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Found 145 results

  1. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in giving some feedback on my purpose statement? I'll be applying for a Master's degree in Computer Science in a month or so. Please PM me (or reply here) and I'll reply back with a PDF link.
  2. Hi all, It has been quite the journey for me to post on this forum. I tried creating an account multiple times but got some type of error before successfully creating it using a gmail account. Anyway, I'm from a senior year undergraduate from Nanyang Tech in Singapore and I'm considering a PhD in the US (in machine learning). As the deadlines approach in a couple months, I can't help but wonder if I have chosen the right universities to apply to. Some background about me: 3.54/4.00 cGPA (approx.) I was on the accelerated program, completing a 4 years bachelor degree in 3.5 years Specialisation in intelligent systems and data science (machine learning, data science, intelligent agents, those sort) about 1 year ++ research experience in machine learning due to my senior thesis submitted a first author paper of said research to a conference recently (but let's not assume it'll get accepted) working on a short 2 month long research project with a prof in the US (via Skype and stuff - his alma mater includes Boston U and MIT, though I'm sure he's been out of academia for some time) Started my own business in my second year of college Have an internship with IBM on software developing, but could potentially work on some machine learning related stuff GREs: not yet taken, but I am confident of scoring well TOEFL: some universities may not require this from Singaporean students but I'm also confident of scoring well (since English is my native language) LORs: 2 strong/relatively strong letters plus 1 from a prof who asked me to draft the letter so he could sign (I guess its up to me to make it a somewhat strong letter) I don't think my GPA is great, but I was on the dean's list for my final year of studies. For what it's worth, some of my uni's undergraduate level courses are taken by masters students so maybe it is somewhat equivalent to a graduate level course in the US. These are the universities I have currently narrowed out (in order of preference): Columbia University NYU UCLA UPenn Boston U Stony Brook CUNY Graduate Center If anyone has any suggestions on which universities I should add or remove from the list or just anything in general, feel free to comment! Grad school admissions aren't exactly straightforward so I'm having a little trouble deciding on which universities I should apply to. Oh and I should mention, I was offered a PhD position in my current uni but it isn't exactly my first choice. --------------------------------------------- On another note, I am concerned that my nationality might be a problem, especially after Trump took office. I am originally from Malaysia, but immigrated to Singapore as a baby. I've had a permanent residency status in Singapore for my entire life, but never converted to a citizen so my nationality is Malaysian. As you may or may not know, Malaysia is a largely muslim country. I didn't think this was a problem until a bunch of my friends mentioned it. Will this pose as a problem for grad school applications?
  3. Profile Evaluation MS in CS

    Grad degree aim: MS in Computer science in USAMy GRE scoresVerbal: 157 Quant: 164AWA: 5.0Undergraduation: B.Tech in Computer Science at PESIT, BangaloreUG CGPA: 9.83 (Topper 9.91)Field of interest: Algorithms, Networking, Cloud securityInternships: 1) UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN Partitioned Linux Containers based on Principle of Least Privilege and Principle of Privilege Separation. Achieved size reduction of around 96% in nginx Docker image, 87% in python image and 60% in appcontainers/mediawiki 2) PES UNIVERSITY Predicted perpetrator of terrorist attack based on target type, weapon type. Executed C4.5 and Factor Analysis of Mixed Data algorithms to analyze accuracy and achieved highest accuracy rate of 85% consistently in Scalable Vector Machines 3) MICROSOFT MOBILE INNOVATION LAB Developed a statistical web-based model using R that displayed a Steam Graph to represent the rate of severity of diseases in rural areas of India • Obtained an accuracy of 87% consistently in the rate of prediction Conferences and presentations1) INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR ADVANCES IN COMPUTING, COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATICS Presented poster on “Terrorism Analytics: To predict the perpetrator of a terrorist attack” 2)GRACE HOPPER CELEBRATION OF WOMEN IN COMPUTING Presented poster on “Data Leakage detection using Cloud Computing” Achievements : • Recipient of Google Grace Hopper Scholarship for Women in Computing • Deloitte Cyber Threat Collegiate competition first runner-up • Microsoft Imagine Cup top 10 pitches • Smart India Hackathon Innovation Award • Rank 2 at ACM Intercollegiate Programming Competition 2015 Amritapuri Regionals Recommendations: 1 strong and 2 moderate.Please help me classify the following universities as safe, ambitious or moderate:1) University of Wisconsin Madison 2) University of Texas Austin3) University of Texas Arlington4) University of Southern California5) University of Massachusetts Amherst6) University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign7) University of California Los Angeles8) Purdue University9) Georgia Institute of Technology 10) Carnegie Mellon UniversityAny suggestions for universities are also welcome. Thanks a lot!!
  4. Applying for Masters in Computer Science Fall 2018 Profile: Education: IIT Bombay Computer Science B.Tech 2014 CPI: 7.1 TOEFL: 110 GRE: 316 (I am trying again for a better score) ( 149 VR + 163 Q + 4 AW) Research: A Btech project in compilers LOR: 1 from BTP guide (strong) 1 from college prof (decent) 1 from CTO (strong) Work ex: 1 year in Samsung Electronics, Noida as a software developer 1 year in Amazon Bangalore as a software developer Currently working for 1+ years as a senior developer in Rivigo, a startup in Gurgaon I will be applying for a generic masters program and hope to find a univ with strong research culture. Please suggest me some universities
  5. Has someone attended or knows someone who has opted for the MSEC degree at Duke. I wanted to know how good it is. Also is such a degree offered in other institutes. This combination is of interest to me since I am a BE(Hons) Computer Science and MSc(Hons) Economics graduate.
  6. Hello, I have been awarded the Fulbright Student Award (up to $35k for first year of Master's in the US) and at the end of the week I have to send the list of universities I prefer applying to. My problem is that I don't know how competitive I am and thus how high I should aim in selecting universities. Qualifications I have obtained a BS in Computer Science from one of (if not the) best universities in my country (Romania): University of Bucharest. I have about 1.5 of work experience as a Data Scientist (at Adobe Romania, then at Bitdefender). Unfortunately I have no pure research experience, let alone publications. My stats: GPA: 3.85 (converted from 9.6/10) undergrad GRE*: ~160Q, 167+V, 5.0A (estimated from latest practice tests) TOEFL: ~110 (estimated from latest practice tests) Personal Statement Study Objectives CV / Resume Letters of Recommendation: I can provide them if someone is really interested in reading them *I haven't taken the GRE yet because at the end, I should provide the list of schools I want to my scores sent to and that is precisely why I am here — I haven't settled on the schools yet. School Selection I want to pursue a research-oriented Master's of Science program in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Data Science. I do not have a requirement for a sub-field (NLP / CV / DM / IR). Interdisciplinary opportunities (HCI / Data Visualization / Social Computing) would be a great bonus. University preferences, in this order: CMU UW Stanford Cornell Georgia Tech These preferences are based almost exclusively on the high university rankings (taken mostly from here) and the presence of strong ML faculty. I do not want to fool myself into thinking I can get into even one of these top schools. I would be very grateful if I could get some advice / evaluation on where I stand, what my chances are and what is the approximate range of schools I am competitive for — what I should realistically aim for. Also any advice on what I am lacking / I can improve is greatly appreciated. Notes: because my application process will be partly handled by the Institute of International Education, I cannot customize my essays for each university. Also I am limited to five schools to send my application to. The scholarship is offered for pursuing a Master's Degree only. Thank you!
  7. I am looking for 1-2 school suggestions that might be possible for me to get into. My profile : B.Eng in Computer Systems Engineering - 2:2 i.e 3.0 GPA Worked 2 yrs as a trader so unrelated field but was fairly successful at the job. Msc in Computer Vision, Distinction Perfect(4.0)GPA GRE : - Q:162, V:157 : A: 4.5 Not very impressive overall I understand. I am looking for decent schools not aiming for the top ( although I am applying to two top schools just coz Ill kick myself if I didn't even try) My area of research interest is in Biometrics( Face/expressions) and Surveillance/Human behavior analysis. My Msc supervisor is impressed with my work and has been very active with providing me recommendations. Any suggestions guys?
  8. Objective: MS in Natural Language Processing related programs More Inclination towards Industry than a PhD GRE: 330 (170 quant + 160 verbal+ 4.5 AWA) TOEFL: 117 (R-29, L-30, S-28, W-30) GPA: 9.36/10.0 College: LNMIIT, Jaipur (Deemed University in India) Papers: 2 at CoNLL-2017 (Top-tier, view) {4th author out of 6} and ICON-2016 (National Level, view) {2nd author out of 2} [Both are in NLP] LORs: Yale Prof+Stanford PostDoc+LNMIIT Associate Prof Internships (all remote): Yale University (Resulting in CoNLL Paper), Nanyang Technological University (Resulting in ICON Paper), NCSR Demokritos and a startup More: Resume, LinkedIn, Github *Universities already finalized*- Stanford,CMU,Columbia,UPenn, UC Berkeley, UWashinton, USC *Only 1 quick point needs to be resolved* After extensive research, I've shortlisted these universities which I need to classify as Ambi/Mod/Safe. I've not received replies from popular profile evaluation platforms and hence need your expertise in the matter. If possible, could you also provide any specific points about why I should/shouldn't apply here- (Eg- Funded MS? Most Job Prospects? Good as a safety school?) 1) Harvard University 2) Georgia Tech 3) UT Austin 4) John Hopkins 5) University of Illinois Urbana Champaign 6) Cornell 7) UCLA 8) Princeton 9) UC San Diago 10) University of Michigan 11) University of Wisconsin Madison 12) Yale University 13) NYU, TAMU, OSU, ASU (Safety) 14) University of Maryland,College Park 15) Purdue University -Thankyou so much!!
  9. Profile Evaluation for PhD in Computational Biology for Fall 2018: Student from India GRE (Expecting) : 310-315(165+ quants, 145-150 verbal) TOEFL (Expecting) : 90 - 100 B.Tech Stream & CGPA : Computer Science & Engineering , 8.83 / 10 M.Tech Stream & CGPA : Computer Science & Engineering , 9.1 / 10 (till 2nd sem) Projects in Bioinformatics : 5 ( 1 B.Tech Final Year, 1 M.Tech Thesis(ongoing), 3 Other Bioinformatics Projects) Research Internship : IIT Hyderabad (Biotech Dept. 2 Months) Papers : 3 (under review : 2 in SCI indexed international journals, 1 in IEEE conference), 1(Manuscript Preparation) , 1(M.Tech thesis work is going on, will complete by Feb 2018) Lots of Biology MOOC certified courses from online platforms LOR : 1(associate professor, senior,former hod) , 2(assistant professor) Universities Planning To Apply : 1. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP) 2. University of Buffalo SUNY - Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics (JACOBS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AND BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES) 3. University of Colorado Boulder - Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology PhD Program 4. University of Iowa - Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics) 5. University of Maryland, Baltimore County - PhD in Biological Sciences 6. University of Massachusetts Lowell 7. University of Tennessee - Genome Science and Technology 8. Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis - Ph.D. in Informatics with a specialization in Bioinformatics Please rate(safe, moderate, ambitious) the universities according to my profile. Thanks, Priyojit
  10. Hello Everyone, Sharing my profile with you: Gre: 314 (AWA: 3.5, Q165) Toefl: 94 (S: 23 R:23 L:24 W:24) Percentage: 78.4 Btech in CS Work exp: 3 years till now MS in CS (artificial intelligence and machine learning) Strong LOR and SOP I have shortlisted some universities > Safe: 1. San Jose State University (SJSU) Moderate: 1. Rutgers 2. Stoney Brooks New York, 3. Northeastern University (NEU Boston) 4. Arizona State University ASU 5. North Carolina State University NCSU 6. University of Southern California (USC) 7. University of Illinois Chicago(UIC) Ambitious: 1. TAMU 2. Penn State Please suggest some safe universities for my profile and do suggest if any changes are required in the categories (If some universities need to be dropped or can be added in the above list)
  11. Hi can anybody please evaluate my SOP here? It is quite long and I am unable to cut short it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much! draft1.pdf
  12. Human Computer Interaction

    I graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2015. Since then I have been pivoting into Computer Science. My community college level coursework includes: Java and C++ Programming Data Structures and Algorithms Internet Programming (Javascript, CSS, HTML) Elementary Computer Organization -- currently enrolled Calculus I and II (III is planned) -- currently enrolled in II Discrete Mathematics (planned) My undergraduate GPA was 3.54. My current Comp Sci GPA is 4.0 (though is all undergraduate level). I'm a tutor this fall for the college's CS department, though I have no work/internship experience. I did do research in the cognition and learning labs for my psychology department in 2014-15. From my research into schools, I will be eligible to enroll in some MS CS programs. Given my background in psychology, I have some interest in Human Computer Interaction. Are there any schools that have particularly good programs for someone with that emphasis? Any recommendation for schools I should look into? Also should I pursue the MS CS with emphasis in HCI or should I be looking into MS HCI programs instead?
  13. Hola! I am having a tough time selecting universities to apply to for MS -CS (AI / ML ). Tough cause I am trying to shortlist universities that will take me and are ranked in the top 50. Profile: GRE: 169Q, 158 V, 4 AWA TOEFL: 117 GPA: 7.2 ( 65% Mumbai university) 3-4 projects 2 years work experience (software developer) Please help me shortlist universities as safe/mod/ambi. Right now I am looking at - ASU, UC Davis, UCI, Virginia Tech, Indiana bloomington.
  14. I'm a junior (pure) mathematics and physics double major and I have decided to pursue a masters degree in computer science upon graduation. One of the professors at CMU exposed me to Python during high school, and he basically planted the seed. Taking a course in computational physics last year reinvigorated my love for the computer science and programming, so here I am now! My general question is: what can I do to best set myself up when I start applying to schools next year? Here's some background (just so you know what credentials I have as of right now): 3.91 GPA I've been doing research in particle physics for about a year. Trying very hard to publish before I graduate. I will be doing an undergraduate thesis in physics based on this research My advisor (full professor, had him for two of my courses) thinks very highly of me and will write me a solid letter of recommendation 2 academic awards for physics 2 research fellowships I will be able to complete a computer science minor (and then some) before I graduate. What should I be doing to make my application more attractive? Projects? More coursework? Will my physics research be seen as favorable, or should work a computer science internship instead? Would it be bad if I got my letters of recommendation from math/physics professors and not computer science professors? These questions immediately come to mind, but there are many, many more questions to consider. Any advice at all would be helpful!
  15. Hello I'm planning to apply for Ph.D. in Machine Learning(Fall 2018). I've been researching a lot about various colleges where I would want to apply. I have made a list of places according to the area of my interest and the research that's currently going on. I would be really grateful if you can help me in selecting from the lot on the basis of the value of the place and the availability of funding. These are the two most important filters I want to apply on my list. A number of 10-15 universities would be helpful. PS: I understand that selection of a college is based on other individualistic parameters as well, which I will use. But, please provide your valuable insights based on the two points mentioned above. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- University of Bristol TU Dortmund U Penn University of Maryland Arizona State University TU Darmstadt Cambridge Purdue Columbia University FU Berlin Georgia Tech Aalto University John Hopkins HU Berlin Brown University of Waterloo Cornell University University Wuerzburg University of Wisconsin-Madison University of British Columbia University of Toronto University of Bonn University of Montreal University of Amsterdam University of Alberta University of Stuttgart University college of London University of Surrey UT Austin University of Munich University of Michigan University of Southhampton Saarland University University of Waikato Universiy of Washington Unversity of Nottingham Technical University of Munich UC Berkely University of Illinoi University of Exeter University of Helsinki ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. Applying from UK

    Hello community. I am a sophomore in the University of Edinburgh (AI&CS joint major) and want to do a MS/PhD in the US. I know some basics about the admission process yet I have some general questions. 1. I only took two outside courses and there is no chance to take more. Will this hurt? 2. The University of Edinburgh enjoys a good reputation in UK and EU in the CS filed (especially AI I'd say), but how prestigious is it in the states and does it matter anyway when applying to MS/PhD? 3. Does participating in an exchange program (with a top 20 US uni) help? The con is that all grades during the exchange does not count to the final degree. Thanks to anyone who replies.
  17. Hello community. I am a sophomore in the University of Edinburgh (AI&CS joint major) and want to do a MS/PhD in the US. I know some basics about the admission process yet I have some general questions. 1. I only took two outside courses and there is no chance to take more. Will this hurt? 2. The University of Edinburgh enjoys a good reputation in UK and EU in the CS filed (especially AI I'd say), but how prestigious is it in the states and does it matter anyway when applying to MS/PhD? 3. Does participating in an exchange program (with a top 20 US uni) help? The con is that all grades during the exchange does not count to the final degree. Thanks to anyone who replies.
  18. I need urgent help with my Statement of purpose. I need to write a SOP under 3700 characters. However, I'm currently overshooting it by about 600 characters. It would be really helpful if someone could review it and share their critique. Thanks in advance for the help!
  19. Hi everyone, I am an international undergraduate student at a US university in Chicago. I am majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science and planning to apply for PhD programs for Fall 2018, focusing on Machine Learning/Deep Learning. I have been doing research in Machine Learning with one of my Math professors for the last couple of months (we were awarded a grant for two terms). By the time of the application deadlines, I will have done approximately one year of research and hope to have written a paper. Here is my profile: Major: Mathematics and Computer Science GPA: 3.95 LORs: All from tenured professors, one is my current research supervisor. (See Question 3 below) Research: As stated above, I have research experience. GRE: V154 (65th%), Q168 (94th%), AWA5.0 (93rd%) Here are my questions: 1) Do you think my overall profile (considering I will have good letters and SOP) would be a strong fit for top 20 schools? 2) Should I take the GRE again in order to get a better Verbal score? (Considering that I want to get into a T20 school) 3) So, my major is NOT a double major. It is a joint major, called Mathematics and Computer Science. Since math and CS have a lot in common, they made it into one single major. However, this major is not offered by the department that offers the Computer Science major. In short, for the last four year, my faculty advisor has been a math professor and I have been doing the ML research with a mathematician/researcher/professor. Although I got A's from all of my CS classes (except for one A- in my first quarter) and the professors of those classes know that I am an A student, I have not done any research or extra activities (e.g. competitions) with them. On the other side, my faculty advisor (who is a Math professor), my research supervisor, and a Math professor who is a graduate of Harvard and MIT (who wanted to try to get me an internship at one of the best software companies through her contacts because she thought I should be hired) can provide me with strong recommendation letters. In this case, considering that I am applying for PhD programs in CS, do you think it would be bad to have all the letters from these Math professors? As I said, although all of my CS professors know me and think that I am a good student, they will probably not be able to state any strong sentences about me in a recommendation letter other than just saying I was a "hardworking" student and received an A from their class. (Also consider that my school runs on a quarter system, meaning that each quarter is 10 weeks. So, when I take a CS class, the professor has 10 weeks to get to know me, rather than 4 months in a semester system). Therefore, who should I ask for recommendation letters? 4) Do you guys have any program/researcher recommendations for me for the PhD? (AI/ML/DL) Thanks in advance.
  20. So guys I'm in a real fix and need some help. I've done my Bachelors in Electronics Engineering with a CGPA of 2.91 but during my bachelors I developed more interest towards computer science and want to pursue my masters in CS. I've gained a good amount of experience in the field through multiple software/web projects done and a lot of self reading and stuff meaning I know the core stuff such as programming,networking,data structures and algorithms, OS etc etc very well. But my degree is in Electronics as you can see which isnt closely related to CS therefore I'm not eligible for most of the MS CS programs, plus the universities that offer conversion masters are in US/UK which quite frankly I cant afford. What are my options? Need some opinions on this.
  21. So guys I'm in a real fix and need some help. I've done my Bachelors in Electronics Engineering with a CGPA of 2.91 but during my bachelors I developed more interest towards computer science and want to pursue my masters in CS. I've gained a good amount of experience in the field through multiple software/web projects done and a lot of self reading and stuff meaning I know the core stuff such as programming,networking,data structures and algorithms, OS etc etc very well. But my degree is in Electronics as you can see which isnt closely related to CS therefore I'm not eligible for most of the MS CS programs, plus the universities that offer conversion masters are in US/UK which quite frankly I cant afford. What are my options? Need some opinions on this.
  22. mcmaster conditional offer

    Hi every one. I have a question and it's kinda emergency. Can you please help? I got the admission for Mcmaster university for fall 2017 master program and I accepted the offer, but the problem is that the offer is a conditional one. It states that (here is the exact sentences from the offer): This offer is conditional upon the receipt of an official transcript confirming that your Bachelor's degree has been conferred with at least a B- average in the final year (in the discipline you are entering) I assume B- is equal to 2.7/4. I understand that B- is not a high GPA but the problem is that last semester, I did not do well at all. Currently, I am studying for my final exams (for the last semester) but I'm afraid I cannot meet this condition. My professor is very interested to have me in his research group and my overall GPA is still above the minimum required to be accepted in McMaster, but I predict my final year GPA will not be so good. I am really worried about the situation. Will my offer really be rescinded if I don't meet the condition or I can do something about it? Thank you
  23. Which University to choose?

    Salutations, I have completed my engineering and MBA in Information Technology and have been working for the past five years in an IT firm as the technical lead. I had applied for furthering my studies by applying for Master of Science in different universities. I have got the offer from two universities as of now viz., Trinity College Dublin in Master of Science in Computer Science specialization in Intelligent Systems (a one year degree specialization course) University of Konstanz in Master of Science in Computer and Information Science (a two year generic degree course) In terms of ranking Trinity > Konstanz. However, my plan is to go for a PhD after doing Masters and I am awaiting the reply from other German universities. I am open to choosing my specialization and am not limited to only "Artificial Intelligence"/"Intelligent Systems". What would you recommend for me? Thanks for your help and time!
  24. App Development

    Hi, I'm Looking for young computer scientists and software engineers interested in developing an app with me. Must be outside of the box thinkers with fresh idea inputs and no limit to their coding abilities. please contact me at looking forward to hearing from you.
  25. Hi Guys! I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread in, but I couldn't find any similar thread anywhere. So here it goes! All the Masters/PhD in Computer Science people who applied in Canadian universities converge here! Share your heart out, how you're dealing with the stress of waiting it out (Canadian universities are super late in sending decisions). Last I heard, SFU and UWaterloo extended their deadlines to February 15 and February 28! Man this is gonna take even more time!!!