/PhD in history! Currently, I'm a sophomore student at Penn State University in the Schreyer Honors College. My goal is to get into a relatively top tier university for my master's. Specifically, I have been looking at Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, UC-Berkeley, University of Washington, University of Virginia, and a few others. I decided to come here first because I don't know, really, where to start. I know, being a sophomore, I still have some time, but I'd like some input from others. Currently, I have a 3.58 GPA with a 3.825 GPA in the history major. I am also majoring in Public Relations/Advertising and minoring in English Literature. I have already completed a 30-page research paper for a 400-level course during my freshman year and received an A for the course. This upcoming semester, I will be continuing this with another 400-level course and plan to take at least 7 senior-level courses before graduation. Between my freshman and sophomore year, I worked for a hotel. However, this year, I am trying to explore more options into history-based internships. I will complete both a thesis for history and a thesis for my public relations major. At this time, I have not participated in research. I do hold a prestigious leadership position within the Honors College and will be joining my schools History Honors Society later this semester and am in two other clubs on campus. I've also gotten to know two professors extremely well and am sure, in the future, they would write me letters of recommendation. So, that's a little bit about me. I was wondering if anybody out there had any suggestions as to how I should move forward, what I should focus on, and what I can expect when starting the grad school process. Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!!
  13. freakaleke

    MPH Admissions

    Hey all, Thank you in advance for the advice. I am asking a question for my girlfriend. She is applying to MPH programs with a low GPA 3.2 and ok gre scores. 152Q and 159V. She has 5 years of international work experience peace corps, ESL teaching, research in health. What are her chances of getting into Harvard, Columbia, Hopkins, or Yale for their MPH programs??? Also, I am having trouble finding a thread for this year's MPH applicant statistics so feel free to post your stats in the comments: GPA 3.2 GRE: 152Q 159V other relevant factors:
  14. Hello, I have been awarded the Fulbright Student Award (up to $35k for first year of Master's in the US) and at the end of the week I have to send the list of universities I prefer applying to. My problem is that I don't know how competitive I am and thus how high I should aim in selecting universities. Qualifications I have obtained a BS in Computer Science from one of (if not the) best universities in my country (Romania): University of Bucharest. I have about 1.5 of work experience as a Data Scientist (at Adobe Romania, then at Bitdefender). Unfortunately I have no pure research experience, let alone publications. My stats: GPA: 3.85 (converted from 9.6/10) undergrad GRE*: ~160Q, 167+V, 5.0A (estimated from latest practice tests) TOEFL: ~110 (estimated from latest practice tests) Personal Statement Study Objectives CV / Resume Letters of Recommendation: I can provide them if someone is really interested in reading them *I haven't taken the GRE yet because at the end, I should provide the list of schools I want to my scores sent to and that is precisely why I am here — I haven't settled on the schools yet. School Selection I want to pursue a research-oriented Master's of Science program in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Data Science. I do not have a requirement for a sub-field (NLP / CV / DM / IR). Interdisciplinary opportunities (HCI / Data Visualization / Social Computing) would be a great bonus. University preferences, in this order: CMU UW Stanford Cornell Georgia Tech These preferences are based almost exclusively on the high university rankings (taken mostly from here) and the presence of strong ML faculty. I do not want to fool myself into thinking I can get into even one of these top schools. I would be very grateful if I could get some advice / evaluation on where I stand, what my chances are and what is the approximate range of schools I am competitive for — what I should realistically aim for. Also any advice on what I am lacking / I can improve is greatly appreciated. Notes: because my application process will be partly handled by the Institute of International Education, I cannot customize my essays for each university. Also I am limited to five schools to send my application to. The scholarship is offered for pursuing a Master's Degree only. Thank you!
  15. Hi! I am someone who is reapplying to schools after not getting in the first time. Its been 2 years since I last applied. I'm wondering if I should expect to get in this time with my scores. (they have improved quite a bit in verbal) I want to start grad school more than anything right now but I really think that my scores on the GRE/ my GPA will hold me back. Tell me what you think ! GRE: (V: 152 - 56th percentile) (Q- 149) (W: 3.0) GPA: 3.67 Thanks for your help! Dani
  16. arthurdw98

    AeroAstro application

    Hi all, This year I am applying for some top universities AeroAstro graduate programs : MIT, Stanford, Caltech, ... but I don't really know if I have a competitive profile. Could you guys tell me what you think? I am currently in third Bachelor year of polytechnic engineering at the Belgian Royal Military Academy. My score average for the last two years is 15/20 (last year 15.7/20) but there's only one guy in the school who's got more than 16/20, so I am very good. I am also formed in military fields : command, management, combat, sports, etc. I skipped three grades in elementary school. Haven't taken the GRE yet : assume AW 4-5, QR 165+, but not very good VR (maybe 160). TOEFL 110. Three good letters of recommendation. However, as I am only 19 and still in Bachelor, I have never done any research, internships or publications. Do you think this is going to penalize me? My Bachelor's thesis is about the WTW efficiency of electrical cars. Thank you all for your answers, Arthur
  17. I need you guys to be real with me here because I'm freaking out. I'm a senior applying to grad schools and so far I'm applying to 7-8. I've looked at the stats on Ed find and i'm right in the GRE and GPA range for every school I'm applying to but at the same time I don't feel like I'm impressive enough to get in. My GRE is 152 verbal, 148 quantitative, and 4 in writing. My overall GPA is 3.78 and my major GPA is 3.873. I have a psych and linguistics minors and I'm in NSSLHA and the linguistics club at school. I've spent a few times shadowing in a clinic and school with both an ABA specialist and a speech pathologist so I have a little bit of shadowing experience. I've worked in the writing center at school for two years, but i'm not sure if that helps me or just doesn't matter.
  18. freakaleke

    Donald Trump Scandal

    Hello everyone, I am unapologetically paranoid about graduate school admissions. My undergraduate grades fluctuated quite a bit. I attended a community college for two years receiving a 3.4 GPA. I then transferred to a top 75 liberal arts college where I received a 3.2 GPA. My total undergraduate GPA works out to be a 3.3 which is not very good for more competitive programs in international development/public policy. I was hoping that I could get your feelings on my chances at admissions at Columbia SIPA and John's Hopkins SIAS. Other things to consider: I served in the Peace Corps in Africa for two years Taught in Asia for 1.5 years. Conducting research in Central America from July 2017-July 2018 I won and declined a Fulbright ETA grant. In total, I will have 4.5 years of international work experience before my program begins. My brother is a current undergraduate student at Hopkins and is researching at SIAS. I think that I will have rock solid letters of recommendation from undergraduate professors. I completed three internships during my undergrad and worked 20+ hours per week. White, gay, male Tell me what you think.
  19. Hey there, I'm a chemistry major (biochem concentration) at a top 5 public school (in the US) about to enter my last year in Fall 2017. I am on track to finish my degree in 3 years, however my GPA due to heavy course loads is about 3.5 (3.58 if all goes well next fall semester). Practice GRE tests put me in the 95 percentile range, but I haven't taken a chem GRE test yet. I have over a year and a half of research experience in two different labs, both relating to pharmacology and bio-organic chemistry, but unfortunately no publications. I am looking at programs in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and biochemistry. I want to get some opinions on my competitiveness as a candidate for PhD programs and narrow down my list of graduate schools (because it costs a small fortune to apply to just one). Brutal honesty will be much appreciated. Examples of some schools I'm looking at: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Duke University, U-Illinois Urbana Champaign, U-Illinois Chicago, UPenn, UChicago, Rutgers, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and University of Toronto.
  20. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here has applied/been accepted to a PhD in international education policy without a master's degree? A little about me: Graduated from my school's honors college: 3.7 Completed an honors thesis Full-time research coordinator for 1+ year Hopefully, will have a publication or two by August Will have great letters of rec! Upcoming Fulbright grant (2017-2018) ESL tutor for 3 years Volunteer for a girls' school in Tanzania 4 years of undergraduate research Teaching assistant, worked/studied abroad, + other internships None of the programs I am interested in require a master's degree, but...... who knows! Thanks for your input
  21. Hi, I am a chemical engineering and biology undergraduate student planning to graduate in 2019. I want to pursue a doctoral degree in some area of cancer biology/drug discovery. I love research that allows me to employ quantitative principles to model the biological system perturbations that arise in disease states, and I would also like to investigate the effects of small molecules and biologics on those systems. Many programs exist in chemical engineering, bioengineering, biology, etc., to pursue such a route, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to make a career out of this work. At this point, I have completed both a six-month industry co-op internship and a 3-month REU. I have the option to do another six-month co-op, or go to school during that semester and do another summer REU (plenty of juicy and highly specialized graduate electives I can potentially take during that additional semester, such as medicinal or quantum chemistry, statistics with R, Python programming, and bioinformatics, to name a few). Any advice? For the summer research, I am particularly interested in the Amgen Scholars Program, if I can get in. It seems to be exactly what I am looking for. If I did an industrial internship it would probably be in drug discovery, if I could get one, or another bioprocess engineering position. Any other suggestions are welcome as well. Stats below: Undergrad Institution: mid-tier, large public university Major(s): Chemical Engineering (emphasis in Bioengineering) and Biology (emphasis in Biotechnology) Minor(s): Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering (mostly used graduate courses to complete these) GPA in Majors: 3.96 Overall GPA: 3.7 (due to poor initial showing in college 15 years ago; returned to school in 2013 and GPA is 3.9 over last 4 years) Position in Class: top 5% of current institution Type of Student: Domestic white male, non-traditional, first-gen college student, below poverty line GRE Scores (revised/old version): (estimates based on practice exam) Q: 164 V: 168 W: 5.0 B: Not going to take Research Experience: 4 overlapping years, spread across 4 faculty labs. Mix of bio/chemical engineering and chemical biology. REU in cancer bioengineering/modeling -> led to a national conference presentation and first author publication. 1 year pharmaceutical powder process modeling/simulation for NIH-funded project 1 year honors fellowship, mammalian cell culture engineering/analysis. -> led to symposium presentation 3 years cell/bioengineering in nano and tissue culture lab. -> 2 presentations and 2 publications, one first author review, one second author experimental paper in high IF journal 1 semester in chemical biology, included computational modeling -> led to national conference presentation Yearlong Honors Research and Thesis forthcoming during senior year (another REU leading to a publication would really go nicely here) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Goldwater Scholar, Honors College, several university scholarships, Dean's List, Honor Societies: Tau Beta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Omega Chi Epsilon Pertinent Activities or Jobs I founded and am director of an NGO that designs, validates, and builds medium-scale (500L-2500L) sustainable biodigesters in developing nations. My organization has won various local innovation and engineering awards and raised large sums from various sources. 4 Grants total. Currently in an iterative experimental design/evaluation process at a farm near my campus, and looking to apply for EPA P3 funding in the next fiscal year. 6-month Engineering R&D internship at Pfizer Vice President and Secretary of two engineering student chapters on campus ChemE Car Design Team for AIChE Student Chapter Summer Internship Designing Fuel Handling Devices Peer Tutor in chemical engineering and biology Peer Mentor My jobs have been mostly research-based in faculty labs, aside from some professional tutoring, web design, retail, and manual labor work. Special Bonus Points: Glowing LOR's, but not from particularly renown faculty I have earned three online verified Coursera specializations (around 5-6 courses each): Statistics with R, Systems Biology and Biotechnology, and Python Programming (Did this mostly for personal enrichment, is there any value in mentioning this on applications?) I will have taken between 14 and 16 graduate courses before I graduate, in math, physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, and biology, with a 4.0 across the board so far I am a strong in-person interviewer Applying to Where: (my interests are based mostly on faculty fit; I have already researched which U's allow you to apply to multiple departments) MIT (chemical engineering, bioengineering, biology) Harvard (chemical biology, systems biology, bioengineering) Stanford (Either ChemEng or chemical and systems biology) Berkeley (chemical engineering) Caltech (chemical engineering) Georgia Tech (chemical and biomedical engineering) UCSD (bioengineering) UCSF (CCB) Tri-Institutional Program in Chemical Biology Rockefeller Princeton (chemical engineering) UW-Madison (chemical engineering) UMinnesota (chemical engineering) UTAustin (chemical engineering) Delaware (chemical engineering)
  22. In the fall, I am going to begin my graduate school application process for Speech Pathology. I have some pretty good things going for me: a 3.8 GPA, 4.0 in my major, research experience, letters of recommendation lined up already, and an awesome internship opportunity coming up this summer. But, there is one small problem: I have conduct violations from my freshman year on my record (two violations related to underage drinking when I was 18). I know how stupid it was to drink when I was 18, let alone in the dorms, but I was dumb and depressed and well, it happened. I went through the conduct process, learned my lesson, and even though I am now 21 years old I don't drink at all. The record of these incidents does not appear on my academic record, but it does appear on a separate conduct record. I know that when I apply to grad school, there will be a question on the application asking whether I've ever had any conduct violations, and another about criminal offenses. I do not have a criminal record. My question is what would be the best approach to this? Do I NEED to report my offenses if they don't appear on my academic record? And further, how much will these offenses impact my chances of being accepted to a program? Thank you so much for any insight you are able to provide!
  23. Jessie54

    Chances of Acceptance

    Hi everyone! Like most of you, I have recently finished applications for SLP Master's Programs and am minorly (majorly) freaking out! I don't have many friends who are in SLP grad school, so I'm pretty much in the dark about what my chances of acceptance are. I was hoping to post my stats and get some feedback from you all. My BA is in Linguistics from UCSD, and my Post-Bacc is in Communication Disorders from CSUSM. I have applied to CSUSM, CBU, SJSU, CSULA, CSUF, Chapman University and the University of Redlands. Also, I am 22 years old (Don't know if that is relevant!) Cumulative GPA:3.65 Major GPA; 3.79 VR: 160 QR: 146 AW: 4.5 Experience: I completed a six month internship with a school-based SLP, and have been working as a Registered Behavior Technician with non-verbal children with Autism since May 2016. I would appreciate any and all feedback! Please be brutally honest
  24. Stats so far: UG GPA: 3.6 (have recently graduated) Major: Biological Science (BS) with a concentration in Molecular Biology and a minor in Chemistry University: Lower-mid tier state school (San Jose State University) GPA for last 2 years of UG: ~3.5 Research experience: So far, minimal. Have completed a 10 week internship, have been volunteering in a research lab for 7 months. By the time I apply, I will have about just below 2 years of research experience. Info about me: Latina female, 23 y/o, will be 24 y/o when I apply No GRE score yet, I will aim to score in the 85th percentile at least Do I have a chance of gaining admittance to a Ph.D program for Molecular and Cell Biology? Schools I'm considering: University of Washington Seattle New Mexico State University University of Texas Austin University of California Irvine University of California Davis (this would be my reach) University of Colorado Denver Please let me know what chances you think I have based on your research and experience. Also, besides scoring high on the GRE, what should I do to improve my chances of gaining admittance?
  25. Undergrad institution:US top 30 liberal arts school (depending on rankings) Major: Biology Minor: Psychology GPA in Major: 3.42 or something like that, should be higher when I graduate given trends in my grades Overall GPA: 3.45, which also should be above 3.5 when I graduate Type of student: Domestic, minority female, current senior I have not taken the GRE yet, but I plan to after graduation in May. Research experience: Summer research internship that I found by contacting a local PI whose research focused on the role of monoamine neurotransmitters and associated neuropeptides in stress related pathology. I got a poster and a presentation out of it, and a really good relationship with the lab. I still volunteer there from time to time, and am scheduled to present my poster at the local Society for Neuroscience chapter early next year. Additionally, I am in the processes of doing research at my home institution for a thesis. My project for the thesis is more based on neuroethology and contains more physiology than pharmacology, and even though this is not my primary interest I do like that I am getting to do electophysiological assays. Awards/Honors: 4 Year Full Tuition Leadership scholarship from a national organization affiliated with my college. I am on track to graduate Cum Laude (as if that matters). Activities/Jobs: I have been a TA for the introductory biology lab course for 2 years, so I have gotten to help students and do the more time consuming parts of experiments that focus heavily on molecular biology and genetics (which is the dominant focus of the bio department at my school). I am also head of a committee that advocates for the needs of students in STEM majors, where we have focused on improving career resources and advising for these students (which pales in comparison to what is available at large research institutions and probably Ivies). Heavily involved in student government all four years, as well as cultural groups on campus. These positions have taught me how to manage finances for clubs and manage larger projects and events. In my spare time, my SO and I are working on a book about mental illness or something to that effect. I'll let you know if we actually get somewhere! Applying to Where: I'm not applying this round, but next round (Fall 2018). But here are the following schools I am looking into, ranked in order by how much I want to go there. The list is short for now as I am still trying to come up with a list of 6-7 schools worth applying to. It should be noted that I am looking to go into a master's program as opposed to a PhD, because I don't think my grades + experience are quite there and I am not sure if I want to go the PhD route. I know that in the case of Penn, you are essentially getting a master, but also are basically being streamlined into the PhD program after a year. I listed it as an option seeing as quite a few people who graduate from my school do end up going to U Penn to get graduate degrees if they don't get an RA position there after graduating. University of Toronto - Pharmacology & Toxicology McGill - Integrative Program in Neuroscience/Psychiatry/Pharmacology (unsure which one suits my needs) Drexel Graduate School of Biomedical and Professional Studies - Pharmacology & Physiology (I did my internship here) UPenn BGS - Neuroscience Special Bonus Points: Minority status may help in the states, but I doubt it means much for Canadian schools. Other Info: I am also sort of pre-med, which shows in my coursework, but unsure if I actually want to commit to going to medical school. Additionally, exposure to certain topics in some of my courses really has me interested in the research side of things. Organic chemistry was not my friend but I received merit grades (no lower than B- though), however I did much better in lab than I did in lecture, but unfortunately the grade on my transcript does not reflect that considering that the lab course and the lecture course are combined into one grade. The same could be said for a lot of the courses in which I took lab courses actually, but my grades in all my other courses are much better. Additionally, a lot of my psych coursework is more neuroscience based or health related. Finally, I have taken two research methods/statistics courses, both of which have taught me how to use R (bio stats) and SPSS (psych stats). My main issue is that I don't think I am competitive for any of the master's programs I want to attend, so I was planning to use my gap year to not only delve further into my research interests, but to also get more research experience. Several alums have recommended that I go for an IRTA program at NIH, and I am considering that. However, i also have a great relationship with the lab I interned at and I know the tech is leaving this spring. I may consider taking his position also. The second option is more ideal because then I could resume work with the project I worked on over the summer, assuming my PI successfully secured grant funding to do a lot more with it. Would doing either of these things make me more competitive for the programs I am interested in?

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