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Found 4 results

  1. I am planning to do my masters in speech language pathology in the US. I want to know which college is the best. I am from India, So i would also prefer colleges where there are Indians.
  2. Hello I'm planning to apply for Ph.D. in Machine Learning(Fall 2018). I've been researching a lot about various colleges where I would want to apply. I have made a list of places according to the area of my interest and the research that's currently going on. I would be really grateful if you can help me in selecting from the lot on the basis of the value of the place and the availability of funding. These are the two most important filters I want to apply on my list. A number of 10-15 universities would be helpful. PS: I understand that selection of a college is based on other individualistic parameters as well, which I will use. But, please provide your valuable insights based on the two points mentioned above. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- University of Bristol TU Dortmund U Penn University of Maryland Arizona State University TU Darmstadt Cambridge Purdue Columbia University FU Berlin Georgia Tech Aalto University John Hopkins HU Berlin Brown University of Waterloo Cornell University University Wuerzburg University of Wisconsin-Madison University of British Columbia University of Toronto University of Bonn University of Montreal University of Amsterdam University of Alberta University of Stuttgart University college of London University of Surrey UT Austin University of Munich University of Michigan University of Southhampton Saarland University University of Waikato Universiy of Washington Unversity of Nottingham Technical University of Munich UC Berkely University of Illinoi University of Exeter University of Helsinki ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Hello, all, Forgive me for the likely numerous crimes against etiquette I'm committing—I'm new here!—but I thought you folks seemed awfully keen and was hopeful you may lend me some advice. I've been trying to decide on a PhD program which may be the right fit for me. But it's hard deciding. I've been given advice that the toppiest of top programs is where it's at and anything else is an utter waste of time; I've also been told to find my "fit." Because my degree was in the humanities, because I have little time to prepare for the GRE(s), and because I don't have a strong second language, I feel I am going to have trouble getting accepted in any of the top universities. What I do have is an MFA, a few publications (poetry), in-field job experience (bookstores and editing), and a whole lotta ambition. I want to get the absolute most out of a PhD program and continue towards becoming one of those uber-generalists like Joseph Campbell or Ezra Pound who didn't do things traditionally but had some success and learned oodles and oodles on the way. And I want to go through a PhD program with the mindset of learning as much as I can and improving my writing craft, publishing connections, and knowledge. So, I'm at your mercy: how do I decide where will be the "right fit" for me? And as I describe my aims, do any universities you know of leap to mind? Should I focus on Literature or should I focus entirely on a creative writing PhD? Is it alright to choose a college which may not be so highly ranked, but would offer the student chances to diversify their study widely and pursue their own vision?—and if so, which colleges are these? I have found it difficult to tell on my jaunts through website after website. Thank you for any and all help with my endless questions. I really appreciate it.
  4. Hello, I am international applicant for business PhD in US. I am aware that applications need to be made in three categories optimistic, medium and safe. I am finding difficulty in identifying colleges as medium and safe. Can someone suggest from where I could get information on this. I am applying for PhD in operations management.
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