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Found 3 results

  1. Does anyone have experience commuting to campus while in grad school? Right now, I am considering settling in a town (Ocala, FL) about 95 minutes or so away from the campus where I will attend classes (USF). This is partially because I would prefer to live with my SO (and thereby not live alone or with strangers). It also makes rent considerably cheaper as compared to attempting to settle in a large college town (Tampa, FL). The drive is about 90 miles, all highway. I'd plan on putting the money I save in rent towards gas and regular maintenance on the car to keep it in good working order. What are some concerns I should be taking into account that I may not have in mind right now? I don't really mind driving or commutes, but maybe I am not anticipating how I will feel after a year of doing this. I'm also worried that, if my car breaks down for some unforeseen reason, I will be in some hot water that I might otherwise avoid. On the other hand, it may be a good opportunity for me to develop the kind of adult discipline that comes with having a less flexible schedule; I think I could use that. While I haven't completely settled on attending USF, I'd like to try and hammer this out before I do.
  2. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has had experience commuting throughout graduate studies. My top school is an hour away and a pretty easy drive, and although I have driven that far for work in the past, I just wonder if this is a realistic plan for graduate school. My top schools are full-time and on-campus for the first three semesters, and then I can opt to do my externship semesters closer to where I live. I would appreciate any insight/tips on doing this. I am buying a house this month and definitely could not afford to pay rent on top of that! Is anyone else going to have to commute throughout graduate studies? I can't be the only one...
  3. I just applied to two grad schools (masters programs), and am now moving about 15 min drive away to be closer to the school of my choice. It feels like a bit of a rash decision, since I haven't actually been accepted yet, but the apartment I'm moving to is bigger, prettier, and a little cheaper. When I was deciding whether or not to move, I asked friends about their commute time/routine, to establish if what I was signing on for was reasonable as an everyday commute. I got a lot of really interesting responses, and it made me want to learn more about everyone's commute routine. How they travel, how they spend their time waiting if they're taking public transit, how they deal with bad weather if they walk or bike. I'd love to hear more about everyone's commute (or future commute, if you're still in transition). Mine is going to be an 11 minute walk to my bus stop through a nice neighborhood, but some of it will be uphill unfortunately. I don't currently bike, but I'm considering starting since it might cut down the time a little (although maybe not, since there's hills). Once I get to my bus stop, I'll have about a 13 min ride to my stop on campus. Once there, I think the main building I'll be in will be about 4 min walk away. The only thing I worry about is the walk through the neighborhood after dark. It's a nice neighborhood, but the section with my apartment complex is not so nice, and the lighting right at my complex isn't great. :S That's what I most worry about. This is all depending on what program I get into (if any). But this is my ideal future situation assuming I get into my first choice... What's yours?
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