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Found 8 results

  1. I am looking to apply for English PhD programs in the New England area (or around there) which are fully funded with professors studying 19th century British literature and feminist/gender theory. However, I am worried about my chances of getting into a fully funded program because I didn't go to a prestigious undergrad or master's program. What kind of students apply to these programs? Does someone with this kind of background even stand a chance? University of Arizona BA in Creative Writing & Anthropology (Double Major) - 3.74 University of Southern Maine Stonecoast Creative Writing MFA - Pass (out of pass/fail) 4 academic paper presentations at conferences Study abroad for 6 months Work abroad (TEFL) for 6 months Master's academic work focuses on studying fairy tales and modern fantasy literature PhD prospective project to focus on the representation of women in 19th century fantastical literature Writing sample in relation is from a paper presented at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts and WorldCon Science Fiction Convention From what I've seen about the job market, you have to attend a prestigious university to have career prospects as a professor. I want to be a tenured professor studying and teaching and writing in this field more than anything in the world. Would just like to know whether that is a longshot.
  2. Hi everyone! So, I am currently an undergrad in NJ at Rutgers, who notoriously does not have a CSD major. I am a psych major and have a minor in linguistics. My current GPA is 3.866 and I have a 4.00 GPA in my CSD coursework. My experience so far includes: 1 yr research for a school psychologist; research involved creating a virtual simulation program for early career teachers in urban areas and required me to observe classrooms, 6 hours of shadowing at an early intervention and hospital setting (going to get the full 25 before applying), volunteering at the Adler Aphasia Center & a rehabilitation center and a fieldwork course with children with autism. I have yet to take the GRE but am aiming for about a 152, 152 & a 4. Currently also have 1 LOR but will get rest from 2 more from CSD professors. I wanted to know if you all found me to be competitive and had any advice on how to make myself a better applicant since I am an out of field applicant. Any comments/tips will help!
  3. Hello! I come from a small, public university. My major is applied chemistry- I'm not required to take calculus I or II (but I took cal I anyway), calculus-based physics, or two semesters of physical chemistry (I only have to take concepts). I have a 3.93 GPA and one semester of research; I'm aiming to do an internship this summer and I'm going to take the GRE later (but it isn't required for my no. 1 school). How competitive am I, in your opinion, against those who have taken both calculus classes, calculus-based physics, and two semesters of physical chemistry?
  4. Perhaps we could share programs we know are less competitive? Admission info for my cohort (University of Central Florida , spring 2018) just released, and 26/89 applicants were admitted -- that's a good 30% admittance rate, compared to the usual 12% of fall admission programs! For those of you in Florida, UCF is a good safety school for spring & summer admission -- fall receives 300+ applicants because, I suppose, people don't know about the other admissions cycles? Anywho, share knowledge on less competitive programs!
  5. Hi! I'm going to be a senior undergrad and was wondering how competitive of an applicant I am to get into a (behavioral) Neuroscience PhD program. I was also wondering what I should do to improve my application. Some stats: Major: Dual- Psychology (honors) and Neuroscience Minor: Fine Arts Overall GPA: 3.6 (will rise to about 3.65 by graduation) In-Majors GPA: 3.75 Research: 3.5 years Grants: URA (undergraduate research award) GRE (not taken yet...assuming I score average) Extra Curricular Activities: Biology Tutor (1 semester), Resident Assistant (RA) (1 year) Presented at a URC (undergraduate research conference) Will also have a Senior Honors Thesis in which I will have conducted my own experiment I would really appreciate constructive criticism; anything to improve my application will help!
  6. Hi, A brief overview of my application: GRE: V164, Q159. GPA: 3.9 (highest distinction). Research: I conducted an independent summer research study as a fellow of an undergrad research program. I'm hoping to publish my results by the time applications roll around. I also have experience working as an assistant one of my professors projects. Additional stuff: I'm graduating in three years with an Interdisciplinary Studies major and a German minor. I've taken two grad-level courses and received an A and an A+. My letters of rec should be very good. I've taken grad seminars with two of the professors, both of which I've also conducted research for and have known for multiple years. The third recommendation is coming from a very famous professor who I'm taking an undergrad seminar with right now. Am a competitive for the sociology programs at Harvard, Berkeley, UChicago, Colombia, etc.? Thanks!!
  7. Hi, I have a V164 and a Q159. I'm looking to apply to top sociology phd programs (Harvard, Berkeley, Chicago, Colombia) - are these scores good enough? Thanks!!
  8. Yuki1973

    NYU Poly

    Hi All, I was recently accepted into the Chemical Engineering program at NYU Poly, and am trying to get a better sense of the quality of education and research opportunities that will be available to me if I choose to attend. I ask because I haven't found consistent and reliable statistics about the competitiveness of the program or the earning potential of graduates. What do current students, alumni, and people in STEM generally think about NYU? I'm getting the sense that NYU Poly is highly inflated; that it's overpriced when you compare its stats to other colleges, and I don't want to be duped into going to a fashionable school with questionable substance. Please let me know if you agree, disagree, or can provide links to any reliable stats. Thank you!
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