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Found 6 results

  1. I got accepted into LaSalle's SLP graduate program (yay!) but I truly know nothing about it. Does anyone have any insight for me? I got waitlisted a few places that I could still consider (west chester, salus) but it would be great to just ACCEPT and get ready to go. ANy insight on LaSalle's program or their clinic?
  2. Hello! I recently began a practicum in a primary school for children ages 3-6. Most of these children have developmental delays in addition to speech/language goals. My graduate program requires us to complete a single-subject research design project and I need some help thinking of ideas! I would like to avoid doing a project on articulation if possible unless someone has a great idea, but does anyone have any good ideas on what I could research? I need to come up with a research question/statement by next week. Thanks!
  3. This question may be kind of strange, but what was the dress code at your grad schools? I'm nervous I'm not gonna have enough "clinic" clothes but I also don't want to break the bank. Good quality professional clothes is so expensive. I bought a couple of tops and slacks but I don't know if it's enough. Thank you!
  4. Hi there, I am thinking about getting my Master's in Social Work in the near future. I have my mind set on becoming a Medical Social Worker and want to work in a hospital setting (With patients and their families). If there is anyone who is also going in the "medical social worker" career, please explain how your experience is so far? (ie: how are your classes?, what are you specializing in?, etc.) Also, I am looking into the University of Maryland, School of Social Work in Baltimore. I looked up the website and it states that there are many different specializations. I don't know which one is for me? And lastly, what is the difference between macro vs micro and clinical concentrations? (You do not have to answer ALL these questions but any type of feedback or advice would work. Your help is much appreciated! Thanks!)
  5. I'm picking my clinic placements and I'm trying to balance what I really want to do (ENT/Swallow) with what will give me the contact hours I need. Are there any KU students that can tell me what are the average contact hours for any of the following: Lawrence Campus FACS LEAP SAT KUMC ENT Clinic Garden Terrace Swallow Parkinson Children's Place I know I can really clean up hours-wise if I do LAP/RAP but I really, really don't want to do that!! ARGH!
  6. Something I didn't think too much about before applying to graduate programs for Fall 2015 was the campus clinics and externships offered. It was of course a factor, but I realized after I had a few acceptances under my belt how different these things can be from school to school, and it ended up having a lot of weight in me deciding what program I chose. So maybe this thread can also help some of you with acceptances with your decisions when the time comes and might give you something to think about. I want to know what other current graduate students' programs look like. My program has three semesters of on-campus clinic the first year in fall, spring and summer. The second year is two full-time externships, one educational, one medical, one in a semester. We also have the option of doing on-campus clinic the second year if there's a population we haven't worked with and would like to or need to work with, and there's optional mini-externships with specialized populations in addition to the two full-time externships, although these are uncommon. I've talked to people whose programs have no clinic the first semester, just classes, people who have multiple shorter externships the second year, people who will only get one externship in their program, and they have to choose between medical or school, and people who start externships in the summer before second year. Thus I am curious what other people's programs look like! Does your program have on-campus clinic the first semester? How many semesters of campus clinic do you have before you do an externship? Does your program offer a medical and educational externship, or just one? Do you get to choose? Does your program offer multiple shorter externships? Did the clinics and externship situation have any bearing on your decision to attend your program? How do you feel about your program's set-up?
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