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Found 61 results

  1. Anyone applied to CMU METALS (Master of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science)? I applied to the METALS program but has not heard from it yet, nor is there any visit on my portfolio. One can only wait.
  2. I have got admission from BGSU(Ph.D. in Data Science) and CMU (MS in Applied Statistics & Analytics) Which one should I go for? I am referring to learning and future job opportunities. Thanks
  3. gwangaj


    I have been accepted to the Master of Computational Data Science (MCDS) program at Carnegie Mellon University. The decision ddl is April 1. However, I am also on the waiting list of MS in Robotics (MSR) and the final decision is expected to be made by April 6. I prefer MSR, but MCDS is also acceptable. What should I do? Thank you very much!
  4. Catheyyy

    CS phd program application

    (1)Third year CS major in a US university(on the boundary of top 20...), will apply for PhD during my senior year (2)Took GRE once during my second year, and got 160 on reading, 168 on math, and 3.5 on writing (2)Expected GPA during application:3.75/4(our school doesn’t have grade inflation) (3)Since I’m interested in theoretical CS, I’ve taken a lot more upper division math classes than required, and a few CS grad classes related to my area of interest(got As in all of them) (4)One year of research experience(no publications yet), 1 internship experience (5)Will get 1-2 strong recommendations from big names in my interested field (6)Haven’t even thought about the SOP yet. Any suggestion on how to start is welcomed! Honestly what do you think is my possibility of getting into my top tier schools(e.g. Stanford, MIT, CMU, Berkeley) and lower tier schools(e.g. UWash, Umich, Cornell...)
  5. ArtGur

    CMU P&AL Program

    Not sure whether this is a sound question for the forum, but nevertheless: I am currently a junior at BU studying Math&Philosophy and since last year has been vehemently trying to do my best to prepare in any way to apply for the Pure and Applied Logic program at CMU. The problem is, even with e-mailing some of the students and faculty, a lot of the people don't have specific recommendations. If anybody is familiar with the program: what kind of training do they usually require from the applicants to get in? Would extremely appreciate advise from whomever applied there right from BA, since I do not think I can bear the financial burden.
  6. Hi Guys, I have got admission into the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program at Pittsburg for Spring 2019 even though I applied for Fall 2018. I had a few doubts about Spring Program in General. Would be great if you all could help me out. Are there any differences in the course offerings at CMU Pittsburgh for the Fall and the Spring Program. Could you please throw some light on this. Would also be great if there is a link to check all the course offerings for the Spring Semester at CMU. Would an admission in Spring play a detrimental role in the internship opportunities given that a Spring admit student would be beginning his course after 6 months in comparison to a Fall Student. Any differences in the final job offerings at the end of the MS Program for a Spring and Fall Admit Student. The program that I have been given admission to is Professional MS. A lot of people tell me that it is a normal MS with focus on coursework. Is this true ? I have got a Fall admission at SUNY Stony Brook in Computer Engineering. Is that better given that CMU is offering only Spring. How is CMU for specialisation in Networks, Security and IoT ? Please do let me know your answers on this. Thanks
  7. Hey everyone, I've recently got admits at CMU MCDS (systems track) and Georgia Tech MSCS. I want to do mostly systems courses, especially OS, and am not into ML/AI. I'm trying to keep both prospects of job/PhD open which makes it hard to decide - by this I mean at the moment I will be going down the job path (related to systems), but I do not want to completely cut off the possibility of a PhD, so if I get a chance to do some research that would help me in the future then it would be great. I do not want to decide purely based on brand name (CMU) or fees (GaTech) but I find myself falling back on these two criteria all the time. Hoping for a more holistic outlook from others. Could anyone provide their opinion as to which they would pick and why? TIA :
  8. I have gotten an admit for spring in CMU and for Fall in UCSD in electrical engineering department. i want to specialise in signal and image processing for biomedical applications. considering the fact i wouldn't be able to intern in cmu and its way costlier, can someone tell me which is a better school for research and job opportunities?
  9. Lockdown


    Hi all, I was recently accepted into Carnegie Mellon's Heinz school for their MSISPM degree, which I am really excited about. However, before I make any decisions I really would like to find out more about the direction this program will point me post education. Here are some questions that I feel will help to guide me. They are geared for students who have previously been admitted or are currently admitted. I'll add that I would like to sharpen my technical skills (pen testing / network security) because those are where I am lacking. My undergraduate degree is in computer security, but it is very policy/management oriented. Thanks! What other programs/schools did you look at? What made you pick this program over others? What’s the technical crossover available for Heinz students? (i.e. I know they have classes at the INI school that you can potentially take.) What job are you trying to get? What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on? How many hours a day for classes, home work, research?
  10. Shreyansh

    CMU ETIM vs Purdue MEM

    Hi everyone! I've been accepted to the Dual Master's Program in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering & Technology Innovation Management at CMU and the Master's in Engineering Management Program at Purdue. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. I'm a mechanical engineering undergrad with no work experience, and my short-term aim is to find a job in the industry after graduation. CMU Pros: (i) An MS in Mechanical Engineering means I have the option of choosing a core engineering sector job after graduation. The E&TIM MS would open up sectors like product management, technical consultancy, operations and supply chain management etc. for me. (ii) The brand name, plus the inherent emphasis on technology that comes with any program at CMU. (iii) Small batch size. Cons: (i) Expensive. Costs twice as much as Purdue. (ii) Has a 3-month internship component, compared to a 12 month long co-op program at Purdue. Since my primary aim is to work in the industry after graduation, I suppose a longer US-based work experience will give me an edge, in addition to better networking opportunities. (iii) The mechanical engineering department at CMU is not as good as that at Purdue. Purdue Pros: (i) Relatively cheaper. Which means I have the option to go back to my home country and pay back my education loans from there, in the worst case scenario where I don't like the US work culture at all (can't do this with CMU since the loan is much larger). (ii) As stated earlier, a 12-month long co-op internship gives me a better chance of securing employment after gradation. Plus there's an opportunity to convert that internship into a job. This co-op is the biggest plus in my opinion. (iii) Small batch size. Cons: (i) Most of the alumni here go into core engineering jobs initially, before moving on to engineering or product management profiles. This makes me doubtful as to how this degree is different from a traditional Mechanical Engineering MS degree. (ii) The school's overall reputation is a bit lower than CMU (?) Any ideas you guys might have on my dilemma?
  11. Is there any whatsapp group for students joining MS, CEE (civil and environmental engineering) carnegie mellon university in fall 2018??
  12. Hi, I have been admitted to CMU's MSPPM Pittsburgh track. I understand that it is a Masters in Science degree. However, I could not find any written material saying MSPPM is a STEM affiliated degree and the graduates are eligible for OPT extension. I absolutely love the program and everything it offers. But I really need to know if I will be eligible for the OPT extension post graduation. Can someone please clarify this? Thanks
  13. I am incredibly excited to have been offered admission at CMU and Univerisity of Michigan for both MS in Robotics. My education background is BS in ME at Umich. I am an international student holding an F1 visa. I have many research experience in control. In my graduate school, I would like to incline my research interest towards control by using machine learning/ artificial intelligence. This means I would like to have some transition from ME towards CS, and this is also one of the reasons why I applied for the Robotics program. After graduation, I don't know yet whether I want to continue for Ph.D. but I do know that I don't want a programming job. Some of my considerations (I do not care about the cost or funding issues): Ranking (in terms of robotics, especially in the field of control or AI) Location: Pittsburgh vs Ann Arbor - Which one has more job/internship opportunities? Especially for a foreign student. Research opportunity Quality of graduate school I would like to thank you for any comments.
  14. I am admitted to the master of data science program at Harvard and MIIS at CMU. I am trying to decide between the two programs. Harvard's brand name is really attractive, but I don't know if a master is considered an alumnus. And also CMU is number 1 in CS field. I went to Umich for undergraduate and I majored in computer science. My current career goal is to become an SDE or data scientist after graduating from grad school. But I didn't completely rule out the possibility of getting a Ph.D. I would really appreciate any advice!
  15. Hello, I have received an admit from ECE CMU and ECE Georgia Tech. My interest lies in computer architecture, FPGAs, digital design and hardware acceleration. I feel the course of CMU is better than Georgia Tech. But I am confused whether ECE CMU really worth spending extra 30K USD? At Georgia, I will have a better opportunity of getting an RA or TA. At CMU, program is professional masters while at Georgia I have an option to choose Thesis . I request you to please provide a better comparison of two programs from the perspective of my technical interests. Any help is appreciated.
  16. Hello, I have received an admit from ECE CMU and ECE Georgia Tech. My interest lies in computer architecture, FPGAs, digital design and hardware acceleration. I feel the course of CMU is better than Georgia Tech. But I am confused whether ECE CMU really worth spending extra 30K USD? At Georgia, I will have a better opportunity of getting an RA or TA. At CMU, program is professional masters while at Georgia I have an option to choose Thesis . I request you to please provide a better comparison of two programs from the perspective of my technical interests. Any help is appreciated.
  17. Aradhana94

    Should I wait?

    Hi! I received an admit from CMU for Masters in Environmental Engineering in early Feb (with ~50% funding for the first year) and have been pondering over it since. I've been waiting for the other important decisions i.e. UIUC and Georgia Tech, but I've pretty much zeroed in on CMU coz of the courses. However, common consensus states I should take UIUC without a doubt if I get it as its awesome. As an international, an early decision will help me start the VISA process sooner. Should I wait for the supposedly better schools or go for the one that seems like the best fit? I could really do with some opinions. Any other useful information about CMU is also welcome! Thanks!
  18. TyrannosaurusFlex92

    MPH or MPP for Health Policy?

    Basically the title. I want to work in health policy, I think in government, and I'm just wondering which will give me the best place to start a career from. I got into the MPH program at George Washington in DC, and the MPP program at CMU with 50% tuition (technically the master of science of healthcare policy and management). is there going to be a career difference between the two? I would imagine an MPH gives you more lateral movement within public health, and the MPP gives you the same in the policy sphere.
  19. Voidaaa

    What do you think of CMU CEE?

    Rarely anybody was rejected by CMU's CEE Master program, but CMU ranks among the TOP 10 in Civil Engineering! Why?
  20. alicehzheng


    Hey guys, I got accepted by the Master in Intelligent Information System (MIIS) and Master in Computational Data Science (MCDS) programs in Carnegie Mellon University. Both programs are industry-oriented and are provided by the Language Technology Institute. As far as I'm concerned, the main difference is that MIIS is more focused on applying Machine Learning to Natural Language Processing as well as Text Mining while MCDS focuses more on Machine Learning itself as well as Data Science. Personally, I'm interested in all the fields mentioned above so it doesn't matter which one I choose. However, a balance between study and social life means a lot to me. Please let me know which one (if any) has a chill environment and is less competitive. Thanks
  21. GRAD2018

    CMU or Harvard?

    Here are my top choices so far: Harvard: -MDes (Technology) Carnegie Mellon University: -MDes -MS in Computational Design (partial scholarship) -MHCI Going to Harvard and taking classes at MIT (especially the Media Lab) would be a dream. I just cannot figure out where Harvard MDes will take me professionally. CMU is very transparent about the graduates' career statistics. CMU students seem to be doing well professionally and financially. Does anyone know how well Harvard MDes grads transition to industry? Also, one of my goals is to learn as much CS as possible during grad school. Also admitted to: Columbia University: MArch Rice University: MArch (full ride) TU Delft: Design for Interaction Georgia Tech: Master of Science in Architecture (Digital Design and Fabrication)
  22. I got accepted into a couple Computer Science MS schools and I've narrowed it down to: Stanford's MS CS program and CMU INI MSIS program. I got a full tuition scholarship and an RA stipend at CMU. I've also heard that Stanford has TA/RA positions available to students. I am interested in doing industry related research in the computer security and ML field. I am currently doing my undergrad at UC Berkeley EECS and I feel like Stanford might be a good fit for me just because other Masters students at Stanford may have a similar educational background. Stanford would also give me the flexibility to take whatever CS classes I would like and I am not restricted to computer security. I've heard that the CMU INI program has mostly international students. Anyone have experiences at either of these programs? Anyone have advice on which program to choose or how to choose? Thanks!
  23. Hi, Can someone please tell me how is the MS in Information Security program at CMU INI is? Along with Information Security, Will I be able to pursue my interests in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence related fields? Also, how are the placements for this program? Would I be able to look for developer profiles along with security profiles? How are the opportunities for TA/RA positions? When and how should I apply for the same? Also, is there anyone here who is currently pursuing the course? Thanks.
  24. I have been admitted to CMU Robotics Institute's MSR program and UWashington's CSE PhD program. My area of interest is robotics (in conjunction with NLP + vision + machine learning). And I aspire to pursue a PhD. UW gave me a fellowship, whereas CMU's masters program is unfunded (at least for the first semester). My potential advisor at UW is a top professor in the field and our research interests are well aligned. It seems like UW is the obvious choice. But CMU is the place for robotics. Is it stupid to consider the "Top 4 vs. Non Top 4 schools" factor? I could take the risky path CMU MSR -> reapply for PhD, but I am not sure that's worth it.
  25. confusedApplicant

    CMU-Pitt CompBio vs UofToronto CS

    Hi, I'm debating whether I should go into CMU-Pitt CompBio PhD program or UofToronto CS for Masters, with conditional offer for PhD after completion of Masters. In short, I'm currently in UofT, working with my possibly future advisor if I were to stay. I really like my lab and my advisor, but I do feel that the UofT CS courses are not as instructive/organized/structured as CMU-Pitt ones, esp in ML and computational genomics. In point-form: UofToronto CS: pros: - like the lab/research advisor a lot - current grad students in the lab are very helpful and friendly - I'm already a UofT student - my family and friends are here cons: - courses are not as helpful and students are not as guided - may take longer to complete a PhD - not as much emails about internship/work postings in comp bio CMU-Pitt CompBio: pros: - the directors of the program seem to care a lot about the student - students seem closer to each other since they all have to take the same courses in 1st year - courses seem very structured and can give comprehensive view of the field - they also have courses on writing a journal, etc, so I would say they guide the students a lot - students get email about intern/work postings all the time cons: - I don't know what it's like working with the possible advisors/the culture of the labs. There are rotations though - away from family and friends -> this might be good thing due to less distractions Any advice is appreciated!

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