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Found 161 results

  1. .......Can we? Come together and bask in our anxieties and worries? Am I the only one here? 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Today I woke up wanting to e-mail the PI (at my top program) and telling them that they’re my #1 choice, lmao. It’s only been a week post-interview for this program, but I love it SO freaking much..... and the PI immediately responded to my post-interview email with such great/warm feedback........... Ugh. What are all of you thinking about and ruminating over? I would cancel my upcoming interviews immediately if I received an offer from this PI, tbh 😩😭
  2. I noticed there's usually one WAITLIST thread every year. This is where you can post about schools that you are waiting to hear back from. Consequently, if you are holding multiple offers and would like to get opinions, you can post here as well!
  3. Waitlistedbuthopeful

    What are people's experiences being waitlisted?

    I'm waitlisted at my top choice and am kind of freaking out. I know waitlisting experiences vary so much across year and program, and realistically the chances of being extended an offer are slim since this program is amazing but I'd love to hear folks' experiences/impressions of being wait-listed... What was it like and when did you finally hear back (with or without an offer)? How do you keep your spirits up? Did you re-apply to the same program? 😭 *sobbing intensifies*
  4. clinicalpsych20192020

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    We should be hearing about interviews pretty soon! Here's a template for the info to post that was used last year: School: Type: PhD/PsyD Date of invite: Type of invite: Mass email, email from POI, phone call, etc. Interview date(s): Good luck, everyone!
  5. ...Why was this thread not a thing?! LOL The main psychology thread has gotten so overwhelming with people across so many different areas. It’s too hard to keep up. I also enjoy reading the invites vs. the applicant threads separately. All my fellow Clinically Psychology PhD/PsyD applicants, please feel free to keep this specific thread going with your thoughts, worries, comments, exciting and depressing stories, and all in between... We are all in this miserable hell of a ride together for at least another month or two lmao.. #canitbeoveralready
  6. ASDadvocate

    Psychology Interview Debriefing

    Hi everyone! I have my first interview this Tuesday and Wednesday and wanted to create a place where we can debrief after the interviews. We can share anything from what everyone wore to actual questions and itineraries, as well as hopes and fears post-interview. Hopefully comparing notes will help ease anxieties!
  7. nervous_nellie

    Preparing for Clinical PhD Interview

    So it looks like a few people have heard some positive news from grad schools about upcoming interviews starting next month. How is everyone preparing? I know that I did some initial preparation when I was completing my applications, but I'm not too sure where to go from here. Every POI has published material, ongoing grants and recently completed work, lab websites/department biographies... But what is interview day/weekend really about and what kinds of questions should we be preparing for and what questions should we be asking as we are on these interviews? Happy Holidays!
  8. Hi! I will be interviewing at Hofstra in a couple weeks and was wondering if anyone on here is in or is familiar with the program. I was really excited to apply and get an interview, but am now worried about financial aid.... I read that tuition is not fully covered. Anyone have any experiences or further thoughts about this program?
  9. I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has applied to or is currently completing a Clinical Psychology PhD in America?I have applied to programs for Fall 2019 intake and I am waiting to hear back about interviews. If you have applied or are a current PhD student it would be helpful if you could share your experiences of the interview process and your experience transitioning to America as a UK citizen!Thanks
  10. j1321

    GRE retake question

    Hi, I recently look my GRE and received a 310: 157 V and 153 Q, AWA I am estimating between a 4 -5. I am planning on applying to clinical psychology programs in two years. I am unsure whether or not it is worth it to take the GRE again considering I seem to be at the cutoff, although at the low end for most clinical programs. I have 3 years of undergrad research experience and served as research coordinator my last year. I have two current publications, one of which I have first authorship on, poster presentations, and potentially another first authorship manuscript. I also have one year experience post bac as an RA with an IVY league clinical lab and recently accepted another 2 year clinical neuropsych RA position that could lead to publications in my areas of interest. I also have a very strong extra curriculars and volunteer experience. My undergrad GPA was a 3.44 and major GPA of 3.9. I was wondering if I should focus more on publications and clinical involvement with my current position or is my GRE not competitive enough. I am open to hearing any input you have for me. Thank you.
  11. kiriamara

    University of Houston GRE?

    Has anyone been able to find the average or minimum GRE scores for the Clinical Psychology PhD program at the University of Houston??
  12. Currently, I'm a Junior at Texas A&M-Commerce, and will be applying for graduate school in December 2018. I'm a psychology major with an overall GPA of 3.9 and a major GPA of 4.0, with experience in independent study, research, and data analysis. I expect to graduate summa cum laude and receive good letters of recommendation from the professors with whom I've conducted research. However, I doubt that I will be able to achieve a high or even average score on the GRE. On all of the practice tests I've taken so far, I've done well in the verbal and written areas (156-160 on the verbal, and 5.0 on the written), but I've performed poorly on all the quantitative sections, receiving scores that ranged from 120-110. I know that with time and practice, I can improve my quantitative scores, but I am still unsure about my chances of getting into UT Southwestern's Clinical Psychology PhD program. Do any of you think that I could have a chance of getting an interview, or do you think I have better chances applying elsewhere?
  13. I retook the GRE today, here are my scores: V: 160, Q:159. In my first attempt in October, I got: V: 159, Q:162, AWA: 4. I wanted to improve my writing scores because most of the clinical psychology programs in Canadian universities show the average AWA of the accepted applicants is around 5. I spent 20 days preparing for my second GRE, focused primarliy on writing. However, I can't believe it that my Q is lower than my first time, sigh..... I don't know how to send my scores, if my second AWA is better than 4, then I guess the 2nd set of scores is better? What do you guys think?
  14. kiriamara

    Average Clinical Psych Scores?

    I've taken the GRE twice, the first I got 159V, 153Q, 5AW the second I got 156V, 156Q, 5AW. I am planning to submit both, but I don't know how competitive I am in clinical psych PhD programs with those scores. I'm applying to these programs and I think they fall in the following categories of my chances: Long shots: University of Minnesota, University of Oregon, University of Houston, Florida State Somewhere in the middle: Florida State, University of Utah Better chance: Virginia Tech, University of Whyoming, University of Tulsa Thoughts? Does anyone know of programs with lower GRE requirements?
  15. I'm applying to at least two, potentially more Clinical Psychology programs through PSYCAS. Does anyone know if, when I request my references through PSYCAS, they will have to submit one letter that will be then sent to each program, or if they will have to submit a letter per each school applied to? Asking because it will potentially impact how many schools I apply to. I don't particularly want to burden my references with having to go through 15 different reference letter links through PSYCAS if I decide to be ambitious and apply to that many - but if they only need to submit one, then it's just more work for me and not them.
  16. Does anyone know how to find out which schools use strict GRE cutoffs? I am currently a second year masters student, and I am in the process of applying to PhD programs. I've taken my GRE's twice, and I know my scores are not where they need to be in order to get into a program. I 'm have a 3.9 undergraduate GPA and a 4.0 graduate GPA. I have strong letters of recommendation, research/clinical experience, and I beleive a strong personal statement. I'm starting to wonder whether applying is even worth it, but I would feel better if I knew which schools used hard cutoff so I don't apply to them given my low GRE scores.
  17. I am a Canadian citizen who has recently graduated with B- (3.2 GPA) in Health Psychology MSc with honours. I have 3.7 GPA for Psychology BSc. Hons degree. However, they are both British psychology association accredited courses which I completed in England because I initially wanted to complete my PsyD degree in England due to the program being 3 years. However, it is very expensive without fully paid scholarships (which I had for my undergrad and postgrad) and I also had a change of heart and I don't want to be far away from my parents anymore so I have decided to move back to Toronto. For York Uni, I have to apply for MA for clinical (can't apply to PhD I checked with the clinical director) and do my thesis all over again (not really opposed to the idea as it will give me more experience) but I wasn't aware that Canadian universities require GRE scores for MA applications and right now I am in England so its difficult nearly not possible for me to do GRE Exams. I am not sure what to do. I am thinking of applying to MA programs regardless and risk it for a conditional offer and do GRE if I get accepted (prepare for it meanwhile as I need that time). I do have 4 years worth of research experience but I don't have publications and I've been working as a healthcare worker for autistic young adults and adults in England but I am not sure if they will consider that for MA. Plus, I have an online appointment with one of the professors working in the autism field at york u and I really want to do research in ASD as well as clinical work. For Ottawa Uni, I can apply for PhD for clinical and I will get accepted for MA based on my MSc and BSc but I have to pass English or French language proficiency test to meet the second language requirement. I am not sure if I have to do the French language test because I do have OSSD and degrees in English but English is not my first language. I was born in India and gained my Citizenship in 2012. In addition to that, I have to forget the entire research aspect in Autism area because the potential clinical supervisor professors are not doing research in autism at UOttawa (not a single one- I checked the entire list). If I don't get into the MA program this year, I know I can apply next year with GRE scores but I feel like I'll waste another year and I don't know if I'll get a job relevant to the clinical program in Toronto based on the education I have from England. And I feel very demotivated and stuck in a dead-end. I've tried asking admissions office/clinical directors/ and a couple of professors but I received very cold replies.
  18. I really don't know what to do, I feel like whatever I do is a 'kiss of death' for applications. On one hand, I have been told by several people that you shouldn't ask for recommendations from those who have not completed (if not succeeded at) the work that they need to recommend you for. On the other hand, I have been told by many that not getting a LOR from a thesis supervisor at my stage is a HUGE red flag. The situation gets even more complicated when I factor in the (nonexistent) reputation of my school. I attended a very small (less than 1000 students) unranked teaching college that mainly emphasizes religious studies. I was drawn to the college because of the strength of that program, and ultimately did my other (non-psychology) major in the religious studies department. However, no one outside of academics in religious studies have heard of my college, and its other departments, while acceptable, could definitely benefit from a raise in standards for the majors and more research opportunities. As my thesis supervisor is not only faculty, but also head of the psychology department, I am worried that a LOR from him will reflect badly on my school and highlight the lack of 'name recognition' that I am trying to downplay. This is frustrating because I do really respect and admire my supervisor and think that his lack of a title doesn't make him unqualified for his position. He left his PhD program when he was diagnosed with cancer (not because of any kind of academic failure), he has two master's at prestigious universities (the second was where he was doing his PhD), and he is one of the best teachers I have ever had, which is the real priority of any decent teaching college. In addition to supervising my thesis work in psychology where I wrote my own protocol and completed a self-driven study using the data from a local non-profit, he was advisor to the campus's psychology club that I was president of, and gave me As in all the courses I took with him. This will also be my only reference from my college, so I want to make sure it leaves a good impression about me and my institution. My other two references are pretty well-known in their fields (I worked in labs outside of my college as well) if that makes a difference. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  19. Hi guys, As the title suggests, I have some questions about re-applying to schools that you have previously been rejected from (after an interview). If it helps, I am in Canada and applying to clinical psychology programs. If anyone has been in this situation, please let me know!!! Thank you.
  20. Hey everyone! I just had some questions about the application process and thought someone here might be able to help! I am new to the site so please let me know if I posted this in the wrong place, thanks Some background to give you context: I applied to a bunch of Clinical Psychology Master's programs last year and although I received some interviews, I did not end up getting accepted anywhere. My question pertains to this year's applications and how I should approach applying to those schools that I have already applied to. Here are some of my questions (hopefully they can also help anyone else that is in a similar situation): 1. How much should my statement of intent differ from last year? I plan on adding some extra things that I have done in the past year but I don't have much to add other than a new research assistant position so I was wondering how I should address that in my statement. 2. When emailing professors that I already applied to last year, should I mention that I applied last year? It feels kind of weird given that I wasn't accepted but I am not sure! Specifically, for those schools that I was invited for an interview but was not accepted, how would I approach this? 3. Regarding funding applications, how much should the research proposal differ from last year? I am still interested in researching the same things so I wouldn't want to change it too much but I am not sure how wise it would be to submit the same research proposal again. Sorry if this is too long; if anyone has any advice at all about the application process (even if it doesn't specifically answer my questions) please feel free to share!! Thanks in advance
  21. Hello, I took my first GRE test last week, my scores are: V: 159; Q:162; still waiting for my writing score. I want to apply for the PhD Clinical psychology program in most of the universities in Ontario, Canada (e.g., Western, UWaterloo, Queen's). I checked a few schools about their GRE requirements. For UWaterloo, the average scores were: V 156 and Q157 for the 2018-2019 academic year; V161 and Q157 for the 2017-2018 academic year. For Queen's university, the average were V158 and Q155 in general. I think I have a strong background in research. Three publications, 2 first authors and 1 second author; 2 first author manuscripts under-review; and more than 10 conference presentations. My goal was to get a 160+ verbal scores, I studied very hard, but at the same time, I am also swamped by other tasks and responsibilities. I'm not sure whether I should retake the GRE to strengthen my application. I am very hesitant to take it again...... English is not my first language, so I have to spend extra time and efforts compared to native speakers to study it. Look forward to hearing your advice! Thank you! Joy
  22. Hello all! I usually am pretty passive when it comes to this site, but I am really in need of some input from anyone I can get it from. I am planning to apply (second round) for PhD Clinical Psych programs this fall and am really trying to decide if a) I should retake my GRE and b) if I have a chance of getting in. Some background information about me is that I am currently getting an MS in Clinical Psychology and am in a fully funded program. I have done a practicum with Arkansas Children's Hospital that was 4 months long, another 4 months at Head Start, and will currently be in a practicum setting for a year with St. Louis University in their Neurology and Psychiatry department. I have done two independent research projects (presented both), am currently working on research with a faculty member in my program (will be doing a poster presentation), and am starting on my thesis (plan to propose before applications are due). I also have a 4.0 from my BA in Psychology and currently a 4.0 in my MS. My GRE scores aren't stellar (154V, 152Q, and 5.5AW), but I feel like I have a lot of other things going for me. I also was an undergrad teaching assistant for stats and am now a MS teaching assistant for cognitive assessment. I feel like I will have some good letters of recommendation and plan to really work on my SOPs. Any input y'all can give me? Thanks!
  23. laura_potter

    PsyD competition

    Hi there! I am a recent UCLA grad with a psychology B.A. In the fall I will be applying to PsyD programs. The trouble is, I am having a hard time identifying which schools have the best reputation within the psychology community and what will make my application strongest. If anyone else out there has a PsyD I would love some advice on the subject. Thanks!
  24. Katie B

    GRE Scores

    For anyone that has been accepted or waitlisted to clinical psychology PhD programs, would you be willing to share your GRE scores? I am applying this fall for the Fall 2019 acceptance cycles and am eager to know how my GRE scores compare to those who have already been offered acceptance to programs. I have an excellent GPA (3.97) and 2 years of research experience, one project in which I was a principle investigator and that was presented in a national honors conference in Seattle, WA, thus I am just trying to get a better outlook on my chances of acceptance to my top programs. My top 6 choices are U of Houston, U of Texas- Austin, Texas A&M, Pacific University, Northern Illinois University, and Suffolk University. If anyone could share their experience or any information on these particular programs that would be much appreciated!
  25. Hello all, I'm new here, and also a youngin'! I just finished my freshman year and, yes, I am already worrying about grad school ?I am majoring in Psychology (doing the Clinical Track) and minoring in Cognitive Science..my end goal is a Clinical Psych PhD focusing on children and adolescents. There are so many things we are told *must* be accomplished during our undergraduate years in order to be a worthy applicant, or even have a chance, so I figured I would come straight to the people who know best! I have a TA position lined up for later this summer, and plan on doing honors in the major research junior year, finding an RA position, etc, etc, but any advice from the more seasoned would be extremely helpful! Thank you so much!

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