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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! Hope everyone is having a great Friday. I finished a draft of my personal statement for one of the schools I'm applying to. Would anyone like to read it and give me some feedback/constructive criticism? Thanks in advance 😁
  2. Hello! I was invited to the SFSU interview on this coming Monday and I'm nervous as to how to prepare for it. Does anyone have any experience they would be willing to share regarding how the interview is run or the content that will be asked? Will they be asking more skills related items (stuff you learned previously in class), scenario based (not necessarily skills related) or more about the program itself (why do you think you would be a good fit, why this program/school etc...)? All information is appreciated and thank you in advance!
  3. HI everyone, I sent one of my professors a copy of my letter of intent. She emailed me back and told me to include all of my experienced summarized in it. I used an approach where I picked some of my experiences from undergrad (student leadership, volunteering) and working as an aide in a special education day class. I wrote about those experiences, what I learned, and how it would help me succeed in graduate school and as an SLP. I did this because I've read to not summarize your resume in a letter. I'm sort of confused now. My resume/all of my experience is roughly 3 pages long by the way. I can send my letter of intent in a private message if anyone wants to and give me some feedback. Thank you
  4. Hi everyone! So, I'm aiming to apply for grad school this fall in hopes of starting a master's program in Fall 2019. I want to begin brainstorming ideas for my letter of intent/statement of purpose. I currently work as an instructional aide in a day class at a school. The students I work with have emotional/behavioral disturbances (EBD). I know at least one student in my class has speech every week. I've also worked with students with Autism at a high school on occasion. Here is my question: Will I be able to connect my experiences as an aide to EBD students with speech-language pathology? Is my experience as an aide relevant to the field? I'm beginning to look for articles from ASHA that discuss communicative disorders in children and teenagers with EBD. I hope that doing research will help me connect my current work experience with speech. I want to show an admissions committee that I can relate my work/job duties as an aide to speech. I would love some advice/wisdom/thoughts; all of that good stuff! Thank you
  5. Hello everyone, Idk if a thread has been made for this particular question. I have a Bachelor's in SLP and a Master's in Health Service Administration. I am hoping to get into a grad program. I am applying to six schools. I have finished 3 applications. I have retaken the GRE, 285 and 4.0 in writing. has anyone ever or know anyone who has been accepted in to a slp program with a master's in a different field. I graduated grad school early with a 3.6 and on the dean's list. Although my undergrad gpa was not that good. I know can excel in a SLP program. i have heard back from one school and I didn't get in. I am still hopeful.. I hope to hear from you all soon, good vibes only
  6. Hi all, i am super excited and nervous about my CSULB grad school interview next week! I'd like to prepare but not sure how? What kind of questions are asked? This is a group interview with a panel made up of two faculty members as well as fellow applicants
  7. So it's April and it's time to get down to business. I've gotten over the grueling process of getting in, but now I'm having a hard time choosing a program between CSULA, CSUF and CSULB. I'm more interested in the more medical/neurology aspect of speech and I eventually want to complete my Ph.D. WHERE where, oh where??
  8. Hi! I haven't heard anything from admissions from CSU East Bay, CSU Fullerton, CSU LA, or San Jose State University. Has anyone heard anything from any these schools about being admitted to their Master's Program in the field of Communicative Disorders? Thanks!
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