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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I want to inquire about the application for bioinformatics phd. Any advice or comments is highly appreciated! my background: I got my bachelor degree in Biological Pharmacy in China, and my undergraduate GPA was really low, only 3.28.... I did many public health and pharmacy research and got some awards in public health domain. (I know my gpa is too low... I am a first-year master student in WashU med school, my major is biostatistics (actually the program length is only 18 months). I got all A/A+ in all courses until now. I have worked as a RA in a bioinfor lab since my program started. My major project is benchmarking and PI told me there would be a paper for my data (but will publish in late 2022). I also will get another chance to get a strong LOR from another washu professor. my aim: I plan to apply for bioinformatics/biomedical informatics PhD programs in US. Could anyone give me any advice like what kind of school I have high/medium/fair chance to be admitted? I am just really anxious and worrying recently because I certainly know my background is really weak.. Thanks again for your patience and advice!! This is my first time to post, so plz tell me if I post a wrong place.
  2. Some statistics: Undergrad: A current senior in top 50 public uni, double major on Biochemistry and International Relations Overall GPA: 3.1 Biochem GPA: 2.49 International Relations: 3.74 with departmental honor Research experience : 3, all related to international relations/political science Relevant Prerequisite: Calculus 1-3(3.0-3.2), STATS: Element of the statistical methods( the title of the class), currently learning python on Coursera. Plan to take linear algebra and matrix in my last year. Recently, I decided to pursue a master's degree in Data Science/Applied statistics/ Information systems. I am currently taking a stat class, which I found really interesting, which prompted me to switch my field of study. That being said, I did some researches and am now greatly discouraged and not sure if I should do this, especially after some programs said they will review the coursework in science to evaluate the applicant's potential (especially if the applicant do not have a degree in a similar field). I am now really worried about my Biochem grade being a drag. Is there any way to offset the negative impact of that? Provided that I do not have much space for taking more than 4 related mathematical/programming classes in my last year being a double major. I am also thinking of getting a master first in computational social science as a stepping stone and then dig more into the statistical program for the second master, which however will be time-consuming and a financial burden. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. I am starting to write my Statement of purpose and I am currently doing Btech in ECE but want to pursue CS/Informatics in TUM,Germany.How should i justify my change of major(I am genuinely not interest in ECE), also I had 2 backlogs in 2nd year which I have cleared now but my percentage dropped ,should I mention this?My current GPA is 7 acc to Indian scale and 2.5 according to German scale.Please advise.
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