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Found 4 results

  1. Hey this is my first post after wandering in this forum so far.... I am really stuck as to which program I should go. Definitely UW and JHU are big names, but I do not wanna just blindly head to the fame. Here are some of my thoughts: my plan is to go to industry after graduation: hear that UW tend to send grad to academia, and Duke looks to be very applied biostatistics... I dislike the rainy climate in Seattle..... I really love CA weather, and I hear North Carolina is pretty much similar; while safety around JHU also another concern.... I know genetics is promising but I have absolutely no bio background, maybe it is hard to pick up genetics I guess... I tend to choose between clinical trial and neuroimaging statistics, but maybe can explore more choices; Duke is pretty new, not much discussion found. but I am impressed by their effort put on student development through interviews and communication.... wonder if it is really a decent program and worth to go? Davis Stat seems to be bit lower in rank, but there are also great faculties like Jane and Jie. Wonder if this is a good choice compared to others.... I would really appreciate it for any advise!!
  2. Hi, If getting a job in companies like IBM,microsoft, amazon (basically tech) is the end goal of studying a program, which program is better? Thanks!
  3. USC v. UCLA MPP Programs?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently applying to graduate schools and would like to apply to either USC or UCLA but not both for their public policy programs. I figure there are a decent number of people in my position either pre-application or post-application. I plan on reaching out to friends and friends of friends for both schools but wanted to hear from any users who are current students or alumnus of both schools. Advice from students who were accepted to both but opted for one would be really helpful for choosing between the two! I'm especially interested in International Policy and Social Policy As a non-US citizen I'm disqualified from working for the federal government but would love to work in city government, think tank, or policy analysis/consulting at a private company that isn't too commercial (hope that makes sense). I did my due diligence and searched the archives. Some people expressed concern that UCLA's career services office was weak 6 years ago but haven't found much other info comparing the two. Knowing if there's a significant difference in acceptance rate would be helpful also.
  4. I got this Quantitative Comparison question on my GRE test: Compare: A: n!/(n/2)! B: 2*(n/2)! where n is an even positive integer(n>=2) Options: A: A is greater B: B is greater C: Both are equal D: Can't be determined with the information provided Please tell me how I should proceed. I got this in my last section(My 2nd Quant section). I marked it as A but I'm not sure about it.