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  1. I've received admits for both. I'm inclined towards Energy/Sustainability experimental research, and I like a few labs in both colleges. I'm confused as to which one to choose. Is it possible to get an RA/TA at Cornell/Columbia to help offset the tuition fees?
  2. Hi everyone! I know it's still early but I wanted to get this thread started to see if anyone else on here is thinking about their applications. Here's the template I've seen floating around below: Undergrad Institution (approx. rank/reputation in STEM): Major(s): Minor(s): GPA in Major: x.xx/4.00 Overall GPA: x.xx/4.00 Demographics/Background: GRE Scores: Q: xxx (xx%) V: xxx (xx%) W: x.x (xx%) LOR: Research Experience: Publications/Abstracts/Presentations: Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Fellowships/Funding: Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Other Miscellaneous Accomplishments: Anything else in your application that might matter (faculty connections, etc.): Research Interests: Institutions/Programs: Comments:
  3. Hi all, I know it's early but I am starting this thread so that anyone who is applying to the 2021 application season can their credentials or news of offers once they are sent out! Feel free to share anything related to your grad school goals!
  4. Hello people! I am a 2018 ChemE grad from Nigeria and I'm applying to ChemE PhD programs in the US. I graduated from a top 5 Nigerian institution where I completed senior research and design projects. I was wondering if these would be sufficient research experience for PhD programs given that American and Asian students have more research experiences. My stats are: GPA--4.82/5(roughly a 3.87/4) GRE-- 160Q, 162V, 4.5 My research interests include-- fuel/PV cells, electrochemistry and batteries, CO2 conversion, and air pollution Other info-- I have LORs from my research Supervisor, design Supervisor and a senior lecturer from my department which I believe are all very positive. I was also ranked 2nd in my class. I have applied to the following Universities: University of Michigan Purdue University of Colorado boulder University of Notre dame Rensselaer polytechnic institute University of Iowa Stevens institute of technology I appreciate your comments and suggestions! Thank you
  5. Graduated 2017 with BSc in Chemical Engineering 3.0 GPA from a 3rd world country. No relevant work experience, Taught in a local college class 11 & 12 for two years, IELTS 7 GRE 322 (Q-169,V-153, AWA-3.0) One design project and 15 day hands on training with some 1/2 day training workshops. Very good with MATLAB and other computational works. Should I Apply to graduate school? Could you suggest me some professors or universities?
  6. I'm looking to apply to top 10 MSc ChemE programs and at the least top 20. My GPA is 3.90/4.00 in Chemical Engineering at RPI. I have one industry research paper and one pending research paper at school. I have one summer of research completed and one spring of industry experience in RnD at Corning Incorporated. I also plan to do research this fall semester during applications. I took practice tests for the GRE and I'm getting roughly 165 Q and 155 V most times with a few higher scores in Q. Considering my strong interest in biotechnology, what are some schools that I should aim for? I really like the MSc research programs at UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Stanford, and UCSB.
  7. I have got master of science offer in chemical engineering program of Cornell University and UCLA. I intend to get PhD, most likely staying in the same school. Any good recommendation?
  8. I am a chemical engineering undergraduate from India. I have had a hard time deciding between these admits due to different variables. I want to pursue a Masters with Thesis option which involves research work along with reduced coursework. I have a few offers left to accept and some I have made. It would help me greatly if you can give your advice regarding this as it is a big decision in my career. I have received admits from the following universities: University of Waterloo- Perfect Research Match, Almost full scholarship which will cover almost my entire expenses ( Tuition+ Living). Now I am in this great conundrum as to choose between a safe and secure option in Waterloo or take a risk and go for UCLA. With respect to research, I am not sure what research I would like, I have two fields I want to work in- Energy and Advanced Materials. However, the rankings are very low for as compared to other options. University of California Los Angeles- Excellent Research facilities here. The department is ranked 7th in North America and also had given me an MS with Thesis option. My current research advisor in very new and has started his lab in 2018 and building his team. Regarding the research fit, it's not perfect, but I am curious about the topic and it has been on my secondary research choice. The professor has assured me help in finding positions and procuring funding through RA/TA. I will have an option of changing supervisors in the first quarter however I am not sure how it will work out. However, LA is damn expensive. McGill University: I was offered an MEng with Fast-Track option into PhD. Basically the Prof wants me for a PhD.I don't want to commit to that now. Also I want to explore more in research and discover my interests before I embark on PhD. So, I am pretty sure to reject this. Ohio State University- I can choose between research groups there however they have not guaranteed a position there and I tried contacting a few profs there but received no reply. Also, there's no funding promised now. So I am not confident about the choice. However, the living costs are much lower here. As of now, I think Waterloo and UCLA are the only feasible choices (if anyone thinks otherwise, plz comment . I want to pursue a masters in the US to help me gain some work experience after my masters and also to pay off my loans. (If I decide to go there). In Canada, I will have no financial burden, but with very limited jobs and industry exposure in Chemical Engineering, my career may get limited after graduating. If anyone has an idea regarding the graduate program at these unis then I would highly appreciate your comments and it would help me make a choice.
  9. Does anyone have a story or experience or opinion about the American University of Sharjah (AUS)? I'm thinking about applying Master in Chemical Eng and get funded by Teaching / Research Assistantship in AUS but I have no idea about this campus.
  10. I am an International student from India and have applied for the Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering with a focus in drug delivery, nanomedicine and tissue engineering at MIT, University of Michigan, UPenn, UIUC, Cornell, JHU, UCLA. I have also applied for the Ph.D. program in Biomedical Engineering at Duke University and Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison. However, I have not heard back from any of the schools although many students have already received their admits. I am surprised that I have not received admit from any of the schools. Can anyone please help me with the same? I have the below-mentioned profile: B.E. (Chemical Engg): 8.72/10 (top tier university) M. Tech (Chemical Engg): 9.88/ 10 (IIT Bombay, topper) GRE: 323 (V: 153, Q: 170, AWA, 3.5) TOEFL (110) Presently working in Tata Steel R&D Research projects: 5 (1 junior year research project (published), Summer internship at IIT Kanpur (not published), B. Tech thesis (published), M. Tech thesis (published and patented), Tata Steel R&D project (Patented)) Journal publications: 1 first authored paper, 1 second authored paper, 1 first authored review paper, 1 first authored research paper under revision Conferences attended: 4 Patents: 2 Awards: Silver Medalist (M. Tech), Best M. Tech thesis award, Ambuja Young Researcher's Award in India Fellowships: SURGE Fellowship for Summer Internship at IIT Kanpur, GATE Fellowship for Master's Students LOR: Strong
  11. Hi everyone. I'm planning to apply for a PhD in Chemical Engineering for a Spring term intake. Therefore, I contacted via e-mail some US universities that accept Spring admissions (I checked it on their websites). However, most of those universities said that "very few students are admitted for Spring", "we admit for Spring only if there are available spots" or "if a professor requests a Spring admission for a certain student, we can consider it". Based on all these answers, I understand that most of those universities does not have a cohort for Spring admitted students, but can accept some students occasionally according to the department’s needs. As the main term of admission is Fall, I am afraid that Spring admissions for engineering graduate programs are so less common (or rare) that it might not worth the try. My point is: does a Spring application worth the try for most engineering PhD programs? Has anyone here ever been admitted for Spring in a Chemical Engineering graduate program (or related areas) in a US university? Thanks in advance!
  12. I would like some advice from current grad students in the chemistry field who got a BS in chemical engineering; I am currently getting a dual degree BS in chemistry and engineering. I have to transfer to another school to get the engineering part of my degree and I think it will be about 2.5-3 years at that school. I am already in my third year at my current school, so that would be six years total from the start because I would start on my engineering degree in Fall 2019. Because it is a dual degree, there are four classes that most chemistry majors must take that I am not required to take and just have to finish up next semester with a few math courses required for the engineering part. However, I really think I want to go to grad school for analytical chemistry. I've started realizing if I pursue this path then getting the engineering degree would be pointless as I would not ever apply it to a job (right?). It would be a major waste of time and money (was planning to go to Georgia Tech). If I am lucky I could finish grad school in 5-6 years, so I would finish around 2025 (I would have to finish those few chemistry courses if I switched to just a regular chemistry degree and because of how they are offered at my school would not be able to finish until Summer 2019 or Fall 2019). If i pursue the engineering degree and end up going to grad school anyways then I would not be finished with school for 9-10 years! I still really enjoy engineering, but I love analytical chemistry more than anything, so I am really feeling like I should not waste those 2.5-3 years of my time (and money! since grad school is "free"), but at the same time a Chemical Engineering Degree from GA tech would be able to land me a great job. I want to go to grad school because again, I love analytical chemistry and would love to specialize in it. I love research and I know that is a must for grad school. But thinking about going to GA tech and taking more specific chemical engineering classes also makes me very excited. Should I just say screw it and go for the engineering degree as well? Or is it a much smarter idea to not waste my time and money? I suppose I could always apply to grad school at tech because they have a decent enough chemistry department.
  13. I'm applying to grad schools next year and I'm going to be the first in my family to pursue a PhD so this is honestly kind of nerve wracking. The reason why I am posting here is because I have good academics but mediocre research and recs. Here's my stats: Major: ChemE (top 4 of ~25 students) GPA: 4.1/4.3 Rank: Top ~12 out of ~240 students GRE: 167V/170Q/4.5W Research No peer-reviewed publications in refereed journals. Freshman year research published in school journal Sophomore year research in new lab wasn't very good or productive Junior year research in same lab presented at an AIChE conference Working towards a publication in same lab (but I don't know whether I will be done by grad school applications) Did work study in a psychology lab sophomore year as a work-study student, nothing really came of it Recs Probably will not be great. Not sure what to do about this. Freshman year research adviser expects us to write our own recs, it usually never works out for undergrads because we don't know how to write recs Sophomore + Junior research adviser barely knows me, other than the research I've produced (which only recently started working out) Most profs only know me from class Awards Large institutional scholarships (financial aid) Two summer research grants at university Speaking prize at AIChE conference Orgs AIChE Tau Beta Pi Teaching Teaching assistant for two undergrad courses and one grad level course
  14. I'm a fourth year ChemE student at an engineering college in India. I've applied to pursue M.S in ChemE in the US and received admits from Cornell, UMich, CMU and Northwestern. All this while, I was dead sure I was going to go to UMich, simply because I felt it was a really selective program and I loved the fact that you could do interdisciplinary projects that were funded by industrial partners. A couple of weeks later, I heard from Cornell University, which was initially the place I really wanted to go because of the research, before applying for the unis. UMich was quite an ambitious college. Most of the professors who I talk to, they all recommend Cornell because they're very aware of its prestige. I'm aware that the job situation is grim for international students in Chemical Engineering. Could you please advise which university would be better for me?
  15. Does anybody know which schools have already sent their acceptances?
  16. Can someone elaborate the specifics of the MS Chemical Engineering course offered in UC Berkeley University? (like duration of the course, objectives etc.)
  17. Hello all! Negotiating offers for a PhD in Chemical Engineering between Amherst, Georgia Tech, Cornell, Michigan, and UT Austin. Cornell's offer has proven to be most financially competitive, yet all are within the same stipend ball park. Interested in biological research, primarily regarding cellular engineering. Little bit about me: first gen college student, female, first gen US citizen (originally from Moscow, Russia), currently at Northeastern University and completed my elementary through high school education in NJ. Also, I'm a total work horse and prefer a heavily shifted work:life balance. Currently 21 years old, looking to complete my PhD by 25 in order to kick start my career then! Let me know your opinions!
  18. I want to be reviewed my SOP by others to find out your views & comments. If interested, please message me your email id so that I can send you my draft for review. TIA
  19. Hello all, first post! I am currently refining my list of schools to which I would like to apply for a PhD in Chemical Engineering. I believe I am a fairly strong contender, so I was wondering which schools offered top competitive programs in the field of computational catalysis. I have conducted extensive experimental research in the field of heterogeneous catalysis, but I would like to branch out more into the theoretical and computational side if possible. Please, let me know your thoughts! Thank you
  20. Hi buddies I'm a bachelor of chemical eng. and really really like to continue in the fields including space eng., astrophysics or cosmology... Anyone Anyone can help me and have any advice? please...I'll be grateful if anyone suggest even as a sentence. Thank you
  21. I know grad schools usually need three recommendation letters, and I think I have a good three from my department lined up (I haven't asked yet though!). However, I could also add a 4th one, as the professor offered to write me one (more as a character reference though, and not really speaking to academics/research) - is that okay and not overkill? Some more info: the 4th recommender is outside of my university (and outside of my field), but he is a fairly recent Nobel Laureate and is a well-respected researcher in his field! Thanks very much!
  22. Hi guys, I am an international student and taking Master's program in Chemical Engineering in the USA. I was lucky, got a scholarship from the US govt and My Univ. My school ranking is between 100-125 based on usnews.com. I had done 2 semesters while having a terrible health issue. I got one B for Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy, one B- for Heat Transfer and three C for other courses. The problem is with 3 grades below B- usually, there might be a termination. I am so scary now. For the worst case scenario, I plan to apply to other universities and maybe transfer my credits. I will have only one year from my sponsor so I am looking for any Master program that can be done in one year with Chemical Engineering background. Do you have any idea about that?
  23. Hi guys, I am an international student and taking Master's program in Chemical Engineering in the USA. I was lucky, got a scholarship from the US govt and My Univ. My school ranking is between 100-125 based on usnews.com. I had done 2 semesters while having a terrible health issue. I got one B for Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy, one B- for Heat Transfer and three C for other courses. The problem is with 3 grades below B- usually, there might be a termination. I am so scary now. For the worst case scenario, I plan to apply to other universities and maybe transfer my credits. I will have only one year from my sponsor so I am looking for any Master program that can be done in one year with Chemical Engineering background. Do you have any idea about that?
  24. Hi, I just finished my junior year at a mid-tier school in the US, and I am beginning to look into chemical-materials engineering PhD programs. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what type of schools I should apply to. For reference, here are my stats: GPA: 3.96/4 Research Experience: 2.5 years by the time I am finished with my undergrad Publications: A couple in the works right now, likely to have one published and another one (first author) being submitted by the time I start applying GRE: Haven't taken yet, studying for it right now LoR: Can likely get three good ones, one from my PI and others from two professors I know well I'm also an American if that matters As I said, I am unsure of which schools I should look into. I clearly want to go to the best programs possible, but I also don't want to be the person who only applies to the top 10 schools and is crushed when I get no acceptances. Is there a "strategy" I should use when looking at schools? Should I even bother applying to schools like Berkeley and MIT? My main concern is even though I have a high GPA and decent research experience, my school isn't very well-known for engineering. I'm sure you all understand how confusing this whole process can be, so I appreciate any advice. Thank you.
  25. Hi there, Has anyone been accepted to any school? It looks like Stanford starts sending out acceptance emails today, and I get so antsy. Not sure if they send out all the emails today, or they will continuing sending out emails for the next few days.
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