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Found 19 results

  1. Hi! I am new to this site and just created an account, so apologies if I am doing this wrong or posting in the wrong area! I am a rising senior and I am pretty certain that I want to do a masters program in PR and corporate communications wanted to ask if anyone with experience in or knowledge of these programs would be willing to share some insight into your graduate school admissions process. I am looking to apply for the Fall 2018 or Fall 2019 start dates and would love to go to NYU, but am still discovering all of the other top programs (any recommendations or insights into programs would be much appreciated, too!). I'm at the very beginning of the admissions process--I haven't begun preparing for the GRE or anything yet and am still trying to figure out the lay of the land for these programs--and I wanted to know if there was any advice you would pass down to someone in my position. -Did you use a test prep service for the GRE? -What was your GRE score and how important was the GRE in your admissions? -Were there any other forums or websites you found valuable as resources when you were doing the applications? Just trying to figure out how to get started. Any help or insight you can give me is appreciated!
  2. Hello, My question is for anyone who has been accepted to media related PhD programs. I'm looking to apply for Communications/media studies programs and wanted to know for those who have been accepted to these programs what type of background did you have: - what was your GRE score? - past college GPA's - did you have any publication experience? - did you have and related work experience in the field of communications/media studies/film? - what school were you accepted to and what did they offer full funding?
  3. I'm currently applying for Phd programs in media studies. I noticed on some applications they ask for a writing sample, however I don't actually have any current research articles to submit. I did complete a Master program, where I did a short documentary as my research thesis vs a full length thesis paper. So my question is what should I do to complete the writing sample portion of my application? Also are there any tips anyone has for ways that I can make a strong application. I currently have a BA in TV Production, an MS in Journalism and several years of media and teaching experience in tv production, however I am geared towards completing a Phd now in media studies which deals directly with film this time around so I can broaden my background in media as a whole.
  4. Hey all, I answer back quickly to emails that are simpler/easier to answer to, and more slowly on emails that require more thoughts. I suppose it is pretty normal to do so. However, I really want to be someone who have higher rate of answering right away to email as soon as I read them, even if it is just something along the line of "Thank you for your email, I need to give it some thoughts but I'll get back to you as soon as I can, ” to be more ”professional” as a graduate student from upcoming Fall. Do you guys have any tips or comments on how to establish such a habit? Is it an unnecessary worry of one neurotic person? Did anyone of you struggle with the same problem? Thanks.
  5. Anyone starting applications/starting to look at applications for the season? I figured I would start a thread here. I'm planning on applying to Rhetoric programs (some in English departments and some in Comm departments). Tentative list: Comm Departments: UNC, Northwestern, Michigan State (WRAC), Georgia, Texas (Austin), South Carolina and Wake Forest. English Dept: Michigan, Ohio State, Miami of OH, UCDavis.
  6. Hello everyone. Hope this get answered. I was accepted to both UC Davis and the university of Washington for an M.S. in electrical engineering. I am an international student, and till now I didn't receive any words regarding funding. I am interested in communication and signal processing fields, mainly wireless communications' structure. At first, I was leaning towards the university of Washington, but reading more about each university's research and labs made me hesitant. From what I read, UW communication research field is not as robust as UC Davis, and by that I mean UC Davis department focus matches more with my own. UW EE department seems more focused on robotics, data acquisition and analysis, and electrical properties of materials. Apart from the research and academic aspects, both Seattle and Davis have their distinct appeals. Seattle, I think, has the perfect city vibe and strong companies presence. Davis on the other hand sounds like a great safe college town. Again, I am an international student, so sadly I cant visit campuses and compare departments, surroundings, supervisors, etc. Can someone please help me decide which program to attend? I would greatly appreciate if someone could double check the department research focuses I mentioned above for UW and UC Davis. Which one would you choose as an international masters' EE student, with focus on communications? Thank you all and good luck with your applications.
  7. I'm wondering if you kind people have found any good resources for understanding the professional life of Communications scholars. Job market reports are fine, but I'm also looking for more qualitative accounts of what being a Communications professor is like. For instance, what is the culture around publications and conference attendance? I'm especially interested in the impressions of people who have completed/are completing an MA, or are going through their PhD programs right now. There's a lot of ambiguity in this field, which makes this a harder task than say, Sociology, where a plethora of such resources exist. I'm particularly interested in Rhetoric and Media Studies subfields, as opposed to say, communication sciences or journalism. So, your thoughts on these fields are especially appreciated
  8. Has anyone applied to Ryerson's masters of professional communications program? If so does anyone know what type of references they are expecting? Are they expecting references from a tenured prof or a professional that has taught your courses or a contract worker? Thanks!
  9. Hi, Anyone past or present get accepted into both programs? What was your decision? What factored into your decision? Thanks in advance!
  10. Some individuals heard a decision by Ryerson for the same program i applied to today. However I did not hear from them at all , no email nothing. Is this a bad sign? getting very worried...
  11. Hi, I'm in the process of trying to figure out which MA programme I should apply to. I'm 22 years old and Danish with my undergrad in Media Studies from an unknown Danish university (but with an exchange semester in Australia, international work experience in an IFI and a good GPA). I'm aiming for an international career within the media business or communications. As far as I can tell, a journalism qualification is super sought after within these sectors. However, I'd also like to supplement my Media Studies background with some political, legal and economic knowledge to make me more employable in either international journalism or an international organization's communications department - I'm thinking International Relations would be perfect for that. That's why I'm looking for a 2-year MA in International Relations combined with media/communications/journalism in some regard. I'm applying for the Sciences Po double degree in IR and Journalism, but I can't find a lot of other universities that do double degrees like that. There are some in Australia, but that's a bit far for me to move, and American universities are far too expensive for me. Do you know of any degrees like that in either Europe, Canada or Asia? Or can you tell me whether it's a good idea to even combine these two fields?
  12. Hello everyone, As this particular session of the forum seems a little outdated, I wanted to find out if anyone has applied to MA in Communications/media studies in the UK starting fall 2016. I have applied to less than 10 schools in UK earlier this year and 2 out of those (City University of London & Goldsmiths, University of London) offered me a place in digital journalism and political communications, respectively. I have decided to make my way to Goldsmiths this fall and am quite excited as many people raved about the artistic atmosphere at golds. Besides my passion in IPEC/International Relations, I also like anything related to arts - photography, graphic design, film, & fashion and Goldsmiths seems like the perfect place for me personally. If you have applied to similar programmes in the UK, please share with me of your progress and decisions. Best Luck!
  13. Hi guys, Just wanted to know what everyone's opinion is on journalism schools in London, England. I got offers from two different communication/journalism programmes (master's) - City University of London and Goldsmiths - both are good schools in terms of reputation, living environment, location, etc. City's known for high employment rate at major media outlets - bbc, guardian, independent, etc. However I'm from Canada and am not sure how likely I can get a job or even internship with any of the above. Their programme is very practical and skill oriented. On the other hand, Goldsmiths' programme is more theory-based but it is utterly interesting - it's something I always wanted to study for. However I am really not sure what I can do with a degree from their programme. Any advice on this tough decision? I know it is myself that have the final say on this but I still like to hear about different take on this. Thanks!
  14. I am sure some of you are waiting on NYU's MCC MA program -- so let's wait together! I am REALLY into this program and would love to know they are just that into me too...
  15. Hi I am a long-time reader to grad-cafe, but a relatively new poster. I was hoping to get some advice on graduate studies in journalism and communications. I received an offer from UBC's journalism school with an entrance scholarship of 6,000, no word on further funding or assistantships yet. However, they want me to confirm by next Wednesday (March 14th)!!! I have asked for an extension but they have said it is not possible. If I do not accept by this date I will be moved to the top of the wait list and lose my guaranteed acceptance. However, they will earmark the funding until I officially reject. The issue is I am also interested in Ryerson's journalism program, but I know that first rounds have gone out and I have not been chosen. I really wanted to stay close to home since I live in Ontario and it would be much cheaper than living in British Columbia which is a five hour flight away. I am torn about what to do: accept UBC, or take my wait list chances and wait for Ryerson's answer? I have also been accepted to Westerns program but without funding, so I will turn it down I think. And I have been accepted to Ryerson/Yorks Communication and Culture program which is also a great opportunity, and I guess was a sort of backup to J-school as a way to stay in Toronto if I didn't get in... So my options are: Accept UBC and then maybe be very disappointed if it turns out I get accepted to Ryerson. or turn down UBC and potentially just accept the communications masters in the end if I don't get into Ryerson and cannot get off UBC's wait list. I am just looking for some advice since I have been banging my head on the table trying to figure it all out. Thanks
  16. Hey Has anybody heard back from Syracuse Newhouse School about Masters program decisions. I've already been accepted to two other schools and have a scholarship interview on Wednesday. I know the official response date is March 15 but the Maxwell school has already sent out many decisions... Has anybody heard anything?
  17. Hi everyone, I am in the process of applying to graduate programs. I have narrowed my choices down to the following: Master of Media Studies - Concordia University Master of Immigration and Settlement Studies - Ryerson University Master of Communication and Culture - Ryerson and York Universities (joint program) Master of Industrial Relations - Queen's University Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resources - University of Toronto My question is does it look bad to referees when you are applying to programs that are quite different from each other? I do have a genuine interest in all of these programs but I am not sure whether the variety would be perceived negatively. As long as I could explain my interest in each of the programs, do you think that that would suffice? Thank you in advance for any tips/advice.
  18. I was just wondering does anyone have any information on Boston University, Syracuse, and Emerson? I'm looking to apply to a masters program in television/radio production for fall 2012 and from doing a bit of research I found that these three Universities have such programs. If anyone could give me a bit of general information on these Universities (info that perhaps their admissions office wouldn't provide e.g how difficult/competitive is it to get in, are the programs worthwhile, student life etc) I would hugely appreciate it. I'm from europe so I don't know too much about these U.S universities or their programs so any info would be great thanks.
  19. So I'm trying to receive advice from all possible sources, consider my options, and then take the best long-term path. I didn't do well in undergrad (extreme depression, lack of ambition, no clear goals; all excuses, sure). My overall GPA was 2.51; last 60 credits was 2.82; and my major GPA (English literature) was 3.2. It wasn't until a year after graduating that I even began to think about graduate school (from the help and push of a friend who wanted me to do better for myself), and I realized that I have a great deal of interest in media studies/communications (specifically media ecology and the internet and society). I did all right on the GRE (verbal: 650; math: 670; writing: 4.5), but nothing great, which would be all right if my GPA was 3.5, for instance. I'm going to apply this year, but I'm almost certain that I have no chance of getting accepted into a decent masters program. Ohio State University and Purdue are my two top choices (in terms of schools that wouldn't straight up laugh at my application, like NYU), but OSU's graduate school won't admit anyone with a GPA lower than 3.0. Other schools of interest are Oregon, Indiana, University of Washington, and University of Minnesota. At the same time, I've started thinking about selecting "safe" programs, schools like University of Denver, Southern Methodist University, San Francisco State University, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (which probably isn't a "safe" school for me, if any of them are). So I'm wondering if people can offer any advice for a person in my situation. I've taken the last couple of years to really work on my mental health and get my life in much better order. And despite all the rigor and stress of a masters program (and eventually a PhD program), I very much want to pursue this educational endeavor. It's been suggested that I apply to a desired school (like Purdue) as a non-degree seeking post-baccalaureate student, but that is difficult because I'd need a full-time job to support myself and to take out additional loans; but that could be the only way. I've considered these safe schools either in order to get a masters from them, or to do a year there (and do extremely well) and apply for a transfer to a desired school (even if it puts me behind on receiving a masters). Any and all (even harsh) input is appreciated. I'm just looking for guidance. Thank you.
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