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Found 7 results

  1. I hope everything is going well for you. I must decide between the classics phd programs at yale and princeton. I would like your help. both these schools have their strengths and weaknesses, as you may already know. please tell me your opinions of these programs holistically. I have done all of my own personal research and I am now looking for fresh perspectives. please, no "depends" answers. I know my own "depends" answer. I want your gut reactions to the programs and faculties themselves because I respect the collective insight this forum offers. at the risk of revealing my identity, I can share neither my specific research interests nor the specific professors with whom I would like to work. the faces were few and familiar during these university tours. I can only say that I would be working with the greek philologists at these schools. thank you for your time. I appreciate your sincere thoughts.
  2. Once you know the type of program you want, what do you look for in schools and how do you look for it? For example, I like to look at program websites and read up on what types of projects the faculty are working on or what types of theses students in the program have written. I also look into the town/city to try to get a sense of the neighborhood I might be living in. How about you guys? Is it usually OK to reach out to alumni you find through the program website and ask them about their experiences?
  3. Hello everyone,,, Now I got accepted with an assistantship offer into a university in America. Still, this university is not my favorite option. So, I'm thinking about also applying to the Japanese government scholarship (next May), & to an Australian university that has a research center which I'm highly interested in its research (next July). But since I can't guarantee that I'll get accepted into any of these two scholarships, & I don't want to waste a year of my life, so I will meanwhile go to the American university, & start to prepare to travel there. & the results of the two Japanese & Australian scholarships appear after the start of the academic year in America! However I I'd like your opinion about whether to go ahead & apply also to those two scholarships, especially two questions: 1) While starting my academic year in the American university, if I find out that I got accepted in the Japanese or Australian scholarship, is it possible to leave that university to go to the other one in either Japan or Australia? 2) Is it possible to do the visa procedures for traveling to Japan or Australia inside the US, although I'm Egyptian & not American?
  4. So I'm curious to hear from some people who have already attended/are currently deciding on programs to apply to- how much did location factor into your decision? (there is a rant below so feel free to skip that and just answer if it's too much reading) Backstory: I'm originally from Texas. I went to undergrad about 2/3 hours away from where I grew up and loved the city I was in. Fastforward to MA applications and location didn't factor in at all for me. After asking for recommendations of programs that fit my interests I realized the closest program I was applying to was Oklahoma. I didn't necessarily avoid being close to home, I just didn't find any schools that were a fit for me. Now that I'm applying for my PhD this fall I'm looking at some completely different programs and one happens to be very close to where I did my undergrad (research interests changed, as they often do, and now this programs makes more sense for me). The problem is going home. Now that I live across the country going back home seems weird. I've enjoyed the independence my husband and I have had, especially since living so far away has meant that we are less obligated to go home outside of major holidays, breaks, ect (I don't mean to sound like a crappy daughter, but being newly married and having grown up in the same area, we often spent all our breaks/holidays/birthdays/and a lot of Sundays visiting relatives and we've really enjoyed traveling and just spending time together since we've moved). On the upside though we also miss the area we were in, a lot of our friends, and having the ability to pop in and spend an afternoon with some family instead of planning months ahead and spending a lot of money to go visit. We've also talked about having kids in the next 5/7 years, and I do see the benefit in being closer to family at that time. So I've noticed on a lot of people's CVs in my field either people tend to move around quite a bit while others stay in one spot: can anyone add their own experience? TLDR: Did you move for graduate school (or are you looking into programs that are far away), what factored into that decision, and if you didn't do you feel like that has affected/will affect your prospects in the future?
  5. Hey guys! I'm an international student. Right now I'm trying to choose a program among BCM (Developmental Biology ), Icahn Mount SInai (Biomedical Science), UTSW (Biomedical), and UVA (Biology). NEED some advice here! Please!
  6. Hi everyone, I received early acceptance to 1 of the 5 schools I applied to for a Masters program. The school that accepted me gave a deadline of Mid-March to accept or decline the offer. The problem is that the other schools advertise on their website that they give offers Mid or Early April. I talked to a few friends, some who study in the programs I am waiting to hear from. Most said that it couldn't hurt to call the schools and explain the situation to prompt a response from the schools I am waiting to hear from. Does anyone have any insight on this situation or if calling the schools I am waiting to hear from is advisable? Should I try to set up a strategy so that I can make a decision based on more offers/declines. Thanks
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