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  1. Hi! So I am still in search of reputed master programmes that prepare strong candidates for future Ph.D. application in the U.S. I want to specialize in clinical child psychology/ developmental neuropsychology. Thoughts? (I am quite desperate and open to new ideas, I appreciate any advice!) Many thanks!
  2. CALLING APPLICANTS for the Application Statement Feedback Program (ASFP)! Our goal is to provide constructive and fast feedback on research/personal statements to psychology PhD applicants, especially underrepresented minority applicants and/or those who may not be in ‘in the know’ about the application process. Last year, we were able to serve 155 applicants who identified in one or both of these ways. This year, feedback will be provided by faculty and graduate students from over 70 of the top psychology PhD programs across the country with expertise in the following subfields of psychology: developmental, cognitive, social, and clinical psychology. LEARN MORE HERE: www.asfp.io SUBMIT YOUR STATEMENT HERE: https://www.asfp.io/applicants **YOU HAVE UNTIL FRIDAY TO APPLY*** Applicants can submit their statements through the submission portal between Monday, October 4 and Friday October 8. Each accepted applicant will be matched with two editors (our team is made up of faculty members, postdocs, and PhD students) in a double-blind process. High-level feedback will be returned to applicants on Thursday, October 14, six days after the submission portal closed. The program is volunteer supported, and completely free to applicants.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm going to be applying to clinical psychology programs in Canada this year (for Fall 2022 start) and there are a few different topics and areas of research that interest me. What I'm wondering is whether different research topics and areas within clinical psychology differ in terms of competitiveness, and if so, which seem to be more and less competitive (could be broad areas of research or specific topics/disorders)? I've heard that labs/PIs in certain areas of research tend to expect more of applicants in terms of experiences, publications, etc. than others, and that some research topics are just more popular than others and attract more applicants. Either way, I plan to pursue my research interests, but just want to know whether I should be prepared to require more experience or to face more intense competition for certain research topics relative to others. Thanks in advance!
  4. Ugh.. Once again I didn't get any interviews for PhD programs (which is kind of understandable because the programs I applied to are highly competitive + with COVID there have been funding cuts and more applicants than past years) but after two rounds of applying, coming into my applications strong and 0 interviews both times, I'm feeling pretty defeated. I have a strong cv with 2 pubs, several posters and 4 of them are first author, and 5 years of research experience. My undergrad GPA was a 3.5 and I did a masters and got about the same (3.6-I had some mental health issues which took a dig at my academic performance), and a strong statement that 3 of my mentors and two former colleagues who are now PhD students all gave the green light to. Because of the amount of debt I got into with my masters, a fully funded program is preferable to me but seems almost impossible at this point. Alternatively, I could wait next year, get a few more pubs out, and hope an R01 will interview and take me, or apply to PhD programs in less competitive disciplines like social work, but the career options I want (research, teaching and mentoring, supervising trainees) are what a clinical psychologist has. Yesterday, I found out that Palo Alto University's PhD program is still taking apps on a rolling basis for the next month. The program isn't funded, but I have colleagues that go there and all have said the research and clinical training are great because of the universities close affiliation with stanford. Since I am coming in with a masters I am also eligible for paid teaching assistantships. If I choose to go to a program like this, I would want to excel, because I know the reputations of non funded programs can be suspicious, so I could get a strong internship and postdoc (which I also know these things are super competitive as well) to hopefully one day get a research/teaching position. I'd just like some opinions on applying to this program vs waiting for another year to *potentially* get into an r01. Also what concerns me about non-funded programs is reputation of the program... professionally do you see this as an issue for future career options (internship/post doc placements since I want to be in academia)? Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hi everyone, I got waitlisted at my first-choice program at LSU and I am struggling with coping. To give more context, I believe I am #2 on the waitlist, so I would get an offer if the other applicant declined, or if the POI receives additional funding for a second student. They applied for a grant in the fall and are waiting to hear back from them. I feel as if I have a better chance of waiting until April 15th for the POI to get funding because I highly doubt anyone would decline an offer from this program and POI - it's unimaginable for me. What might be some reasons for applicants to reject an acceptance offer? I've read a lot of posts about people's experiences with waitlists but I am still feeling a bit defeated. When I read other people's success stories, I am happy for them but I also know that each program and application year is different, especially this year with COVID and how that may severely impact this POI's chances of getting funding for a second student. I hate that being waitlisted places you in a state of purgatory because I want to do anything in my power to increase my chances of getting an offer. I've thought of a few ideas like reaching out to fellow applicants and asking them kindly what their intentions are with their offer, but I realize this is a terrible idea. Another idea I had was emailing the DCT and asking them what their experience has been like with waitlisted applicants or how long it typically takes for a professor to receive funding after they applied for a grant in the fall. I guess my question is: Is there absolutely nothing I can do to ease my nerves about this? With 2 months left until April 15th, that is a long wait and this program is truly my dream. It's actually been affecting me so badly that I haven't been able to be excited about other programs that I've gotten interviews and an acceptance offer from. I hope I do not sound like I am whining, complaining, or ungrateful. I am more than appreciative to be in the position I am in, but the amount of weight I placed on this program is coming to bite me. This past week I have ruminated a lot and have lost sleep on this, and that should tell you how badly I wanted to be offered an acceptance letter. What are your experiences like if you have had a similar experience with mine?
  6. I'm starting this thread so that we can get to know each other and (hopefully) see each other on interview day! The application deadline was due today and I am so relieved that my letters of recommendation were able to be submitted on time. Now, all we have to do is wait it out! I read online that we should be hearing about interviews in December or January, so best of luck to all of us!
  7. Hello everyone! Most applications were due today so congrats on getting them in! Now we need to sit back, relax, feel the anxiety, and wait for interview offers. I started this this thread so that we can give each other emotional support during this time. I know I'm an anxious and excited ball of emotions and will probably be checking my inbox daily for the next couple of months. I'm sure many of you are feeling the same way! May we wish each other all the best.
  8. Hello All -A little about me, I am currently in the process of interviewing at Midwestern and just finished an interview at Adler. I am pursuing a Psy.D and leaning towards a neuropsychology emphasis to prepare me to work with a wide array of mental-diagnoses and patients that span from adolescents to adults. I am very open to what clinical setting to work in but at some point in my career I would like to work with the prison population. -I am looking for someone who attends either of these schools or has proficient knowledge in them to help me weigh out some pros and cons. Midwestern in particular has been hard to find specific faculty information about and locating previous or current students has been hard as well. So far I enjoy the location of Midwestern more than Adler and the cost may be slightly less. However, Adler seem to be very reputable and is more well-known which makes me more comfortable committing 5 years of my life to. Anything information that people could add would be extremely helpful and I would greatly appreciate any input!!!
  9. Is anyone else applying to UCSB's clinical/counseling psychology program? if so, how many pages is your statement of purpose? the overall grad programs website said it should be longer than 2 pages, but when i emailed the department admissions they said 1-2 pages double spaced... my current SOP for them is about 2.5 pages. i'm struggling with the ambiguity!!
  10. I'm planning to apply to a few clinical programs next year to begin in Fall 2022. I'm interested in the MSc at Acadia, PsyD at UPEI, and PsyD at Memorial. I'm hoping someone can provide me with some insight into the importance of undergrad stats grades for these applications. In my intro stats course I got an A+, but only got a B in advanced stats. I've been told by some that a B is not good enough, while others say it is perfectly fine. Should I be concerned about this grade assuming everything else in my application is good? Thanks in advance!
  11. I didn't get any acceptances last year, from the 3 PsyDs and 5 PhDs I applied to. I'm reapplying this year, to PsyD only. For the schools that I'm applying to for the second time, I don't want all 3 of my LORs to be the same as last year. The only new person who can write me one is the person for whom I nanny. I'm applying for child psych specializations and want to be a clinical child psychologist, so this isn't too far from the field, but it's not clinical work at all. The mom has a graduate degree and writes grant applications for a living, so she'll be able to write a good LOR for me. The problem is, what should she include? She doesn't know anything about my academics (I graduated undergrad in 2018). All she knows is my personality, work ethic, morals, etc. My other two LORs will be from the faculty advisor from the mental health org I worked with for 4 years in undergrad, and my clinical manager from when I was a Registered Behavior Technician with kids who have ASD and related disorders.
  12. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on this board after lurking here for a while. I graduated with a BA in psychology this May and intend to apply to clinical psych PhD programs for 2022. I am about to start working as a full-time clinical research coordinator at a well-known research hospital. I am really excited to get more research experience and further develop my interest in clinical psychology! However, I am also pretty nervous. I will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, and feel anxious about how to connect with my PI and the other coordinators through a computer screen. I really want to make a great impression and do my best work for the lab, but I'm not sure how. I was wondering if anyone had advice to share about how to make the most of my research coordinator position. Ideally, I want to advance my research skills, develop a close bond with my PI, and have multiple opportunities to present and publish research. How can I hit the ground running with my new job and make sure this all happens? I've been using my free time to read articles the lab has published and learn all I can about the topic; however, I have gotten through the recent articles and feel like reading more will provide diminishing returns. Also, how long after working at a lab can you start to inquire about working on papers/presentations or an independent project? I want to get involved as much as possible but I don't want to annoy my PI.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm applying to clinical psychology programs this fall and I'm getting my list of PI's together in order to narrow down my list of schools and I have a question.. I was wondering if anyone has any advice about applying to a program and indicating two mentors? Some of my schools have two PI's that are taking students that i'm interested in working with. Does that look bad to indicate two different PI's on my application/statement of purpose? Thanks everyone and good luck!!!!
  14. Hi everyone, I've created a list of potential clinical psych programs to apply to but am nervous because of my undergrad gpa. I am a senior now and have a gpa of 3.14 (mainly because of family-related issues my first and early second year, along with my mediocre grades in my premed classes which has tanked my gpa despite better grades the following years) from a fairly rigorous and selective private university. I work at the medical school as a research assistant in the genetics department, along with as a research assistant in a psychology lab (where my lab is about to submit my research for publication as first-author along with being collaborated on by 3 clinical psych professors across 2 universities), and as a resident advisor to first year students. I've done much in classes my later second and third year (in higher level psychology courses with a 3.88 gpa this past semester). I also recently took the GRE and got Verb. 159, Quant. 158, and analytic 5! I also have experience in Python, R, and MatLab. So what are my chances, do I have a shot or should I make other plans for this coming year? Thanks for the help!
  15. Hello everyone! I'm getting ready to apply for doctoral programs in counseling and clinical psychology (my interests overlap in both fields and is explained in my personal statement) and I'm starting to think about who to ask for my letters of recommendation! I've been a research assistant for about 4 years now and can think of four professors to ask who will be able to provide strong letters of recommendation. However, most applications state to list three recommenders. Would it help to list a fourth? Or should I only submit three? If you would only recommend three, could you help me eliminate someone? I have listed the people I'm thinking about below: The people I'm thinking of asking are: 1) The professor I was a Lab Coordinator for in Undergrad. He was also my supervisor for my honors thesis. Although I am not published yet, I will be listed as an author on future publications coming from a doctoral student's dissertation. 2) The professor who is currently mentoring my masters thesis. I know him on a really good level and have taken classes with him as well and I am confident he will be able to write a strong letter. 3) A professor who I am a research assistant in a lab with currently. He is famous in his field and offered to write me a letter already 4) The director of the McNair scholars program from my undergraduate institution. I know her on a really good level as well (she mentored my summer research internship project, allowed me to travel to research conferences, and is honestly just a saint) Thank you so much everyone! I wish you all the best of luck on your upcoming applications, or if you're already in a program, success in your classes and projects!
  16. Hi! I've looked at quite a few threads for fully funded and partially funded psychology master's degree programs. Does anyone know of any fully or partially funded clinical psychology programs? A lot of the threads had responses of people who did not want to disclose their institution because they didn't want to be identified. If you feel comfortable, feel free to message me, or I can message you. I got into a great clinical psychology master's program in a past cycle. While they did offer a small assistantship, the program did not have tuition waivers or scholarships (tuition was quite expensive and the cost of living was veryyyyy expensive).
  17. Hi! I'm planning on applying to clinical psychology phd programs in the fall, and I was wondering if anyone has heard if PhD programs have waived the GRE due to COVID (like many schools are waiving the SAT/ACT for undergrad)? I emailed ETS about their testing centers being open but I haven't heard back... To be completely honest I don't even feel comfortable going into a testing center with the current covid pandemic 😕
  18. Hello! I am practically new to this website, and have a few questions and concerns. I have two bachelor's degrees: one in Psychology, the other in History and Jewish Studies with a minor in English Literature, which I will earn this May. I also pursued master's-level coursework in conjunction with five months of neuroscience research; however, that was cut short because of my grandmother's death (she provided emotional and financial support). Regrettably, due to personal and serious health problems (I have a disability), my cumulative gpa for my first degree was a 3.32, but my cumulative gpa for my second degree is a 3.89. I took the GREs years ago so I must take them again but I did score well when I took them the first time. As for counseling experience, I do not have much, unfortunately. I have volunteered but in a short-term capacity and at various organizations/establishments. I have also worked at the New York State Psychiatric Institute but as a medical office assistant; likewise for employment affiliated with hospitals. However, I spoke with my professor—who earned acceptance to several PhD programs in clinical psychology—and she thinks I should apply. With respect to mental health counseling programs, I am specifically looking at Hunter College and The City College of New York. As a previous poster admitted, once COVID-19, I, like her, could no longer pursue volunteer work in the manner I intended. I also doubt I would be a suitable candidate for doctoral programs in clinical psychology, especially amidst all of the problems I have experienced (e.g., I was nearly homeless recently). What do you think about my chances with respect to both doctoral and master's programs? Please inform me with any suggestions or ideas that you may have. Many thanks! — Joyce
  19. What are people's thoughts on contacting admissions to check on your status or to ask if all acceptance decisions have been extended post interview? If you know some people have already recieved acceptances, is it okay to ask or could that possibly "red flag" you?
  20. Hi Everyone, I have been an active member of this forum for a while now. It has helped me through the application process This cycle and has tormented me with each interview results coming in that I didn’t get lol. Regardless, I made it this application cycle and after 21 applications, 4 interviews (I had 9 but went to 4) and 4 offers, I’ve made my decision!!!! Well that was two weeks ago and now I’m just sitting here waiting. Now what do I do? To my fellow admitted people, what are you doing to pass the time lol? To anyone in a clinical or counseling psychology Ph.D program, do you have any advice on what I should do to prepare myself for the doctoral grind. General or detailed answers are welcomed. thanks you guys!
  21. I'm well aware I am not the first person to ask this question. How important is it to have your research out on publication? (More so, would it make that much difference if this is an international student?) I have been taking gap year and I will be applying this cycle (December) to Clinical Psychology and some Counseling psychology programs that are fully funded. I honestly don't think I can pay for grad school myself. I'm still unfamiliar with the posting guidelines of this website so please feel free to leave a comment if you think this post belongs somewhere else! I graduated last year with all types of honors in both of my majors and have been working on my GRE and was working as a tutor on the side to keep my living expenses. My GRE score is both on 90 percentiles and GPA is 3.7. I worked as an undergrad research assistant for a year in clinical psych lab (we developed a scale for clinical disorder) in my senior year. At the same time I worked in a different lab in a different department also as an undergrad RA for 2 years that is not really relevant to my interests but I knew the professor and learned quite a lot of skills. I also completed a honors thesis upon the completion of my undergrad study. My three LORs will come from 1. a person (not a professor but in academia) who directed my thesis and those who I have been working as RA. (1. professor from my second department who knows me really well and 3. one grad student and a retired professor in clinical psychology dept. co-signing the last letter) Although I'm kind of worried that some of my LORs will come from non-psychology people, they happen to know me for the longest time and very very well. But the biggest problem is that I DO NOT have any publication. My professors from undergrad encouraged me to submit my thesis to at least undergrad journals but I'm just not confident that it will get accepted especially I know there were some mistakes. I presented at a regional conference for my thesis but it wasn't in psychology department. No posters, nothing. So now I'm done with GRE, I need something to fill my gap year and boost my resume. I originally was going to work as a full-time RA at one of the university in my home country but due to unforeseen circumstance, I won't have the full-time position anymore. I reached out to several professors in my home country and they told me although they will be more than happy to take me in as an RA, my duties won't be that much different from the ones I did as an undergrad RA as their PhD/Masters students will get the priorities for all the funding and resources. In that case, it's not impossible but it will be very difficult to put my name as an author. So far, I can only think of these three options 1. Volunteer as a research assistant (pretty much same as undergrad RA and help the lab members with their projects in hopes that I can put my name as a third or fourth author. + get a side job to save money 2. Get a clinical setting job (full-time, decent pay) in a private clinical practice and see if they have any research project that I can help on the side) 3. Get a research job that deals with clinical population but not clinical psychology-related. More like a pharmaceutical or researching company (this will be heavily research oriented but it won't be from clinical psychology) I don't know how much of my status as an international student would change how important it is to have publication but I need as many advice as possible. If you guys have any other ideas please help me, I feel so lost.
  22. Hi all!! I’m suddenly all confused and completely uncertain whether I want to stick to pursuing Clinical PhD with Forensic focus or Criminal justice PhD. I used to be so sure that I want to go for clinical psychology. But now I actually think of it, the main reason why I was so attracted to clinical psych is bc of full funding programs and it’s relatively solid future. My ultimate goal is to be a practitioner working in a private institutions or government agencies directly helping the victims (and studying the effects of crime on victims and sometimes mental health of criminals) Don’t get me wrong. I love research and I always have fun with it. But I’m just not sure if I want to spend next 5-7 years away from what I really want to study. however, at the same time, all my past efforts have been geared to clinical psych programs and all my knowledge about grad school application is based on clinical psych so I don’t know how much of those knowledge will be applicable to criminal justice or forensic psychology. If you were me and was really interested in working with crime victims (victimology) and criminal personality, but need funding at least for tuition and fees, would you choose clinical psychology (hopefully I can work with a mentor who has interests in forensic psychology) at a prestigious university or just apply for specialized forensic psychology programs in a less well known university?
  23. I've been accepted into UIUC's Clinical/Community Psychology PhD program, but am afraid I don't have enough insight on the experience from a grad student's POV. This is a desperate cry for help---Anyone out there know about UIUC's psychology department (i.e. the feel of it, rigor, culture, etc.) in general? Also, any helpful replies about the broader Urbana/Champaign area, the professors, the psych department, or the stipend are all welcome! Thank you
  24. We should be hearing about interviews pretty soon! Here's a template for the info to post that was used last year: School: Type: PhD/PsyD Date of invite: Type of invite: Mass email, email from POI, phone call, etc. Interview date(s): Good luck, everyone!
  25. *Hi I'm just venting here but feel free to chime in about how much you have felt fucked over by this process* I'm just very upset about how this whole process is going for me so far. I have three in-person interviews lined up but my coworkers who are exactly the same as me in almost every way have 5+. I really don't understand. I've done everything right and I feel like I should have more interviews. For context, I applied to 11 schools ranging from more "bottom tier" to top programs. I have one bottom tier interview, one mid-tier, and one top-tier lined up. I worked in multiple labs during undergrad starting freshman year at an R1 university with a top 10 clinical psych department Conducted an honors thesis with a very up-and-coming professor who loves me and wrote a stellar LOR (so she said) Am now at a post-bacc research assistant at an Ivy League med school/hospital Have extensive clinical training through my work and past internships/volunteer positions Have one first-author pub and another first-author under review Have one second-author pub and 3 others under review Have one third author pub under review Had great LOR's from my PI at my job and another PI who I helped coordinate her study for 3.75 overall UG GPA, 4.0 psych GPA 2 first-author posters at two national conferences multiple co-authored posters/symposiums for national/international conferences GRE: V: 167-170 M: 156-158 W: 4.5-5.0 Had my personal statement looked over my my UG PI who said it was great and I had very clear research interests. *I am bragging a lot on here but I promise you I didn't brag this much in my app materials if anyone was wondering I just don't understand what I did wrong and why others got so many more interviews. I feel like you can do everything in your power to be an excellent candidate and still get screwed while others who did not work as hard get a shit ton of interviews? (not saying that everyone who got more interviews than me didn't work hard but I literally spent every weekend doing research this past year and a half)
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