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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am a TC student. I need to rent my studio in the Upper West Side in Manhattan in NY. Rent is 2033.00 a month. It is rent stabilized, so the rent won't increase.. It is a 2 min walk to central park and 15 from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Madison Ave. If Interested call Parc Coliseum apartments. Address: 228 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023 Phone: (212) 873-1000The apartment itself is located in Parc Cameron. Message me for questions.
  2. I am pondering the possibility of applying to the University of Cambridge, in England. I know that it is about 50 miles away from London and that it is a university town. But other than that, can anyone give any more information about what it is like living there? Is the access to London easy? Is housing and the cost of living generally expensive? What is the quality of the entertainment in the area? etc. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone that is currently in a grad program or was formally in one, really love the city/town where their university was located? I really enjoy cities with a lot of culture and outdoor activities and I'm nearly always studying in a coffee shop. Just like everyone else that has and will be applying, I am concerned with just getting in somewhere, but the location of the program is a big factor as to where I'll be applying. Thank you for your suggestions!
  4. I am an undergrad beginning applications next Fall semester, and I need advice on my current school list and perhaps any experience with the schools or living in the cities. I am primarily interested in Southern literature, theory, identity, and philosophy, Civil War literature, history, and philosophy like Transcendtalism, and African American literature from pre-Civil War to now. I plan to pursue an MA first then go on to a PhD. My current top two MA schools and potential advisers or professors with whom I am interested in working are Leigh Anne Duck and Adam Gussow at University of Mississippi and Cody Marrs at University of Georgia. Aside from University of Mississippi and Georgia, my list includes, in order, University of Alabama and Kentucky, and if I decide to pursue Rhet/Comp instead, University of Illinois. My dream PhD schools are UNC Chapel Hill and University of Virginia. I am confident in getting a good placement for the MA level, but I am concered about things like living stipend, fit with the university, and potential for improvement before moving to PhD. I have a strong application which I think will place me at the top of any MA level group of entering students, but I do not think it would be strong enough to ensure me a spot at my dream PhD schools. I will definitely be applying to an MA at Miss., Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky. Would the application fees be worth it to also apply to PhD at UNC or Virginia? Does anyone have experience with Mississippi or Georgia and their faculty working in Southern Lit? What are some schools I am not considering which also have strong Southern lit faculty? What is it like to live in Oxford, Tuscaloosa, Athens, or Lexington? How do the costs of living compare? Of the four, Alabama and Georgia offer the highest MA living stipend at $13,500 and $14,000 respectively, but Georgia expects a much higher teaching load at 3/3 for the second year. Mississippi offers $10,000, and I do not yet know Kentucky's stipend. I have chosen each of these MA schools because they offer funding. Mississippi is my top interest, but they also have the lowest stipend offer. How likely am I to get other fellowships or scholarships in addition? Will $10,000 go very far in Oxford? That is already below my lowest margin for a stipend, but Mississippi seems like where I want to be for Southern lit.
  5. Hello, I'm pursuing the PhD in Immunology, and have been admitted to USC, WashU, Weill Cornell (Cornell Med School in Manhattan) and University of Pennsylvania. I've already decided WashU and USC are off the list, (although I sincerely think WUSTL has an excellent program) and it's down to Cornell Vs Penn. I'm having a serious time making up my mind. Penn has a larger immunology community, while Cornell has a more focused/smaller department. I had a really great rapport with two PI's at Cornell, but I'm keeping the perspective that I may not rotate with them or get into their lab. Also only connecting with two PI's doesn't mean I have a grip in the rest of the program. I generally liked the PI's at Penn, but didn't have any PI that dead-set attracted my attention. However their community is so large it is likely there is a PI out there for me. There are a lot of factors aside from science, such as stipend levels, housing, and way of life. The housing at Cornell is pretty much pre-determined for you at the student housing across the street and isn't cheap, but the stipend is about $5500 more than Penn per year. Additionally I would have to sell my car (which is fairly in good condition) as a car in Manhattan isn't productive. On the plus side of that, not having a car means not dealing with car associated costs. The housing at Penn appears cheaper and more varied, but it would be a commute to school (from what I hear, it'll be a 30 min walk usually). The stipend is lower, but I would be able to bring a car, which would be nice around year 5 when I feel like driving somewhere. Anybody have some input on my situation, or familiarity with the programs? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you,
  6. Has anyone heard back from NYU Wagner, University of Pennsylvania (PennDesign) or Rutgers Edward J. Bloustein School for their urban planning programs (Masters)?
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