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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm trying to decide between Berkeley GSPP's MPP and Columbia SIPA's MPA for the fall. I would appreciate any insight. I'm only 1 year out of undergrad but I have relevant internship and work experience, and I'm interested in social policy, inequality, and racial justice. After grad school, I might want to be a researcher/policy analyst or a writer/communications professional at a nonprofit or think tank. I'm also interested in media and policy writing. I'm from DC and would be happy to come back here after grad, but I'm open to different locations. Berkeley pros: - faculty is very relevant to my policy interests, smaller cohort size, students seem more public service-oriented, seems like a better sense of community, possibly a higher quality education (??) Berkeley cons: - rigid first year curriculum, unsure if I want to be in California after grad, fewer exciting on-campus events Columbia pros: - ability to take lots of electives, the tech/media/communications specialization looks cool and relevant to my interests in media, lots of interesting on campus events with relevant speakers, NYC has many places I would want to intern for, ivy league reputation that people beyond just the policy world understand Columbia cons: - international affairs focus, larger cohort size, rumors of a "transactional" reputation I've leaned toward both schools at different times. Thoughts? I've made a post like this before in a different thread (and got some great and helpful responses!) but I'm still desperate so here we are. Feel free to reply with similar dilemmas, as your decision making process might help me with my own. I also know that MPP and MPA are slightly different degrees, but I'm not super concerned since I believe either will take me where I want to go. But any insight on that aspect is appreciated too.
  2. Hi, I will be starting 2nd year of MPA at Columbia SIPA. I'm an international student. Though I have a partial scholarship from SIPA and taken a loan for my studies, the living and course have been so expensive that I'll run out of money to finance my last semester. I have already reached out to Prodigy Finance and MPOWER for additional loan, but they have declined my application. Since I'm an international student and have no one in the US who could be a cosigner for US bank loan, that is not an option. Plus, my family can't support my studies since it's not affordable. Are there any other options I could look at? Urgent help needed here, please. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone. With the April 15th deadline approaching, I am quite confused about which Master's in Public Policy program to attend. I have been accepted to the following schools: Columbia SIPA (MPA) Chicago Harris Duke Sanford Michigan Ford Of these, Duke and Michigan have given me comparable funding that makes their total cost about $75k for two years (including living). Meanwhile Chicago and Columbia will cost me $130k and $160k respectively. Please give me advice on whether its worth paying full for Chicago/Columbia or not and why. If not, then which one of Duke/Michigan is better? I am broadly interested in socioeconomic development with an international focus, and am interested in research type jobs (think tanks, World Bank etc.). I chose to do a Master's because I first wanted to figure out whether I really wanted to do a PhD or not, so I would like to keep that option as well. Thanks for your help!
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