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  1. Hey everyone! Hoping to get an idea of the strength of my application and chances of getting into some of the schools below for a PhD. Left school to work at a management consulting firm which I believe is a bit untraditional. Would also appreciate any school recommendations/adjustments to my current list, any thoughts welcome! Thanks Undergrad Institution: Top 10 University in Canada Major(s): Data Science GPA: 3.96 (Last 4 Semesters/2 Years), 3.96 (Major), 3.89 (Cumulative) Type of Student: Black International (Canadian) Male GRE General Test: Taking summer 2022 Programs Applying: Computer Science (PhD), Statistics (PhD), Operation Research (PhD) Research Experience: 2 first-author ACM conference papers (1 applied machine learning and has been cited, 1 data/text mining) 1 last-author conference paper (data/text mining; awarded Best Track Paper in Data Analytics and Big Data) 1 journal publication in geospatial statistics (submitted) Other research in applied machine learning and finance (no publication) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Gold Medal (graduated with the highest GPA in Major, top of the class) Undergraduate Fulbright Fellowship Letters of Recommendation: One strong letter from an Associate Professor in Statistics & Management Science who I wrote the geospatial statistics paper with (not well-known in CS) One strong letter from an Assistant Professor in Data Science & Business Analytics who I published two papers with in data/text mining (not well-known in CS) One decent/strong letter from an Associate Professor in Economics & Statistics who I performed research with (~1yr together) but no publication One strong letter from a Partner at my management consulting firm (relevant for Operations Research programs) Computer Science Courses: Intro CS I & CS II, Data Structures & Algorithms, Software Tools & Systems, Discrete Structures/Discrete Math, Analysis of Algorithms, Databases I, Data Science I Math/Statistics Courses: Probability & Stats I & II, Statistical Programming, Calc I, Calc II, Intermediate Calc I, Intermediate Calc II, Linear Algebra I, Linear Algebra II, Numerical Analysis, ODEs, Modelling and Simulation, Regression, Generalized Linear Models, Advanced Statistical Computing, Statistical Learning Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: Particularly interested in doing research within the field of Machine Learning (and potentially NLP), still figuring this out. Not particularly interested in CV or RL. Would have spent >1 year at a management consulting firm at the time of applying and >2 years by matriculation (a advantage/disadvantage?) Applying to Where: In no particular order here, CMU - PhD in Machine Learning University of Washington - PhD in Computer Science Columbia - PhD in Computer Science MIT - PhD in EECS Princeton - PhD in Computer Science Cornell - PhD in Computer Science NYU - PhD in Data Science UIUC - PhD in Computer Science UT Austin - PhD in Computer Science UPenn - PhD in Computer Science UC San Diego - PhD in Computer Science UCLA- PhD in Computer Science Georgia Tech - PhD in Machine Learning UMichigan - PhD in Computer Science CMU - PhD in Statistics University of Washington - PhD in Statistics Stanford - PhD in Statistics* Cal Berkeley - PhD in Statistics UPenn - PhD in Statistics Yale - PhD in Statistics & Data Science Stanford - PhD in Statistics Cal Berkeley - PhD in Statistics UPenn - PhD in Statistics UMichigan - PhD in Statistics CMU - PhD in Operations Research MIT - PhD in Operations Research Georgia Tech - PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering UMichigan - PhD in Industrial and Operations Engineering Thanks again!
  2. Hi, I am planning to go for a CS or Data Science degree in Canada in winter 23 or fall 23. CGPA: 9.10(tier 3 university in India), IELTS: 7.5, Work experience: 10 months full time plus 3 internships(one research based), Decent LORs, Better SOP What universities should I target. I am interested in both MSc and MASc courses. Any help would be beneficial. Thanks.
  3. I received a very positive email from my desired PI a few weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything since then. Does anyone have an official or unofficial offer?
  4. Hello Everyone, I am a final year B.tech student and I am looking for some latest computer science projects for my major project. I am shortlisted one project which is Real-Time Web Search Engine and it objective is project requires developing a web search engine that displays a list of web resources relevant to the user's search term. Can anyone provide me some reference where I can get help on how to build it and how many days it takes?
  5. Hi everyone, I have been really worried about school selection for next year's application cycle since I have a few hiccups in my transcript (I had to retake a CS class -- not related to my research interests, and 2Ws from non-CS courses). I would really appreciate your evaluation! Undergrad Institution: high-ranked liberal arts school in New York state. Major(s): Computer Science GPA: 3.91 (overall and major) -- see the problems above. Type of Student: female Asian student Research Interests: Natural Language Processing, Computational Social Science GRE General Test: not yet taken. Programs Applying: Information Science and Computer Science (wherever Info Sci is not offered) Research Experience: (At your school or elsewhere? What field? How much time? Any publications or conference talks etc...) REU in NLP at UT Austin. I've been working online there for over a year now because I really like the project. Our work will probably be submitted late November this year. REU in computer network at my home institution for 3 months. I have one paper published from this REU (co-first author with 3 other students) in a relatively good conference. Internship at the Data Science center of my home institution with a Math professor for over 2 years. I took my independent study and Data Analysis class with him. Relevant Coursework: NLP (audited at another uni), Recommender Systems (independent study), Data Analysis, Probability, Algorithms, Computer System, Human-Computer Interaction. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's List all semesters. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Teaching Assistant for 2 years in Intro to CS class. Letters of Recommendation: UT Austin REU prof. Computer network prof at my school Math prof at my school Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: I have been really worried about my transcript. Applying to Where: Cornell University of Washington UT Austin UChicago Georgia Tech UC Berkeley What do you guys think? Is there any school that may fit my range?
  6. Hi Guys! I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread in, but I couldn't find any similar thread anywhere. So here it goes! All the Masters/PhD in Computer Science people who applied in Canadian universities converge here! Share your heart out, how you're dealing with the stress of waiting it out (Canadian universities are super late in sending decisions). Last I heard, SFU and UWaterloo extended their deadlines to February 15 and February 28! Man this is gonna take even more time!!!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm applying for ms cs this year in the following Canadian universities. U of T Waterloo McGill UBC McMaster I have GRE scores of Verbal 163 Quantitative 165 Writing 4.0/6.0. I have a 3.33 GPA from a top 3 university for CS(also known for grade deflation unfortunately) in the USA. How likely am i to get in to these universities for their Masters programs in computer science (non-phd)?
  8. Hi guys, i've been accepted to both UMass Amherst MS CS and NYU Courant MS CS. I have found mixed opinions regarding which one I should prefer. I am an international student. Not very much inclined towards continuing research work at masters level, just wish to have best possible job opportunities. NYU its new york DUH its more expensive nearer to more industrial openings UMass Amherst its in the middle of nowhere its cheaper (rent + living expenses) more reputed CS program(atleast online rankings as far as i could discern) Please vote in the poll and submit opinions!
  9. I'll be starting my master's this upcoming Fall and having a hard time deciding which school to attend. Here are some information about two schools that I'm considering. Northwestern Johns Hopkins Program Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science Location Evanston, IL Baltimore, MD Cost of living Evanston/Chicago's cost of living is little higher Academic system Quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) Tuition Similar tuition rate Funding No funding available from the department. However, I can look for TA positions in lower-level courses. Duration 5 quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) 3 semesters (Fall, Spring, Fall) AI/NLP faculty Big names. Ex. Ken Forbus, Kristian Hammond There is no NLP-specific lab Quite a lot of NLP papers published and two NLP-specific labs Curriculum All AI-related courses. No algorithms, theory, systems and software courses, which I think is both pro & con. can & must take most CS courses (Theory, Applications, Systems, Software, and Reasoning) Thesis MSAI is more of industry focused program rather than academia. So an emphasis on thesis seems very weak. But I guess it's up to me to contact a professor to conduct a research and write a thesis. No restriction on this by the program. Graduation requirements include: 2 additional (graduate-level) courses in Computer Science, approved by their CS advisor. An original, faculty-approved master’s essay, submitted to the Milton S. Eisenhower Library. A faculty-supervised research project including an approved project report that will be made publicly available. For students enrolled in the PhD program, a PhD qualifying project may be used to meet this requirement. A student must fulfill one of these requirements and I think I can use #2 or #3 to write a thesis. Class size 40 students per cohort Not sure about the exact cohort size, but expecting the size to be larger than NW's Things to consider as I'm planning to pursue Ph.D. in the future MSAI's program overview is somewhat clear that the program prepares its students to become a part of the industry rather than of academia. However, as I mentioned earlier, I'm planning to get my Ph.D. later on. So, I'm wondering if the program's purpose might hinder my plan for any reason. Because this is a Master's in CS, I will be taking most of general CS courses. However, I wish to focus on AI rather than taking general CS courses. On the other hand, when applying for Ph.D. I think having those CS background will be beneficial. Based on the information above, Is there anyone who can provide any thoughts on my concern? Thanks a lot in advance!
  10. Hey! Just starting a thread to know if anyone got an admission letter from BU. Can you share here? Thanks
  11. Did anyone apply to CS@Max Planck Ph.D. Program? They ask LoRs after a first round of review. Is there anyone, who's LoRs have been submitted?
  12. Has anybody got an admit to the MS in Computer Science program at Columbia University for the Fall session despite submitting the application after the 2nd priority deadline(during the rolling period)? If yes, can you please mention some details about your profile? Also when did you apply and when did you receive the admit? I am planning to apply after 2nd priority deadline (somewhere around 1st week of March) but am really worried that my application might not be reviewed at all. Can someone please help?
  13. Hi every one. I have a question and it's kinda emergency. Can you please help? I got the admission for Mcmaster university for fall 2017 master program and I accepted the offer, but the problem is that the offer is a conditional one. It states that (here is the exact sentences from the offer): This offer is conditional upon the receipt of an official transcript confirming that your Bachelor's degree has been conferred with at least a B- average in the final year (in the discipline you are entering) I assume B- is equal to 2.7/4. I understand that B- is not a high GPA but the problem is that last semester, I did not do well at all. Currently, I am studying for my final exams (for the last semester) but I'm afraid I cannot meet this condition. My professor is very interested to have me in his research group and my overall GPA is still above the minimum required to be accepted in McMaster, but I predict my final year GPA will not be so good. I am really worried about the situation. Will my offer really be rescinded if I don't meet the condition or I can do something about it? Thank you
  14. Hi, all! I'm new here 😀 I'm graduating from Russian top master's program this year, and wish to apply for Ph.D. in Computer science in US for fall 2021. I am interested in Computer vision. I am really looking for help from kind people of GradCafe with my profile evaluation. Particularly, I am worried about my low GPA at bachelor. Bachelor institution: top-ranked Russian university. GPA: 3.0/4.0 Major: Data Analysis Master institution: other top-ranked Russian university. GPA 3.92/4.0 Major: Computer Science IELTS - 7.0 Type of Student = Muslim male Research experience: working as part-time researcher at my masters supervisor's lab 1 summer research internship at top Russian research lab in computer vision., Work experience: 1 industrial 6-month l internship one year as Computer vision engineer at photo-editing app start-up Publications: 2 so-so papers (one is first-authored) LoRs: first is very strong from my current research supervisor, second is from my summer internship supervisor, who is well-known in the field of computer vision. but we did not interact much, so he can't say a lot about me third is good from other senior researcher, I worked with Teaching: have a lot of experience in teaching as Lead TA and Lecturer Schools I like: (top) University of Virginia, UT Austin (medium) UIC, Northeastern university (low) Rochester institute of technology How are my chances? Am I good enough for these schools (at least medium and low ones)? Thanks in advance!
  15. This is a cautionary note to the shiny-eyed prospective graduate student that dreams of actually learning something in this pile of steaming hot shit. If you have any self-respect and dignity, I entreat you, do not waste precious years of your productive life in this hell hole. Stay in your home country instead and learn from online courses, trust me, you'll learn more. You'll be lucky if you escape this farce of a department unscathed. The tenured professors sit on their fat asses and shit on the graduate students because that's how they can validate their miniscule ego. Some little shits have left but nonetheless let me illustrate my point with some examples. Layne Watson: This old fart still lives in the 1980s projecting handwritten transparencies and giving you grades for attendance, I kid you not! Numerical methods my ass, 70% of the class dropped out in the first week because looking up wikipedia would be more helpful than attending his class. Cliff Shaffer: This condescending prick doesn't even know his own subject. When questioned by students, he gave such a stupidly wrong answer that was instantly refuted by another student. Do yourself a favor, just buy Udi Manber's book on algorithms and learn on your own. His slides are just copied word-by-word from the book anyway. Godmar Back: I don't know if this POS has removed the stupid, condescending algorithm from his door that literally tells you fuck off if you don't qualify his whitelist. If you like being the submissive in BDSM, he's your guy. Some idiot in Stanford told him, "look Godmar, if you don't act like a jerk all the time no one will believe you're worth anything" and he's made it his Gospel. He's the epitome of a brilliant jerk. Naren Ramakrishnan: Omg this guy! He thinks he's a nobel laureate and he will treat you like a worm he found on the sidewalk. Most of his funding comes from the military and his research is aimed at helping governments quell civil unrest. For this glorious reason, he's been given a longass title. You wanna work for this scum? Wu Feng: This is the devil incarnate. Looking at his scheming face on his website should instantly give it away to the astute observer but I'll elaborate nonetheless. If you have the misfortune of joining his lab, at the least you're going to have to join alcoholics anonymous. He will pit you against your fellow lab member just like the colonial english. Divide and rule is his motto. When he's busy with his media appearances you'll be working 24/7 in his sweatshop producing the research that fuels his Mordor. Denis Gracanin: He should be the ambassador for advil PM. Puts you to sleep instantly. His slides are literally copied from the book. He might have been a good teacher once but I guess he gave up somewhere along the way. Stephen H. Edwards: This guy is a joke. He publishes research on computer science education but can't teach for nuts. One day you'll be his best friend and confidante and the next day he won't even recognize you. He has a problem with immigrants and will sabotage your career if he's bored. THEY KNOW YOUR VISA SITUATION AND THEY WILL EXPLOIT YOU FOR IT! THEY KNOW YOU HAVE DEBTS BACK HOME AND THAT YOU HAVE NOWHERE TO GO! THEY KNOW THAT THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT TO YOU WITH IMPUNITY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  16. I have received admission at WVU in Computer Science PhD starting Fall 2020 with full funding and tuition waiver (of 9 credits). I still deciding whether or not I should I attend WVU. What worries me is the reputation of the university - "Party School". I am not sure if this title suits the grad school at all. Does anyone have any review about the program? This would help me a lot in making a good decision. Thanks!
  17. Hey everyone, Anyone with admits/rejects to the Washington computational linguistics or other similar programs?
  18. Hey guys, I am looking for some advice on graduate school choosing. I've narrowed my result down to Columbia MSCS, GaTech MSCS, CMU INI MS in Mobile and IoT Engineering and Brown ScM CS. I want to find SDE jobs, CMU got a good brand but its focus is on Mobile and IoT, which will include some hardware. However, the last semester of this program will be taken in Silicon Valley, which will be somewhat helpful for finding full time jobs I think. GaTech costs less and Columbia/Brown are Ivies. what are your thoughts?
  19. I'm waiting for the decision of the PMP. Waiting makes me feel anxious...
  20. Hi folks. I have shortlisted these two from a handful of offers as final contenders for grad school destination. This turns out to be a much harder decision than I imagined. Below I try to list all that I can think of right now. There are generic factors and there are factors that are really specific to me. Basic info: The Oxford offer is a non-funded program under the supervision of a moderately renowned professor (I rate his academic prestige at 8/10) and a Royal Society Fellow co-advisor (10/10). I can apply to China Scholarship Council (hopes are slim though) but the cost is manageable for my family as well. The Rochester offer is full-funded, with principal supervisor a newly recruited Assistant Prof. (5/10) and a renowned co-advisor (9/10). The domains of research are different, with Oxford focusing on knowledge representation theory / ontology, and Rochester on data mining. Ox Pros: Much higher academic prestige for both the department and the supervisor Alumni connection from both the department and the college I will be working on well-established frameworks with a lot done by previous students and faculties Program looks shorter on papers, at 3-4 years. I checked the homepage of previous students in my group and they typically graduate in 4-5 years Perhaps - the name Oxford comes with some extra recognition Ox Cons: Money. Even though I can afford it, it's still a thing Relative shortage of a Chinese / Asian community. Not entirely sure UK PhDs are considered of less value than US ones Separation from my gf for at least 4 years. She will be attending some MS in California and will definitely not go to UK afterwards. I value the relationship highly UR Pros: I know the co-advisor personally, he's a remote relative of mine. Which probably means less pushing Abundance of peers of similar ethnicity, less risk of isolation Alumni connection is also not bad here, especially considering the industry I will be the first generation PhD student of this AP, a fact that comes with perks and risks Easier to maintain my relationship UR Cons: Much harder to publish under an AP than under the President / Editor in chief / Founder of many stuff in the respective field Very little pre-established framework for research Program takes longer with a higher bar on publication for graduation Larger risk of deferral regarding COVID-19. US visa is also notoriously hard for Chinese applicants, even those with offers I will regret gravely after rejecting either offer. It's a matter of which one should I regret less.
  21. Hi all, I don’t have an admit for Stanford’s MS CS yet — but it’s perhaps the only programme that would make me second guess accepting UIUC’s MS CS. Can you guys help me make the decision early? I’m certainly leaning towards UIUC, and I might decide later on to potentially move to a PhD. Tuition is not an issue for either. UIUC Interesting research topic lined up — could potentially start early? The Midwest is cheaper Seems to be more straightforward to enter PhD? Stanford Name recognition Cheers!
  22. So here's the dilemma: I'm a pure math guy who's mostly interested in theoretical computer science, but also partly interested in theoretical machine learning. I've been accepted with similar funding yada yada to both UCLA and UC Irvine's CS PhD programs. The professor at UC Irvine more so matches my interests (graph theory, approximation algorithms, pure math-y stuff) and he's also highly distinguished, coming off a 15 year stint doing theory at Georgia Tech. The professor at UCLA is more engineering focused. There's a few questions I need answers to influencing my decision: How important is the prestige of a university compared to the prestige of one's research advisor when it comes to securing faculty positions? How easy is it at UCLA (or in general) to either co-advise with another department (theory) or switch entirely, and would this affect funding offers? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Recently I got admission from University of Chicago and University of Washington (Seattle), both are statistics master programs. I hope to work in IT companies in my future career, such as FLAG. As far as I know, the stats program in Uchicago tends to be very theroretical, and it asks students to take 9 courses and a thesis in order to graduate, which is a pretty good program for those who want to pursue a Phd program after graduation. And if I want to be a data scientist, a Phd degree is much better than a master degree when seeking for a job. Also,UChicago is well-known for many other subjects as well, which has a more wide reputation. But the computer science subject in UChicago is not its strong subject and if I want to be a data scientist in IT companies, I need to take more computer science courses as well since my major in math during BS. On the other hand, the stat program in UW only asks students to take courses and some of the courses have some projects. The university is in Seattle, where has a lot of IT companies, so it is convenient for me to find interns and jobs after graduation. And if I graduate from that university, the job I want would focus on software engineer /machine learning engineer /data analyst. And CS in UW is much better than that in Chicago, and if I want to solidify my computer science, I could take more courses there. I am really really confused about which to choose. Can anyone give me some advice on the program and the career development? Many thanks!!!
  24. I'd applied to Columbia for MS in Computer Science for Fall 2019 and submitted my application on Jan 15th. I got an interview invitation from on 9th March, 2019, which I gave on 10th. I haven't heard back from them since. I enquired about the same yesterday (21st March, 2019) if there was any status update for the application or if I was required to do anything else. I received a one liner reply stating that my application "remains in their review pipeline." Now, I understand around this time of the year, they'd be getting a lot of enquiries. So I wasn't really expecting a very verbose response about the status update. But what do you guys think? Is this a positive indication? Or does this imply a rejection? Or worse yet, does this imply nothing at all and it could turn out either way? Honestly, this wait has now become nerve wracking.
  25. I am admitted to the master of data science program at Harvard and MIIS at CMU. I am trying to decide between the two programs. Harvard's brand name is really attractive, but I don't know if a master is considered an alumnus. And also CMU is number 1 in CS field. I went to Umich for undergraduate and I majored in computer science. My current career goal is to become an SDE or data scientist after graduating from grad school. But I didn't completely rule out the possibility of getting a Ph.D. I would really appreciate any advice!
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